confunded confessions

Let’s take a moment to look at Gryffindor’s qualities:

  • Bravery  
  • Courage 
  • Self-sacrifice

Many of you will see Peter as a coward, as a bad friend and an altogether bad person. I see him as a good person who was misguided.

Throughout the books, I always got the impression that Peter was not as popular as the other Marauders. It seems like he was a bit of a crowd follower, and was thankful to have friends at all. However, as time passed, he became “one of the lads”. To become an animagus is complex magic, and I don’t think he would have been able to perfect it, had he not cared enough for Remus and the others. We already know that he wasn’t as talented as his friends.

However, living in the shadow of your three best friends has got to take it’s toll. Like Percy with his brothers, I imagine Peter wanted his own time to shine, and that opportunity happened to come from the wrong place (at the right time). 

In a way, he was incredibly brave to betray his friends, and give up everything he knew and loved. He cut off his own finger (that’s not exactly a walk in the park), and later his hand. He’s also very loyal to himself. 

Peter’s life ended when the silver hand Voldemort had given him strangled him because he stopped trying to kill Harry, after being reminded that he owed Harry his life. He went against the Dark Lord to repay his debt. If that’s not self-sacrifice, bravery and courage, I don’t know what is.


Assuming this means Percy should have died instead of any of the others, I just have to say something here. Percy Weasley was not a horrible person. He was one of the middle children in a family of 9, and he felt like he constantly had to better himself as to get just a little more attention. Actually, it goes beyond attention. He longed for the respect of his family. Percy was not as grown up as his big brothers, but was still expected to know better than his younger siblings. Throw on top pf that the fact that he then had Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived around who his own mother saw as another son.. now that’s tough.

He went to work at the Ministry to prove to his family and his father in particular that he was capable of achieving something.
Yes, he was head boy, but was mocked and belittled for this achievement by his own brothers. His own flesh and blood constantly berated him, and although it was mainly done in good humour, that kind of teasing can really eat away at a person.
Working at the ministry gave him something in common with his father, and something he could do without being in the shadow of his siblings. He felt important and as if he finally stood out from his family.

Yes, Percy was a bit of a pompous bastard. Yes, he did abandon his own family.
But the important thing here is, he returned to them when it really mattered. His loyalty wavered along the way, but he showed his true Gryffindor colours when he abandoned all he had worked for and joined the “right” side. He fought alongside his family.

In the end, he was brave, and loyal, and saying that someone who wasn’t an evil person should have died over someone else, fictional or not, is extremely sad.