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Friday morning sucked the big one

Wilma had a meltdown and refused to get dressed for school. I even called her father to enlist his help (which my husband asked me not to do again because it makes us look weak). I was really at a loss for what to do because she just wouldn’t listen to me. She wouldn’t listen to her father either, so that was a waste. She ended up wearing something I didn’t approve of (very tight shorts that were too short from last year.) I gave up. Even though it was about 10:00 am I just wanted to get her and Betty to school. Basically, we left the house on her terms and when she was ready. 

I don’t know how much more I can take of an 11-year-old running my household. I realize she may feel so much confusion about her life – when is she going? will it definitely be with her dad? what will her life be like - she hasn’t lived with him since she was about 4 or 5. But she was like this when she first came here and I put up with it when she was 8 because we were new foster parents but she’s really ratcheted up her behavior issues and her need to be in charge and I’m tired of it. Like drained.

My husband took the girls to a fast food play place tonight and one day last weekend for a couple of hours. I’m so thankful for the break while I work from home. 

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Aren't all lesbians valid? I don't understand why people have to say "trans lesbians" or "real lesbians".. If a girl (biological or otherwise) is sexually attracted to females then isn't that as real as the definition gets? Idk just confused.. -A bisexual girl

Lesbians are lesbians. Only the radfem type try to claim they’re “real” lesbians. Any woman, cis or trans, exclusively attracted to other women is a lesbian.

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Hello, I'd like to ask a question. I'm nonbinary and I'm attracted to other nonbinary folk and women. Does that make me polysexual, because I'm a little confused on the definition? Thanks

That’s a good question.

So polysexual mean an attraction to multiple genders and sexes, but not all.

This is distinct from pansexuality, which is the attraction to all genders and sexes. 

So without more information, I would say that polysexual encompasses what your have described to me pretty well.


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Hello ok so like i'm a lesbian i'm abt as sure as sure can be abt that rn & like that's cool and all but i feel like i'm depriving myself of romantic experiences ??? i've only had 1 gf but we broke up; anyways i can't help but think like i'm missing out? & my brain starts thinking maybe boys aren't so bad & if i just dated one i'd get all the physical contact & stuff i need rn but i don't wanna date boys! and i DEF don't wanna be in a long term relationship w/ boys! idk it's confusing... thanks!

hey dear! it’s definitely common for lesbians to think about dating boys even if we know we’re not interested in them simply because it’s much more common for girls to date boys and there are so many straight boys compared to sapphic girls. but if you know you only want to be dating girls and not boys then you’re still a lesbian! you’re just dealing with some strong heteronormativity and it’s a pain in the neck unfortunately :(

don’t date boys if you’re a lesbian! unless you have to for your safety (i.e. as a beard or something) you’re better off being single and eventually the right girl will come along :) 

good luck hon!

I wish to meet the person who said that happiness can be found within. Whenever I seek to find this ‘happiness within’ myself, I always end up getting trapped in a labyrinth of chaotic emotions. There is everything in that mess except happiness. Or maybe there are shreds of it hidden somewhere in the creaks, but my hands can never reach them. All I get hold of is, overriding confusion and guilt. There is no definite source of these feelings. Though, I have been told numerous times that my penchant to overthink everything is the root of my insanity. Well, it’s always easy to diagnose others but it is as difficult to comprehend the real reasons behind them. I have no idea how not to think. I don’t enjoy this, it’s exhausting at times. But somewhere inside me, I know that I owe this much to everyone who is suffering out there, all alone. I am also aware of the fact that just thinking about it will not appease anyone’s suffering or solve anyone’s problem. But each of us deserves to be thought about, at the very least.
I hope that someday, I can really work towards everything I think of and find my happiness. Till then, my thoughts are the most plausible proof of my sanity.

I know it’s not a super big deal but I saw some people trying to say these were pics of Kaistal and some trying to disprove it. I don’t like lies or drama about Jongin no matter how big or small so I’m just going to set it straight.

I don’t know who the girl in the bottom left is and kinda feel bad for reposting it, but the girl in the top left and right side is a fan who took a picture with him while he was in LA back in May 2015. Some may remember fans making a big deal about him being upset at the airport because it was supposed to be a vacation with his family, and their were alot of rude fans at the airport when he shouldn’t have even known he was there. Jongin is very private especially when it comes to his family and the only reason people knew was because of sasaengs thats why he was upset, NOT because he was trying to hide something. But these are some of the pics he personally agreed to at the time because fans who were polite asked him for a selca. [read their comments] One of the fans mentioned he couldn’t understand her English at all and she had to ask him in Korean. (Another reason he may have came off as “rude” to the international fans at the time.) Here are some others along with the original in the first pic.

One night, Michael Orchard of New York state noticed that his neighbor’s house was on fire. Taking matters into his own hands, he blasted through his neighbor’s fence with his car, kicked in the back door, and rescued the family’s dog from the inferno.

There was one problem, though.

When the cops showed up, they found Orchard standing there like an action hero, clutching the dog in front of a house that was most definitely not ablaze. The source of the confusion – the fact that Orchard had taken acid and a shitload of cough syrup – was quickly identified, and the rescue mission was quickly reclassified as breaking and entering.

The medal ceremony was quickly canceled.On the plus side, Orchard was very cooperative and immediately paid for the damage to the house. And the dog was unharmed, unless you count the depression he suffered when he realized he wasn’t going to get to go for a ride. So although the heroism wasn’t needed, was actually counterproductive, and resulted in a disappointed dog, this is still legitimately one of the greatest heroes 2016 has produced, and we should all be deeply ashamed that we’re honoring him here.

7 Unsung Heroes Who Had The Dumbest 2016 Ever

Okay, so I’m, like, really suuuuuuper late to the party but I finally got to see “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” (Ultimate Edition) tonight and something that honestly surprised me was how well I thought Ben Affleck handled playing Bruce/Batman.

He definitely had the bulk and size the part called for…

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…but I wasn’t expecting him to hit all of the right emotions.

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And, yeah, then there was this, too. I’m shallow, what can I say? ;)

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I knew I’d love Henry Cavill because, well, I already love his Clark/Superman…

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…but Ben surprised me by holding his own. Which was a hard sell because, like, 97% of the movie is him trying to KILL my beloved Clark/Supes, so I was fully prepared to curl my lip at him through most of the movie. ;) The fact that I could still feel for him, even at the times when I was thinking, “Bruce, c’mon, man! Don’t be a jerk!” definitely says a lot!

So, yay! Well done! \o/

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  • exclusionist: but like....what does asexuality MEAN...there are so many different definitions...who knows...
  • asexual people: it means a lack of sexual attraction to anybody.
  • asexual resources: it means a lack of sexual attraction to anybody.
  • asexual allies: it means a lack of sexual attraction to anybody.
  • asexual organizations: it means a lack of sexual attraction to anybody.
  • exclusionist: i don't know...i've seen so many different definitions you guys are confusing me...i guess nobody actually knows what asexuality is...maybe it doesn't exist at all...
Imagine Your OTP

Imagine your OTP acting like a married couple.

They know each other’s coffee orders, and often pick up coffee for each other.

If one says something rude or out of line, the other one gives them a warning glare.

The one who never gets cold always brings a jacket, because the one who always gets cold always forgets one.

They always sit next to each other, without even discussing it.

Whenever the group goes out to eat, they can always order for the other if one is running late.

The more organized one reminds the less organized one of appointments.

Whenever someone wants to know where one is, they ask the other.

One day, someone sees them interacting, and asks how long they’ve been married.

They’re very confused, because they definitely aren’t even dating.

What happens next is up to you.

why the banquet shenanigans happened AFTER Yuuri walked away from Victor

((sorry if someone’s already done this))

this recent gifset of mine seems to have fuelled the flames of the “what came first? the banquet or the commemorative photo offer?” debate and I’d like to clear some things up to avoid confusion:

the banquet definitely happened afterwards

yes it’s fun to think it could have happened the other way around, under the assumption Victor wanted a photo with the party animal he’d fallen for the night before, but that’s not how it is (though this way still has its perks ie. drunk Yuuri seeking out the ‘lil Russian shit who’d gone off at him in the bathroom to challenge him to a DANCE OFF).

so yes, the banquet happened after Yuuri’s defeat at the GP, not before. that’s kinda the whole reason he got drunk, enabling his bizarre banquet adventure to begin with, and subsequently making way for the rest of the story’s events right up til now to unfold (which kinda raises the implication that if he HADN’T lost the GPF last year and then gotten drunk he wouldn’t be where he is now). Also as a person who has partaken in other competition, I can assure you that none of the skaters etc. would want to be banqueting it up before the comp - you have rehersing to do! training!! why would you be partying like that so soon before the event? after makes a lot more sense.

if you want evidence, Victor states this directly in the latest ep

[The banquet refers to the party held after the competition.

Last year, Yuri suffered a crushing defeat in the Final.

He looked like his coach had dragged him to the banquet.]

‘but doesn’t the commemorative photo scene take place at the airport, after the banquet anyway?’

nope. the interior of the venue sure looks like an airport, but it also looks a lot like the lobby of a sports’ hub. it’s definitely in the lobby of the GPF venue shortly after the event has finished.

but Yuuri has a wheely suitcase, so it must be an airport?

listen pals, ice skates are pretty heavy. I’d much rather tote them and my costumes etc. around in a wheely suitcase than a regular sports bag. furthermore, the many other people gathered at the venue don’t seem to have such luggage, of which you’d expect at an airport.

not to mention Yuuri, Victor and Yuri are all wearing their Grand Prix passes etc. when there’d be no need for the at the airport (Victor’s passing critique of Yuri’s skating would also be out of place at an airport in that it’d seem rather late to say it there as opposed to right after the event).

and lastly, the electronic sign outside this ‘airport’ building reads:




what would a sign like this be doing at an airport? especially after the event is over and done with? plot twist: the grand prix took place at an airport

so yeah, to order is:

1. Yuuri walks away from his idol, upset that he can’t be on the same playingfield as him

2. Yuuri drunkenly dances at said idol, asks him to be his coach, causes said idol to fall for him and seek the opportunity to become his coach.

3. Yuuri promptly forgets point #2 entirely.

Thanks everyone, hope this clears it up!!

Literally just spent like 10 minutes trying to craft a definition of what a “meme” is. She was confused because she thought memes were just GIFs and images with text, but I said that Pearl’s secret rap career is also a meme. Will post pictures omfg

If you think for one second that Sherlock would feel indifference for John’s baby, John’s flesh and blood, after Sherlock’s first and last vow, then you have been severely misunderstanding this show. If Sherlock is indifferent to that baby, then she isn’t John’s. If she is John’s, then Sherlock would love her - he’d be so, so good to her. He’d take over parenting the same way he took over wedding planning. He’d neglect his work to make sure that little girl gets the best life possible. He’d put everything aside to show her how much she’s loved.

So there are only two possibilities here.

1) Benedict is telling the truth, making the baby not John’s
2) Benedict is lying, therefore anything said in that article could be equally false

And after seeing Sherlock’s confused face fixated on the baby, I’m definitely leaning towards option 1. It’s about time they put Sherlock’s “i can tell paternity just by looking at the baby” skill from TGG to the test. It’s not like they’ve shown Mary with turn-ups on her jeans or anything….