confusing the ballot

anonymous asked:

For those that are confused about empty ballots, it is better than not voting because it shows that you care about who is running the country. You may not like anyone in the election, and the empty ballot shows that. Not voting signifies that you simply don't care about who wins. Preferably you do vote for someone, but if you really don't want to an empty ballot is better than not doing anything.

Yeah, but its still a terrible thing to do considering that Stephen Harper runs this country.

I don’t see how any rational person can look at what Stephen Harper has done to this country and then go and spoil their ballot. Maybe you don’t like any of the leaders, that’s fine; but you have to consider what will happen if Harper continues to rule this country. Its very scary.

I can guarantee you that every other party leader will be 100X better than Harper ever was.

If you want to spoil your ballot, wait until the next election. I can guarantee you that Trudeau or Mulcair are going to rule this country with integrity. And next election we’ll likely have proportional representation, but only if we vote NOW in this election for someone other than Harper.