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Lana Del Rey photographed in 2017 by Charlotte Wales for the spring/summer issue of Dazed magazine.

henry vii, speaking in front of a douzen of courtiers: YEAH LIZZIE U’R PRENANT!! IM SUCH A MAN!! we are not wedded yet but who cares about your reputation and what people could repeat.

henry vii, later, dropping blood on the sheets of their bed to feign virginity: your reputation is safe *IM SO SMART*


Lana Del Rey photographed in 2017 by Charlotte Wales for the spring/summer issue of Dazed magazine.

Ok but, I thought the “stick” was a fake? That’s why they came up with the idea to just fake it and make Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Caine believe they had the “stick.” But then on the plane, it was confirmed the stick was real. Where’d the real stick come from? Who did the switch? Who took it in the first place? Did I miss a scene or something?

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“Say ‘Mummy’, angel,” Mary Watson cooed enthusiastically, waving a small bag of chocolates in front of her daughter, “you can have one if you just say 'Mummy’. Please?”

“Resorting to bribery,” her husband, John, chuckled from his chair, skimming through the newspaper, “it won’t work; we have a deal. Her first word’s 'Daddy’ or she’s not allowed to leave home.”

Mary turned and stuck her tongue out at her cheeky spouse and turned back to her wide-eyed and smiley daughter, attempting to reach for the chocolates.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to be giving her chocolate.”

“It’s just one. Anyway, where do you think she acquired the taste?” Mary smiled, repeating 'Mummy’ to her baby. John frowned, peering over his paper.

“That git! 'Experiment to see how fast they melt’…can’t believe I fell for that,” John shook his head, making a mental note to have a word with the consulting babysitter.

“I’ve seen him take some to Bart’s too,” Mary smiled, giving in to the grunts of the small blonde and giving her a small chocolate button. John laughed.

“Maybe he wasn’t lying, after all. No wonder Molly’s always enthusiatic to help him out.”

Mary snorted, approaching her husband and perching herself in his lap, “you’re awful.” John grinned into the soft kiss Mary bestowed upon him.

“Mol-ly,” Lizzie Watson babbled from her highchair, her chocolate stained lips smiling happily, “Molly!”

The parents blinked for several moments before slowly glancing at each other; Mary smiled tightly and patted the front of John’s jacket.

“Well…good luck with lover boy.”

John groaned, burying his face in his hands as his giggling wife’s forehead collided with his shoulder.

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The town seems a little emptier. I’m not quite sure I enjoy the silence of it all. Haha. But, those who went on the trip better send loads of pictures! Seems like a fun one. But, all this unpacking and organizing isn’t going to finish itself. Other than that, let’s get together if you stayed in town. Or after you come back!