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26th of May 1465: Elizabeth Woodville’s coronation.

I present unto you Queen Elizabeth, your undoubted Queen

…Elizabeth was conducted with more celebrations to the Tower, where English queens traditionally spent their penultimate night before the coronations. Next morning, Elizabeth, escorted by the newly created knights of Bath was escorted in an open horse litter through the streets to Westminster. She was led into Westminster Hall the following morning by Bishops of Durham and Salisbury, “clothed in mantel of purple and a coronal upon her head” beneath a purple silk canopy carried by four barons of the Cinque Ports. She carried the scepter of St.Edward in her right hand and the scepter of the realm in her right. The dowager duchess of Buckingham bore Elizabeth’s train, following the queen were her mother and two of Edward’s sisters, Elizabeth, Duchess of Suffolk and lady Margaret. Cowering the path from Hall to Abbey was a carpet of ray cloth, upon which the queen walked barefoot, their way being cleared by George, duke of Clarence, Lord High Steward. Having passed into the monastery and through it’s north door, Elizabeth knelt at the high altar, then prostrated herself while the archbishop prayed. Rising, she was anointed and crowned, then led to the throne. After the royal procession left the abbey, the queen was led to her chamber, where she was dressed in purple surcoat and brought into the Hall to dine. Each time the queen took a bite, she herself removed her crown, putting it back when she was finished. To cap off the ceremonies, on 27 May, a tournament was held at Westminster. Lord Stanley won and was awarded a ruby ring from queen’s hands.

- “Elizabeth Woodville: Mother of the Princes in the Tower” by David Baldwin 

“the problem with PSG is that they have David Luiz”

honestly??? let’s be real right now

The people that are talking shit about David right now are probably the same people that were hailing him amazing against Chelsea and when he scored against Barca. I’m so tired of people either being up David’s ass or kicking his ass at every single mistake he’s made. He’s either “one of the best!!! IN YOUR FACE MOURINHO” or “HE’S SO BAD! MOURINHO IS PROBABLY HAPPY!” to people. Mourinho’s squad isn’t even IN the Champions League and one of the reasons for that IS David. Today, David isn’t fit. His recovery time was miraculously shortened BY HALF THE TIME. Lucas was gone for 2 months, deemed fitter and wasn’t even put in till later in the second half. All of PSG played badly. But people see nutmeg and go hahahaha David’s fault! But they don’t focus equally on the defensive line that fell apart against Suarez after that. They don’t look at the forwards that aren’t attacking or adding pressure! PSG is not a team to back down and have shown to rise even after falling so don’t pull them out of the game.