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ChildHyde AU: Life with a little demon angel


Licht as a child was, for the most part, quiet, shy and pure, and was indeed an angel. Hyde wants to meet little Licht sometime as well, be it through some strange transformation, or in his dreams. Licht is not amused.

Or some line of AU I might start doing soon

Stonewall Riots

“When the first patrol wagon arrived, Inspector Pine recalled that the crowd—most of whom were homosexual—had grown to at least ten times the number of people who were arrested, and they all became very quiet. Confusion over radio communication delayed the arrival of a second wagon. The police began escorting Mafia members into the first wagon, to the cheers of the bystanders. Next, regular employees were loaded into the wagon. A bystander shouted, "Gay power!”, someone began singing “We Shall Overcome”, and the crowd reacted with amusement and general good humor mixed with “growing and intensive hostility”. An officer shoved a transvestite, who responded by hitting him on the head with her purse as the crowd began to boo. Author Edmund White, who had been passing by, recalled, “Everyone’s restless, angry, and high-spirited. No one has a slogan, no one even has an attitude, but something’s brewing." Pennies, then beer bottles, were thrown at the wagon as a rumor spread through the crowd that patrons still inside the bar were being beaten.

A scuffle broke out when a woman in handcuffs was escorted from the door of the bar to the waiting police wagon several times. She escaped repeatedly and fought with four of the police, swearing and shouting, for about ten minutes. Described as "a typical New York butch” and “a dyke–stone butch”, she had been hit on the head by an officer with a baton for, as one witness claimed, complaining that her handcuffs were too tight. Bystanders recalled that the woman, whose identity remains unknown (Stormé DeLarverie has been identified by some, including herself, as the woman, but accounts vary), sparked the crowd to fight when she looked at bystanders and shouted, “Why don’t you guys do something?” After an officer picked her up and heaved her into the back of the wagon, the crowd became a mob and went “berserk”: “It was at that moment that the scene became explosive.” 

Read about the Stonewall riots

For A Good Time, Call: Mr. Existential (by heungtanbts)

gahhhh finally posting the first oneshot for the BTS collab series i’m doing with @4msg​, sugasmut, @zeurin and hyacinth-ink! If you don’t know about this tag team collab we’re doing, please read more about it here to see if you’d be interested in reading this ongoing series. please do read that intro post before reading our oneshots! ALSO huge thank you to hyacinth-ink for inspiring the direction of this prompt with her recent oneshot that killed me UGH. and for listening to me rant hehe. thanks for reading and I hope you guys enjoyyy :) 

For A Good Time, Call: Mr. Existential (Namjoon x Reader)

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In 1959, liberal anthropologist Oscar Lewis coined the term “culture of poverty” to describe psychological and behavioral traits in poor people in underdeveloped countries and “to understand what they had in common with the lower classes all over the world”… The shared traits he identified included resignation, dependency, present-time orientation, lack of impulse control, weak ego structure, sexual confusion, inability to delay gratification, and sixty-three more… But as Alice O’ Connor notes, “the problem was that Lewis made very little attempt to provide direct evidence or analysis that actually linked behavioral and cultural patterns to the structure of political economy as experienced by the poor.” The “culture of poverty” in its original incarnation was viewed as a positive pivot away “biological rascim,” rooted in eugenics and adopted by the Nazi regime.
—  From #BlackLivesMatter to Black Liberation, Keeanga Yamhatta Taylor

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Nooooo I missed today's stream and now it's on private :(

Oh no! I mean there was a bunch of tech errors and stuff (when they said they were streaming kahoot I was confused bc the delay would make it impossible) so that’s probably why. But I can tell you the highlights!

-they tried to play the memes Kahoot quiz (Matt was confident as a memester Steph was less so) but about part way through they realized the 20 second delay meant people couldn’t see the questions.

-they tried the logo kahoot quiz and edited the timer to last for 60 seconds, but the room got too full and basically freaked and kicked everyone out.

-they tried a third time with the brain teaser quiz but the same thing happened again and everyone got kicked off.

-so they switched to Murder Trivia Party! Where Steph revealed the code too early and they didn’t actually end up playing the first round.

-but they decided to take their bets on two players (Not Becky. Never Becky.) and decided to make an actual bet of it!

-Steph wanted to bet desserts, but they threw it to the chat and if Stephanie lost she had to dye her hair green (which lead to the creation of Cordysepticeye which without context sounds very different) and if Matt lost he had to wear a bikini.

-they both lost.

-so sometime next week (they said MAYBE Thursday) Steph is gonna dye her hair green (just temporary) and Matt will wear a bikini.

-they played another round and lost that one too.

-ALSO IMPORTANT they’re in Brazil for Monday - Wednesday! They said they’ll probably only stream once in Brazil and it will probably be Tuesday but that they’ll let us know on twitter and they’ll be back to business as usual for Thursday!

Magickal Uses for Poppy

Planetary Association:  Moon
Element:  Water
Gender:  Feminine

History and Folklore:  Red poppies have been a symbol of remembrance of those who died in wartime since a famous poem described the brutal trench warfare that took place in the poppy fields of Flanders during World War I. This is why Veterans wear and distribute poppies on Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day in the US and throughout the world on Remembrance Day.
Centuries before this, however, it was believed that poppies sprung up in places where men died in battle and white poppies are said to have sprung up in the battlefields of Genghis Khan.

Red poppies have also long been associated with sleep and death, perhaps because the narcotic made from the opium poppy can easily bring about both. Ancient Greeks and Romans presented them as offerings to the dead.
In the Victorian Language of Flowers, poppy symbolized eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination. Red poppies also mean pleasure, the why poppy means consolation and the yellow poppy means success.

In Persian literature, the poppy is a flower of love and symbolizes those who died for its sake.
According to Servius, Demeter loved a youth named Mekon. When he died, she turned him into a poppy.
Hypnos, Greek God of Sleep and Dreaming, sometimes carried a poppy stalk or a horn filled with poppy juice.

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Part One

“Stop!” You demanded when Four pulled out his gun. Who turned his eyes to you in confusion and anger for delaying his enemy’s execution.

“And why should I wait [Y/N]? He didn’t wait as he killed all those innocent people. So why should I?” Four asked as his eyes drilled into me, daring me to speak against him.

“Yeah, [Y/N]. Why should we stop? He’s never shown any mercy to us, so why should we?” Tris agreed, and stepped up beside Four with her own firearm.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” You say as you look around at everyone. Your comrades surround you, watching on in silence and in confusion. Even Eric looked confused, as he kneeled on the ground.

Four was about to speak again, but you cut him off.

“Look. I know everyone is angry. I am too. But that doesn’t change the fact that people do stupid things when angry. And it’s not a good idea to kill him right now. Look at all the opportunities that you have before you, but you almost threw them away.”

“What opportunities?” Tris suddenly asked, her voice sharp as knives.

“Well…” You started. “We have Eric in custody. A dauntless leader, who knows of Jeanine’s plans and secrets. Why don’t we him them a trial with the truth serum? So have the upper hand in any attacks.” You finished.

Four looked like he was thinking about it, and Tris looked like she just swallowed something bad. Jeez. Why can’t she just use her head for once.

“A perfect example of a Divergent.” Eric spat at you from his spot on the ground. He probably felt stupid about how you went under his radar. However, you never tried to stand out in the first place, so it wasn’t noticeable; not that you wanted it to be noticeable that is. “You’re the reason that our system will end, and there was never anything wrong with it to begin with. Without the abnegation faction, we’ll never have to worry about the divergent again.”

You ignored his comment because you knew in your heart that it was all a lie spread by Jeanine to manipulate the dauntless leaders. Looking to Four you could see the anger burning in his eyes at Eric, and you give him a small smile in reassurance. “Four… Will you help me?” You asked, and noticed that all around the room people looked upset and angry with your plan.

Four sighed and pointed to barrel of the gun down towards the floor, and everyone else in the room lowered theirs as well. “[Y/N], we don’t have much time, and who knows if this will work for us or not.” He replied.

“I understand.”

“…What do you need?”

“Do you think you can convince Jack Kang to hold a trial?”

“…I’ll try my best.”

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What if mc fainted in front lord when they return home?

OKAY so, I think, whenever I get a request for all the lords, I’m just gonna randomly pick one, maybe two, to write some paragraphs on. Hope y’all are okay with that <3


“Welcome home!”

These are the first and only words you get to say to Kojuro when he steps into the house this evening, because in the next moment, the world blurs and spins into a tilting mess, the creeping darkness fading into the slate-and-navy figure in front of you–


–and you black out.

Welcome home, indeed.

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Transgender children as young as 5 years old respond to psychological gender-association tests just as consistently as children who do not identify as trans, according to a groundbreaking study released this week by researchers at the University of Washington.
“Our results support the notion that transgender children are not confused, delayed, showing gender-atypical responding, pretending, or oppositional,” says the study being published in Psychological Science. “These results provide evidence that, early in development, transgender youths are nearly indistinguishable from cisgender children of the same gender identity.”

“Colors” - Halsey ASL Cover

Okay NOW the ASL Covers are back! Youtube blocked the video on my channel so I took it down. I had to trim it a bit at the end so the video size would fit on Tumblr. I’m so so sorry for the confusion and delay! I’ll still be uploading ASL Covers, they just can’t be over 3:50 in length I guess.

Anyways, enjoy! This might be my favorite cover so far :) thatdeafblackguy deaflepuff deafdestroya rikkipoynter

In this language, you are fluent in not holding back.
Under all of this skin, you are war and mountains and
taking the sky out with a punch. Soon,
all the blues will go black,

the titanic sun will tremble
in its eggshell sky and
like a light-switch, it will redden
and sink down into its rabbit hole.

So, burn bright, golden girl.
This is all yours. These hands,
tender and strong,
like tiny buttons holding
a sea together when
pain falls like rain.

It is in your blood to shine,
to come out of this breaking
bright and burning and 

—  astagesetforcatastrophe, burn bright

A/N: yay! I have one more imagine lined up and then I will get to the rest of my ships ☺️ you guys are awesome! Request: Haii! Can you please make a one shot/imagine of Jarvis AI. You tell JARVIS that you like him even though it’s awkward he’s an AI and he says he loves you to platonically and doesn’t catch his mistake except the other Avengers who awkwardly sit away from you. If you can’t it’s fine. Thank you! c: if you do make this, please tag my name because it’s hard finding the ones I ask /: thank you! nynx9 Warnings: none! “Hello, Ms. y/n,” JARVIS’s robotic voice greeted you as you entered Stark Tower. “Hello, JARVIS,” you said, fighting the blush that threatened to rise in your cheeks. You had been through some crazy stuff as an Avenger (hello, comforting Steve after his ex-boyfriend had been turned into a super assassin) but damn if you will admit to having a crush on a software program. “Technically he’s an AI,” the voice inside you whispered, and you shook your head. “How was your day, Ms. Y/n?” JARVIS asked again, and you jumped. “It was just fine, thank you,” you responded, tormenting yourself by wondering if this was standard protocol or if he was genuinely interested in you. You stood for a moment, torn, before realizing that JARVIS was asking you another question. “Ms. Y/n, are you alright?” You nodded your head, snapping out of your daze. “Yes, JARVIS, I fine.” “Would you like for me to inform the others that you are here?” his voice asked again, and you nodded. “Uh, yeah. That would be great. Thanks.” “Anytime, y/n,” he responded as you got into the elevator. It took you a moment to realize that he had just called you by your name instead of the formal way he addressed everyone. Your eyes widened. “Is it possible that he likes me, as well?” That night, after dinner, all of the Avengers sat down to their usual activities. Thor and Cap sat watching the newest movie that Natasha had suggested, Tony and Bruce pored over some science article while eating blueberries and Natasha was curled like a cat on Clint’s lap, listening to music. As for you? You, the budding software expert that you were, you were playing with JARVIS’s mainframe. As you poked through, seeing the different mods that Tony had set in place, you talked to JARVIS. “So, wait, what does this do exactly?” you asked, referring to the element you had pulled up on the screen. “That is what gives me my ability to speak different languages,” the AI told you, and you nodded in understanding. “Hey, JARVIS, can I tell you something?” you asked, lowering your voice so that the rest of your team couldn’t hear you. “Of course, miss,” he responded, and you took a deep breath. “Well, JARVIS, you and I spend a lot of time together. And I know that you don’t have a real body, but that hasn’t stopped me from developing feelings for you. I guess what I’m saying is that I love you, JARVIS.” You didn’t even notice that the others (aside from Steve and Thor, who were now singing about seeing the light at last) were listening in on your conversation. “Well, miss, I love you too. I love all of the Avengers. It is my duty to protect all of you.” You realized he didn’t know what you meant, and you were about to just go with it when Tony spoke up. “No, JARVIS. Y/n is saying that she’s romantically in love with you. Like me and Pepper.” You flushed and turned to glare at Tony, realizing the awkward looks the others were giving you. “Oh. I do not know that I understand,” JARVIS said, and you shook your head. “It’s okay, JARVIS. I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” you mumbled as you left the room. (A few weeks later) You all stood in the lab in horror as Thor struck the cradle with his lightning. The creature shot from the cradle, and everyone reacted. As everything slowed, you watched in panic as the thing came towards you. It wrapped its arms around you and, to the surprise of everyone, pressed its lips to yours. You pulled back, too surprised to be angry and too high in the air to fight, and stared in confusion at the creature. “I have a body now, and I believe I understand love,” it said, and your eyes widened. “JARVIS?” you asked, and he nodded. “I believe I am the Vision now, but yes. It is still I. I am sorry for the confusion and for the delayed reaction,” he told you, and you smiled. “Wow, okay. JARVIS has a body and we can obviously tell that it is a fully functional one,” Tony cracked, and you glared at him. Vision sat you back on your feet and stared into your eyes before turning to the others. “So, shall we begin?”

BSD Chapter 48.5 - Summary

There’s been a fair amount of confusion about the new chapter, which came out in Young Ace on December 31st, but apparently will not be available in digital form until January 7th. I got back to Japan yesterday, so I was able to go pick up a hard copy today and because of the confusion/delay, decided to post a summary early~ Happy New Year? XD

Chapter 48.5 - Cannibalism, Part 4  (yes it is another short chapter, please don’t complain to us about it :P)

In this chapter:

- jus’ talking but really it gave me a lot of feels because Character Development?

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Korean Word of the Day

되다 = become, be finished, will do

  • 헛되다 = be futile
  • 속되다 = be vulgar
  • 걱정되다 = be worried about
  • 지연되다 = be delayed
  • 혼동되다 = be confused
  • 잘되다 = go well
  • 말되다 = make sense, stand to reason
  • 되도록 … = as…as possible
  • 되도록 빨리 = as soon as possible

사진: 오대산국립공원 (Odaesan National Park)

Horoscope for May 27th, 2016
  • Aries: It could be that you've been losing faith in your dreams and fantasies lately. Now is the time to refocus on what you want and move forward with confidence. You've done enough reflecting and reviewing. It's time to implement and create. Dream big and don't let others stand in the way of your progress. Today's shift may be subtle, but it should indicate smooth sailing for the next few weeks.
  • Taurus: Recent opposition standing in the way of long-term goals is apt to ease a bit today. Situations surrounding these issues should become clearer, and you should have a better idea of what exactly it is that you're up against. You'll find that this is a very climactic time for you in a great number of ways. You will now begin to reap the rewards of what you've sown.
  • Gemini: It's time to review your dreams and fantasies. It could be that you've been neglecting them lately. Perhaps things you've been working toward haven't exactly panned out the way you'd hoped. The good news is that things should be turning around in your favor starting today. Take control of your dreams and you'll find that you can get them moving forward again.
  • Cancer: Things that have been out of whack in your life should begin to come back into balance. The bad news is that it may take a while for the pendulum to return to the optimal point. The good news is that this shift is taking place at all. It will be a gradual change, but you're at a pivotal point in which you can set your sights on exactly what you want.
  • Leo: The tide will start to ebb today just after it reaches its highest point. There is a pause now, and you'll find that things are about to pick up considerably again. The shift that's happening within you is profound. Even though you may not notice its effects all at once, you should trust that things will be coming your way as the weeks go by.
  • Virgo: You may have been engaged in a battle with the facts lately. Perhaps new information has forced you to take a step back as you contemplate the next move in your game plan. Research time is over and now you need to get back into the game with full force. When it comes to delicate issues regarding other people's property, you should make sure to be respectful at all times.
  • Libra: Goals that may have seemed unreachable in the recent past are finally starting to come into focus. It could be that you've been neglecting your dreams because they only seemed to move farther away every time you addressed them. Have faith that your luck is starting to change. Be patient and you'll find that even your wildest fantasies will start to come to fruition.
  • Scorpio: You may have had a hard time launching long-term personal projects lately. Today marks a critical starting point toward attaining your goals. Perhaps there has been some confusion or delay in this area. You'll find that things are suddenly becoming much clearer. Move forward with projects that you've put off because they were too frustrating to deal with.
  • Sagittarius: Shake off the dust of the past few weeks and put the confusion behind you. Your tremendous imagination and creative ability have been dormant lately because you may have not known how best to channel them. Perhaps they've been used negatively, leading to fallout in certain areas of your life. The good news is that things are changing. You should make a conscious effort to refocus this creativity in a positive direction.
  • Capricorn: Long-term projects that you've been working on are apt to shift into forward gear today. This change may be subtle, but it's quite powerful and extremely helpful to whatever it is you have going. Dreams that may have seemed difficult to achieve now have more of a chance to actually manifest. You should take this opportunity to reset your dials and make big plans for your ideal future.
  • Aquarius: Parts of your life that may have recently taken a backward turn now get back on track. You should find that large projects involving electricity, gadgets, or any mechanical parts will finally be favored now. Be patient, for today's energy shift may be subtle. You should begin to feel this increase in forward motion even more over the next few weeks.
  • Pisces: Issues involving fashion, magazines, and the spoken or written word will all slowly begin to take a turn in a positive direction today. You may find that these things have been somewhat obscured lately, or at least their development has been more backward than forward. The good news is that the tide is turning. You should notice over the next few weeks that things are getting back on track.