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A Long Journey

Requesto: Hi! Could you do an imagine where Erin is a couple of years younger then dan, and she gets pregnant by accident, and shes really worried but tells Dan and he is more happy than ever and fluff fluff fluff, then fast forward to when the baby is born? :)

A/n: I kinda of strayed away from the topic but howellzz

Side note: I actually realised a couple means two so I said it was three just in case

Dan Howell X Reader

Warnings: Such Filter Much Swearing.

You cough away from the mic before turning back to your screen, looking back at the pixelated image of your boyfriend. “Hey, Babe. How’s Freedom Land treating you?”

This was the first time you’ve been able to video chat him in a while, due to the extremely unstable wifi that he constantly complained to you about. The amount of texts that you have sent each other would cost a billion bucks if not for the ingenious invention of wifi.

He was currently touring America with his best friend Phil, which you couldn’t follow along because you were still stuck in university. You constantly forget about the slight age gap between you and Dan, it was barely a three year difference but it still affected you in many ways. For example, all of Dan’s friends being around 4-6 years older than you, which didn’t really seem that bad at your current age but was quite awkward when you were slightly younger. Not that it mattered much as you were apparently ‘very mature’ for your age.

“ Freedom land has been treating me extremely well. Lots of confectionary items that are probs going to destroy my teeth. How are you?” Dan smiles.

“Yea, urm… About that. I Urm-” You stutter. But bile suddenly rises up in your throat and a wave of nausea passes over you.

“Give me a Sec,” You manage to force out before darting into the bathroom. You kneel and bend over the toilet bowl, as the disgusting chunks of your dinner spewed out of you mouth in a maelstrom of dizziness. It takes you a while before you recover from your episode and you can hear Dan’s concerned voice shouting from your computer.

“Erin! Are you okay?”

You get up slowly, flushing the toilet as you do. Gargling and spitting out water to cleanse your mouth, you grab the stick that had been laying on the countertop for several days and head back into the bedroom.

You are greeted by Dan’s worried visage, his eyebrows furrowed, his eyes scrutinising your appearance.

“Were you just sick in the toilet?” He asks as he looks closer. “What’s that in your hands?”

He noticed the object you had been fiddling with, with your fingers. You sigh inwardly.

“Dan, I- I Urm. I have something to tell you” You blurt out.

“What is it?” He questions frantically, “Erin are you okay? It’s not cancer is it? Please god no. Please tell me you’re healthy.”

“No, it isn’t Dan.” You chuckle, “Quite the contrary, actually.I would have waited till you get back so I could tell you personally, but it’ll probably be a tad bit too late.”

You lift up the the long white object to the webcam and made sure it focused. Out of the corner of your eye, you notice in the corner of the screen. Two prominent pink lines that burned into you eyes.

“You see, Daniel. I’m Pregnant.”

Dan pauses and you feel tears brimming in your eyes. You did not know how he’d react and that’s why you’ve put it off for a while. It wasn’t planned (obviously), and the both of you were so busy that it was possibly the worst timing for a ‘bundle of joy’. He bites his lips and rests his chin on his palm before replying.

“Are you keeping it?”

His eyes don’t give away any emotion that he might be feeling as those few words slip from his lips. It was your turn to answer him.

“I contemplated the choices. You and I, we’re so busy. But I think, I’d like to keep it. Unless you feel otherwise.”

There’s a trace of a grin on his lips before they part and he says,

“That’s amazing then. Because, I can’t wait to be a Dad!”

His grin becomes wider and his eyes start to disappear. You feel a sense of solace wash over you and days of burden is carried off your shoulders.

“So, you’re not mad?”

“No. I’m ecstatic! We’re gonna have a baby! You hear that Phil!”

The black haired boy made an appearance on screen,

“Congrats, Erin! Good luck having to deal with another Howell!”


You giggle at the two boys as they start a push fight. At that moment, nothing could get any better.

“Come on, you can do it Erin.”

You vaguely hear a whisper from your left. You clutch on to his hand, squeezing it as you let out a wail of pain. The agony was more excruciating than anything fathomable.

“I hate you, Daniel Howell!” You shriek, as you were hit with another wave of contractions as your baby tries to force its way out of you.

Dan’s hand was beginning to turn beetroot red, but he still kept his soft smile on his face. He brushes a strand of hair away from your damp forehead.

“ I know it hurts like hell, Sweetheart. Just push through it and we’ll see our baby soon.”

Suddenly, flashes of memories from several months ago invade your thoughts.

“Dan, I have something to show you,” You announce, a child-like smile upon your lips.

“More surprises, I see!” He chuckles.

You lift up the ultrasound photo from your doctor’s appointment. Swinging it in front of the webcam. You hold it there for a few seconds so that Dan could take it in.

“It’s a Smol bean!” He exclaims, “Literally.”

"You are a walking meme, aren’t you?” You guffaw hard enough to gain abs.

“Well I am Phil Trash number 1” He winks.

More memories keep flooding in like an unrelentless tsunami.

You search the crowd for two familiar brown and black haired giants. The arrival gates flooded with throngs of people alighting from flights. They surrounded you, even though you tried to stay out of the way.

It’s not long until you notice them, trudging their way towards you, huge and heavy suitcases in toll.

“Dan!” You shout, trying to project your voice over the natural noise of the arrivers. “Over here!”

He looks up and notices you in a corner, his face instantly lighting up. He shoves his way through the crowd and drags his suitcase towards you. Once he reaches where you stand, he envelops you into a bear hug.

“I told you not to come and fetch us.” He reprimands softly into your hair.

You know he can feel your bump pressing against his stomach but he chooses to stay silent about it.

“You need lots of rest, you know.” He reminds you for the thousandth time.

That night, his hand was rested comfortably on your tummy. He kept whispering sweet things when he thought you were asleep. The cold, emptiness in the bed was filled with warmth again.

And they continue to flow in.

Dan clutches your hand tightly as your consultant applies the gel to your stomach. His foot is tapping a persistent beat against the floor and you could have sworn you saw a bead of sweat trickle down his forehead.

“You’re more nervous than me, Dan.” You chortle as he starts biting his lip.

“I’m just excited to see them for the first time.” He utters.

A fuzzy imagine appears on screen as your consultant places the probe on the gel. Your baby appears on screen and your heart immediately soars. You gaze at Dan and notice a stray tear escape from his eye.


“You’re almost there, Erin” Dan mumbles into your ear, “I know you can do it. I believe in you”

The searing hot throb grows more intense as you feel a shooting pain in your lower region. You groan loudly, panting heavily as you stop pushing.

“Fuck you, Dan. This is all your fault.” You screech.

He grimaces as your grip around his hand tightens, a contraction pounding you harder than before. He looks over to where the main commotion is happening and immediately regrets it, his face turning as white as a sheet.

You are too tired to scream at him anymore, all you want to do is go home. You lay your head against the pillow and tears start flowing down your cheeks.

“Dan, I want to sleep. I’m fucking tired.”

“I know, love.” He murmurs gently. “But the faster you get this over and done with, the faster we’ll finally get to see them.”

You nod your head before you are told to push again. You let out a low moan of agony.

“They’re crowning!”

“Daniel James Howell! You fucking suck!” You holler, nearly crushing the bones in his fingers.

Most of the pain begins to ebb away and you collapse against the bed again.

A loud cry fills the air and your recognise it immediately, even though you’ve never heard it before. Your legs slacken and your grip on Dan’s hand slowly releases.

Your baby is here.


It’s release day for my author buddy/fellow Lucky/fellow Thirteener Erin Bowman and her YA debut, TAKEN! Congratulations, Erin, and thank you for writing such an awesome book. I really loved the dystopian world of TAKEN and can’t wait to pick up my own copy so I can read it again!

Two early in the wild pics for TAKEN: first one courtesy of @ericasussman from a Barnes & Noble in Hawaii, second by me at my local Indigo here in BC!