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I don’t know if it is just me but I am so confused. I don’t understand how these two scenes can be from the same day as most people think they are

Look at what Magnus is wearing;

In the first gif/scene Magnus has a plain black tshirt on whereas in the second he is wearing a jacket, now if both these are from the same day how would Magnus be able to put in a jacket whilst being pushed into the bedroom / why would he.

I honestly have no idea, sorry for my rambling.


A Supernatural Fanfiction: Graceless

Pairing: Dean Winchester x fallen angel!reader

Author: Me

Words: 3605

Warnings: heartbreak, abandonment, mental instability, hints of mental illness fluff, I think that’s it :)

Author’s Notes: notes at the end of this post!

Prompt: Dean and the reader used to date, until she started spouting craziness talking about “they say you’re the righteous man.” “They never shut up and about you, Sam, Michael, and Lucifer.” Dean has had enough and next thing she knows she’s in a mental asylum for the insane. Years later when the boys meet Anna, Dean remembers the reader and feels guilty for not believing her in her graceless state. He decides that he owes her enough to bust her out and give her her grace back after all this time. But can Sam and Castiel help the reader forgive Dean for years of sitting in an isolated room?

By Anonymous

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