Hey, tumblr. Can I ask you a serious question?

So, I’m a 21 year old girl and up until a few weeks ago I always thought that I was straight. Still do. But one day I asked myself - what if I meet a woman and I fall in love with her? What if one day I meet a woman and the only thing I could think of is how much I would love to have sex with her? And I realized that the thought is not repulsive to me. And that’s great. But the thing is, I have never been sexually attracted to a woman before. I can appreciate their beauty or their sex appeal but that’s it. And I guess…. Ugh. I am just so confused. 

Is it possible to not know what your sexuality is? Is it possible to just not know? Does that make me stupid? 

Most of the time, I think I am over you
(that friends is what I really want)

but then again

today I went to Walmart and saw a shirt just like yours so
I bought it and I can’t bring myself to take it off
(I tell myself it’s just because it’s comfortable)

and I can’t help but love the smell of Axe and
I know it’s nothing special but
it smells like you
(No it’s just a nice scent)

and whenever I see a puppy or
a bird or
the sunset or
a cup of tea
(or anything that makes me smile)
I feel like I have to tell you about it

and it’s just not like that with my other

The truth is I’m
happier the way we are now
and these feelings don’t fit
(and this isn’t even a proper poem) but

my god

whatever you are to me or
whatever you were to me or
whatever you will ever be to me

there will always be a piece of me
that will swallow the oceans
just to keep you from drowning.

—  It’s one a.m., of course you’re on my mind // J.S.
  • 25% of me:wants to be cute and girly, plays piano, wears dresses, and has wonderful makeup
  • 25% of me:wants to be Internet famous, cool and geeky, and extremely inspirational to young people and make a difference in the world
  • 25% of me:wants to be a hardcore grunge/rock chick with tattoos, piercings, dyed hair, ripped skinny jeans, drinks beer and is scary but people feel the need to protect me
  • 25% of me:wants to be straight edge, play guitar in a band, play video games, enjoy life, travel the world and be who I am