confused euphoria

Miserable Lester, Part 19: Dropping Some Eaves On Crime (2)

Marius is QUIETLY LOSING HIS MIND crouched up on his dresser, face pressed to that hole in the wall. His initial intention of “spying on [the Jondrettes’] misfortune in order to relieve it” almost dissolves entirely in the wave of confused, anguished euphoria that comes at unexpectedly seeing Cosette again. He’s so thrilled he barely even wonders why she’s there.

Cosette, showing that she is compassionate as well as beautiful, immediately heads over to the crying, bloody-handed Azelma to try and comfort her. She’s dressed in very fashionable, probably very expensive clothes— which, since this is the early 1830s, means her sleeves look like giant hams, just let’s all keep that in mind— but she doesn’t express any reluctance to enter the filthy apartment. She’s not going, Oh no, what if my outfit gets messed up? or whatevs.  Marius seems to have a lot more prissy indignation on her behalf than she has for herself, actually, though of course he also gets all swoony when he sees that she’s kind-hearted and empathetic and exquisitely composed in ultragross surroundings.

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The Effects of Deliriant Drugs

Physical Effects

-Loss of coordination
-Dry nose, throat, mouth, and eyes
Increased risk of dementia
-Inability to sweat
-Increased body temperature
-Pupil dialation and bloodshot eyes
-Sensitivity to light
-Loss of ability to focus
-Double vision
-Increased heart rate
-Easily startled
-Urinary retention
-Frequent urination

Psychological Effects

-Respiratory depression
-Severe short term memory loss
-Inability to concentrate
-Inability to keep a train of thought
-Incoherent speech
-Uncontrollable jerking movements
-Extreme sensitivity to unexpected sounds
-Heavily altered thought process
-Thinking you’ve completed a series of tasks, to find out you had not even started
-Flashes of light
-Visual static
-Restricted vision
-Extremely lifelike hallucinations
-Warping or waving of objects
-Objects disappearing and appearing
-Textured surfaces
-Hallucinations indistinguishable from reality
-“Dancing” outlines if objects
-Seeing insects and sparks
-Talking to people who are not actually there
-Seeing smoke come out of your mouth when you exhale

Her lips were his favorite. When she spoke he would stare at them and patiently wait for her to finish so he could kiss her again. He would pull and touch and graze and bite them, they drove him crazy and into a pit of obsession and desperation. They hummed the sweetest tunes but whispered the darkest truths and screamed the harshest pain. They set free her ambiguous thoughts and locked away her deepest secrets. He could pry them out though, they had complete control and power over each other resulting in fear and frightening. She was all and everything to him and he was everything and all to her.

His eyes were her favorite. When he cried she would stare at them and wipe the tears away and try to coax the sadness away with her love. She would caress and brush and feel and stroke them, they captured her and drove her into a state of euphoria and confusion. They held onto the darkest sights and happiest views and controlled what he could see, all he wanted to see was her and all he wanted to see was her. He hid lies behind his long eyelashes and bright demeanor. She could pry them out though, they had complete control and power over each other resulting in fear and frightening. He was all and everything to her and she was everything and all to him.

—  submission #248