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Unseen University was much bigger on the inside. Thousands of years as the leading establishment of practical magic in a world where dimensions were largely a matter of chance in any case had left it bulging in places where it shouldn’t have places. There were rooms containing rooms which, if you entered them, turned out to contain the room you’d started with, which can be a problem if you are in a conga line.
—  Terry Pratchett - The Last Continent

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i know you probably have SO MANY prompts to do because theyre absolutely phenomenal...but when you get the chance could you write your prompt for #46 from Andrew's POV? i think you could do it so well and i would die.

(god… ‘phenomenal’ ur such a sweetheart! I don’t usually like to write the same scene twice so I rlly tried to make it as different as possible outside of dialogue hope it works 4 u xoxo)

Andrew wheels around in the search-light sweep of laser projectors, suddenly aware of his place in the thicket of heat-pressed bodies. He turns his back on Roland and Aaron talking over the bar, Kevin knocking back shots with a regularity that makes him look like he’s on some sort of mechanism.

Neil’s heat is gone from his side. If he’s the buoy that saves Neil from drowning, he’s lost him to the swallowing water again.

He’d had his hand knotted around Neil’s wrist as a security measure, but he’d slipped it. Escape artist, Andrew thinks. Runner.

It would be okay if Roland hadn’t been pouring him free shots for 2 hours, if Andrew hadn’t been indifferently nodding Neil on, privately curious to see what the alcohol might do.

Turns out it mostly flushed his fair cheeks and loosened his hands, made his eyes look curiously like the pupils had detached from the irises. And now he’s wandered off like an untrained dog.

The crowd is a dangerous, forgetful place, and Neil is bad at pretending not to be drunk.

Andrew leaves the bar with a sideways look at Roland. He’s always uneasy when his responsibilities are split like this: Aaron trying to keep up with Kevin’s alcoholic appetite, Nicky long since disappeared onto the dance floor, Neil holding his liquor like a newborn.

He sidesteps a drunken bachelorette conga line, sweeping the room in uneven loops. Drunk people are unpredictable people, and Neil’s slippery on a good day. He can’t spot his familiar auburn head in the throng, and the lights warp and dull his colouring anyway.

He rounds back to Aaron and Kevin, watching them droop and laugh, and then he makes for the bathroom.

He’s just in time to watch Nicky and Neil topple into the bathroom counter, his cousin’s hands displaced from Neil’s narrow waist.

“Why do bad things always happen to me?” Neil says, the hand holding his weight up moving absently over the wall. He’d laugh, if he laughed, at Neil’s dramatic intonation, his body bobbing as if on water, his shoulders unselfconsciously back.

“You’ve got a mouth that gets you into trouble,” he says. Neil almost slips in his haste to turn around, his whole face twisting up even as Nicky has to re-steady him, huffing. Andrew’s chest throbs. “And you can’t hold your liquor.” He wedges his hands under Nicky’s and pops them off of Neil’s body.

Nicky knows better by now than to overstep with neil, and Andrew steps forward to remind him — but Neil stumbles suddenly, Andrew has to sidestep to catch him.

“Were you looking for me?” Neil asks, crowding into Andrew’s space with his breath moist and boozy on his face. He slips his hand up to cup Andrew’s neck, thumbing his pulse like a habit. Andrew watches Nicky so he won’t watch Neil; if the feel of him is too much, the sight of him is always worse. He has to get out of this bathroom.

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GOT7ing - Game-ing Highlights

- [starts watching without subs] OMG WTF THEY’RE YELLING MARKSON AND CLAPPING ITS HAPPENING PEOPLE IM GONNA PASS OUT ITS HAPPENIGN [watching again with subs] haha false alarm guys hahah :) [cries internally]

- jb honey i know you just got back but them shades make you look like a suburban mom im sorry

- park yu being a lil shit to 2jae in the blindfold line 


- mark: [wraps his arms around jackson’s neck] js: [pushes his hands away] mark: bitch rude

- got7 conga lining into the room escape

- [everyone else screeching at the top of their lungs/begging to go home before the game starts] yugs: can u guys not

- [got7 freaking the fuck out when the lights go off] escape room dude: you guys srsly need to calm tf down

- them camera guys get to be locked in a room with got7 for an hour lucky bastards

- [lights go back on and jackson is lying on the floor] me: haha this guy, always being so dramatic [jackson: is still lying there after 5 mins] wtf did he actually faint

- mark kneeling beside an unconscious jackson and reenacting the beach scene from the little mermaid

- [escape room guys try to scare them] jackson: “we’re adults. this doesn’t scare us” yeah says the guy who literally fainted on the floor 30 seconds ago

- js: “wait a minute, let’s calm down” BOI AT LEAST THEY DIDN’T PASS OUT

- “no i’m not using the hint. i just want to talk” jackson wang are yOU SRS RN

- youngjae: [sings bang bang bang while laughing and swinging a gun around] if this was real you guys would be locked in here forever

- HOly fuck omg ok that image of the ghost girl on the tv nearly got me shitting in my pants 

- jackson: [starts pinching her face thru the tv] BOI IF YOU DONT

- ok but that ghost girl is really unsettling if she moves i swear to god i am closing the tab

- jackson: “wasn’t i great? give me compliments” youngjae: lmao bitch please jackson: [picks up the phone] excuse me i just witnessed my own murder

- jackson: “i did well today. i was really great right” everyone: [ignores him] js: pls guys just want to feel loved :’(((

- bambam: [sits on yugyeoms lap with his legs spread open] excuse me yugbam but can we keep this pg pls you guys are literally 5

- staff: “congrats boys !!you guys made it on time !!” got7′s staff are liars


The Los Angeles launch of the highly-anticipated film Baggage Claim, starring Paula Patton, Derek Luke and Taye Diggs, brought some of the most memorable acts to the red carpet to celebrate their friends and peers.

But rather than bring along a gang of pals or a significant other, La La Anthony and Trey Songz both had the same idea when they invited their families to accompany them on the red carpet. La La brought Papa Vasquez along for the premiere of her movie, while Trey Songz (who normally brings his mom on his arm) brought his young grandma as his date!

ALSO, who can blame Robin Thicke for wanting to plant a wet one on his wife?!

After all, Paula Patton looked simply stunning at the Hollywood premiere of her new movie, Baggage Claim.

Decked out in a semi-sheer form-fitting black number, the 37-year-old actress was all smiles as Thicke cozied up to her on the red carpet.

The film premiered at LA Live! With the after party at the Conga Room.

Trey Songz with his Gma

Paula Patton looking lovely with husband Robin Thicke

Jill Scott showing Boris Kodjoe how it works

Letoya Luckett

Lala Anthony and Po Johnson

Christina Milian

Lauren London and Trey

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Jaylib - live at conga room

Scanning youtube and this popped up. Madlib spits. R.I.P. Dilla

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