Congolese MTL-based beatmaker/MC Tshizimba

From outer space, to The Congo, and now Montreal, Canada.

Tshizimba’s Hip-Hop, Ambient and Chillwave influences unveil a unique world, characterized by Afrofuturism, space, the strength to fight back and pretty flowers.

His most recent project, Everything X Alright, which came out May 28th 2015, is said to “encompass a cinematic experience in a solely auditory project, a sound that is more of a carefully curated score to a homemade extravagant sci-fi film than a beat tape aimlessly thrown together.” - Artistic Manifesto:

[…] In the day and age of Big Boi and Janelle Monae, afrofuturistic music is really out there. Excuse the pun. Tshizimba jumped at the topic of afrofuturism, a term that’s been floating around Tumblr and Twitter with a definition that redefines itself with every refresh. Growing up with nerd culture, a fan of many things from X-Men: Evolution to The Legend of Zelda, Tshizimba’s entire story is set in space featuring “all the geek shit [he ingests] on a daily basis” as part of the African diaspora raised in North American culture.

As spacey as Everything X Alright is, Tshizimba notes that “it’s important that we as [Black] people see ourselves in our own narratives and be the masters of our own imagination, especially since we’re often excluded from mainstream sci-fi” and that the umbrella of afrofuturism needs to be celebrated, along with “any other aspect of blackness we find that truly embraces our being.” [x]


Fabregas - Mascara This song is such as jam. I love Congolese music and dance.


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