congrats bbs~


👨🏻‍🎓❗️jungkook’s graduation day❗️👨🏻‍🎓


Hello to new followers from Tumblr Radar! You’ve all been so kind! I look forward to sharing more work with you all!

This is my third time getting featured on Radar, but this is the featured piece I’m most proud of. (Also, I love Yuuri. Congrats to you too, bb.)

(also thank you to @blearyfaced for the screencap of Yuuri on the log in screen!)


their debut mv (why not) gained one million views in less than a month - for a girl group coming from a tiny company, this is a huge deal and i’m so so proud of our girls for doing well in such a cut throat industry. there have been so many kpop debuts this year and so many new groups end up disbanding because of a lack of attention (kimi was a former member of a girl group called scarlet that unfortunately disbanded after only two releases) so the fact that they’re getting to perform on music shows, getting views and garnering interest is so, so important and completely fantastic.

bulldok, congratulations, and may you have many more successes


jun: i finally did it, i left cosimpolitan magazine to start my own
dina: congrats bb!! you’re so talented this has been a long time coming
jun: dina, i want you to come and be my stylist at simvogue - there’s no one better than you!

Not to be salty or anything

But I am

10th and 11th place should have definitely been Kim Jonghyun with either Samuel or Ha Sungwoon…one of those two but DEFINITELY Kim Jonghyun (congrats Daniel bb on placing first but I’m shocked it wasn’t Jonghyun)

I get these trainees have been through a lot and I support them all, but I really have no idea how TF Bae Jinyoung snatched 10th. My guess is mnet fucking with us and rigging it to bring out haters and angry people for not putting the rightful, deserved faves. It IS mnet afterall.

And I feel bad for Bae Jinyoung because he’ll be the one getting the most hate and will be the one fully getting attacked. So fuck you MNET Disappointed but not surprised