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Taehyung, what even…… 😂

Non-sexual daddy kink phan headcanons

• dan going into headspace and singing/reciting eternal flame out loud to phil
• phil snorting at his and then petting him
• dan squealing “kyaaaaaa!!” whenever phil buys him a new stuffed toy
• dan scrunching his face when phil tries to make him drink champagne
• dan in big sweaters that phil bought for him
• “baby love”
•dan pouting when phil tells him “no”
• dan was in headspace when they went to manchester so the horse selfie? That was baby dan
• dan hiding behind phil when he and martyn tease each other and he sticks out his tongue at martyn when phil tells them to stop
• phil licking dan’s nose and vice versa
• dan didnt slip into headspace when they went to japan (which confused phil a lot), but when they got back from japan and saw the house infested with moths, dan SHRIEKED and hid behind phil screaming “daddy kill them!”
• dan making petulant pouty faces at phil when phil comes to fetch him from his bubble bath and phil kisses it away
• non-sexual daddy kink phan

Robi today during the medalist ceremony

*So I’m third but I’ll just stand on the 2nd step since there’s nobody there.*

*Ooops my bad. Domen is supposed to stand here.*

2 mins later

*Oh thanks for the flowers and the trophy. Yeah, yeah, I can hold it in one hand, no problem for me*

*drops the trophy*

*WOAH that trophy really is heavy! I should probably hold it without my gloves.*

*picks up the trophy*

*drops the gloves*

*Or maybe not. I need my gloves, I’m cold. Would it be too obvious if I picked them up?*

*a kid comes and picks up his gloves*

*Oh thanks little kid. I knew that Japanese people are very generous. God bless you and your family.*

Pairing: Kuroo/Kenma
Theme: college!au: first day of class

“Huh? You didn’t walk your classes? Why not?”

Kenma doesn’t choose the university he does for campus (not even for Kuroo, as most people had assumed). If he did, he would’ve picked one that didn’t have what he’s fairly sure is one of the top three most confusing college campuses in Japan.

Most people walk out their schedules; it’s the smart thing to do. First years, mostly, do so to avoid bursting into lecture ten, fifteen, seventy five minutes late. So when Kenma’s roommate asks him, he doesn’t blame him for the surprise at being told no.

“I’ll be fine.”

“…So… are you going to leave an hour before class then?”

“Probably not.”

Kenma doesn’t even ask for his help, but the second Kenma tells him he’s committed to the same university, Kuroo goes into some sort of overdrive in helping him prepare. He makes a list of best places to eat, easiest classes to take, professors to avoid, times the libraries are emptiest. 

It goes unspoken that, of course, Kenma’s nervous. Most people are for their first day of college; it’s a new chapter of their life, one that holds so many promises and opportunities but also challenges and obstacles. Kenma doesn’t know how he feels about being so far from his home, but at least he has Kuroo.

“I’ll be there, okay? Whatever you need, whenever, text or call me. I’ll be there.”


“I’ll be there.”

Kuroo’s a second year chemistry major, considering a double major in physics. So he’s sort of close except not really to Kenma’s computer science major; they’re on the same side of campus, at least, but it’s doubtful they’ll have any classes together. Kenma very quickly shuts Kuroo down before he can even say ‘so what if I took a programming class?’ ‘because you swear at Pikachu.’

“That doesn’t mean I can’t be a programmer.”

“Nobody wants to code with somebody who swears at Pikachu.”

Kenma wakes up early the next day because of nerves, keeps from texting Kuroo over something so minor. He washes up and eats breakfast, suddenly wishes he’d walked out his classes instead of staying in his room and playing a game to quell his nervousness. He studies the map Kuroo drew him until he absolutely has to leave, slips it into a folder and leaves his dorm building.

The minute he steps outside, Kuroo’s standing there, playing on his phone. He looks up when he hears the door open and grins. “Yo.”

“Don’t you have class?”


“…Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Kuroo laughs quietly and when Kenma’s close enough, bows to kiss his forehead with nobody around. “Wanted to make sure you get to classes all right. I was late my first day and it was awful.”

“What happened?”

“I’ll tell you when we get there and you’re at no risk of being late.”

Kuroo walks him to class and the entire campus feels much smaller, much safer when Kuroo’s right by his side. They reach the building where his first class is in and Kuroo looks around, confirms nobody’s there before he bows to steal a kiss, is smirking when he pulls back. “Professor made me do the school cheer in front of a three hundred seat lecture. You’ve got ten minutes, though, so you’ll be fine.”

Kenma can’t help but smile at that, leans up to kiss him again before he’s flat on his feet. “Thanks for walking me.”

Kuroo nods and ruffles his hair, pulls out his phone and checks the time. “I’ll be here after lecture’s over and show you where your next one is.”

“You don’t need–”

“It’s the one I couldn’t find with the professor I just told you about.”

Kenma’s eyes widen and Kuroo smirks. He reaches a hand out to ruffle his hair again and Kenma’s heart skips a beat at how his expression relaxes into one that’s more gentle.

“I told you, I’ll be there. Don’t worry, Kenma. You’ve got me.”