congo week

Countries Reacting to India's Independence
  • India: so this is goodbye then... England~
  • England: y-yeah, it is... well, good luck and thank you for everything.
  • India: same to you, England- Oof!
  • Nigeria: *hugs India* OH MY GOODNESS YOU DID IT!!!
  • China: nice job, India! Congratulations on both you and your people's efforts! Beat those white colonists!!
  • Libya: do you think it'll be my turn next??
  • Indonesia: India, we heard!! This is amazing, congratulations!! Join the gang~!
  • Congo: This calls for a celebration!!
  • India: haha, thank you, everyone, ~ I don't know what will lie ahead, but let's enjoy the moment and celebrate everyone's achievements!!

Photo by Phil Moore

A child sits outside an MSF mobile clinic in Katovu, Masisi territory, in the east of Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).  Once a week MSF runs a mobile medical clinic to this isolated community made up of people who were  displaced by conflict in the region. See DRC in 100 images here: