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On the Brits...

I agree with a lot of the sentiment that last night was WeirdTM as realistically imaginable. From start to finish, we got a rare peak behind the curtain in real time. 

But I just want to say that I don’t think this is the end of whatever is going on behind the scenes. I think this was a power play, a strategically brilliant move to embarrass and fluster Simon on TV and in the press, while simultaneously speaking to fans. It was a coordinated effort by the boys and key players around them. 

I still think we’ve got a March-July window to wind things down slowly. And that will include some uncomfortable pieces for us (and for them).

But last night, the message was heard loud and clear, by Simon and by us. 

Now, what’s next?

I cannot stop thinking about @local-astronaut‘s a look into Matt’s phone post and the “we love neil” chat gave me ideas.

  • Renee adds Andrew to the chat
  • Andrew doesn’t ever respond, but doesn’t block them or ask to leave the chat either
  • He just straight up doesn’t acknowledge the chat
  • Everyone in it assumes Andrew is just ignoring them in the chat and carries on, pretty much forgetting he’s even in it
  • At one point they decide to have a competition to see who can get the cutest picture of Neil
  • They give it a week and whoever sends the cutest picture by the end of Thursday gets 10 bucks each from the others
  • Andrew of course doesn’t acknowledge that, just like he doesn’t acknowledge anything else they send him
  • But he watches the pictures coming in even more than usual all week
  • The one of Neil smiling after Matt called him one of his best friends
  • The selfie Dan took of her hugging Neil with their cheeks smushed together
  • The one Allison secretly took from the back of Matt’s truck of Neil staring dreamily at Andrew while he’s sitting on the trunk of his car smoking
  • The one Renee takes of him sitting between Dan and Matt on the couch in the girls’ room, all wrapped in a blanket
  • The one Nicky sends of Neil standing in the kitchen, yawning and stretching, two minutes after getting up
  • The one Dan sends of Matt standing behind Neil, grinning as he slouches with his forearms resting across Neil’s shoulders while Neil scowls at the camera
  • The one Allison takes of Neil looking super confused after she purposely referenced a movie he hasn’t even heard of
  • Late Thursday they’re all arguing over which picture is cutest and asking how they’re supposed to pick a winner and questioning if there was any way they could convince Andrew to judge or if they should all just have to vote for one that isn’t theirs to be cutest and see what wins that way
  • Andrew sends a message to the group chat for the first time ever at 11:59 pm on Thursday
  • It’s a picture of Neil being so cute that it physically pains Andrew and he 500% wants to kill him for daring to make him feel like this
  • Neil’s curled up in the fetal position asleep cradled in one of the bean bag chairs and his hair is sticking out in every fucking direction and his arm’s reaching out so that he’s still holding Andrew’s hand in his sleep and there’s the faintest hint of a smile on his lips
  •  Neil’s curled up facing where his and Andrew’s hand are intertwined, resting on the edge of the beanbag chair, because he definitely fell asleep staring at Andrew so that he wouldn’t miss one extra second of Andrew’s beautiful face
  • With the picture Andrew sends “I win, fuckers.”
  • None of them argue and Andrew doesn’t respond to the group chat again, but they know he’s watching it
  • Neil looks super confused when the next morning at practice Matt, Dan, Renee, Allison, and Nicky each cough up ten bucks to Andrew without even being asked
Things I’ve said out loud so far while watching Stranger Things

“OK I’m 30 seconds in and I’ve already had a heart attack.”

“How old are these children what’s happening here.”

“Can I just… adopt all of them… please…”

“Aw he’s taking care of herOH SHIT JESUS CHRIST WHAT THE FUCK-”

“Oh look it’s Asshole McFuckface go suck a dick you wafflehead.”

“The fuck is that thing can y’all not.”


“Oh shit Veronica went nuts.”


“You made her look like Poppy why would you do that.”

“This teacher is so chill why don’t they make those in real life.”

“Asshole McFuckface is back congratulations I hate you.”

Life Without You

Part Two


It was odd, really. He pretended that you meant nothing to him, like he’s never met you before. He gave you that warm smile, introducing himself, saying it was a pleasure to meet you. You would think that he would at least show some kind of emotion. Sadness, hurt, joy, anything. His lack of emotion was getting on your nerves.

Maybe he forgot who you were. No, no that couldn’t be it. He knew exactly who you were and what he was doing to you. The question is, why? Why is he torturing you? Did it give him some kind of sick pleasure?

Then it happened.

You didn’t expect it, at all. Your heart breaking into smaller pieces. This is my girlfriend, Megan. Megan, this is (Y/N), an old friend. An old friend? Is that all you were to him? You looked over at her, instantly regretting it. She was perfect, much skinnier than you, taller, prettier, absolutely stunning. Of course Harry would fall for someone as amazing as her and not you. You were boring, nothing unique. It hurt much more than you’d ever admit.

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Minato: Junpei,am i da man now?


shinee + aesthetics: s  p  a  c  e

Our unexperienced party of 6 got into their first goblin battle. And literally no one managed to hit the other – both goblins and adventurers kept missing and the group failed spectacularly against 4 weak goblins.

Tiefling bard: (OOC) Screw it. I run to the closest goblin and tackle him.

DM: …okay. You literally run over the goblin and deal 4 damage. He is now prone and VERY confused.

DM: The next goblin tries to attack (our elven warlock). …aaand it’s a critical fail.

DM: The goblin tries to shoot you, but you dodge the terribly aimed arrow Matrix style. At the same time the prone goblin next to (the bard) stands up – and gets hit by the arrow. He’s dead as fuck und has no idea what he ever did to deserve this.

DM: The third goblin tries to hit (our dwarven fighter)… …… ………… ……… …….

DM: GUESS WHAT. Critical fail.

Fighter: (OOC) He is so scared that he stabs himself!

DM: NO! …oh screw it. He looks at his friend who killed his other friend, then looks at you, looks back at his friends, and then stabs himself.


DM: Yes, he commits seppuku, and therefore is the second goblin killed by its own party. You don’t even have to defeat them, they defeat themselves.

The arrow goblin who killed his friend later on had yet another critical fail – our warlock caught the arrow in his bare hands and threw it back at him, dealing a small amount of damage. The goblins and their rolls were their own worst enemy.


Law & Order: SVU - 19x06 - Barisi Lines

Liv: How is it consent when you’re extorting sex from a fifteen year old drug addict?

Rafael: *sighs*, That is a question that the legal arena has yet to answer. Good idea for a law review article though, you should give Carisi a couple of months off *smirks*

*Sonny walks in*

Rafael: What are you, a bat?

*Sonny, super confused*: What?