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Timshel: Arrow 5x18 Review (Disbanded)

I love Mumford and Sons. They are one of my favorite bands. If you ever get the chance to see them live, please do. They are one of the rare talents who actually sound better in person. One of my favorite songs is “Timshel.” (Their live performance is stunning.) I always think of Oliver Queen and John Diggle whenever I hear this song.

Timshel by Mumford and Sons

Cold is the water
It freezes your already cold mind
Already cold, cold mind
And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance

But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand

And you are the mother
The mother of your baby child
The one to whom you gave life
And you have your choices
And these are what make man great
His ladder to the stars

But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand

But I will tell the night
And whisper, “Lose your sight”
But I can’t move the mountains for you

The word “timshel” was in the back of my mind as I watched “Disbanded.” John Steinbeck built his entire novel “East of Eden” around it. “Timshel” is referenced in the story of Cain and Abel.  It’s a Hebrew word that means “Thou mayest.” It has a variety of definitions, even in Hebrew, but Steinbeck settled on “Thou mayest” because of the meaning behind it. The character Lee, a Chinese servant, explains in “East of Eden”:

“But the Hebrew word, the word timshel—'Thou mayest'—that gives a choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open. That throws it right back on a man. For if "Thou mayest'—it is also true that ‘Thou mayest not.’” (24.2.73)

Ultimately, it is free will Steinbeck is exploring. “Thou mayest” means mankind is neither compelled to be good nor doomed to evil. We have a choice. Mumford and Sons is exploring the same theme in their song- all we have are our choices. And that is how John Diggle reaches Oliver Queen tonight.

Let’s dig in…

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All the members:

[Mini-serie]: | They cheating on you | You confront them: [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART 4]

BTS vs Their older sister

You texting them about their baby pictures

You are uncomfortable calling them oppa and instead of that you call them hyung even when you are not a boy

You fell asleep while talking to them and they’re freaking out 

You have a social disease

April Fools Day Texts

Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon cheering you up after reading fan hate




You break up with him because of the sasaeng fans



You fangirling about his mixtape

He likes you but thinks you like another member 

Yoongi helping you with your best friend death texts: |PART 1| |PART 2|

S/o goes to America [1] [2] maybe a [3]

Finding out you were a famous youtuber

You two are in secret relationship and he gets jealous when Namjoon flirts with you

He forgets your birthday because he’s busy with Suran


You pranking him with “I am not the only one” lyrics by Sam Smith

He finds out that you’re not that innocent and start to make 18+ jokes with you


Helping you with your shyness

You fell out from the stage in your Mama’s performance


Jimin angst texts

You are Yoongi’s little sister and he find out you have been dating Jimin for 6 months

Jimin birthday texts

Jimin texting you while you are on class

Best friend text [1]



He jealous over Monsta’s X Wonho

Childhood Friend AU: He misses you after 4 years without communication


Jungkook’s graduation texts: |PART 1| PART 2|

Jugkoook being a weird boyfriend

Bestfriend text [1]

Poly Relationships:

Seokjin and Yoongi; [1] [2]

Yoongi and Jimin: [1] [2]

Taehyung and Hoseok | Birthday Surprise |

Namjoon and Seokjin

Hoseok and Jimin

Seokjin and Jungkook: [1] [2]

Yoongi and Hoseok

Jimin and Jungkook

Taehyung and Jungkook: [1] [2]

Yoongi and Namjoon

Namjoon and Jimin

Yoongi and Taehyung

Namjoon and Hoseok: [1] [2]


BTS reaction to their girlfriend crying in a concert

BTS reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a song

BTS reaction to their girlfriend being apassionate about games, art and anime

BTS reaction to you being into thigh riding

BTS reaction finding out you have a good singing voice

BTS reaction finding your sketches of him

BTS reacting to you being shy about your freckles

BTS reacting to s/o not knowing how to use chopsticks


Yoonmin Lockscreen

Namjin Lockscreen

Vhope Lockscreen 


Vhope Instagram Edit

Jikook Instagram Edit



All the members:

They cheating on you

You are uncomfortable calling them oppa and instead of that you call them hyung even when you are not a boy


Jackson and you as a couple

Poly Relationships:

Mark and Jackson: [1] [2] [3] [4]


GOT7 reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a concert

GOT7 reaction to you being into thigh riding



All the members:

They are jealous over BTS/GOT7

Them cheating on you


Chanyeol being protective when youre hanging out with another guy


Sehun being protective when youre hanging out with another guy


EXO reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a song

EXO reaction to you liking thigh riding



SEVENTEEN reaction to saying something dirty/18+



Scenario: He neglects his girlfriend [PART 2]

What is ASiB about

It’s been 5 years since ASiB and some people still don’t understand that it’s all about johnlock and really has nothing to do with Irene Adler except in terms of the damn case and her confronting John on his feelings for Sherlock.

Let’s back up to the events in the months directly before Irene came into the picture, shall we?

Sherlock and John were working and living together, solving cases, becoming closer, culminating in the poolside confrontation with Moriarty where 1) John was willing to sacrifice his life to save Sherlock 2) They agreed to die together and 3) There was major adrenaline-fueled flirting.

Then in the beginning of ASiB, we have an adorable montage of crime solving mixed with domesticity, taking place over the course of several months. We see Sherlock really interested in John’s blog. From flashbacks in TSoT, taking place during this same time period, we see Sherlock obsessing over John’s middle name. And he’s taken up smoking again hmmm. We’ve got Sherlock talking to John even when he’s not there, Sherlock skyping in a sheet, the giggling at Buckingham and in the cab. Sherlock steals an ashtray from the goddam Queen just to delight John.

So we have this big johnlock build-up, a huge amount of interest toward John from Sherlock, and an oblivious John pining away. Then Irene shows up, outsmarts Sherlock, throws a tantalizing case his way, AND reminds him that hey sex actually exists Mr. Transport.

Is it any surprise we get the reaction we do from Sherlock? He has an actual worthy adversary and interesting case that he can focus on in lieu of John, but John is never far from his mind either. And then there’s Irene- a femlock if there ever was one. A beautiful, intelligent, gay unicorn, but unlike Sherlock himself, Irene is someone that is actually in touch with and embraces her sexuality. She doesn’t repress it or fear it. For Sherlock, everything naturally gets all muddled.

But in spite of Irene’s presence in the episode, we continue to be drawn back to Sherlock and John. John’s feelings are easy in this because they’re obvious which is why I focus on Sherlock.

There was the beginning of the episode yes. There’s also his panicked reaction when John is threatened (and it’s a threat to John not Irene that affects Sherlock). Sherlock is extremely petty to Jeanette (John’s gf). Sherlock follows John everywhere. Sherlock looks at JOHN after he’s told to “impress a girl” and does his Bond Air deduction. Sherlock asks for John when he comes out of his mind palace. “I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me.” Mycroft reminds John that Sherlock has a heart and also reassures him that Irene is dead. The intense 221b scene.

And that’s not even CLOSE to everything. Literally look beyond Irene’s nudity and actually observe what happens in the episode. ASiB is just a fucking johnlock treasure trove. And anyone who has eyes for more than naked lady can see it.

Add your own johnlock scandal moments if you’d like!

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why snowbarry instead of westallen?

I’m only about two seasons into The Flash (approx four or five episodes from the end of Season 2), but so far, it’s more the writing of Westallen which I don’t like, as the actors have okay chemistry. But in Season 1, Barry’s crush on Iris came across as completely one-sided, with no hint of romance on Iris’ end at all. Then Barry told her how he felt, and she chose Eddie. Then there was the episode where Barry time travelled for the first time, Iris said she had feelings for him, the day restarted and she chose Eddie again. Then, towards the end of Season 1, Barry confronted Iris about her feelings for him, she admitted they were there, and then she chose Eddie again. Three times she rejected Barry for Eddie, clearly indicating that Eddie was the one she loved.

So, the show had them both move on in Season 2, and it all came across as completely platonic. Iris was moving on from Eddie, and Barry seemed to be over his crush on her, which enabled him to become utterly smitten with Patty (another pairing I really loved). There had literally been no hint of Barry’s feelings towards Iris or vice versa, it seemed like the ship was well and truly buried, until Barry went to Earth 2, and discovered he and Iris were married, and now suddenly Iris is talking about how it’s “fate” and all the signs are pointing to her and Barry being together, and it’s coming across as the only reason she wants to be with Barry is because destiny or whatever is telling her to, and quite frankly, I hate that kind of reasoning. You shouldn’t be with someone because destiny tells you to, because you’re “fated to be”, but because you genuinely fall in love with someone and choose to commit to them. I know that they get together towards the end of Season 2, but for me, it’s dragging up a ship which was dead and buried.

I also don’t like that in Season 1, Iris deliberately gets in between Barry and Linda, basically coming off like she doesn’t want Barry, but she doesn’t want Barry to want anyone else. She basically wanted to keep him in her back pocket, while dating someone else. Ew.

Now, Barry and Caitlin on the other hand, are such a sweet pairing, or at least they could be if the show gave them a chance. I just feel like they really connect on a level he doesn’t connect with Iris on. They confide in one another, she talks to him freely about Ronnie (and Caitlin is someone who is quite closed off, something she has in common with Barry, who closes off when tragedy strikes), so to see her open up so much is amazing. She and Barry understand one another, he knows how to read her, she knows how to read him. They reassure one another, prop each other up, and are so natural and easy-going around one another. They just feel like this beautiful slow-burn, leading towards a relationship which could be so strong and deep, because it has groundings in this gorgeous friendship where the two parties connect with one another so well. Plus, I feel that Barry and Caitlin have far more chemistry than Barry and Iris. But that’s just my opinion.

Sanvers 2x17 Missing Scenes/Fix-it Fics

The Yoga Class –

Maggie’s POV on running into Emily –

Alex and Maggie wait at the restaurant for Emily –

Alex confronts Emily –

Alex calls Kara after confronting Emily –

Help You Heal 1: Alex has to leave to help Kara, and Maggie has to cope with being alone (ft. James, back from the war) –

Help You Heal 2: Alex doesn’t get called away and gets to keep comforting Maggie (ft. I love you) –

Alex protects Kara on the Daxamite ship –

Maggie and Emily talk, followed by deeply emotional and healing Sanvers smut –

Winn, Get Me a Wrench (Or, Maggie and Kara are concerned about Alex’s propensity for torture and send her to Sara Lance and Oliver Queen) –

LEGION 1x08 Highlights


- “And boom goes the dynamite”
- Cinematography (as usual)
- the half fucked up Avocado 🥑
- Syd saving Davids ass, again
- David being a badass overall
- “The war is over, if you want it”
- badass hallway confrontation between David and the Shadow King (#2)
- Cary and Kerry making up adorably
- David levitating
- David’s moment of memory flashbacks, along with Shadow King confrontation (#1)
- “Did we win?” “Does it look like we won?”
- finding out Aubrey Plaza is back as Lenny/the Shadow King for season 2
- Oliver remembering a certain someone, yet getting possessed by the Shadow King
- the Shadow Kings slow-mo body possession moment in the lab
- ^click, click
- Song choices, such as “Breathe” and “On the run” by Pink Floyd, “If I Ruled the World” by Jermaine Clement, and “Children of the Revolution” by T Rex
- ^Lets be honest with ourselves, pretty much all the song choices from Legion have been the shit.
- ^Mojo? Division 3?

{I’m so happy this show has a second season, seriously, these characters can’t catch a break but there all in it together. The only unfortunate highlight of this show is that we have to wait a WHOLE DAMN YEAR, to watch it again, hope these highlights sparked your interest, feel free to add more}

Ned/Sansa in GoT: Exact Same Story

I’m usually careful about criticizing Ned online as he’s an almost sacred figure in this fandom. However, Ned and his daughter have almost the same stoyline in Game of Thrones. The biggest difference between the two is that loyalty to his old family (Robert and Jon Arryn) drive many of Ned’s action while loyalty to her future family (Joffrey and Cersei) drive many of Sansa’s.

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Evil Ultramen

One of my favorite fictional tropes is the evil duplicate.  You know, the dark reflection of a hero or group of heroes.  Like the Nejirangers from Denji Sentai Megaranger

Or the Shocker Riders from Kamen Rider

It should come as no surprise that there would also be evil Ultraman villains that resemble the heroes in some way.  Some might be fakes or robot copies but some are actual evil version of our heroes.  Here are a few in all those categories!

5. Fake Ultraman/Alien Zarab

The very first evil version of Ultraman is from the original 1966 series.  Episode 18 “The Brother From Another World” introduced us to the seemingly benign Alien Zarab. However, as with most aliens in the series, his intentions were secretly sinister and included discrediting Ultraman.  To this end, he transformed himself into a faux-Ultraman and attacked the city.  In his Ultra-Form his eyes were much more slanted, his features pinched and sharper and he has curled toes.  He was defeated when the actual Ultraman showed up to put an end to him.

4. Robot Ultraseven

The first robot duplicate on our list, this robotic version of the hero of 1967′s entry in the Ultra Hero franchise was created by the Salome Aliens.  They wanted to use the power of Ultraseven to attack the world and conquer it for themselves. To this end, they kidnapped Dan Moroboshi and forced him to reveal the secret of his beam attack so they could install it in their copy. The robot worked as planned but Dan escaped from their intended deathtrap, transformed into the real Ultraseven and made short work of his mechanical doppelganger. It was featured in episode 46 “The Duel: Dan vs. Seven”.

3. Ultraman Shadow

Ultraman Shadow was another evil Ultraman robot copy.  This time, it was created by the evil Alien Lady Benzene in the 1997 movie Ultraman Zearth 2 to defeat Ultraman Zearth who had thwarted the ambitions of her race previously. Though incredibly powerful, it was eventually destroyed in battle with the titular hero. It bears a slight resemblance in the face, eyes and ears to the Fake Ultraman/Alien Zarab but has a dark blue and yellow color scheme.

2. Evil Tiga

Evil Tiga appeared in episode 44 of Ultraman Tiga “The One Who Inherits the Shadows”.  He was a fusion of one of the ancient Ultra Warriors (much like Tiga himself) and a human being, Keigo Masaki. His intentions were not to protect humanity but to use the powers of the Ultra Warrior to guide humanity to a new, brighter future under his leadership.  However, he was not able to control the power once fused on went out of control, leading to a confrontation with Ultraman Tiga.

1. Ultraman Belial

Once, Belial was a young and powerful Ultraman but he tried to steal energy from the Ultra Spark that gives all Ultramen their powers and keeps the Land of Light alive. He was also infused with evil Reionyx energy, giving him the power to control monsters and twisting him entirely to evil. After a massive battle, he was imprisoned but released years later to carry out his revenge.  He was defeated by Ultraman Zero but escaped into another universe where he set himself up as a Galactic Emperor, Kaiser Belial and began conquering planet after planet until once more stopped by Ultraman Zero, this time backed by a group of allies he collected known as Ultimate Force Zero.

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Trailer Shot-By-Shot pt. 3

Part 1 and Part 2.

Even Evil Agent Lady didn’t know he was going to shoot.


Not gonna think about who’s blood she’s got on her face and who it might be to trigger that expression…

1x09  Wynonna punches Doc. Doc takes it. Clootie claps.

Pretty sure this is Season 1? Confrontation between Bobo and Clootie in front of that bridge.

I think this is S2 Doc- his hair looks a little longer in some of the other S2 shots.


As steamy as this is, it also looks like they might be in some kind of decontamination shower, so maybe not what it looks like…

More webs…

Same location as first scene in the trailer?

Creepy cult-y dudes at the homestead.

Cult dudes (bad guys, obv.) at a firestation?

Serious talk with Dolls and Waverly.  Sounds like Waverly might get insight into the movements of their enemies from being under the influence of the Goo? Hope that’s true.

Part 4



Imagine you own a flower shop and you always bring flowers to Happy’s mother, and Happy repays you with dinner (Part 1) (Part 2) (Last Part)

Imagine being Chibs’ daughter and you have a serious thing for Happy. (Part 1) (Last Part)

Imagine Happy getting you a puppy.

Imagine being Happy’s daughter and being a grifter like Sophie from Leverage.

Imagine being Happy’s Old Lady and your daughter from a previous relationship calls him daddy for the first time.

Imagine being SAMCRO‘S Sweetheart and they think you’re really dainty until you beat a crow up for running her mouth.

You embarrass yourself in the elevator in front of Happy. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

Imagine your dad, Happy, teaching you how to drive.

Imagine you’re Happy’s Old Lady, and you two see who can last the longest without sex.

Happy Imagine Based on the song Nothing Without Her by Nelly.

Imagine meeting Happy on the side of the road. (Part 1)    (Part 2)

Imagine Happy finding you self-harming. *TRIGGER WARNING*

Imagine you get stood up for your prom and slow dance with Happy.

Imagine Phone Sex with Happy.

Imagine a crow flirts with Happy.

Imagine Meeting Happy in the Hospital While Waiting For Your Appointment


Having a daughter from a previous relationship and she calls Juice dad for the first time.

Imagine your daughter’s want to hear a story about how you met their fatherm Juicem for the first time. *After Juice Dies*

Juice seducing you while you’re playing video games.

Imagine you are Juice’s Old Lady, the daughter of Gemma and you find out they are all dead.

Imagine you give Juice a pair of your panties for a run.

Imagine you go with Juice when he tells the club what he did and then you all beat up Potter and Roosevelt.


Imagine Tig finding out you haven’t been enjoying sex anymore and he finds a way to spark things back up.

Imagine being childhood friends with Chibs and Tig instantly takes a liking to you for your fierceness. 

Imagine Tig accidentally hurts his Old Lady during sex.

Imagine the guys met you during a charity event where you  helps troubled youths, and Tig falls for you.

Imagine you‘re Tig‘s girlfriend and all of the guys go to see you fight.

Imagine dating the son of a Mayan and you’re the daughter of a SON.


Imagine you’re Jax and Tara’s daughter and they find out you have been sneaking out to see your boyfriend that they didn’t know you have.

Jax Smut

Imagine being Jax’s daughter and he finds out you’ve been drinking.

Imagine you dress up, just because you wanted to, and Jax yells at the prospects for flirting with you.

Jax Imagine based on the song I Know You by Skylar Grey.

You’re Jax’s unwanted daughter and the club treats you bad but after a shooting at school they see their mistake.

Imagine being Jax’s unwanted daughter, and there being a shot out but instead of living you die. That’s when everyone realizes their mistakes.

Imagine being Jax and Tara’s daughter and afraid to tell them that you’re pregnant so you go to Gemma for advice.

 Imagine being Jax’s daughter but never knowing since he passed before you were born, but you find out and confront your mom. (Part 1) (Part 2)  (Part 3)

Imagine beating up a crow, and when you go home you show Jax just who he belongs to.

Imagine being Jax’s 6 month pregnant Old Lady and getting kidnapped.

Imagine being mute and saying I love you to Jax on your wedding day.


Imagine being Otto’s daughter and you run back to Charming for safety were Kozik becomes very protective of you.

Imagine your Happy’s little sister and you have feelings for Kozik but your brother doesn’t approve, until he shows he can protect you.

Imagine you are Jax’s daughter and Tig’s god daughter and they catch you having sex with Kozik.

Imagine you catch Kozik’s attention because of your Chevy Nova and you two fall in love.

Imagine Birthing Class with Kozik.

Imagine being Bobby’s daughter and falling in love with Kozik.


Imagine based on the song Wanted by Hunter Hayes for Chibs.

Having a breakdown and Chibs letting you take your time to talk to him, then you both say ‘I love you’ for the first time. *TRIGGER WARNING*

Imagine shower sex with Chibs.

Imagine after things settle in Charming your Old Man, Chibs, takes you to Ireland and Scotland to see where he grew up.

Chibs feeling Insecure but you reassure him.

Suprising Chibs by getting a tattoo of his name.

You’re Chibs’ daughter and in an abusive relationship, everyone finds out and the guys have a ‘chat’ with your boyfriend.

Imagine having sex with Chibs using strawberries and whip cream.

Imagine being Chibs’ daughter who knows Gaelic and the others get mad because they don’t understand.

Imagine getting locked up and Chibs is always visiting, and writing you.

Chibs Imagine based on the song She Rides by Danzig.

Imagine getting pregnant after a one night stand with Chibs and you see him years later.


Imagine your first dance with Opie on your wedding.

Imagine Opie taking care of you when you’re sick.


Imagine Bobby bringing you to your first SAMCRO party and a hangaround bothers you because he doesn’t believe that you could be with Bobby.


Imagine spending a day with Half-Sack at the beach.

Imagine asking Half-Sack to tie you up during sex, but he is still super sweet.


You’re always nice to them but the guys forget your birthday and you snap, then they realize their mistake.

You’re a friend of the club and have a rude step father and the club sees the way he treats you.

Imagine having a girl’s day with Gemma and you see her hit Cherry in the face with the skateboard.

Imagine the guys only listen to rock ‘n’ roll but you introduce them to some N.W.A.

Imagine baking and the guys keep trying to steal everything.

Imagine you and your friend find a box of puppies, then the guys each pick out their own.

Newborn Princess

Newborn Princess Masterlist

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what are your theories on the fight because i have some of my own and i wanna compare w someone

i really. dont think it was from a homophobic stance. i, personally, do not think elias is homophobic. because when he was talking to sana about how good yousef is, he said “he treats everyone with respect” which was important to him. why would he say that just a clip before (i think it was just 1 clip?) just to be in a fight the next clip over homophobia? i dont think thats how itd go. at least thats not how i want it to go. because i think elias is good. i have faith in him.

now here’s my main theory. mikael was there. he was out during the fight, right? i think isak started it. or mikael. i think it’s possible that either 1) isak confronted mikael because he recognized him. isak also turned around and saw the balloon squad, when he noticed even’s reaction during karaoke. i think isak put it all together then, and THAT is why isak went up to sing with him. i think the other boys in the boy squad realized something was up, and that’s why they joined in too. so i think it’s possible that isak saw him, and confronted him about something in someway. because isak can be hotheaded and straight forward. he can do things without thinking sometimes. plus we all know he’d do anything for even.

or, 2) mikael confronted isak and/or even. although i’m? not sure he would? since one of the balloon squad boys went to say something about even in their youtube video, and mikael told them to stop. so i don’t really think mikael started anything, it’s just a possibility.

Mass Effect 2 Asks: Shepard + Companions

(Notes: As ME2 has a fuckton of companions, the full count is thirteen, I’ve downgraded the amount of questions from 5 to 3. Also, Kasumi and Zaeed are DLC only, specify in the tags if you didn’t play with them! Lastly, for any companions that appear in the other mass effect games, i.e Tali and Garrus, these questions pertain to ME2 only)

All companions
1. Who survived the suicide mission? If there were deaths, how did they affect your Shepard?

1. What did your Shepard think about Jack’s incredible biotic power? Were they alarmed? Impressed?
2. Did your Shepard allow Jack to kill Aresh, the man in her cell at Pragia? Did they do what they believed to be best for Jack?
3. How did Jack’s abrasive temperament affect your Shepard’s relationship with her? Were they put off or did they attempt a friendship?

1. Did your Shepard believe that Garrus’ attempt to stand up to the Merc groups on Omega was a worthwhile fight or a hopeless one? What did they think of his team?
2. What did your Shepard think about Sidonis? What happened to him?
3. Did your Shepard’s relationship with Garrus change throughout the events of Mass Effect 2? Did they become closer or drift away?

1. How did your Shepard react to Miranda’s genetic “perfection”? Do they believe that no being can truly be perfect?
2. Did Oriana and Miranda’s protection of her change your Shepard’s view of Miranda? Does your Shepard have siblings they would ceaselessly protect, like Miranda and Oriana?
3. How close were your Shepard and Miranda? Why drew them together or apart?

1. What kind of effect did speaking with a Geth have on your Shepard? Were they unsettled?
2. How did your Shepard choose to deal with the Geth heretics? What was their motivation for the decision? Fear? Respect?
3. Did your Shepard’s opinion of Legion change from the beginning of ME2 to the end or did it stay the same?

1. What did your Shepard think about Jacob’s switch from the Alliance to Cerberus? Did they understand his frustration with the regulations of Cerberus?
2. What become of Ronald Taylor and how did your Shepard decide what to do with Jacob’s father?
3. Did your Shepard see eye-to-eye with Jacob or did they disagree often? How close were they?

1. Did your Shepard assure Tali that they didn’t want to be working with Cerberus or did they tell her it was the right choice?
2. How did your Shepard handle the charges of treason against Tali? Did they relate to her struggle to make people listen to her?
3. How did your Shepard see Tali at the end of ME2? How would they describe her?

1. How did your Shepard react to Mordin’s internal struggle with his work on the genophage? Did they think he should move on or attempt to atone?
2. How did meeting Maelon influence your Shepard’s decision to either save or destroy his data? Did Maelon survive?
3. Did your Shepard like Mordin? Were they comfortable around him? Why or why not?

1. How did your Shepard react to the news of Thane’s terminal illness?
2. Was Kolyat what your Shepard imagined him to be? How was he alike or different than what they pictured?
3. What kind of attachment did your Shepard form with Thane, if any at all? Were they friends? Enemies?

1. What was going through your Shepard’s mind when they let the massive, volatile Krogan war baby out of his tank?
2. Did your Shepard approve of the Krogan “puberty” ritual? What did they think of it?
3. What kind of relationship did your Shepard form with Grunt by the end of ME2? Did they form a relationship at all with him?

Samara (#2 & #3 are N/A if she was killed in the confrontation with Morinth)
1. What did your Shepard think about the Justicars? Did they consider it an outdated organization?
2. Why did your Shepard choose Samara over Morinth? How did they feel about their decision?
3. How did your Shepard get along with Samara? Did their choices conflict with Samara’s morals?

Morinth (#2 & #3 are N/A if she was killed in the confrontation with Samara)
1. How did your Shepard view the Ardat-Yakshi? Powerful allies or dangerous foes? 
2. Why did your Shepard choose Morinth over Samara? How did they feel about their decision?
3. What did your Shepard think of Morinth? Were they uneasy around her?

Zaeed (N/A if The Price of Revenge DLC wasn’t played)
1. How did your Shepard feel about Zaeed’s mercenary career? Did they approve of mercs?
2. Did your Shepard allow Zaeed to kill Vido? How did they make their decision?
3. How well (or badly) did your Shepard get along with Zaeed? 

Kasumi (N/A if the Stolen Memory DLC wasn’t played)
1. What did your Shepard think of Kasumi’s incredible thieving reputation? Did they trust her?
2. What did your Shepard tell Kasumi to do with the Keiji’s greybox and why?
3. Did your Shepard establish a friendship with Kasumi? Did they speak often or rarely? 

Other Mass Effect Asks: Shepard + Companions (ME1), Shepard + Companions (ME3)

Dragon Age Asks: Warden + Companions, Hawke + Companions, Inquisitor + Companions

maliciouslittlelover  asked:

I need your advice, a girl is in love, with the boy I love. And I don't know what to do, she's much closer to him than I am. I'm extremely worried she'll win. This ongoing war between us is getting dangerous, she's lying about me, she's spreading rumours and worst of all, she is popular. If you could spare some time letting me know how you'd solve this, that'd be wonderful!!! Ps I love your account!!

Hm. Well.

Quite a predicament…

This is a bit long sorry~

Focus on the boy you love. While she’s over there sprouting shit left and right, you can lovingly stay by his side. She can say whatever she wants as long as it doesn’t effect your relationship with your love. 

If it is, however, you can do a few things.

1) Confront her.

Most people are absolute pusses when it comes to confrontation. Make sure you know the rumor comes from her, confront her, and call her out for being a cunt. Though she is popular, it shouldn’t matter what those other people think about you. Everyone hates bitches that spread shit for no reason.

2) Make sure your love knows what’s happening.

Never hurts to play the victim card, right? Tell him about how she’s hurting you with all of these rumors. About how you haven’t done anything to her.  Though they are close, it does make people…re-think a few things.

“Is she really doing this?” “Should i trust her?” “Is she doing this to me too?”


Confessing is the scariest thing known to man, i know, but if she does it first you’re going to be sitting there bitter for the entire relationship. Trust me. This happened to me about 3 times with the same person, and it turns out that he liked me all along too. 

If you feel that your feelings might be reciprocated… take the chance!!

If he says no, continue to grow close to him. Eventually his feelings will reverse! 

(though it would be a little healthier at that point for you to try and find someone else who’s worth your time.)

That’s all i can think of for now~

If anyone wants to jump in, just add onto the post~