congrats eli

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hey Eli!! congrats on reaching 500, you deserve every follow tbh! ahh idk my day was p normal? I mean I got called out like indirectly but it was all cool lmao and ofc, the name's Chelsea <3

Thank you!! ahhhhh I am so happy and I hope it can keep growing and I can share all my weird writing with you guys and I LOVE YOU. 

Chelsea; pumpkin seeds in a jar; autumn in full swing; singing cardinals.

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Reading all of Eli’s past sns posts after his marriage and baby announcement like

Eli 5 years ago: “haha this ring is from my grandma I wish I had a girlfiend”

Eli 1 year ago: “haha this is my mom’s bra I wish I had a girlfriend”

Eli now: “haha oh btw I’m married and I have a baby on the way”






The world:

pic cred: Jelly via: itsbap

Congrats Eli!

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congrats on 700!!! ly eli (i really love sushi)

thanks reed! ly 2 <3 sushi are so good, i love vegetarian sushi with avocados mhhh 

Pokemon type: normal | fighting | flying | poison| ground| rock | bug | ghost | steel | fire | water | grass | electric | psychic | ice | dragon | dark | fairy

Colour: sandy beige | pastel pink | pale purple | happy yellow | light grey | sky blue | perfect white | forest green | pitch black

Plant: cactus | tulip | rose | muguet | sunflower | lotus | daisy | orchid

Artist: Van Gohg | Picasso | Salvador Dali | Frida Kahlo | Michel-Ange

Drink: water | coffee | iced coffee | tea | iced tea | fruit juice | lemonade | hot chocolate 

Feeling: appreciation | affection | fondness | love | admiration 

Am i following?: no(t yet) | i am now!!! | yess | of course i am :’) | forever<3

Additional comments: reed youre a good! your blog is super nice and i love seeing your content on my dash :) i really enjoy being i the same gc as you<3

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I am greeting everyone for the first time in a year with our 11th mini album! A lot of things have happened up until now, right? There were good news, but in my opinion they were more surprising and shocking news~ I always feel sorry toward our U-KISS members, and even more sorry toward KISSme~ Did everyone have a hard time because of me? The struggle is probably still ongoing, but thank you so much for always cheering me on, and loving the U-KISS members. Thanks to you guys, I was able to participate in this album. Also, I’ve been away from SNS, but you guys still came to my ‘Simply’ recording, worrying and cheering for me. I am greatly touched, and so thankful. I will work harder for you guys who have waited for this promotion. I am going to appear not only on music programs, but also on variety shows, and the V APP! Please look forward to it. To be honest, I am very nervous, and also a bit afraid. But since KISSme are cheering on for me, I will smile without worrying about others. I can do that right? Thank you. I love you guys!

Oh! And recently, KISS me’s niece was born ^^; His Korean name is undecided, but his English name is Michael. ^^ hehehe Please, give a lot of love~ He is assured with so many aunts around! ^^ Even though my baby was born, I will do my best to not let it affect my schedules and the U-KISS members, so please cheer me on! ^^ I sincerely appreciate you guys. My KISSme sisters! I love you! Forever! ^^


~translated by allkpop~