congo man


Mangbetu man, Medje village, Congo by Eliot Elisofon, 1970

The photograph depicts man wearing traditional barkcloth ‘nogi’. “The main item of men’s clothing was the ‘nogi’, a piece of barkcloth wrapped between and around the legs and held in place at the waist with a belt.” “Mangbetu hats combine basketry with feathers in various ways. Most hats were made to be purely ornamental, but some had special meanings.” [Schildkrout E., Keim C., 1990: African Reflections, University of Washington Press].

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO, Bunia : A young man is pictured while playing soccer in Bunia on November 9, 2015. The city of Bunia, located on the east of D.R.Congo and administrative capital of the province of Ituri, has been the scene of many fights and civilian deaths during The Second Congo War. The city, with a population of of more than 366,000, has experimented an important population growth during the last ten years and tripled its population. AFP PHOTO/EDUARDO SOTERAS