• Congoers noticing Dr Who Cosplayers:Oh, sweet, The Doctor.
  • Congoers noticing Futurama Cosplayers:Oh, cool, it's Bender.
  • Congoers noticing Internet cosplayers:Hahaha look, it's Trollface and Rage Guy!
  • Congoers noticing Star Wars cosplayers:Dude, it's Darth Vader! Awesome!
10 Easy Recipe Hacks for Cooking Food in Your Hotel Room
Traveling can be pretty expensive, but your meals don't have to be. Though hot dogs made in the cheap coffeemaker of your hotel room probably won't be the best dinner ever, you can bet that it'll be oodles cheaper than ordering room service or going to a fancy restaurant. If you're ever cash-strapped, or simply motivated by the logistical challenge of whipping up a meal with extremely limited resources, you can cook a number of food items with the coffeemaker and clothes iron that usually comes with a hotel room. The coffeemaker is great for making soft-boiled eggs, instant ramen noodles
Hey fellow cosplayers can you help me out?

I have  cosplay that I bought from and actually I really love it. It’s probably the site I put the most trust in. But they are giving away 100$ certificates to people who have 100 likes on their photo of them in their cosplay.

Here is the -now- public link, so please help me.

Thank you so very much!


Yeah… so maybe cosplaying Rey won’t be a good idea. I fear for my safety at cons. Like I’ve seen congoers get REALLY nasty for people cosplaying certain things, and I’m scared that (although I’m not cosplaying Rey for Reylo, a friend of mine is willing to do Reylo at this con) I may also be harassed for any things that may happen at this con.

Wouldn’t be the first time, but it’s a really shitty feeling that just kinda sticks to the back of your head all day.

Cosplaying is stressful enough. Add 3 days of little sleep and being hella tired by the end of each day and you get some serious fuck no. Being rude to someone for the sake of cosplay/shaming is a really horrible thing that people need to stop doing.

I’ve seen cosplayers in tears because of people who shame them. I saw a Kanaya cosplayer crying in the bathroom because a group of shit heads decided to trail her and shouting all sorts of horrible thing s directly at her. I’ve seen an Assassin’s Creed cosplayer storm out because an AC fan was criticizing his cosplay to every little detail at a gathering. A Ruby cosplayer was on the verge of tears because someone called him out on his “heteronormativity” with his Sapphire cosplay partner. I’ve seen cosplayers get jealous because someone else is cosplaying their character and they’re doing their OTP with a friend. It gets nasty. Some people are just nasty people with a moldy bagel for a heart.

This whole “cons are safe” thing is bs. Now I do agree it’s a mostly safe place to be yourself, but it doesn’t give you the right to be a pisscouch to your fellow congoers. You don’t like what they’re doing at a con? Well as long as it’s appropriate and not hurting anyone, they can do whatever they want, buddy. I beg of you, please oh please don’t be a fucking singular neon croc at cons guys.

Please stay safe at cons!
Paste Magazine: (Re)Gen a Top Starter Con for Geek Convention Newbies! | (Re)Generation Who : The Mid-Atlantic's Doctor Who Convention
Want to go to a geeky con, but don't know where to start? Paste Magazine's 7 Starter Cons for Geek Convenion Newbies puts (Re)Gen at the top of the list!

We made Paste Magazine’s list of top cons for first-time congoers! (Re)Gen is all about big fun with a family feel and accessibility.

Our second year is in less than two months, with a massive guest list including Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Sophie Aldred, Michael Troughton, a slew of Second Doctor Companions, Nick Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery from Big Finish, new series writer Rob Shearman, composer Dominic Glynn, and more than we can count!

Pre-reg is still open, so register now and come party with us in Maryland!
Kara Dennison is creating Writing, Art, and Videos
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!

So I’m giving this Patreon thing a go.

I work with groups like @crunchyroll and @sekaiproject localizing anime and games, publishers like Obverse Books and Watching Books writing new fiction and meta in popular franchises, and for cons like @regenerationwho running interviews, hosting educational panels, and making neato social media stuff happen.

I also do webcomics or something.

For monthly donations of various levels, you can get:

  • Info on when my next projects are coming out before anyone else
  • Behind-the-scenes videos of my con work and travel (Whovians will love this)
  • Free ebooks
  • A weekly newsletter with extra content of interest to anime fans, British telefantasy fans, congoers, freelancers, etc.
  • the chance to give input as to what else you’d like to see me do

Even if you don’t have the cash to donate or what I do isn’t your jam, consider reblogging for friends of yours who might be interested. Thanks!

anonymous asked:

Sorry if I'm behind, what's cottontails?

it’s ok! cottontails is an 18+ lounge aiming for cafe slots at conventions, but we also host private events! (you know how the maid cafe has their own room?) it’s meant to be a more relaxed, sort of toned down, classy environment for adult congoers. somewhere to sit, eat, enjoy a mocktail, and be waited on by cute girls in bunny suits and handsome guys in suits. 8)

we haven’t landed the cafe slot anywhere yet purely because we’re SUPER new. our “debut” was helping out a popular game show panel. the bunnies were captains of teams that competed against one another. it was super fun and a huge hit!

we’ve got BIG goals, so keep an eye out at future cons and definitely let me know if there’s a con you want to see us at.

i can’t link properly bc i’m on mobile, but our facebook page is

hey hi there, hoping someone in the tag can help me out :)

I’m gonna be selling prints at Tsukino-con next weekend! Super pumped! This is my first:
- time flying by myself
- artist alley
- visit to the west coast

I’m at table #35. I only bought a half table and don’t know who my table partner is. :’) I’m hoping it’s a local because I am a timid Ontarioan without any AA experience. (If you’re my table partner please oh please message me).

I’m not sure how I’m going to go about making a table display since I am pretty limited in what I can fit in my luggage. if any local artists/congoers can help me out in any way I would super appreciate it.

starcatchernet asked:

Hello! I had a question about alma-con. I looked at some of your pages, and saw that there was a ball of some sort. I then checked out the schedule, and all I could find was a homestuck version. Is that the only one? This will also be my first con, so do you happen to have any tips or such?

Yes! We do have a masquerade ball, and the schedule in the masterpost is simply for panels and such and doesn’t include other events (this hopefully will change so that congoers can find things in the same schedule). The ball is held in our recreation center on Saturday evening from 10pm to 1am. 

We also are holding a rave in the same recreation center on Friday from 9pm to 1am

The price for admission for these events, that is separate from general admission to the con, is $7 for singles and $10 for couples. Proceeds from the ball will go to America’s Cancer Society and to help Flint, Michigan during their water crisis.