confused euphoria


Being your flatmate for almost a year and a half started to take its toll on Taeyong. He never told you that he already liked you way back from the first time you both met, but knowing you were going to be his flatmate made him nervous and worried. You might not feel the same way if he made a confession, and everything would just go awkward from there. So he resolved on being the close friend of yours that you could always go to whenever you had problems, the best friend that would always be there for you. He tried to brush off the feeling, only for it to came back again like the ocean waves. His heart was stubborn, so he gave up denying it. It didn’t help that you always looked so pretty, but maybe he was just biased.

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Agreed with everything you and the amon said about S/C and their interactions behind and in front of the camera. There are real feelings there. Deep feelings. And having them lie about it and mistreat fans pisses me off. There are too many people, from different countries, and from different walks of life sees what we see. BUT, we are to believe we are all experiencing the same mass hallucination. This is not forced nor is it acting. A blind man can see the truth of it. -Pissed off Fan.

Awww, nonnie, don’t be pissed off. I get it. I was deeply upset after Cait posted that pic. Many were upset and/or pissed off. However, one aspect is constant across the board: we keep coming back to the way they are with each other and we keep going in circles as to the meaning of their intimacy. Their togetherness draws us into a tightly woven web of confusion, euphoria, annoyance, love, and even rage. I don’t know what it means but I do know that we are not engaging in mass hallucination.

The Effects of Deliriant Drugs

Physical Effects

-Loss of coordination
-Dry nose, throat, mouth, and eyes
Increased risk of dementia
-Inability to sweat
-Increased body temperature
-Pupil dialation and bloodshot eyes
-Sensitivity to light
-Loss of ability to focus
-Double vision
-Increased heart rate
-Easily startled
-Urinary retention
-Frequent urination

Psychological Effects

-Respiratory depression
-Severe short term memory loss
-Inability to concentrate
-Inability to keep a train of thought
-Incoherent speech
-Uncontrollable jerking movements
-Extreme sensitivity to unexpected sounds
-Heavily altered thought process
-Thinking you’ve completed a series of tasks, to find out you had not even started
-Flashes of light
-Visual static
-Restricted vision
-Extremely lifelike hallucinations
-Warping or waving of objects
-Objects disappearing and appearing
-Textured surfaces
-Hallucinations indistinguishable from reality
-“Dancing” outlines if objects
-Seeing insects and sparks
-Talking to people who are not actually there
-Seeing smoke come out of your mouth when you exhale

Kiss My Battery

Pairing: Fem! Fun Ghoul x Fem! Reader

Genre: Femslash, Action

Summary: The authorities in Battery City locked you up in a “therapy” center the moment you came out. You were beginning to think there was no escape…….until a sexy Killjoy girl shows up, ray guns blazing, to set you free.

Trigger warnings for homophobia, conversion therapy, and violence. 

You’d been admitted to the so-called “treatment facility”, where BLI’s logo smiled off of every wall, two days after you’d told your best friend that you thought you might like girls. She’d reported you, obviously. The betrayal had stung like a thousand bees – but, deep down, you really weren’t surprised. She – and everyone else in Battery City – heard the same message in their headphones, repeated ad naseum, every single day:

If someone you know is engaging in dissident behavior, please inform your nearest Scarecrow so that their medications can be properly adjusted.

But why was the way you felt “dissident”?! If Exterminators could screw around in The Lobby with pornodroids, why couldn’t you hold hands with another woman? What was so wrong about what you wanted?  You didn’t understand. But, apparently your family did, because when the Scarecrows had shown up at your house and dragged you away to this place, they hadn’t even put up a fight.

Or maybe they only acquiesced because the Scarecrows had threatened to turn them into Draculoids if they refused to surrender you. Maybe you couldn’t blame them, either.

It didn’t matter. You were here now. They’d increased your medication, and forced you to have daily meetings with a “counselor” who kept trying to tell you how much better your life would be if you accepted “company policy” and dated boys. You wanted to tell the counselor to eat shit, but you were scared she would never let you leave this place if you didn’t at least try to fake like you were being converted.

You were sitting on your cot in your room (where the only thing that wasn’t plain, stark white was the camera the counselors used to keep an eye on you) when you heard it. A loud, deafening BOOM followed by the shriek of warning klaxons.


“…….Terrorists?” you gasped. Were they talking about the Killjoys? You’d heard whispers about them – rebels, out in the Zones, who didn’t follow BLI’s rules. Who did what they wanted. Loved who they wanted. Part of you had wondered if they were just a myth.

But they’re real, you thought. They’re here!

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Hard To Get

Amelia Shepherd. Derek’s feisty, spunky, hot neurosurgeon baby sister. He felt somewhat ashamed at thinking of her as hot. She was Derek’s sister and much younger than Owen was, 6 years to be exact. On top of all of that, she was the mother to a 2 year old child. It was inappropriate for him to be thinking of her like that as he alternated between filling out his charts and watching her take care of a patient in the ER. He’d only seen Ryan, her son, a few times when he caught her dropping him off in day care before she started her shift or when he saw them arriving home, from his trailer in Derek’s backyard. The boy was a splitting image of his mother, safe for the fact that his hair was glossier and his eyes were a darker blue. But he had that charm about him, and that dimple. Oh that dimpled smile could make Owen’s mind drift so far into the gutter. He was head over heels for her and she’d only been here for two months. They hadn’t even said much to each other since she arrived. Their exchanged words were barely platonic, far less intimate. Owen truly felt like a stalker then. He felt as if he already knew so much about her from watching her work and talk to Meredith and Derek, watching her interact with Ryan, and she probably knew nothing of him. He could tell she was kind-hearted when she wanted to be, but bold and strong when necessary.  Who cares, Owen thought shamelessly, she’s hot.

“Dr. Hunt?”

Owen practically jumped out of his skin, pushing his tablet off the edge of the desk; when did she get so close? Thankfully, Amelia caught it just in time, looking up at him with an amused grin. Those damn dimples again.

“You’re clumsy for a trauma surgeon,” she remarked, handing him back his tablet. Owen simply laughed in response, untrusting of any words that might want to come out of his mouth.

“I’m surprised you caught that,” Owen said, “You have a quick mind.”

“Neurosurgeons tend to,” she responded, leaning her body against the ER desk in a swagger that only she could pull off.

“You know my name,” he pointed out, unsure of what else he could say to make the conversation flow.

“It’s on your jacket,” she disclosed, pointing at his embroidered title, “I have one just like it.”

“Right, of course,” Owen said, scratching the back of his neck. The action made Amelia smile. Poor guy, she thought, he looks terrified.

“D-Did you need something?” Owen stuttered uncharacteristically. He was never someone who got nervous.

“I did,” she said confidently, “I was curious as to why you’ve been staring at me for the past few minutes.”

Owen’s face turned a bright red, starting from the tips of his ears and going down his neck, “I-I wasn’t…”

“Am I that hot?” she teased.

“No, not hot, not hot at all,” Owen replied quickly with his hands raised to her.

“So I’m not hot?” she pouted, sticking out her bottom lip. God, he wanted that lip between his teeth.

“No,” he quickly corrected, “You are, definitely. So hot that my pants are tight.” Did he just say that out loud?

It was her turn to blush a little as she took a quick, unnoticeable glance at his scrub pants, “I’m just teasing you, you know.”

Owen froze, a smile slowly creeping towards his face, “Right. Of course.” Great. Now she probably thought he was a bumbling fool who bought his PhD online from Everest. Nice job, Owen.

“I wasn’t lurking,” he said quickly, lowering his voice a few octaves as he continued, “I was doing my chiefly duty as protector of this hospital and ensuring that my troops are doing their jobs well.” The cartoon voice definitely got a rise out of her and her dimples appeared again as she caught her breath. He was silly and she liked that.

“Well,” Amelia attempted to say in a voice almost as dark as Owen’s, with furrowed eyebrows to make her look scarier, “I hope you’re satisfied with my services to this hospital.”

“I suppose I am,” Owen said in feigned disinterest, “I’ll let HQ know of your good work.”

“Well, let them call me if you’re having any issues,” Amelia said, pulling out her prescription pad to write her phone number on it, “I’ll set them straight.” He took the paper from her. Damn, she was so much smoother than he was.

“555-4567,” Owen read aloud, “This isn’t your number.”

“It isn’t,” she said, putting away her pen and scrips, “You didn’t think I’d give you my phone number that easily, did you?” She winked at him and walked away, leaving Owen in a pile of euphoria, confusion and testosterone. She had still been teasing him and, even though he should’ve been outraged for what she did, it turned him on even more.

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Can i request a markson hp!au in which jackson is the gryffindor quidditch captain and mark comes from slytherin? and like when they are officially dating, people looked at them stangely since their houses are rivals so jackson became really protective (i have a thing for possessive jacks sorry T T) I hope you understand what im trying to say since my english is so lame T T Thanks a lot in advance!!

warnings: none

word count: 7.6k why am i alive T.T

author: angel

omg so this took me forever and I’m like dying right now, my exams just finished so I’ve been on this writing spree (watch me expertly gloss over the relevance of my writing to this blog) so yes omg I hope you like this T.T I know it’s a little jerky and stuff but it was like growing and growing and I had to make it stop so yeah. /cries

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Her lips were his favorite. When she spoke he would stare at them and patiently wait for her to finish so he could kiss her again. He would pull and touch and graze and bite them, they drove him crazy and into a pit of obsession and desperation. They hummed the sweetest tunes but whispered the darkest truths and screamed the harshest pain. They set free her ambiguous thoughts and locked away her deepest secrets. He could pry them out though, they had complete control and power over each other resulting in fear and frightening. She was all and everything to him and he was everything and all to her.

His eyes were her favorite. When he cried she would stare at them and wipe the tears away and try to coax the sadness away with her love. She would caress and brush and feel and stroke them, they captured her and drove her into a state of euphoria and confusion. They held onto the darkest sights and happiest views and controlled what he could see, all he wanted to see was her and all he wanted to see was her. He hid lies behind his long eyelashes and bright demeanor. She could pry them out though, they had complete control and power over each other resulting in fear and frightening. He was all and everything to her and she was everything and all to him.

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Berlin Wall: East German spokesman admits triggering collapse of Wall
Günter Schabowski, a former Communist bureaucrat has admitted that he inadvertently triggered the collapse of the Berlin Wall after blurting out that travel restrictions on East Germans had been lifted.
By By Damien McElroy, Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Mr Schabowski, the spokesman for the country’s ruling Politburo, appeared to demonstrate to the world that the East German regime was broken when he failed to grasp that there was an embargo on his announcement.

Speaking on live television he declared that travel restrictions had been removed and the Berlin Wall would be opened to allow the citizens of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) to leave.

To the one word question “when?” he answered prematurely: “immediately”. Within hours the tide of people clamouring to cross the border was unstoppable. and beleaguered borderguards gave way. The combination of confusion and euphoria was a toxic draft for the Communist regime. It disintegrated in weeks.

Mr Schabowski, a skilled propagandist who had edited the party newspaper, was factually wrong. The order to lift travel restrictions was supposed to be implemented the next day, Nov 10, with the intention of overseeing a more orderly process of exit visas, stamps and passports.

Now aged 80, Mr Schabowski has no regrets, even though he admits that at the time he was committed to saving the regime. “I wouldn’t say I was a hero who opened the border - truth be told, I acted to try to save the GDR,” he said. “On Nov 9, I was still a committed communist. The opening of the Wall wasn’t a humanitarian, but a tactical decision taken because of popular pressure.