Me and my very good friend at Confusion12!! (Gothenburg, Sweden)

She lives far away from me so we wanted to take as many pictures as possible while we could! Also, i got the job of making her horns and look what happened… (Mine broke that morning and that is why one horn is a little off (he’s special, don’t judge) (All broken horns were soon fixed though!). I hope we can take more photos while there still is snow on the ground! :D

This was my second con and my third real cosplay :3 (Link, Tavros, Karkat!) This was like Pelle’s 7th con hot daym…!!!

Sara/Pelle as Sollux

Me as Karkat

Sara’s sister Emma as Aradia, but i don’t think she has a tumblr! :P <3 (She was really gorgeous as Aradia!!!)

Photographer: Alexander Nikolis (Thank you so much, these are adorable!)

If you’re wondering why I’m not online answering my messages or updating about my sad sad life in a whiny tone…

It’s because I’m really busy!

Been working almost 24/7 since Wednesday evening.
And we’ll be finished Sunday afternoon.

I’m head of the artist service at a convention / Japanese pop culture event here in Gothenburg, and we’re working our asses off.

So no time for tumblr!

…Except the ongoing queue I made a few days ago.

TTYL *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)‘・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

The convention is finally over!

So tired and and sore I could just lay down and die

But yeah
We had a lot of fun and all the artists/bands/dancers I took care of was really nice and amazing on stage, so I’m happy!

Now I’m not gonna do anything until I absolutely have to