congrat girl!


congratulations TWICE! 

♡ congratulations to twice for have 100m in they videos, thanks to the fans and the people who visit twice videos, there is no doubt that twice has become a highly popular group and earned the affection of all, still fulfilling goals and watch they videos to increase visits, we go with “signal” also to get 100m

also! quick shoutout to kristen stewart fans who know damn well about her working with woody but brush it off because she’s fucking girls like congrats lmao her not being straight doesn’t negate the fact that she’s working with a known pedophile you tasteless dickheads

@camillaluddington :  I am so excited to announce today that I am having a… girl! 🎉 I want her to grow up knowing how strong women are 💪. To be a little warrior who is not afraid to use her voice and stand up for what she believes is right. To navigate through life with courage and kindness, and to be one of the girls who says “you CAN sit with us..”. Special shoutout to #crystaldynamics for sending me her first #tombraider onesie 😎 .