Chimaeras are cartilaginous fishes commonly known as ghost sharks. Their closest living relatives are sharks, skates and rays, though in evolutionary terms, they branched off from sharks nearly 400 million years ago. Today, they are largely confined to deep water environment.

Three new species of Chimaera are described from the Southwestern Indian Ocean, from seamounts of Walters Shoal, the Madagascar Ridge, and the Southwestern Indian Ridge. According to researchers, this is the first record of the genus in the Southwestern Indian Ocean, and brings the global total to 19 species. The new species presented here are distinguishable from their congeners by a combination of coloration, morphology, meristic, and genetics.

Seafarer’s Ghost Shark (Chimaera willwatchi): is distinguished by its brown-purple coloration and large body, blocky head with square snout, well-defined suborbital ridges, and a strong dorsal spine exceeding first dorsal apex.

The Falkor Chimaera (Chimaera didierae): can be distinguished by its light tan body color, slender body, short trunk, long tail, relatively robust spine, very small unpaired fins, and extremely deciduous skin.

Dark-mouth Chimaera (Chimaera buccanigella): is distinguished by its light tan body color, stocky body, short trunk, tapering rapidly into a long tail, long, very straight spine, skin not deciduous.

We begin by noting that “experience” is what James called a double-barrelled word. Like its congeners, life and history, it includes what men do and suffer, what they strive for, love, believe and endure, and also how men act and are acted upon, the ways in which they do and suffer, desire and enjoy, see, believe, imagine–in short, processes of experiencing. “Experience” denotes the planted field, the sowed seeds, the reaped harvests, the changes of night and day, spring and autumn, wet and dry, heat and cold, that are observed, feared, longed for; it also denotes the one who plants and reaps, who works and rejoices, hopes, fears, plans, invokes magic or chemistry to aid him, who is downcast or triumphant. It is “double-barrelled” in that it recognizes in its primary integrity no division between act and material, subject and object, but contains them both in an unanalyzed totality. “Thing” and “thought,” as James says in the same connection, are single-barrelled; they refer to products discriminated by reflection out of primary experience.

John Dewey, Experience and Nature

Ho smesso di sperare che stare con te mi porti qualche vantaggio, e il tempo di spiegare le cose non c’è, se tu per ogni cosa che faccio mi dici che rimani, poi scappi da me, cos’è sta novità, dici che mi ami, poi t’allontani da me, è questa la verità? Cosa fai? Siediti, dai, dimmi tutti i tuoi dubbi congeniti, Tu mi sfrutti, mi rieduchi,tu mi recluti, l'ultimo fra gli ultimi reduci, Cosa fai? Mi dedichi , mai, due parole, i tuoi trucchi più inediti, non ci restano metodi sedici mai, per ogni lettera 16 guai, Dai, piantala di scavare dentro l’anima di chi sta male, Io voglio te in balcone vista mare , pascià, stiamo in lista pare, ehi ehi. Sono un principe quando ti do attenzione, se lo faccio con apprensione, né rivincite né le astensioni, solo indice di attenzione : dannazione ! Ho smesso di sperare che stare con te mi porti qualche vantaggio, e il tempo di spiegare le cose non c’è, se tu per ogni cosa che faccio mi dici che rimani, poi scappi da me, cos'è sta novità, dici che mi ami, poi t’allontani da me, è questa la verità. Voli via come se fossi in libertà, Non cresco mai come fossi Peter Pan, sono il capo dei bimbi sperduti, dei soldi mai avuti, dell’ingenuità. Basta vedere lo stato in cui siamo, lo credo bene che ci inquisiamo. Siamo finti, ma l'esibizione dei finti, dalle mobilitazioni agli istinti. Anche se abbiamo discusso una cifra, Resti la bussola a nord della vita, che mi bussa e mi invortica, a volte scortica, e mi porta in un’altra orbita. E non mi importa se siamo vicini o distanti, se a volte ti giri e mi guardi, siamo soli, pezzi di cuori infranti, anche se corri, non vai molto avanti. E tu, tu sei mia. E tu, tu sei mia. Non più una bugia, non più una bugia. Se tu, tu sei mia. Se tu, tu sei mia. Non più una bugia, non più una bugia.

Testo scritto da me, mi scuso per eventuali errori. (scrivetemeli così correggo) Amo questa canzone. Mattia Briga, Non più una bugia ( testo ) dipingersi
King of the Forest

Prompt: “Bard’s a zookeeper and Thranduil the drunk who climbs in into the elks closure and tries to ride one, declaring loudly, “I AM KING OF THE FOREST!”” by rose-de-noire​ from this post.

Word count: 3207

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Bard Bowman’s job was probably the most boring in the entire world. All he had to do was to sit in a chair and look at surveillance cameras for the whole night until the early hours of the morning. Of course, nothing ever happened. What could honestly happen here? There was nothing to steal, no one tried to escape. He could leave and everything would still be the same. Yes, zookeeping was definitely the most boring job ever. But his paycheck wasn’t too bad and it allowed him to see his children during the weekends when he wasn’t having a very long nap. At least they could go to the cinema and eat together for dinner. It had not been possible with his previous job. In the end, it had been a good thing he had been fired by The Master.

Greenwood was actually more of a natural reserve than a zoo. Except during at night the animals were free to wander about in large fields which had been adapted to resemble their original habitats, so much so that you couldn’t be sure you would see any of them when visiting the place. There were also many endangered species preservation programs, as Bard would never have agreed to work for Greenwood if the reserve had not been such a respectful haven for the animals living here. Though, he would have preferred a more… animate job.

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Genie with a crazy outgrowth (︶ω︶)

Well, I have to admit that this was me on friday, since I only left my house today to get a massage ~(˘▾˘)~…. and it was sooo good (。♥‿♥。)!!! Already went to some massage salons in Germany but that was nothing in comparisson to the massage I had today. The salon was called “Congen Massage”. You should go there if you visit Shanghai! Sorry for babbling on about my massage. It was just to nice to forget about it (ღ˘⌣˘ღ). About my hairstyle on friday… I have to say that my outgrowth wasn’t that obvious to me as I left the house ☉_☉. I should really dye my hair when I’m back in Germany.


Crested auklet (Aethia cristatella)

The crested auklet is a small seabird of the family Alcidae, distributed throughout the northern Pacific and the Bering Sea. The species feeds by diving in deep waters, eating krill and a variety of small marine animals. It nests in dense colonies of up to 1 million individuals in the Bering Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. It often breeds in mixed-species colonies with the least auklet, a smaller congener. Crested auklets have a distinctive citrus-like plumage odor. The scent is released when there is ruffling of feathers on the nape and upper back of the individual from threat, trumpeting, or billing displays. The cloud of scent released encourages the ruff sniff display. A ruff sniff display is when birds fully insert their half open, bill into the others’ plumage. This display occurs in the absence of obvious aggression and is important for pair formation.