• Congoers noticing Dr Who Cosplayers:Oh, sweet, The Doctor.
  • Congoers noticing Futurama Cosplayers:Oh, cool, it's Bender.
  • Congoers noticing Internet cosplayers:Hahaha look, it's Trollface and Rage Guy!
  • Congoers noticing Star Wars cosplayers:Dude, it's Darth Vader! Awesome!
10 Easy Recipe Hacks for Cooking Food in Your Hotel Room
Traveling can be pretty expensive, but your meals don't have to be. Though hot dogs made in the cheap coffeemaker of your hotel room probably won't be the best dinner ever, you can bet that it'll be oodles cheaper than ordering room service or going to a fancy restaurant. If you're ever cash-strapped, or simply motivated by the logistical challenge of whipping up a meal with extremely limited resources, you can cook a number of food items with the coffeemaker and clothes iron that usually comes with a hotel room. The coffeemaker is great for making soft-boiled eggs, instant ramen noodles

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So with the release of Pokémon Go and how many congoers are surely very into the pokémon scene - please. Look up. If a sandshrew spawns nearby, don't stampede. If a pokestop is at an inconvenient place, don't mob. Don't bother stores or stations. And for the love of Arceus don't harass other teams! This isn't war, this is pokémon, chill.

I see what you did there.

A long time ago after a TFCON I was apart of the threads and remembered trying to give constructive feedback on the past con. This discussion turned into an anti-cosplayer, anti-female damn you girls interrupting our little boy club that included passive aggressive comments from the two owners of the event and another who I don’t think attends the event itself. Their main issue was that they disliked all the cosplayers and females making their event too mainstream and interrupting all their buddy buddy time.

Now looking though the event guide last night I can see the passive aggressive shade tossed at both female congoers and cosplayers in general. For those that have not seen it, it features two scantily clad females in barely-there cosplays being described as females that cosplay only to get people to look at them and get hits on their Instagram. Then at the end of the comic, it shows them again when the lead character explains this is TFCON.

Both C and I have stressed in the past that they didn’t like the cosplayers at the event and how females always cosplay and they bring more females into their event.

Can we say that their anti-cosplay, anti-female bs is showing?

This isn’t the first time this issue has been brought up. In previous years both hate against cosplayers and anti-female bs from the event and it’s organizers have been talked about on here and forums previous years.

I also want to point out that I have not seen a cosplayer with barely there cosplays, big boobs, big butts floating around the con in the half decade I’ve attended. If anything I see mostly females cosplaying very hardworking, fully clothed, usually full mech suits that they can barely walk, breath, talk or move in.

This along with their bland event guide this year, new low for this event this year. 

@bajiraoed yeah I’m not disgusted honestly I’m more worried than anything else? Bc fandoms have this rlly toxic mindset that it’s ok to ship anything bc it’s fictional, but I know these 16 year old are gonna cosplay voltron and I know a lot of ppl in their 20s+ are cosplaying voltron, and Atl cons specifically have a history of congoers getting in trouble for making out with minors and stuff so I just hope that they stay safe when they cosplay