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Bahorel and R friendship appreciation post

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Contribution by @vivalar in both the link and the current content of this post

So okay okay Bahorel and R meet via punch in the face and bond over puns while R is loopy off pain killers and is getting his jaw reset

The puns are really stupid like

“Wow that doctor was a real DICKtor AMIRIGHT Bahorel”

“Dude he’s literally right in front of you”

“Whoopsy guess I’m a real… pricktient.. Get it.. Because I said DICKtor.. And it’s another word for dick mixed with patient.. Lololol”

And the nurse on duty is joly
And he’s actually laughing at the joke

so R’s jaw gets wired shut because #brokenJaw and Joly is in hysterics because


R can’t talk for like 4 weeks lolololol how is he going to manage

Bahorel feels bad and R can’t drink because of his pain meds so he feels even worse

Bahorel rigging together a very long straw that he can put into a whiskey bottle and presenting it as a “im sorry i broke your face” presentand just sticking the straw inbetween his teeth


R slowly putting his finger over joly’s mouth to shush him as he continues to drink because let’s be honest that ain’t force feeding to him

“Shh let him drink, joly.”

“But his meds”

“Shhh the alcohol is his meds”

Imagine how happy Enjolras would be that R can’t talk back

Yes but he would absolutely find other ways to bother him.

Bringing in a congo drum, for example

having a playlist on his phone with meaningful songs he would play when the moment called for it

Using Siri to speak for him

“So I think we should-”

*robot voice* “U r wrong”

“R please-”

*robot voice* “U r blond and wrong”

They’re the best friends that punch each other until they’re both bleeding then will just laugh it off and get a drink

Yes it’s perfect. Instead of “Hey, you can cry on my shoulder.” it’s “Hey, you can punch me if you want.”

“Will punching someone make it better?”


“Wanna punch me?”

“No.. You didn’t do anything”

“.. I really fucking hate lion king-”

“Oh fuck no lets brawl, son”

Can you imagine- like- the first time R meets the others through Bahorel, and they have this whole thing planned where R is going to say something like “Lion King sucks” and then Bahorel is gonna pummel the shit out of himjust for shits and giggles

joly almost has a heart attack

Everyone is so shocked and scared and suddenly they’re both laughing and R is wiping blood from his mouth

Courf filmed it

Bahorel apologizes and kisses him


No one says anything and Enjolras is always angry over itAnd like they don’t care???
Bahorel literally French dipped R once during a meeting for no reason
Just to show off he’s taking dance classes with R
Courf seeing Bahorel kiss Feuilly one day and GASPING because he thinks he’s cheating on R and runs to tell Enjolras who is livid because who would cheat on R?? Not that he’s interested in him or anything psh- of COURSE not
But why would anyone cheat on R he’s so smart and funny and he’s so happy with BahorelNext meeting he walks straight up to Bahorel who is flirting with Feuilly
Okay but enjolras going on a whole rant about cheating on R and how that’s the shittiest thing he could do because he’s so great and nice and smart and R is just standing in the doorway completely confused but heart eyes at e
Bahorel just

“we were never dating??”

“But you kissed him that one time!! And you danced together!!”

“Dude Courf kisses ferre all the time?? And they’re still friends..”

“.. Oh.. Yeah.. True”