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hi! congrats on 2k! my day has been really good ~ i took a little road trip to a state park since it's so sunny! โœจ

is this real
am i actually giving you a blog rate (’:
and what?? it’s sunny?? you’re so lucky, that sounds like such a nice day!!

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And Finally the last day of Stanchez Week 2017: Road Trip

What a better road trip than the road trip of life with all your primary modes of transportation.

Song Inspiration is ‘We Got to get out of this Place’ by the Animals

12 Days of Christmas

1. winter festival
2. cookies/treats
3. sweaters
4. presents
5. santa+elf+reindeer
6. snow
7. christmas tree
8. shopping
9. lights
10. family
11. christmas carols
12. (free space)

hey you guys! im gonna be doing a 12 days of Christmas event sometime mid december. heres my list for the season, feel free to use it for drawing or writing prompts if you’d like.

  • Kuro: *is sick* I'll just sleep it off
  • Kuro: *is sad* I'll just sleep it off
  • Kuro: *is stressed* I'll just sleep it off
  • Kuro: *is suffering constantly* I'll just sleep it off

Ask and ye shall receive.

Enjoy some offense heroes. might make some for the others tomorrow.

pls dont ask how long this took……………

(in photoset format ‘cause tumblr wont let me add pictures to an ask without flipping the fuck out)

Defence is here


— I understand.. You don’t have to go to the Summer Cram Camp, Mizuki. I’ll stay here the whole day with you while you do the make up exams until you pass.
My apologies.


laurenjauregui: MY TALENTED BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS MADE HEADLINES AND SLAYED MY LIFE!! I just woke up in Japan but watched everything and @normanikordei YOU ARE A LEGEND! This girl has been working her ass off making sure she’s at every rehearsal and thing for #DTWS and is about to fly to Japan as well to do an Asian tour WHILE she does this. Superwoman doesn’t even begin to describe the kind of dedication and work that takes. I’m so proud of you Normani and your incredible abilities. You inspire me so much and you’re so so freaking amazing!! Congrats on your opening day, GO GET EM BABY #valmani #27