no but imagine adolescent hermione granger

11 y/o hermione being seen around school with harry and ron or one or the other and being asked “so you’re kinda like one of the boys?” and hermione shaking her head in confusion

12 y/o hermione getting her first period and not telling anyone because the two people she cherishes most are boys and because “ginny probably hasn’t had hers yet”

13 y/o hermione being teased about how she’s “totally dating the chosen one” or “probably into that red-headed weasel” and her getting so ticked but internalizing it because she knows how much the boys rely on her wit and ability to keep her head

16 y/o hermione hearing people say “so she is into that weasel guy!” and them complaining about how she doesn’t have a chance because she’s not feminine enough, because she’s too smart for him, because lavender knows the way to a boy’s heart better than she ever will - and how she needs to “hang out with more girls because she just doesn’t get how to be one”

17 y/o hermione changing alone while her two best friends hide behind a rock to give her some space and thinking about all of the awful things anyone has ever said about how she doesn’t live up to her gender, about the way she dresses, the way she talks, the way she walks with purpose

18 y/o hermione returning to hogwarts, taking ginny under her wing, and absolutely crushing every horrible, societal thing anyone says to either of them under the heels of her feet