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tbh i’m glad it’s not a straight up kanto rewrite like the usual anime marketing movies do “hey let’s retell a whole season of anime in 2 ½ hrs nice” 

but also

i’m so confused

pokeani what r you selling

i appreciate that it’s a 20th anniversary movie and gonna pull shit from all the gens n shit but WHAT IS GOING ON

Special ops in space part 1

Decided to hop on the humans are space orcs band wagon. My take on how aliens contacted humans and how it went from there from a slightly more militaristic and scientific approach.
The day that the Intergalactic Alliance for Planetary Peace (jokingly called the APP by the younger generation, quoting an old saying “there’s an app for that”) was five years after all of the nations had declared world peace after the bloodiest war yet. Half of the human population had been decimated by everything but nuclear bomb, every world leader had decided that enough was enough.

They had showed up at one of the council meetings that take place on a different continent every month to discuss less pressing matters. It almost ended horribly, an unknown group of entities showing up where all of the world leaders had congregated, but through fast talking on the alien’s part and the vow to be more peaceful beings earlier made by the humans, everything ended up going well.

Which lead to the current situation. While they may claim to be more peaceful, humans are still wary of areas where none of them had been before. So, along with a team of top scientists and medical staff, there went a team of the top 6 military personnel. Three from assorted American special ops, one from Norway, one from Canada, and the last from Poland. When questioned by the members of the A.P.P, the leaders stated that there was absolutely no way in hell they were allowing their top people into an unknown area without protection. The warriors on the ship, when they heard this, laughed. How could a squishy group of mud covered savages that haven’t even reached outside of their own solar system could really do anything?

This was an opportunity for the researchers of the Alliance to study the surprisingly hardy species as well. They were surprised that these soft creatures were the top of the food chain, even with everything, including their own atmosphere, trying to kill them. So the ship of researchers set off into deep space to discover new planets and to discover more about each other.

The first meeting was terrifying. Three soldier were the first on the ship, no emotion showing on their faces, heavy exoskeleton like armor surrounding what they assumed covered their vital regions, and more sleek looking weapons than seemingly possible. Many were happy that the scientists did not look the same, though some did look just as serious while others were gaping in awe. Then, three more of the heavily armed men followed.

It was a tense two days on the ship for the aliens. The human soldiers inforced the fact that they were a predator species by prowling around the entirety of the ship minus the private chambers. Though they weren’t too sure that they haven’t been there but went when nobody was watching. Soon though, the soldier lessened the amount of firepower they had on them and lightened the amount of armor they had on. In the communal rations center they were seen slightly separated from the other humans, sitting in a tight group and bearing their teeth at one another, rapidly switching languages to communicate. The human designated Sara, specializing in chemistry, explained to Gumantal (a poor pronunciation of him true name, but the sounds needed to actually speak it would ruin a human throat so he allowed it) that the team came from different ‘countries’ that have different languages and sometime dialects, and that the entire team had learned each other’s and many other languages in order to communicate with other humans. When asked why not simply use a translator device, such as the one they were using right now, the human female bared her teeth and stated that it was better for them to do their jobs if they didn’t need one. She went on to explain that even if they couldn’t speak it, they were well on their way to learn each of the other species on the ship’s language.

Gumantal apologized afterwards for upsetting her with his questions, then asked what he did to offend her. Humans were an intricate species of primitive life form so they wanted to avoid any tensions early on. Sara and all of the other researchers bared their teeth this time, reassuring the brave many armed alien that they were not angry, the bared teeth was called a smile and it showed amusement or joy. The forest green alien walked away, bewildered.

It was sometime later that those on the ship learned that the soldiers were composed of both males and females. When asked why the males did not do everything in their power to protect the biologically weaker, less muscular birth givers, Human Victor bared his teeth for the first time and seemed to bark harshly.

“I dare you to ask Oliver that! She’d rip yer mandibles off and feed ‘em to ya! Lyne would as well, now that I think about it. One thing you need to learn about humans, women are supposedly weaker than us men but they can still kick ass.”

A shaking Xiloiy later learned from Human designation William, occupation physicist that the barking was laughter, and that yes, human females stand on equal ground to the males of the species. This puzzled him as he came from a race that protected the bearers of his species to ensure the continued survival. Human William barked, laughed, at this when he stated it, shaking his head. Xiloty is still perplexed as to why.

All aliens on the ship were confused by their new companions and were curious as to how they would handle being a foreign planet with life for the first time. This was also the time that Xiloiy began to make a journal on the habits and any other information on humans, fearing having his outer mandibles ripped off as they were crucial to attracting a mate.

The special ops team assigned to protect the crew as well as gathering intel on everything they could were anxious as well, packing everything they may need for a worst case scenario. The warrior species that were to protect the crew and ship originally were insulting them when they believed the humans were not paying attention, mocking the useless item that would only tire them out. The ops team knew though that if push came to shove that they would be the ones to survive. After all, they’ve had to survive worse than some unknown territory. They were all highly trained to be able to conquer situations like that. Colonel Victor Kelly would make damn sure his people made it through this.

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Richtor, do you know how to do war and rose water? I'm a bit confused, because my companions asked me it as an offering but I don't know how to make them!

I have many sources on rose water, so I’ve got you there!

War water is seen a little less, but I can help you with stuff for that too.

Good luck~! :D

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Okay I have a good one love 😂 companions are dared to lick soles cheek and leave without a word leaving her confused but enjoys it

Companions lick F!Sole’s cheek out of nowhere

Cait: She makes sure the lick was slow. She walked away enjoying it as much as Sole.

Codsworth: “Oh, I do want to apologize Mx. Anon; I don’t have a mouth!”

Curie: She touches Sole’s cheek with the tip of her tongue and runs away with a huge blush on her face.

Danse: He hesitates close to Sole’s cheek before giving it a quick lick, and hurry away from her. She had to follow after him.

Deacon: As always, he plays. The lick lasts way too long and of course, there is a comedic moan as well. He calmly walked away, leaving Sole laughing.

Dogmeat: The work “kiss” made him start licking Sole’s face, he didn’t want to walk away!

Hancock: He licks her near her lips, and smirks, before walking off. She touches the area he licked, and smirks to herself.

Macready: He touches one of her cheeks gently and licks the other one, he stares at her eyes for a while, and then leaves. She is confused, but she couldn’t stop staring at him with a smirk.

Nick: It was weird for him, but he went with it. He lightly licked her on the cheek, and silently walked away. He left her touching her cheek in surprise.

Piper: She murmured a shout “Sorry…” before shyly licking her cheek. She had to wipe her saliva off Sole before hurrying away. Sole was surprised, and laughed at the whole situation.

Preston: He holds his laugh and does the dare. He laughed as he walked away. Sole was confused, but laughed as well.

Strong: Even though he didn’t want to lick Sole, because she is not food; he had to. Her tiny cheek against his tongue felt weird. He thought that she would make good food, while she was discreetly trying to wipe her cheek.

X6-88: He ignores any reactions that Sole had, and gets the dare over with. He walks away with his casual look. She was mostly confused, but she did want more!

Maxson: Makes her face him by holding her chin, and licks her. He gave her a seductive look before walking away. Sole was stunned and couldn’t hide her smile.

Gage: He grabs her jaw and brings her close. He ignores her confused look, and moves his tongue across her cheek; he’s too lazy to walk off “Can we just pretend I said nothing and walked off?”

Ada: “My apologies… I once again appear to not have the required parts.”

Aries male compatibilities

xAries female

Put an Aries woman and an Aries male, and it will be violence and drama h24.
Usually, when the partners aren’t from different signs, the comprehension between them is perfect, because they have a lot in common. But Aries are exceptions. The truth is, the Aries man is of an amazing dynamism and enthusiasm. He is so active that he tends to live at a speed that would stun more than one.Despite the endurance which the woman also demonstrates, this rhythm of life imposed by the male will eventually begin his own vivacity.
Man is also a formidable dominator and a fiery seducer. He can not help but look at the pretty ladies around him and fidelity is not part of his goal. On the other hand, the native of the sign is also very sensual and its ardor in love adds a point. She demands of her partner respect for her freedom in the field of sex. The proud Aries will not endure such an attitude and this is where the rub is hurt. For the subject Aries, love is a perpetual battle where it will always have to be the strongest. But the woman has better things to do than to submit to her laws and will also want to make her voice heard. By its nature, it is also an energetic combative.
Their union seems thus very eventful because two fierce wills meet: bursts and effervescence in perspective. When man seeks to dictate his will to his companion, the latter will revolt because the obligation and it, it makes well two. They will not fail to come up against each other because each one holds enormously to its freedom and wants to preserve it.
However, getting to agree and guaranteeing their couple the serenity and tranquility is not such an impossible mission for these two exceptional beings. The native, under his authoritarian and egocentric appearance, is a person overflowing with tenderness and affection. For her part, the woman has a lot of love to share, she also has dynamism and willpower. These characters may bring them together, but rarely do things like the others, the natives could also use them to stir up the fire of vehement remarks. The strength of their passion sets them against each other.

xTaurus female

This union is the encounter of two signs governed by different elements: the element Earth and the element Fire. Like all those who belong to the Fire sign, the Aries man is a passionate and fiery partner. When he loves, he lets himself be carried away entirely by his love. In this area, he fits perfectly with his partner. Indeed, the Taurus woman conceives love as the essential motor of her existence.

But they do not have the same conception of fidelity. If the native shows a little fickle and can not help charming the pretty creatures, the woman on the contrary is of an exemplary fidelity. She is also very jealous and fights fiercely to keep her man. These two tendencies can cause great tension between them. But when a man finds a partner capable of encouraging and satisfying him, both in the sexual and the social sphere, he knows very well how to stand in the right path and does not seek to move away from his home Nor of his companion.

However, the Taurus woman is able to meet her expectations: she will be able to offer him a stable and warm home, given her predisposition for family life and her dedication to her partner. She will make sure that this one can be a peaceful place towards which his indefatigable companion will go and will take refuge.

The too active temperament of Aries will be softened by the calm and patience of his partner. She will be able to assist and encourage him in what he will undertake. However, she can not satisfy the other in his desire to drag her into worldly societies. She is too reserved to love this kind of life. She prefers to take care of her interior and stay close to nature. This attitude can cause a dispute and it will degenerate if the native manages to put his wife in anger. But as she is constant in her moods, he rarely risks seeing her get carried away. She will use her kindness to reason her partner.

This relationship, which would appear to be incompatible at the outset because of their different points of view, will prove to be very successful if both partners know how to moderate their behavior.

xGemini female

The relationship between a Gemini woman and an Aries man will not necessarily cause opposition because they are different signs and elements. On the contrary, there is a certain complicity between them. In spite of the disputes and disagreements that will undoubtedly arise, they will preserve the tenderness within their couple.

The woman Gemini, too attached to her freedom, gives the impression of being distant many times, in the affective and sentimental demonstration. She fled any relationship that might impose a constraint on her. The dispute may therefore be at this level because this attitude will confuse his companion. He will reproach her for this apparent lack of passion. Out of jealousy, he will try to retain her by all means because he is afraid of seeing her go. Indeed, this is what could happen if the woman gets tired of this excessive jealousy. Nevertheless, the native will have to be warm and loving at times, because his partner will always need to be reassured.

The Aries loves to feel around him a certain manifestation of affection to encourage him and to put him in confidence. He admires the serenity, lucidity and intelligence of his partner. For her part, she will be able to forgive her obstinacy. On the other hand, she will not be very lenient when he begins to spy on her. The native Aries will also have to understand that his partner will need some independence. He will be able to grant him a part of this freedom, which will earn him a great recognition on behalf of this native Gemini a little impulsive.

If they combine their imagination and their love of adventure, they will be able to accomplish great achievements. In love, the Aries man is very passionate and fiery, he lets himself be carried away by his feelings and he is able to devote himself entirely to his passion. Even if the subject Aries has a great affection for the children and the woman Gemini shows itself a formidable mother, to have much does not enter their priority. If each partner tries to spare the other by giving him the minimum of what he needs, their union will last and flourish surely.

xCancer female

What can one expect from a union between a woman Cancer and a man Aries? Belonging to two very different signs, they also present some differences of character traits. However, they will be able to live a fairly good relationship if each of the partners agrees to make efforts to understand. They will also have to learn to make concessions. It is on these conditions that they can give their couple a chance to last and develop.

The Cancer woman will seduce her partner by her modesty, reserve and sweetness. She does not like to be shaken and she does not want to be subjected to tensions either. With the man Aries, she will live all this because this one lives at a dizzying pace. He wants his companion to follow the same rhythm as he does. Despite the fragile appearance of the latter, she will be able to show incredible tenacity. His partner will be surprised to see.

But if the woman gets to calm him down he will put a little brake in his impetus. When she finds herself behind her bad mood and presents a scowl, the native feels helpless and helpless.

Sometimes he is also exasperated by the coquetry of his companion.

However, these characters can find common ground to bring balance and bring harmony within their couple. They will have to learn to tolerate. Thus the woman before the lively ardor of her partner will use her gentleness to temporize this behavior. The man, in spite of his ardor and manhood, must behave as a protector in front of his partner to reassure her.

A few disputes may arise on the pecuniary level. They will not agree in the way to manage it. In front of money the woman, much more foresight, adopts the system of savings while the man can prove to be a great spendthrift. No moderation and he does not skimp on his expenses. The native will sometimes reproach his companions for his absences which will awaken his jealousy and scenes will not fail to occur. The partners must therefore seek to smooth out any obstacles that may arise and their union will be most successful.

xLeo female

An alliance between a Leo woman and an Aries man could be successful because they are both under the Fire sign. They can easily understand each other and they can have the same conception of life. Together, they will share the same desire to lead a life where everything is splendor and luxury, where the brilliance of the beautiful is everywhere.

They will also seek to make themselves known: the woman with her need to want to be the sole object of all appreciations and the man with his desire to be valued. Instead of opposing them, these characters will rather accentuate their complicity. Solidarity can arise from their union and their mutual support can be very remarkable.

Man will take advantage of this rebellious and docile character of his companion. In the face of Aries’ admiring behavior, she is ready to make concessions and these gestures on both sides will only accentuate the success of their union.

But they show the same ardor in their impulses and they tend to live their love at such a pace that they will not even have time to savor their happiness. This haste may not allow their union to flourish and last long enough. They very soon risk their love ending without their having the opportunity to talk to her.

Passionate, they are of easy jealousy and they can also enter terrible anger. This temperament could often lead to incontrovertible scenes and disputes.

Their common flaws can create disputes between them or be a source of exasperation for one of them. However, since they are beings who have generosity within reach of the heart, they can feel indulgence for each other. But we must relativize, these conflicts can not be the cause of serious damage in their couple. They will be able to repair the few breakages that their overflow will cause.

Note that the Leo woman and the ram man also show great harmony in their taste, which will strengthen their mutual understanding. Their union will be perfect if they succeed in dominating and restraining their impulses.

xVirgo female

Virgo and Aries are two signs that seem to oppose and seeing them live together proves a little unlikely. A Virgo woman symbolizes order, discretion and honesty. For his part, a man Aries sometimes seems overbearing and needs the admiration of his partner.

The Aries man is a loyal being who knows how to fight to have what he wants, to conquer without danger does not interest him. He is looking for a partner who can leave him a certain freedom and when he meets, he agrees to engage in marriage. But he has a taste for adventure, which can lead to a divergence of point of view and conception of the life of couple between the two characters. He can not help but charm the pretty women and is ready to live with them a love affair, only his companion does not hear it with this ear.

The Virgo woman aspires to a life of security with her companion and this rather fickle behavior could well be a source of disputes. This situation will be frequent in view of Aries’ weakness in the face of temptation. The discord may also come from the fact that a Virgin is very meticulous in the way of keeping her accounts, the Aries being all its opposite. To settle his expenses or to set up an account is not the strength of the latter. He is driven by his ardor and enthusiasm. In the professional context, he can suddenly resign from his position if nothing corresponds to his expectations.

Their relationship will flourish if a man manages to have the confidence of his companion and that woman feels safe with him. He will have to forget his selfishness and encourage his partner to express himself. In her way of demanding from her the same rhythm in the manifestation of emotions, she could go so far as to frighten him, even to worry him. If she manages to give her the best, expectations will be met. De facto, she will no longer have to resent him on the pretext that he imposes on her desires and her will. Indeed, in spite of his pride, it is a being who expects much love from his companion. If they unite their efforts to maintain their relationship, they will have the chance to see it last and succeed.

xLibra female

The Libra woman and the Aries man incarnate the encounter of two opposing elements and when the Air and the Fire live together, sparks are to be feared. Indeed, the native, with its character which is not at all firm, will be able to aggravate its partner as it shows a lot of hesitation. Problems will therefore appear on this side. But since she does not like conflict situations, she will do everything to untie them. This is why it is often reconciliatory and sometimes even easily influenced. The liveliness and ardor of Aries will not accommodate this attitude, which may reflect a certain lack of will. It may happen that the man can push his companion to act and to make decisions by bumping her with her behavior which tends to speed and haste.

As the native of the sign can be at the same time a model wife and a good mother of a family, the man will be attracted by these qualities. He wants to take refuge in this place to enjoy a certain tranquility and to meet the stability since it is always in motion. It will therefore be easy for his partner to keep him and she will have the opportunity to provide him with sound advice. The native will be able to slow down a little his ardor and his enthusiasm by dint of rubbing shoulders with this woman whose balance he admires. Because of their loyal and honest character, they will easily establish complicity between them.

However, the behavior of the Aries who lives his life at high speed will ask his companion a certain vigilance. She will have to teach him to moderate his ardor, to calm his enthusiasm because he will not fail to impose his rhythm. He must above all master his jealousy, an attitude more sharpened by the excessive desire to want to please his partner. On the other hand, if she obediently submits to the dominion of her companion and imposes no constraint on her, he will be a good husband to her even if he is not a perfect model of fidelity. He will communicate to his companion her great vitality to compensate for a certain indolence which she displays. Ultimately, they will be responsible for the future of their couple: whether they succeed or fail, they hold their future in their hands.

xScorpio female

The union of a Scorpio woman and an Aries man will be risky. Being different signs and elements, their characters will tend to oppose and the risks of confrontation are quite large.

The Aries man wanting to dominate will encounter a lot of resistance to the voluntary and firm character of his Scorpion companion. They will all the time be called to fight battle against each other because the woman will not easily accept the defeat. She will stand up to her companion since she also possesses this warlike instinct and their violence will have the same intensity. The native Aries will find in this woman an adversary worthy of him and their war will risk to last as long as they want. It will end when one of them no longer has the strength to continue. But it will only be a tender war in which love and tenderness will still have a place of honor. However, they will not be able to prevent themselves from tearing themselves apart and, at the end of each confrontation, their reconciliation will always be touching.

Despite all these differences, these characters are very passionate and their relationship will not lack of pleasant moments. It may therefore happen that the union between these two is really harmonious.

In love, none of these partners knows the half measures, when he loves he invests in it entirely. They are great enthusiasts capable of maintaining lasting relationships. Man will not be afraid to engage in marriage if he finds a woman who can meet her requirements. With the Scorpio woman, he can fulfill his wishes. However, this native does not conceive traditional marriage as the culmination of the relationship between a woman and a man. She prefers free union and this idea will not displease the man who can thus keep a small part of his freedom. He can not refrain from courting a pretty woman who will pass by him. The Aries man shows himself careless and immature sometimes. His companion will have to get used to these behaviors if she wants her relationship with this being to be sustainable. She will also have to put a little warmth in her attitude towards him.

xSagittarius female

The Sagittarius woman and the Aries man are covered by the same element, Fire, which explains their vivacity and dynamism. This belonging will enable them to establish harmony in their relationship. They have enough in common to achieve balance in their couple. Their taste for adventure and the attraction for the journey will create a formidable complicity between them.

This harmony will be further enhanced if everyone tries to overcome his egoism and show signs of the tenderness he is able to offer.

Sagittarius and Aries are also honest and sincere and will be able to support themselves in their businesses. However, it would be preferable if their professional or leisure activities were different. They will risk confronting each other in the exercise of these if they do so together and their rivalry will be harmful to them. But if they are ready to make concessions and master their pride, their relationship will be harmonious. They will then be able to look together towards a better future. But as the native Aries is very impulsive, he will often find himself in inextricable situations. Her partner will come to her aid and she will often be called to do so.

Both will not be of exemplary fidelity but their frankness will play in their favor. Indeed, if the native Sagittarius is seduced by another met during a trip, she will not hesitate to confess to her partner. In case she had any scruples, she would go so far as to break in order not to live in a lie. It will struggle the other but very generous and understanding, he will appreciate this sincerity.

If the Sagittarius woman displays a certain docility and submission towards her companion, this attitude will only strengthen their bonds. What will also constitute the strength of this couple is the whole character of these partners. When each party finds its half, it will give and dedicate itself totally to this relationship. Their union will be very successful and as soon as they have their first child, their love will be in full bloom, then there will be a lot of joy and joy in their union.

xCapricorn female

A Capricorn woman and a man Aries will be able to constitute a pair that will work perfectly. The native will seduce his companion by his delicacy and generosity. When he meets the woman of his life, he will be a good husband for her, especially if she succeeds in leaving him a certain freedom and the engagement does not come under any form of constraint. He will give her all her love and will ensure her stability in her home.

The Aries man is a hurry to live and in this respect, he may sometimes risk rushing his partner Capricorn. His dynamism and his enthusiasm attract madame. However, she will not be able to follow him in his race towards love because he will demand that his partner live with the same rhythm as him. Disputes may arise from this situation. She will often reproach him with his way of systematically putting off his desideratas. In his way of expressing his feelings, he is a little too exuberant, which does not correspond to the character of Madame. The latter is legendary in its apparent coldness. However, these traits can be complemented and they will make the success of the life of the couple.

To correct his immature side, the man needs the seriousness of Capricorn, a character who always has his head on his shoulders. On the other hand, with her great reserve and her logic, she can still frighten the Aries, he who loves thrills and life a hundred by the hour. With his need to impose and impose his will, Aries takes the risk of running up against an equally authoritarian woman. Friction seems inevitable. But if the native dismisses a little of his reserve and is much more warm towards his companion, it will make the happiness of this one. He will seek refuge in the warmth of the home that the woman can give him and the life of their couple will thus be preserved.

To avoid all kinds of tension, the partners of this combination will have to make concessions on their own. It is even necessary for them to find common ground so that they can live happily together. Their link would be even deeper if they could find common work.

xAquarius female

These two characters are influenced by their respective sign, when the Air stirs up the Fire, there is a danger of a formidable fire. The union of the Aquarius woman with the Aries man will be most dynamic as they like to embark on adventures taking them away.

One of the dominant characters of the Aquarius woman is the taste for travel, movement and she will greatly appreciate her companion’s tendency to leave and try new experiences.

Aries is not the man of moderation. He loves speed in everything he undertakes. To make fast, to finish quickly, is his conception of life. The Aquarius woman is ready to accompany her on her journeys and she will serve as a rampart to prevent her from acting in an unthinking manner.

Aries may consent to marriage if his companion leaves him almost total freedom. Only, she risks suffering because her partner is not a perfect model of fidelity. Yet they each have an unbounded need for freedom and their understanding will work very well if they try to preserve the independence of the other. But will an Aries easily grant to his companion the liberty to which she aspires? As a being of great loyalty, he will make the effort to leave her free in her movements. On the other hand, he will make sure that he does not forget to return to the home at the end of his peregrinations. What is ideally suited to this couple is not to engage in the bonds of marriage but to adopt the system of common-law unions. Thus, they will not feel trapped and their lives will be rid of all forms of constraints.

The Aries may prove to be a stable companion on whom one can rely, but his partner will have to be careful as some of them are prone to terrible anger. The positive point in this couple is that they will not have time to get bored if they do not obviously let the lightning burst. There is an extraordinary complicity between these two subjects, and this is what makes their union successful. They can look together towards the same future and if they have enough mutual trust, they will live happily there. Their union could thus be perfectly successful.

xPisces female

The Fish woman and the Aries man will establish a form of understanding with some difficulty. They will not understand each other easily because they evolve in two different worlds: water on one side and Fire on the other. This divergence will often cause the problems the couple will encounter.

Yet they have a number of points that will enable them to find a balance. The Aries man will be seduced by the charm and sweetness of his companion and the latter will be touched by his strength, his assurance and his generosity. Their few common points will promote their understanding and understanding. Behind his hard but manly appearance, the man hides a romantic background that drives him to want to live a great love with his partner. The Poisson woman asks no better than to satisfy her thirst for love. They will be able to find common ground on the sentimental level.

However, the native Aries is a rather unstable character, which will not facilitate his influence on his companion, given that she herself is of a legendary indecision and hesitation. But it happens that the man effectively assists his partner. Since he is very daring and courageous, he will be able to teach him to overcome his shyness and to forge his personality. This solicitude responds perfectly to the expectations of the Poisson woman who needs to be supported to face life. She will only appreciate it more and show her gratitude.

On the other hand, if they can not communicate easily, it is because there is some misunderstanding in their relationship. The Aries man will not understand why his companion will decide to take refuge in his universe of dreams where he will not have the right to force the door and cross the threshold (?). Such an attitude will annoy the other and, despite his tenacity, mister will eventually become discouraged and love will suffer. In order to preserve the harmony and balance in the relationship of these partners, they will have to accept and show some self-denial. The man must also be less egocentric and devote a little of his time to his companion.


sorry if there’re mstakes with grammar or vocabulaire or other :)

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Consider the following: Smol SS climbing people like a goddamned spidermonkey. I'm 4'1" and into competitive paintball, so I tend to use my friends as mobile sniping roosts since I'm all of 90lbs. So now I just imagine the confusion as the companion's tiny buddy literally climbs them to shoot a fucker. Danse would be ideal. Strong would be sufficient. Or them just getting used to the SS climbing on them in crowds to see what's going on. Could make for a funny or cute dynamic. Whatcha think?

I 100% SUPPORT THIS. The mental image of them on Danse is SO good. 

the biggest mystery of the commonwealth

how the heck did cait get her irish accent in the middle of postapocalyptic boston. how. literally how did she get it if there are no nationalities anymore. everyone is american. now you can’t just fly over from ireland like whats up. i’m so confused. is there a close-knit irish community in america just sitting around and keeping alive the traditions of rebellions and green hats and drinking. is that where she got the accent. or is irish the new lower class boston variation of cockney. i’m just– i literally don’t understand like how did cait get it how is she irish in the first place just how. this doesn’t make any sense. piper please investigate this.

In the park at twilight, the nameless bird sings . 

“Where are you?”

“Why are you crying?”

“You and I are the only ones here.”

“Me and you.”

“Hey Chuuya~”

At the sound of his name, the redhead tilted his head in his partner’s direction.


Whistling, Dazai leaned back while swinging his legs against the rooftop ledge.

“If I die early, I want to be a bird in the next life.”

Raising an eyebrow, Chuuya gave his companion a confused look.

“Why a bird out of everything.”

The brunet stood up and stretched, exposing Chuuya to the last rays of the twilight sun in the process.  

Squinting against the sudden brightness, the redhead brought a gloved hand up to his face to try to block the scattering light

A faint fondness burned within those amber eyes that held themselves against his own sapphire ones.

Dazai softly smiled as the dying light outlined his silhouette against the lavender sky. 

“So I can go wherever you are Chuuya.”

Good For Me (Bucky Barnes Award)


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Referenced abuse (non graphic), Slight swearing
Notes: Hey guys, here is the first winner request from my Tumblr awards! I know I’ve been really bad at uploading, but I’m really trying to get more stuff written. Anyway, enjoy, and as always feedback is always appreciated!

Trust is a very fragile thing. Easily broken and irreplaceable. For some it is easily given, believing the best in those around them, but to others it is like a precious gift that only the ones closest to them deserve. For you it was a bit of both. You trusted people whole-heartedly, trying to see the best in even the darkest of souls, but some along the way had made you cautious. They’d broken that trust into a million little pieces, taking advantage of your kind and caring nature, proving to you that there were just some people who didn’t deserve a second chance. Your first serious boyfriend, the one you ultimately lost your virginity too, turned out to be a total scumbag, only using you to get into your pants before dumping you for one of cheerleaders. After that you had a string of shitty relationships, being cheated on and emotionally manipulated by more than one of them. However, it wasn’t until Andy that your trust was completely shattered, making you wary of relationships and ultimately closing your heart off to anyone else. He took advantage of you in the worst way, and for that you would never forgive him.

For years you lived like this. Keeping your heart closed off from any potential relationships, and making sure that no one got close enough to take advantage. It worked, for a while. That was until a certain metal armed assassin began to worm his way closer to your fragile heart.

The day you met Bucky was one that was not easily forgotten. As an honorary member of the Avengers you were around the base more than anyone. You were pretty much the groups manger, helping them arrange press conferences and the like, so had spent a lot of time with each and every member. That was why when Steve exited the quinjet with a moody looking brunette by his side, you didn’t immediately clock his presence. Running up to the blond super soldier, you wrapped your arms around his neck as he just chuckled into your hair. “See, I told you doll, not a scratch on me.” He grinned as you pulled away with a roll of your eyes. “I never doubted you for a second Cap.” You smiled in response, pushing him in the chest before your eyes landed on his confused companion. “Uh Steve?” You whispered, eyes flickering between the two men. “Oh… right.” Steve chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck, “Y/N… this is… Bucky.” He smiled at his friend, looking back at you pleadingly. “The Bucky? I’ve heard so much about you.” You smiled at the former Winter Soldier, holding out your hand for him to shake. “I bet.” He replied, eyes flickering down to the ground. “Yeah, Steve here never shuts up about you.” You smiled, reassuringly, dropping your hand when you realised he wasn’t going to take it. “Oh yeah?” Bucky said, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips. “Hmm, well a friend of Steve’s is a friend of mine.” You murmured, smiling at Bucky fondly.

That was how you and Bucky met, and how you ended up getting so close to the damaged man. Steve had asked most of you to keep an eye on Bucky, but most of the others were too wary of him to go out of their way to check on him. So on the days in which Bucky wouldn’t leave his room, you would always drop in on him to either watch a movie or introduce him to something he had missed during his time as HYDRA’s number one slave. Because of your determination to get him to open up, Bucky seemed to have developed a bit of a soft spot for you. Always being able to tell when you were upset or just needed someone to reassure you that everything was going to be okay. He genuinely cared for you, and trusted you more than anyone else, even Steve. You were the first person Bucky had a proper conversation with, and the first person he was comfortable enough to have any form of physical contact with. It was truly heart-warming to have won Bucky’s affection, as he didn’t trust easily and was very cautious of most people.

On one of the days where Bucky just wasn’t feeling up to facing the world, you headed to his room with a bundle of blankets, a box of assorted treats and a pile of DVDs. “Hey Buck, I brought some of those films you wanted to see.” You called out as you entered his room, throwing the stuff down on the bed before heading over to his TV and DVD player. “What did you want to watch first?” You asked, turning to see him leaning on the door jamb to the ensuite. “Whatever Doll.” He murmured, arms crossed across his broad chest. “Your real helpful, thanks.” You smiled, rolling your eyes before picking the first Star Wars. “You’ll like this, it’s about space!” You smirked before arranging the blankets and patting the spot next to you. “You know me too well.” He smiled before flopping down next to you, arm leant over the headboard. “Course I do.” You murmured, curling up next to him.

Halfway through the film you felt Bucky’s eyes on you. Looking up you saw a fond expression on his face as his thumb traced circles on your arm. “Buck?” You murmured, cocking your head to the side slightly. “You know when I first got here, everyone acted like they were walking on eggshells around me. They all thought I’d snap at the slightest thing. You were the only one who treated me like a human being, hell you’ve been the only one to treat me like that for as long as I can remember.” He spoke fondly, head leaning back against the headboard. “You’re good for me Y/N, I need you.” He murmured, eyes flickering down to your face. A smile tugging at the corner of your lips, you linked your hand with his metal one. “Well, you’re good for me too Buck. I haven’t felt like this in a long time. You make me feel safe and I know I can trust you probably more than anyone else in my life.” You told him, seeing the smile shape his lips. “I care about you, a lot.” Bucky whispered, face inching closer to yours. “I care about you a lot too Buck.” You smiled, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips before snuggling into his side, a large grin plastered on both of your faces.

Sanders Sides Appreciation Month: Virgil Week, Day 2- The Dark Side of Disney

This was supposed to be up yesterday but I didn’t finish. Sorry! Day 2 of Virgil week for @cefmua56  ‘s Sanders Sides Appreciation Month! Instead of doing one of the challenges, I decided to write a fairytale style story featuring Virgil as the main protagonist. 

Tag list:  @tiny-mudkip @romananalogicality @the-sun-shines-bright@pattonpending @edgeworthsnoodle @lovely-chaotic-goddess @aph-curls-n-dimples @the-babysitter@sunnyside12pershon @xix-leiloves-xix @cup-of-blue

Fandom(s): Sanders Sides, YouTube, Thomas Sanders

Warnings: Abandonment, thoughts of suicide, successful suicide, violence, major character death, food mention, murder, graphic description of dead bodies, and blood

Ship(s): Platonic LAMP

Title: The Man and His Brothers

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[A True Lover]

Jabir ibn Abdullah Ansari (ra) was amongst the first to go visit imam Hussain (as) after he had been buried. At the time, Jabir (ra) had reached an old age and had lost eye sight in both of his eyes. He was travelling with a companion.

He asked the companion to take him to the river first. Once there, he took a shower and performed the ghusl for ziyara. Next, he requested that the companion take him to the grave of Aba Abdillah Al-Hussain (as).

The companion was confused - none of the graves had markings. He told Jabir (ra) that he didn’t know exactly where Aba Abdillah (as) was buried.

Jabir (ra) smiled and said, “I’ll show you.” One by one, Jabir (ra) would smell the soil surrounding the graves until he finally reached the grave of Aba Abdillah (as).

The companion was stunned! He asked Jabir (ra) how he found he grave. Jabir (ra) responded, “RasulAllah (saww) told me that a true lover can always recognize the fragrance of the person they love. I love imam Hussain (as) and I can recognize that this is his fragrance.”

anonymous asked:

God, where did you find the "Vampire Companion" book ? I have three comics, but not this :/ may I ask the reference of it, I absolutely need to find it !

I got my copy at Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon, and I deeply regret not ALSO buying a slim hardcover VC book there that profiled VC fans and was published in the 90′s! Argh. I don’t even remember what it was called. I didn’t imagine it though!! It was REAL. I should beg a certain Portlandian to go for me and see if it’s still there… *cough* you know who you are *cough*

HOWEVER, I see the Vampire Companion on Amazon often, I bet it’s on eBay… and it’s in library book sales, but not as often. I think this is a recently printed edition w/ a new cover but not updated info:

Not to be confused with these “vampire companion” books, which hey, might be good on their own! They’re just not VC.

We are trying to rescue a hostage taken by Goblins. 

Elven Wizard OOC: I cast Light on a crossbow bolt and fire it into the cave so we can see. [rolls a nat 1]
DM: You know, I wasn’t even gonna make you roll for that. But, since you did… well, the bolt goes wide. You hear a pained screech and a thud as the passing bird you just speared hits the ground. 
Elven Wizard OOC: I pick up the bird and put it in my pack.
It’s a bloody, mangled-
Elven Wizard OOC
: I pick up. The bird. And I put it in my pack.
DM: …its blood soaks through your belongings.


Elven Cleric OOC: I’m going to try and see if the Goblin leader intends to keep his word [rolls a nat 1]
DM: You suddenly realize that the one you have been staring at isn’t even the one your party is talking to. Your companions seem confused by your intent stare at a random Goblin. Said Goblin picks its nose.
Half-Orc Monk OOC: I try to intimidate the guy we are actually talking to. I pull a scary orc face and snarl at him to surrender in a matching voice! [rolls a nat 1]
DM: You grimace like you shat yourself and your voice breaks. He is not impressed.

A Nautical Serial Killer

“Agent Gibbs!” You can hear the aid trying to get his attention from across the bullpen. Probably trying to warn him of your presence before he gets to his desk where you’ve been waiting for nearly an hour. Hotch is not going to be happy. “Agent Gibbs!” He’s still talking to the brunette man whose not only keeping up with the older man’s quick gait but taking notes at the same time. Agent Gibbs finally glances up and seeing you at his desk stops in his tracks.
“Agent Miller?”
“Yes sir?” The aid says sounding nervous.
“Who is this?”
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you sir. She’s FBI.”
“Thank you Agent Miller. I can handle this from here.” You say with a smile. “Agent Gibbs, I’m SSA Leah Snow with the BAU.” His companion looks confused. “Supervisory Special Agent, with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. FBI.” You reach out a hand which Gibbs looks pointedly at but doesn’t shake.
“I know what your letters meant.”
“I was clarifying for him Agent Gibbs.” You give him a small smile as you gesture to the other man.
“Agent Anthony DiNozzo.” He shoots you a flirty smile.
“Engaged Agent.” You hold up your left hand showing off the ring Hotch had given you.
“What can I do for you SSA Snow?” Agent Gibbs asks sounding bored.
“BAU thinks you have a serial killer and we want to help.”
“No thanks.”
“Agent Gibbs, we are the most qualified in the FBI to step in on this case and Unit Chief SSA Hotchner doesn’t want to take over. He wants to join forces.”
“Why should we?”
“Because we have a serial killer.”
“Two murders isn’t a serial killer.” Agent DiNozzo says with a small smirk.
“You’re right. But four is.”
“We only have two.” A third man says as he walks up. “Who’s this?”
“SSA Leah Snow, FBI. There have been four murders, two civilians in Delaware.” Your phone rings and pulling it from your pocket you see that it’s Hotch. “Sorry excuse me.” You answer the phone, “Yea?”
“We’ve got another body.”
“Understood. ETA?”
“See you then.” You hang up and look at Agent Gibbs. “Make that five victims.”

Recovery - the Zoo

This one is a pretty simple one I suppose. I have always imagined that Thor would be fascinated with animals, so I ran with that here.

Any feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated : )



You stood comfortably in the sun, breathing deep to block out those around you and focus on what was in front of you.

“What is it called again?” Thor asked in his booming voice. You glanced around, amused at the confused looks that your companion was obliviously receiving from the other visitors.

“It’s an elephant Thor. This particular herd came from India,” you replied, watching the elephants amble through their expansive enclosure. You looked at Thor’s face, seeing him overcome with wonder.

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