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Im not kidheart at all but I really care for you guys and I hate when people can't differentiate between kink and just, non typical behavior yknow? I really got into stim and seeing all the "no kidhearts" really confused me because a lot of people do it to cope(if you don't do it to cope its still ok and valid!)and telling trauma victims they're not allowed to interact with you because you don't want to take time to understand someone different is ridiculous :/ anyways have a great day !🌸🌼 🐻

Thank you so much for your support! I don’t really know what to say, this is just so sweet <3

~Mod Raven

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I love your stuff because I'm some sort of vampire that feeds off of other peoples experiences, so naturally I want to find more like what you do but every time I try to find someone else reading through homestuck or whatever all I can find is people doing dubs! Do you know of anyone else who does what you do so I have double the timesinks?

Screener here! As a long time liveblog lover specializing in Homestuck, I have quite a few recommendations:

@nora-reads-homestuck (Nora) has a fantastic balance of detail, humor, speed and insight, and everyone who wants to read Homestuck liveblogs should read her content. Recently started Act 6 after an extended break.

@land-of-boredom-and-confusion (LOBAC) is fun, though it’s been a long time since I read her content so my memory is a bit vague. She had a lot of emotion, caps lock and cute emoticons. Unfortunately stopped livebloging partway through Act 5.

If meta is your thing (well, I mean, this is Homestuck we’re talking about here), @homesception is a liveblog of LOBAC. I believe there was also at one point a liveblog of Homesception (yes, a liveblog liveblog liveblog), but I haven’t read that and I don’t think it got past Act 1 or 2.

@hslivebloggerextraordinaire (Foal) is the active liveblogger I follow who’s gotten the furthest, currently covering the Trickster arc. He’s also kind of unique in that partway through the comic, he changed to doing almost entirely video reactions even to the regular pages.

@reactionstuck was a pretty decent one. Mixture of relatively insightful commentary and funny reaction gifs. Unfortunately stopped liveblogging some time after the beginning of Act 6. Never did audio reactions, even to Cascade. @what-the-fuck-is-homestuck (wtfih) is an old liveblogger, who got spoiled on quite a few things at the start because they didn’t have any kind of spoiler protection and basically asked for spoilers. I’m not very fond of this one personally, but the blog appears to be rather popular so maybe you’ll disagree with me.

If you want to branch out from Homestuck, here’s a few Steven Universe liveblogs:

@loreweaver-universe (Loreweaver, Lore) runs a fantastic Steven Universe liveblog, with commentary that is witty and insightful, often both at once. He prides himself on “figuring shit out”, which leads to a lot of theorizing, and has strong opinions on some of the issues the show deals with. Definitely worth a read if you’re into SU.

@ponyforyou (Pony, not to be confused with Foal) is another good SU blogger, who started with reaction posts on Reddit but switched to Tumblr at the season 1b episode Space Race. As of this writing, she’s very close to the season finale. Has a GIF creator, which she uses relatively frequently to show the parts of the show she wants to comment on in motion, rather than just stills.

@zephyrthejester (Zephyr) is due to catch up to SU today, despite starting after most of the other SU liveblogs here. Goes through episodes very quickly, only posting about certain things he finds worthy of comment. Had some funny theories about gems at the beginning. Due to start up two mystery liveblogs in the near future.

If you’d like to follow someone from the beginning of the show, @liveblogging-and-such (Lasbear, among other names) is a good option. At the time of this writing, she’s going through the early episodes of season 1a, and shaping up to be a rather good liveblogger. Unfortunately somewhat sporadic updates, though.

If Steven Universe isn’t your thing either:

@krixwell-liveblogs (Krixwell, yours truly) is liveblogging the web serial Worm. I’m not going to sing this blog’s high praises - the plug is shameless enough as it is.

There are plenty of liveblogs around that I haven’t mentioned here, too. I wish you the best of luck on your liveblog-reading adventures!

my meds are sitting right in front of me but I physically cn’t bring myself to take them nd im confused why because i’ve been taking the same ones for over a year now and I can FEEL myself getting side effects yet here I am, freaking thE fuck out

while everyone already confuse as fuck on newest kagepro spoiler

guys we gonna have new route, remember? 

while here me confuse how shintaro become shut in even he didnt met ayano in this route

and how the fuck kenjirou can get out

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kind of a stupid question...when people (on tumblr) talk about george harrison's birthday, why do they say that he has 2 birthdays???? (i've been seeing this alot in posts commemorating his birthday)

it’s not a stupid question at all, George’s birthday was a bit… nebulous. 

For most of his life and career, George thought his birthday was february 25, 1943, while hundreds of Beatles’s books state this date. But near the end of his life, George changed his story and said his actual birthday was february 24, 1943. Later on, a family document revealed that he was actually born in fact on the 24th. Perhaps the confusion came from the fact that George was not born at home but  in a small terraced house in Wavetree, Liverpool. The official time-of-birth is recorded as 23.50, February 24.

Sources: [1] [2] [3]

TF2 Spy & Scout Concept

So, Scout’s name is Jeremy, right?

And the French phrase for ‘I Love You’ is  Je t'aime, right?

Imagine the look of delight and pride on their faces when Scout’s this tiny little infant, a perfect union of both of them… even Spy finds he can love this little thing. His name is their little secret, a sort of in-joke that hurts no one. 

…and then all those years later when Spy encounters the brash little fucker on the field and he’s like, “What the fuck is this? Je ne t'aime pas Scout!” stalking out of the room, leaving the runner confused as to how sorta guessed his real name…

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So I'm Komaeda kin and I'm kind of feeling really drawn towards Junko right now in a really confusing in a way??? Like I hate her and she makes my stomach physically churn but I'm also feeling really fond of her and I miss her and in some ways I feel like I almost wish I was her?? Its really weird and its kinda freaking me out.

Allow me to answer this… I kind of understand what you’re feeling, Nagito! One of My Kins* had got me feeling really drawn towards A Character** that should be my enemy, but at the same time I felt like I should stick with them and help them carry out a plan that would hurt my friends… heck, sometimes I thought I want to hurt my friends myself if it’s for the sake of that character!

I understand that this can freak you out, dear. I don’t really know what I can do to help you, but how about thinking about your friends instead of Junko instead? Try to avoid thinking about her or looking at anything related to her, and focus on positive memories instead! Myself, I decided to stop thinking about that character and all bad things related to them, and focused on My Best Friend*** instead, whom I love and appreciate very much. Looking at anything related to your friends or thinking about them might help!

I hope you will feel better soon, sweetheart! If you need anything, feel free to come here and request something from us!~

-Mod Kotoko
(Who I meant: *-Shadow The Hedgehog; **-Eclipse The Darkling; ***-Rouge The Bat)

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im a little confused but how is drawing a male character in a dress is transphobic? im sorry to be a bother but... ive seen cis boys and trans boys both injoy dresses and other "feminine" attire in real life and im struggling to understand how its transphobic?

nononono, no no

i should have made it clear, maybe this will help.

when i said “a man in a dress chasing little girls” i meant something like this super transphobic caricature.


THAT is transphobic.


this is what you call “super cute.” he’s cute, and he pulls off that dress. this is NOT transphobic. 

the whole idea that a man wearing a dress is transphobic is…something i haven’t seen since 2012 or something. 

let a man wear a dress, it’s fine. (especially if he looks cute, like damn, a man like me can only dream of pulling off a dress)

~ Mod Filth

@Regrann from @koronacrown - “The Miu Age”. Photographed by Ben Toms for Dazed & Confused August 2013 #pink #fashion #fashionstyle #stunning #stylist #style #swarovski #moda #mod #modeling #beauty #lookbook #gown #fashionblogger#handmade #embroidery #вышивка #юбка #сваровски #ателье #красота #модница #шик#модно

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My gift

So I got this gift for completing this internship from the program. I received
a journal and two tickets to the natural history museum.
I started writing in the journal about all my feelings and felt amazing thus I haven’t been posting much. I kept the tickets in my closet due to reasons I cannot explain, it would make a great date but it is obvious that the date will be meaningless due to the fact
I have lost my lust for women at the moment because they are always confused and unaware of what they want, I been hit on a couple of times today. Although it is very flattering it is also very annoying because it gives me unnecessary flashbacks of cherished memories.
I hate the rachet customers of Applebee’s. On the other hand I do enjoy being a bartender. Atleast I get to do what I like. Which is I get a look into peoples life, they come drink and vent. I noticed many issues women face while being in a marriage, I see many issues men face. I notice how men attract women, How women attract men, men attract men and how women attract women.
I am happy to say that for the time being I am single and have no dire feelings for anyone besides someone that is overseas but that person is barely contacted by me and never contacts me.
I feel she has moved on and started talking to other people which is completely fine. I can accept this and this post is about kind of that issue “accepting” not many people are good at it.
I am also actually writing this post now to inform some of you on dealing with the acceptance of life.
The book I have recieved was the best gift because it was something I needed. It was something that really made me feel better because I can look back at my thoughts. I can look back at all the things I think because although sometimes I dont have the answer to my problems at the moment. When I look back later I always find a solution. My advice to anyone facing a tough issues in life whatever it may be, relationship issues, money, or even family. Remember that it isnt over until its okay.
Accept what you are faced with and then go ahead and make the best of what you got and if you dont got noting remember that you have yourself and that there are alot of things you can do to improve you situation.
Hopefully this makes up for my absence on tumblr and helps some of you accept and appreciate life.

Two Can Play at That Game (Pt 2) - Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by gabalecki

Summary: Stiles snaps at (Y/N) and reveals why Lydia kissed him.

“Psst” I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around to see a girl I’ve never spoken to before holding out a note towards me. I look up at her confused. “He wanted me to give it to you.” She pointed back at Stiles who was furiously writing on scrap pieces of paper. I took it from her and began to read it.

(Y/N) its been a few weeks since we last spoke and its killing me. Since you won’t stop ignoring me I’m’ I rolled my eyes and scrunched up the note looking back at Stiles who’s mouth opened wide and the pencil dropped to the ground. 

“Whats this?” I felt the note get ripped out of my hands. I look up and see Mr. Harris standing in front of me opening the note. “(Y/N) its been a few blah blah blah I still love you blah blah I didnt - oh! Well isn’t that interesting. Thanks Stilinski for giving me something more tragic to read than the titanic. But still, detention for both of you. After school come back and clean the equipment.” I went to object but I decided that its pointless against the evilness that was Mr. Harris. He’d probably want me to talk back so he could have a reason to give me a month detention or something. I quickly looked back at stiles and shot him a glare before turning back and slumping in my seat.

“Everything on the benches needs to be cleaned. No one leaves before hand or you both are going to rewash everything and then polish the floors.” Harris smirked before walking out the room.

I angrily scrubbed at the beaker that had some weird orange stain on it that refused to come off. Stiles was on the opposite side of the room slowly cleaning about half the amount that I had. 

“Do you wanna speed up?” I asked sarcastically. He looked up at me and I looked down to continue scrubbing.

“So now you talk to me?” He snaps back.

“Excuse me?” I say in disbelief. How dare he speak to me like that.

“You heard me. If you had just listened to me we wouldn’t be sitting here in unbearable silence, cleaning!”

“I don’t think I would’ve been able to understand you with your tongue down Lydia’s throat, my bad” I rolled my eyes.

“I was having a panic attack! Lydia kissed me to make me hold my breath! Theres nothing going on but you decided to throw away our relationship to hold this grudge against me.” I stopped for a moment to process what Stiles had said.

“Well it still doesn’t make it right.”

“I know, okay? I was in shock. And Lydia didn’t do it because she likes me, she did it to help me.”

“Stiles, I still don’t know what to say to you. I get it now but it still hurts” I say with a frown. Stiles puts down the tools and walks over to me.

“I know it does. But I promise I’m going to try as hard as I can to take all of your pain away.” He kisses my forehead and I sniffle. He slowly wraps his arms around me and hugs me. I feel warm and whole when I’m in his arms. 

“Oh-” I say and pull away. “Also, I have no idea what that was with Liam. I think I was just caught up in the moment and… I guess we both have some making up to do.”

“Definitely. But lets start with finishing all this” Stiles gestures around the room at the tools that still needed to be cleaned. I groaned and we laughed.

The whole time we were cleaning we had spent talking and laughing. Stiles had filled me in on all of Scott’s new dramas that I had missed while avoiding Stiles and I had told him about what my dog that he loved so much had been up to. We were currently standing in the parking lot where it was cold and silent as everyone had long gone home. 

“Okay, well then I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked.

“You know, how about you come over to mine. Chika misses you a tonne. And my bed has been too.” I giggle. He smiles and agrees after texting his dad. 

We spent the rest of the night watching TV shows that we watched together with Chika curled up at our feet with her tongue hanging out happily snoozing. 

“God I’ve missed this” I mumbled

“I missed you” Stiles whispers and we stare into one another’s eyes before kissing deeply. I snuggled in closer to him and slowly drifted off into one of the best sleeps I’ve had in a long time.

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Hi! I'd just like to point out something/make a suggestion. When people say that their TC keeps looking at them or there are signs that they reciprocate feelings, it may well be true. BUT - not in a good way. When I had a TC, I used to be confused as he would look at me all the time, but I said 'he's just being friendly.' A year later and he sexually assaulted me. I was 15/16. The TCC needs to be told more about that. They just assume they're being friendly. I know this is rare but it's scary.

Good point. Guys, be weary and trust your gut feeling. If you feel like something’s wrong, tell someone about it.

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who is tom collins??? i googled it and all i got related to griffin was one tweet about dnd and hes not on the taz wiki so im... very confused but also very interested in possible trans character?

hes in taz: nights, its a bonus episode on maxfun that u have to donate to get, travis is the dm rather than griffin and griffins pc is a half-elf warlock named tom collins and i am positive hes a trans man

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Could you do a tiny imagine where James is asking the reader to kill themselves to be with him forever ? (Ps I love your writing and I hope you have a good day ♡♡)

“What do you mean, James?” You were confused be his offer. You were pretty young and beautiful, and for the last three minutes he was telling you that you need to kill yourself, if you really love him and want to be with him forever, of course. 

“Darling, listen to me.” He was seemed agitated. “We can be together. For all eternity.” 

“I need to think about it, James. I can’t do it just in this same second.” You don’t know what to say, you were a bit afraid of the death. But you loved James. 

He came closer and kissed your forehead. “Fine. I will give you time to think, my love.”