conga line of apathy

Headcanon: If Jaren starts to lose his shit at an inopportune time Collin wraps around him and constricts so that he can barely breathe and won’t catch on fire/explode/turn into a Rage Nuke, then once he’s almost passed out THEN lets go and kinda flumps to the floor for a few moments before standing up like “what the fuUUCK”

That would be Jaren, he’s a member of an evil music band called Conga Line of Apathy, or CLoA for short, whose members also serve as elite mooks/minions for the villains in a series I’m currently working on that atm is titled Play Dead.

He’s the youngest of the band and the only human, as the other members ((Zebra, Zoetrope, Citrus, and Collin)) are monsters of some kind. He’s also the one that has the most trouble retaining aloof indifference or resigned, wistful woe on account of his inherent humanity and BURNING MURDEROUS FURY.



Okay so fun fact for anybody who likes the CLoA guys ((Zoetrope, Zebra, Citrus, Collin, and Jaren)):
The only reason they exist/became a part of the story was because Aria tagged a post of really unenthused male models with that term and it was so funny to me I made an in-universe band to have that name. They evolved obvs but it started as a joke caused by a single whimsical tumblr tag.

So if you like them, thank Aria, without them they wouldn’t exist at all. Also because she’s awesome in every other way too and makes cute draws so go follow her / her art blog cuz she deserves more love UvU

i like the idea of CLoA having one of those ‘which of us can grow the most facial hair in 2 weeks’ type bets that groups of guys always do at some point and Pai overhears and asks if she can be in on it, and that if she wins they all have to hang out with her while wearing bright, primary colors or pastels for a whole day.

they agree to this and then of course she totally wins because goat.