confusing guys

Radfems: Women are more than just vaginas! Stop reducing us to our sexual organs!

Trans woman: Hi

Radfems: Wait no

Radfems: We need to abolish gender!

Nonbinary person: Hello

Radfems: No not like that

Radfems: Women should be able to do whatever they want!

Bisexual woman: I have a boyfriend.

Radfems: Hold up

Radfems: We should be able to do whatever we wish with our bodies!

Sex worker: Hey

Radfems: What no

Radfems: We don’t need to please men! It’s okay not to like sex!

Asexual people: Hi

Radfems: Yeah no not like that

I’m confused guys. What is it that they want?


I need a shance fic based on this


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Space orcs Morning People vs Non-Morning People

I’m laughing so hard right now because I’m imagining a crew having two humans and one of them is most definitely NOT a morning person.

Person A stumbles out looking a hot mess and ready to stab anyone who pisses them off in the slightest. Then there’s Person B cheery as fuck and laughing at the skittish aliens who are freaking out because, “are they going to attack us!? Are they sick?? What is going on!?” And Person B is just like, “nah man their just not a morning person!” And person A just growls at them to, “Shut the Fuck up or I will stab you in the liver you overly cheery asshole.”

u guys ask & i deliver and UHH i realize this might not help much since i didn’t explain the guidelines but the rundown is:

  1. circle + vertical line. the bottom of the line is where the chin goes
  2. im sure youve seen guidelines like this b4. the 1st line touches the top of the ear, 2nd goes thru the middle, 3rd touches the bottom, and how i do it usually is: the area between line 1 & 2 is for the eyes, between line 2 & 3 is the nose, and the mouth is um. somewhere underneath
  3. yea u draw it all on! and imagine how the head goes
  4. draw on the hair and etc and ur set!

the pink lines are guidelines that i dont usually draw but only visualize in my head. black lines are the ones i actually draw on……..pls note that this is only how i do things, u 10/10 can do ur own thing too!

thats all, really, i hope its helpful! at least for ¾ view faces


So I was talking with a friend about the new Killing Stalking chapter, and they were talking about how both Sangwoo and Seungbae pretty much just acted like children during their fighting. Sangwoo joked but he also floundered a bit.

“In a weird way it was a different glimpse into Sangwoo that we haven’t seen before. It said a lot in a very subtle way.”

Made me realize that we only have seen him through Bum’s eyes since were following Bum around, so he looks powerful and confident and “cool”. But when you see him from a different perspective, you can see that he’s just an anxious guy trying to keep it together with bravado. He’s totally different in reality.