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could you recommend me some neat blogs please?

Hey, friend! First of all, thank you so much for your patience. I really hope you’ll be able to see my response to this message after so many days of sending it. Finals were just coming to a close when I received this.

Anyways, there are a lot of neat blogs I can recommend you, friend! It’ll be hard since I’m not familiar with what fandoms you’re into or what kind of blogs you normally like, but I’ll still give you the names of cool people I like following (and try not to forget anyone). In (sort-of) alphabetical order:

@afoolofhope, @aforeffortenjolras@as-tall-as-these-buildings, @astralspock, @avery-sparks, @beallofthem, @blcmkvists@butterfly-magoon@chainedtocomets, @charlaimoo, @confusedantswithstolenjewelry, @donhumes@elemesy, @elven-flower@evocatrice, @geekalogian, @gingerscotty@happyshappey, @heartbeatofanewlywed, @hummingbirdsaltimolockia @imstilladreamer31 @interstelllers, @kingofattolia, @lindensea, @lifeinlavender, @mirkwouldnt, @modmerseygirl@noticetheworld @oakenpancake, @onabedoflace, @owlbats, @paigeofpaper, @pkducklett, @quinnyandco@rithmeres, @softlyslippingpearls, @stonethecrowss, @shakespeareandsprinkles, @shesreadingagain, @travelingtrickster, @turianosauruswrex, @thisbibliomaniac, @thisbrilliantsky, @theybecameanimagi, @therenegadegabbai, @waltermeadows@wewerethebestrichard, @wideningyre, @221bea1895

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I'm going to be very predictable and say Peter/MJ.

If by predictable you mean reliable, since you are literally the only person I know who will put up with my Peter/MJ ramblings.

• when or if I started shipping it. Well, if we’re gonna get technical, probably since I saw the original Spider-man movies as a kid, which also predisposed me to like them when I was older and read the comics.
• my thoughts: These two are one of my all-time favorite couples. Not only is their arc practically perfect, they are actually allowed to act like a real couple. To have ups and downs, but to try and work through them and learn to be open with one another—all the things we rarely get to see in typical romances. It’s wonderful.
• What makes me happy about them: The fact that these two people who’ve had these incredibly rough lives find each other, against all the odds. The paradoxical way they manage to be the last people you’d expect to end up together, while at the same time being obviously meant for each other. They get each other, they’re able to actually be themselves with one another. Neither of them is perfect, but they work at their relationship because they both know they’re lost with out the other. Plus they have some really freaking adorable banter.
• What makes me sad about them: The way a lot of writers seem to think married=boring and then go out of their way to derail their relationship. Both of them coming to grips with Gwen’s death is rough too.
• things done in art/fic that annoys me: I’m mostly annoyed that there is no fic. This weird fandom notion that MJ was somehow only in love with Spider-man makes me want to bang my head in too— she literally knew he was Spider-man from day one.
• things I look for in art/fic: If I were one day blessed to come across the mysterious hidden trove of Peter/MJ fic, I would probably look for some married!fluff, ones where they just try and find ways to fit the other into their life or deal with all the baggage they both have. I suspect I’d probably be a sucker for fics where they discussed Gwen, so long as they both managed to stay in character. 
• Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:  I love Peter and Gwen, though to be honest I do have a hard time actually picturing them married or going through several of the obstacles that Peter and MJ do. Peter’s secret was such a giant chasm between them.
• My happily ever after for them: Pretty much where they’re at in Spider-girl. Happy together, raising a family, and helping and supporting their kids as they learn to deal with their powers.
• what is their favorite non-sexual activity? Just being able to sit down and relax together—watching a movie together, having dinner, or just talking really. They both have such crazy lives, I think just coming home to the other is huge.

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Wanda Maximoff & Martha Jones?

Ooooh, fun choices!!

Wanda Maximoff

1) She is the first of the twins to discover her powers. The nine months during which she believes she is the only special one are some of the worst of her entire life (which is saying a LOT). Never has she felt more distant from her brother or fearful of her own family.

2) Off the three, Wanda is the one who handles having Magneto as a father the best. She never quite gets used to the idea, but nor is she desperate for his approval or at a loss for how to speak to him. Magneto, for his part, finds her resemblance to Magda (both physical and nonphysical) both endearing and intimidating.

3) Wanda finds power more crippling than liberating, which perhaps is why she’s so unconcerned with being Magneto’s heir.

Martha Jones

1) Being a doctor has been her dream since she was nine-years-old, and no matter how grueling med school gets this doesn’t change. Realizing she might not actually want to become a traditional doctor in a hospital is one of the biggest identity crises she’s ever had.

2) Martha keeps in friendly contact Jack for many, many years. She also  makes an attempt to stay in touch with Donna—but, well. She uses UNIT to check up on her and makes sure to send her a wedding present.

3) Mickey and her date for only a short time before deciding to get married. They’ve been friends for so long, and both of them feel as if they’ve spent enough of their lives waiting around for other people. This makes her parents very wary of Mickey, but they come around eventually (her siblings, on the other hand, take to Mickey immediately). 



Lydia and Betsie are seriously the BEST PEOPLE EVER I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

We ended up not going to see Star Trek because some people were late (hint: it wasn’t me) and so we sat at Culver’s for a while and then we went to a park and swung on a swingset and walked in a prairie place thing and then Lydia discovered that I had never had Nutella so she demanded we go and get some at a grocery store and then we sat in my car for a little bit talking AND IT WAS SO GREAT IT WAS AMAZING AND I LOST MY VOICE FROM TALKING SO MUCH.

We ended up calling Lucy and putting her on speakerphone for about half of our adventures so it’s like she was with us too.

Also, Nutella is the Benedict Cumberbatch of foods, we’re all creepy 40 year-old men on the internet, I’m apparently spending the weekend with Batman, and we all agree that Arthur Darvill and Lee Pace are attractive. And other stuff, probably, IT WAS SO FUN and they’re so nice and funny and charming and fantastic and just yeah. It was awesome.

And honestly, everything was perfect. Skipping the movie, spontaneously running off to get nutella, Sarah.

Right after we saw each other across the crowded ordering area of the Culvers into each others’ arms,

while we were standing there giggling and grinning and meeting each other, this man in his seventies interrupted us and said, “I just have to say, you look so happy. Don’t see that much these days. Keep it up.”

Incidentally, when my picture message ringtone went off, delivering a picture of Lucy talking to us:

Lydia and Sarah were both shocked and confused, but Lucy, on speakerphone, just squealed and said, “Is that Tom Hiddleston?!”

There was a LOT of unashamed stalker talk and action going on. Mostly Lucy, because she had internet & facebook access and we didn’t. So that’s why we’re 40 year old men on the internet.

I’m still all flaily about meeting Sarah and want to tell you everything about it, but I want more so to go outside before I miss another second of this beautiful day. So.


Also, I’ve been wanting to use this gif for ages, and for once, it’s true.

See you later, darlings.

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You could get a demi-permanent color! Looks great, better for your hair, naturally fades after a couple of months. Maybe a small awkward growing-out stage depending on how different the color is from your natural hair but I never had that problem.

ooooh, i’ll totally look into that. I’m completely amateur  though, so - is that the kind you buy in like, supermarkets, or do you go to the hairdresser’s for it?

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YOUR SECOND PETER HEAD CANON no that’s fine I’ll just be over here crying go one without me.

Yeeeaaaahhh……….I have a LOT of really depressing Narnia headcanons and a LOT of those are about Digory and Polly… I mean, they were gone from Narnia for a VERY LONG TIME and they still managed to believe in it wholeheartedly and…yeah, there is a lot of sadness and strength to those two characters that…no one really pays attention to? At least, not in my experience. *sigh*

  • my favorite female character: Kaylee! I mean, truly, what’s not to love?
  • my favorite male character: This is hard. I have a special kind of love for all the male characters… But I’m gonna have to go with Mal.
  • my favorite book/season/etc:

  • my favorite episode (if its a tv show): Shindig
  • my favorite cast member: Nathan Fillion
  • my favorite ship: Simon x Kaylee
  • a character I’d die defending: Wash
  • a character I just can’t sympathize with: Saffron
  • a character I grew to love: Inara
  • my anti otp: Mal x Saffron