confrontation 1

  • batman, after either one (1) person he cares about gets a little shot one (1) time or one (1) personal failure or when confronted with one (1) emotional dilemma: total nervous breakdown, locks himself in a cave for a week, debates putting down the cowl and/or making some other incredibly badly thought-out life change, ices his interpersonal relationships, probably plans to move to guatemala because nothing in life matters and death is inevitable
  • everyone, meanwhile: batman's always so reliable, nothing ever gets to him. he's like a rock. i wonder if he even has feelings



All the members:

[Mini-serie]: They cheating on you | You confront them: (PART 1) (PART 2) (PART 3) (PART 4)

BTS vs Their older sister

You texting them about their baby pictures

You are uncomfortable calling them oppa and instead of that you call them hyung even when you are not a boy

You fell asleep while talking to them and they’re freaking out 

You have a social disease

April Fools Day Texts

Taehyung, Yoongi and Namjoon cheering you up after reading fan hate



You’re Yoongi’s sister and Jungkook flirts with you

You’re worry about them 

They say a lot of horrible things about you after a huge fight

When they (fuckboys) want to date you: [Hyung line] [Maknae line]

They talk to you in Spanish because you’re latina

You fangirling about DNA


You break up with him because of the sasaeng fans



You fangirling about his mixtape

He likes you but thinks you like another member 

Yoongi helping you with your best friend death texts: |PART 1| |PART 2|

S/o goes to America [1] [2] maybe a [3]

Finding out you were a famous youtuber

You two are in secret relationship and he gets jealous when Namjoon flirts with you

He forgets your birthday because he’s busy with Suran: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4/EPILOGUE)

Late night cheesy texts


You pranking him with “I am not the only one” lyrics by Sam Smith

He finds out that you’re not that innocent and start to make 18+ jokes with you

He cheers up his best friend

Boyfriend texts

He misses you after two days of the break up 


Helping you with your shyness

You fell out from the stage in your Mama’s performance



Jimin angst texts

You are Yoongi’s little sister and he find out you have been dating Jimin for 6 months

Jimin birthday texts

Jimin texting you while you are on class

Best friend text [1]



You should have believed me



He jealous over Monsta’s X Wonho

Childhood Friend AU: He misses you after 4 years without communication

He wanting to meet your family


Jungkook’s graduation texts: |PART 1| PART 2|

Jugkoook being a weird boyfriend

Bestfriend text [1]

He teasing you when your’re jealous

[Serie] When the heart speaks: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)

Poly Relationships:

Seokjin and Yoongi: [1] [2]

Yoongi and Jimin: [1] [2]

Taehyung and Hoseok | Birthday Surprise |

Namjoon and Seokjin

Hoseok and Jimin

Seokjin and Jungkook: [1] [2] [3]

Yoongi and Hoseok

Jimin and Jungkook

Taehyung and Jungkook: [1] [2]

Yoongi and Namjoon: [1] [2]

Namjoon and Jimin

Yoongi and Taehyung

Namjoon and Hoseok: [1] [2]


BTS reaction to their girlfriend crying in a concert

BTS reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a song

BTS reaction to their girlfriend being apassionate about games, art and anime

BTS reaction to you being into thigh riding

BTS reaction finding out you have a good singing voice

BTS reaction finding your sketches of him

BTS reacting to you being shy about your freckles

BTS reacting to s/o not knowing how to use chopsticks

WolfAU!: BTS reaction to a vampire approaches to their girlfriend

WolfAU!: BTS reaction to another male wolf tries to take their girlfriend away from them

BTS reaction to you being ticklish when cuddling

MafiaAU: BTS reaction to you coming home crying because a member of the rival gang tortured you

BTS reaction to their s/o curled up scared of a big storm

BTS reaction to finding a mommy cat with a broken leg and six kittens 

BTS reaction to rejection you and then regretting it

BTS reaction to you giving them a bj while a important work meeting

BTS reaction to their s/o having plump lips


Yoonmin Lockscreen

Namjin Lockscreen

Vhope Lockscreen 


Vhope Instagram Edit

Jikook Instagram Edit



All the members:

[Mini-serie]: | They cheating on you | You confront them: [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART 4]

You are uncomfortable calling them oppa and instead of that you call them hyung even when you are not a boy

When they accidentally confess to you


Jackson and you as a couple

Poly Relationships:

Mark and Jackson: [1] [2] [3] [4]


GOT7 reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a concert

GOT7 reaction to you being into thigh riding

WolfAU: GOT7 reaction to a vampire approaches to their girlfriend



All the members:

They are jealous over BTS/GOT7

[Mini-serie]: | They cheating on you | You confront them: [PART 1] [PART 2] [PART 3] [PART4]


Chanyeol being protective when youre hanging out with another guy


Sehun being protective when youre hanging out with another guy

Poly Relationships: 

Kyungsoo and Sehun 


EXO reaction to their ex girlfriend idol dissing them in a song

EXO reaction to you liking thigh riding



SEVENTEEN reaction to saying something dirty/18+



Scenario: He neglects his girlfriend [PART 2]

i find the juxtaposition between jace and alec in 2x13 worth noting because on paper jace has often been positioned as a rebel/rule breaker while alec has always been positioned as a stickler for rules. but jace is actually the one who has trouble confronting authority directly; he may skirt the rules, but he often bends under direct orders – usually because those orders come from what he perceives to be a family member (first valentine, then imogen). given jace’s troubled upbringing this makes sense, but i was surprised that we saw it play out and acknowledged on screen. i do hope jace gains a healthier relationship with authority figures than he currently has; in this sense, i feel like it’ll be good for both of them that alec is now effectively his boss – someone in a position of power he can actually trust.

alec meanwhile has confronted authority since day 1. he has literally gone head to head with everyone from his father, his mother, all the way to the inquisitor. i feel like for alec, his arc isn’t necessarily about him learning to challenge authority so much as it’s about him learning which authority needs to be challenged and for what purpose. 2b is the first time we’ve seen him realize that the clave needs to be confronted just as much as his parents over their racism/homophobia and once he finally makes that connection, he doesn’t hesitate. now that alec is running the place, he only has to answer to Idris and i’m curious if we’ll see that happen down the line, especially knowing the plot in the books where the Downworlders ultimately gain seats on the Clave Council. it would be interesting to see Alec work against the Clave itself to help push this policy forward.

NCT Real Life Master List



CONFRONTATION PART 1: Do you truly know who will win?

So. Here is the 3rd sequel/installment of Mistaken Identity and Manipulation. I’ve decided to call the series, which I will guarantee will be seen till the end of this idea of mine, as “Intrusion”, which the reason is pretty obvious. Will also tag them all by #intrusioncomic so navigation to the comic will be easy.

Thank you for the people who supported me and encouraged me to do this comic! Hope you’re liking it so far! You can comment your thoughts about it lol hasdhosdakd Also the comic’s pretty long.

Part 2 (x)

(Also, a little note I hope y'all saw: Dark coming to the prison wearing the ‘Lucky Flannel’ is basically a slap to the face to Mark. )

okay but if the second scene wasn’t a dream and dennis was dancing up to mac, mac clearly got into it in real life, and dennis could tell that mac was into it, like he could see mac appreciating him hardcore - and now mac is Gay and Out and there’s no hiding that he’s into dennis like that anymore, and dennis still went and writhed shirtless in front of him, Fully Aware that mac was gonna notice that and be like ‘nice, im into this’

Fully Aware, in the context of their entire twelve seasons of interactions, that the odds of mac being into him are nonzero odds

and then he slammed the door in mac’s face

you can’t hide from your feelings forever dennis

Memeing the Enneagram Neuroses

Shame/Image-Projection Triad
In the shame-anxiety triad, 2 and 4 are characterized by the different ways they lean from the vanity of 3 – 2, toward others in order to receive love, and 4, toward the melancholy of the uniqueness of the self, both leaning away from the external/objective achievement as placation for the ego that characterizes the 3’s more object-oriented vanity. 

2 feels shameful if they aren’t perceived as helpful, receiving love/help/validation by loving/helping/validating
- 3 feels shameful if they aren’t perceived as successful, being validated by objective achievements
4 feels shameful if they aren’t perceived as unique, special, or talented in some way

Fear/Overthinking Triad
In the fear-anxiety triad, 5 and 7 are similarly characterized by the ways they lean away from the fear of 6 – 5, toward the inner depths of mind because they fear the unknown, and 7 toward the breadth of external possibility because they fear being deprived of potential joy. 6 is caught in the pseudo-paranoid landscape between the fear of not knowing something well enough and not knowing enough experience.

5 obsesses about details because they fear being overwhelmed by them (’the devil is in the details’)
6 fears the experience of fear and applies this pre-anxiety about anxiety to reality by relying on existing systems (or building new ones) for support 
7 fears being deprived of basic joy, seeking objective distraction to avoid confronting the turbulent reality of their own minds

‘Angery’/Instinctual Triad
In the anger-anxiety triad, 8 readily expresses their anger, reveling in confrontation, experiencing anger as passion and remaining confrontation-ready. 1 tries to control the expression of their anger, channeling it into perfectionism and an over-attachment toward the most correct way to conduct oneself. Both of these expressions lean away from the denial of anger as valid, the over-attachment to calm and repression of anger that characterizes the 9.

8 is angery if you try to control them
9 is angery if you disturb their peace of mind (and the number one thing that disturbs it is their own anger so they repress it)
1 is angery because you’re doing everything wrong

The Basic Bitch/Normie Triangle
- 3s are most out of touch with confidence in their own feelings (center of feeling/shame triad).
- 6s are most out of touch with confidence in their own minds (center of thinking/fear triad).
- 9s are most out of touch with confidence in their own instincts (center of instinctual/anger triad).

The comparison everyone is wanting to make...

I’ve been seeing a bit of Trevor v Mickey comparison and while I definitely think there is NO comparison, I think it’s important to point out exactly why I feel this way. I’ve also seen a rising effort to defend Trevor (which is fine. After all, half of my blog is defending Mickey and Ian, so I’m definitely not judging the effort.) BUT I have some problems with Trevor and I think it’s important that people fully understand the objections against him because some people try to frame any criticism against him as transphobia… 

Guys, frankly, I think putting Trans people on a pedestal and allowing them to do whatever they want or say whatever they want regardless of how other people are affected is another kind of Transphobia. Being afraid you’ll make a transphobic comment, and so defending someone who is in the wrong is another kind of transphobia. It doesn’t automatically make you a racist if you have a beef with someone who happens to be of a different ethnicity, and it doesn’t make a man automatically a sexist for disagreeing with a woman, right? Well, it’s also okay to dislike a Trans person separate from their gender identity or expression. My beef with Trevor is 110% separate from his gender identity, and I hope I prove it to you.

What is the difference between Trevor and Mickey? I’ve seen a few times that people tried to excuse Trevor being an asshole because Mickey is also an asshole. And they’re not wrong. Mickey IS an asshole, albeit a charming one.

I don’t want anyone to confuse that my defense of Mickey is saying he’s a saint, or trying to claim that his actions are not still wrong when they are; Mickey does a lot of things that are really morally questionable, and my defense of these actions are simply my way of explaining why he should not be automatically condemned as a “bad person” for these actions and instead we need to open a dialogue about the motivation behind these actions. A lot of our criminals, I’m sure, are like Mickey who do have pretty good reasons for their questionable behavior, though of course no one would accept those excuses in real life, so we have to open those discussions in our media.

Trevor, that we know of, doesn’t have these reasons motivating his hurtful actions. He has a stable job, he works with homeless LGBTQIA+ youth, he likes going out and having a (responsible) good time, he has a group of peers that loves and supports him for who he is… So his brand of asshole is different from Mickey’s because from what we know of Trevor, he doesn’t have a reason for being that way. Yes he is Trans, yes he faces discrimination and opposition, and that would turn anyone defensive. And there are a couple of passes that I will give Trevor for being an asshole to Ian, for example the first time they meet. But have we been given enough information to excuse how he treats Ian over the five episode arc he’s in? In my opinion, absolutely not.

So where’s my offense?

A key difference between Mickey and Trevor: Mickey never manipulates Ian into doing anything. Ever. Mickey never tried to drag Ian into the drug ring, Mickey never tricked Ian into going on a run, Mickey didn’t give Ian an ultimatum when Ian didn’t want to do something he wanted to do in bed in order to force Ian into having sex the way he wanted to or not at all… the list goes on. Mickey never forced Ian to do anything. 

In fact they each kind of followed each other’s lead the whole time. Mickey didn’t want kisses so Ian didn’t push. Ian didn’t want to use the anal beads and Mickey didn’t push. Ian finally said after two years that he wanted kisses and it looked like Mickey was ready to try it and wasn’t forced. The one time anyone pushed anyone to do anything in this show was Ian pushing Mickey to come out and I still argue that he didn’t mean for that to go down the way it did. 

Trevor was unsatisfied with a platonic friendship with Ian, who was clearly uncomfortable with having a sexual relationship with him. And I’ve seen some people accusing Ian of being transphobic for this. Ian is not transphobic. Ian is uneducated and so is uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. There is a difference. And he is unsure if he would be sexually attracted to this man because he doesn’t understand Trevor as a sexual person and also probably never thought about if he would be attracted to a trans man. Transgenderism is completely new on Ian’s radar so ALL of this information he’s taking in is coming at him at once and sometimes is being relayed in a really unhealthy/condescending way. 

 What really disgusts me is the ultimatum that Trevor put forward when Ian made it clear that he was uncomfortable. Despite the mixed signal from a drunken makeout session, which Ian set straight the next morning but Trevor was having none of, Ian didn’t push a sexual relationship with Trevor. Trevor presumed a mutual sexual attraction and refused to listen to Ian’s discomfort or feelings in general. Instead of understanding that Ian is immersing himself in subject matter that he is uninformed of, and tackling a subject that is bewildering to him, Trevor expects entirely too much from Ian all at once. He expects Ian to basically go from being fixated on Trevor’s genitalia and trying to understand Trevor’s sexuality and identity, to having sex with him and being okay with it. That is a huge leap that Trevor is unfairly expecting Ian to tackle. 

Mickey on the other hand, never forced Ian to do anything he didn’t want to do. He fought tooth-and-nail for Ian to continue going unmedicated until it was clear that Ian being unmedicated was dangerous for himself and others. Mickey listened to what Ian wanted and tried to give him that because Mickey listened to Ian’s wants instead of assuming he knew what was best or that Ian’s wants would coincide with his own. I feel that a lot of people ignore Ian’s feelings throughout the whole series (including fans watching the show). Take for example Ian and Trevor in general. People ignore Ian’s discomfort due to his first real encounter with transgenderism and try to push him into being excited to be with someone he doesn’t understand! That makes no sense. And instead of hearing that Ian is uncomfortable, people hear that Ian is transphobic or people hear Trevor wants to be with Ian and therefore Ian needs to give the guy what he wants because, bless him, he’s Trans and automatically deserves Ian’s affections. 

Yes. T.V. needs more trans representation and a part of that representation is to give trans characters a romantic plotline to show that love and relationships with Trans people are normal and just as valuable as relationships with cis people. BUT if the love interest has to persuade the cis-gender love interest to have sex with them and is going to throw a hissy fit when the cis person is uncomfortable, then forget it. That is HORRIBLE representation. Not all representation is good and we have the right to be picky about representation, especially for a community that is still so controversial to the mass audience and whose issues are only just now starting to be received. (I as a bi person am very frustrated at how little representation there is for bi people at ALL much less positive representation *cough* Caleb *cough*)

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Timshel: Arrow 5x18 Review (Disbanded)

I love Mumford and Sons. They are one of my favorite bands. If you ever get the chance to see them live, please do. They are one of the rare talents who actually sound better in person. One of my favorite songs is “Timshel.” (Their live performance is stunning.) I always think of Oliver Queen and John Diggle whenever I hear this song.

Timshel by Mumford and Sons

Cold is the water
It freezes your already cold mind
Already cold, cold mind
And death is at your doorstep
And it will steal your innocence
But it will not steal your substance

But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand

And you are the mother
The mother of your baby child
The one to whom you gave life
And you have your choices
And these are what make man great
His ladder to the stars

But you are not alone in this
And you are not alone in this
As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand
Hold your hand

But I will tell the night
And whisper, “Lose your sight”
But I can’t move the mountains for you

The word “timshel” was in the back of my mind as I watched “Disbanded.” John Steinbeck built his entire novel “East of Eden” around it. “Timshel” is referenced in the story of Cain and Abel.  It’s a Hebrew word that means “Thou mayest.” It has a variety of definitions, even in Hebrew, but Steinbeck settled on “Thou mayest” because of the meaning behind it. The character Lee, a Chinese servant, explains in “East of Eden”:

“But the Hebrew word, the word timshel—'Thou mayest'—that gives a choice. It might be the most important word in the world. That says the way is open. That throws it right back on a man. For if "Thou mayest'—it is also true that ‘Thou mayest not.’” (24.2.73)

Ultimately, it is free will Steinbeck is exploring. “Thou mayest” means mankind is neither compelled to be good nor doomed to evil. We have a choice. Mumford and Sons is exploring the same theme in their song- all we have are our choices. And that is how John Diggle reaches Oliver Queen tonight.

Let’s dig in…

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Top 10 anime guys

Thank you @lexinthymia for tagging me again! I wanted to limit this to one character per series; it was hard but here we are! Also, I will admit that some of these choices are not only based on the anime these character were in, but also what happened to them later on the manga (if the anime stopped at a certain point). I probably went into more detail about each of these guys then I needed to and their will be some spoilers for certain series, but I love talking about them!

Honourable mention who didn’t make it on to the list: Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul), D (Vampire Hunter D), Karou Hitachiin and Tameki Suoh (Ouran Highschool Host Club), Germany (Hetalia), Ling Yao (Fullmetal Alchemist), and a whole smattering of characters from BLEACH.

10. Kiyosama ‘Crow’ Senji - Deadman Wonderland

Originally posted by kaizoku-niiichan

Senji’s the biggest badass in the whole series and had some of the best fights. I love his character arc and how he basically become an older brother-figure to Ganta; their friendship has become on of my favourite BROTPs ever. It also helps that he’s voiced by Patrick Seitz, one of my favourite voice actor of all time.

9. Vash the Stampede - Trigun

Originally posted by kaworubunga-surfs-up-shinji-kun

There are very few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute goofball the next without it feeling jarring to me. Vash is one of these few, and he’s brilliant because of it. All of his actions, whether they’re serious or comedic, make sense to his character - his mystery and loneliness is as much a part of him as his eccentricities and obsession with donuts. And he has a awesome character design to boot!

8. Johan Liebert - Monster

Originally posted by yuzuqi

Johan is such a masterfully crafted character, to the point where you can feel his presence even when he is off panel/screen. He’s present in everyone of the character actions, the puppet master behind the scenes. There’s also his intriguing relationship with his twin Nina, which brings out the very few sympathetic parts of him. He’s low on the list because I haven’t  finished either the anime or manga yet, and while I definitely don’t ‘love’ him in any sense, but he’s somehow both captivating and distrubing all at once. I can’t wait to see how his character unfolds.

7. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist

Originally posted by paperlittlegirl

I had a hard time choosing between Edward and Ling Yao, but in the end I chose Ed because of how much development he went through. He’s inspiring in a lot of ways, with his steadfast determination and his relateable moral dilemmas, and he’s also one of the few characters that can be badass one minute and an absolute dork the next without it be jarring or taking away from his character. The bonds he shares with everyone only made me like him even more likeable and relateable, especially his relationships with Al, Winry, and Ling.

6. Levi Ackerman - Shingeki no Kyojin 

Originally posted by immanime

Levi has been through so much tradegy and loss. I can’t get over his past as a child (the fact he stayed by his mother’s bedside to the point where he tarved himself and was wearing her shirt, it makes me tear up every time) and with Farlan and Isabel (the emotions he diplayed after their deaths…oh God). His more recent development in the manga was amazing to see: he smiled at his comrades, learned more about his past, and the explosive rage he showed when he lost one of the dearest people to him had me in shock and awe. Also, the animation they put on this guy in both seaons is jaw-dropping a lot of the time.

5. Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama - Mob Psycho 100

Originally posted by anime-angel-lover

My second son! Mob is the heart and soul of this anime: he’s such a kind, likeable, and gentle character who only wants to fit in, make friends, and get the attention of the girl he likes. What I love most about Mob is his will to better himself whichever way he can and the hard work he’s willing to put into that goal. He doesn’t rely on his psychic powers to make friends, but as a result of not fully embracing that part of himself and fearing his own abilities, he haa emotionally hindered himself; it makes him incredibly sympathetic to me (I cried with him when he unintentionally tore the school apart and I cheered when he was reunited with Ritsu).

4. Ayame Sohma - Fruits Basket

Originally posted by fewtruevillains

This man and his glorious antics. Oh, Ayame…we go back a long way. Everything about this guy is just hilarious: his past as the student council president, his spontaneous displays of affect and drama, and his innuendos with Shigure. He never fails to put a smile on my face whenever he’s on screen! However, his serious moments are great too: they added a lot to him and I was 100% invested in his character arc and development (i.e. trying to reconcil with his actions made in the past and reconnect with his younger brother Yuki).

3. Makoto Sunakawa - Ore Monogatari!!

Originally posted by barragedanon

This guy is the very definition of ‘bro’. I love how supportive and caring he is towards Takeo. Heck, one of the highlights of both the anime and manga is the friendship between Suna and Takeo: Ore Momogatari!! is one of the rare shoujo series that actually focuses on another type of relationship outside of the main romance. I sense a genuine, platonic love from him to Takeo and vice-versa, and enhance both of them as character and the story as a whole. There’s also the fact he’s perceptive of those around him, often able to tell what kind of person an individual is, and his placid, calming attitude is a nice change of pace for what I usually find in shoujo male characters.

2. Guts - Berserk

Originally posted by casca-chan

Oh, Guts…Like a lot of character on this list, I love Guts for the fact he’s gone through so much tragedy and still strives forward. Why he’s higher on the list is because his tragedy is still ongoing but he’s moving forward growing as character in such realisitic and painful ways. He has a horrowing, painful past even before he got to the Band of the Hawk, and even after the events of the Eclipse, his life has been anything but a happy. He’s such a deep, magnificently-crafted character, and the closest I’ve seen to a ‘character become a real human in all of anime. Every emotion he expresses feels so real to me ( I have cried for him more time then I can count and I have no word to describe how I felt watching him suffering during the Eclipse), and of course this is helped tremendoul by Miruma’s incredible art. I wish I could say SO MUCH more about him, but we’d be here all day and this post is long enough as is. I wait freverently for the day he finally confronts Griffith!

1. Toshiro Hitsugaya - BLEACH

Originally posted by ulquimaniac

Well of course I was going to my fictional son at the top of this list! Okay, in all seriousness though, it’s been a weird journey with Toshiro. I started off being indifferent towards him, but when he revealed other facets of himself through the relationships he had with others (in particular his bond with Hinamori), I really started to like him. And now here we are, eight years later and I love this little guy so much that, as a fan of his, I am so proud of how far he has come. He’s one of the most selfless character I’ve seen, willing to put anything on the line for those he cares about and push himelf to his limit to become stronger…and he’s only a kid (by Shinigami standards)!! I could go on all day about him, but I’ll leave that to my other posts where I’ve talked about his character and development. He, along with Momo, holds a special, nostalgic place in my heart.

I tag @sakura-warrior, @herprettysmile, @ishiyo, @xxhanabifireworksxx  and @johnnysjoestar if you guys want to do this :D

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your writing! Could you write something f/f where one girl is practically in love with the other girl ( who's bi and has a boyfriend) and other girl thinks girl is hanging around because she wants her boyfriend, so other girl confronts her on it?

1) “Wait…you like me?”
“I did,” the girl replied, a bit put out. “Now I’m not so sure. If you think your boyfriend’s going to do something that’s probably something you should take up with him rather than assuming everyone’s out to steal your guy.”

2) The girl stared at her crush, a cold lump sticking in her throat. “Well, actually,” she said quietly, “I just liked spending time with you. I thought we were friends. Didn’t realise I was such a fucking bother to you.” 
“I-” the other girl faltered. “[Name-]
“Don’t. Just…don’t. Please. I’m going to go.”

3) “Jealous?” the girl interrupted her rant. “Because considering the way you look at me, I don’t quite know where you dare bitch to me about stealing your man.”
“I don’t -” Her heart slammed. But she did. She hated the thought of the girl liking [boyfriend’s name], especially when the girl liked him more than her. “That’s not what this is about. I’m not gay.” It was just dangerous to be around a girl that pretty. The stories agreed with her! The man-eaters and the harpies and the cheer-leader blondes always out to ruin everything for everyone else. 
“Well,” the other girl said, raising her brows, “I am. So trust me, your boyfriend’s probably safe.
“Yeah. Oh.” 

What is ASiB about

It’s been 5 years since ASiB and some people still don’t understand that it’s all about johnlock and really has nothing to do with Irene Adler except in terms of the damn case and her confronting John on his feelings for Sherlock.

Let’s back up to the events in the months directly before Irene came into the picture, shall we?

Sherlock and John were working and living together, solving cases, becoming closer, culminating in the poolside confrontation with Moriarty where 1) John was willing to sacrifice his life to save Sherlock 2) They agreed to die together and 3) There was major adrenaline-fueled flirting.

Then in the beginning of ASiB, we have an adorable montage of crime solving mixed with domesticity, taking place over the course of several months. We see Sherlock really interested in John’s blog. From flashbacks in TSoT, taking place during this same time period, we see Sherlock obsessing over John’s middle name. And he’s taken up smoking again hmmm. We’ve got Sherlock talking to John even when he’s not there, Sherlock skyping in a sheet, the giggling at Buckingham and in the cab. Sherlock steals an ashtray from the goddam Queen just to delight John.

So we have this big johnlock build-up, a huge amount of interest toward John from Sherlock, and an oblivious John pining away. Then Irene shows up, outsmarts Sherlock, throws a tantalizing case his way, AND reminds him that hey sex actually exists Mr. Transport.

Is it any surprise we get the reaction we do from Sherlock? He has an actual worthy adversary and interesting case that he can focus on in lieu of John, but John is never far from his mind either. And then there’s Irene- a femlock if there ever was one. A beautiful, intelligent, gay unicorn, but unlike Sherlock himself, Irene is someone that is actually in touch with and embraces her sexuality. She doesn’t repress it or fear it. For Sherlock, everything naturally gets all muddled.

But in spite of Irene’s presence in the episode, we continue to be drawn back to Sherlock and John. John’s feelings are easy in this because they’re obvious which is why I focus on Sherlock.

There was the beginning of the episode yes. There’s also his panicked reaction when John is threatened (and it’s a threat to John not Irene that affects Sherlock). Sherlock is extremely petty to Jeanette (John’s gf). Sherlock follows John everywhere. Sherlock looks at JOHN after he’s told to “impress a girl” and does his Bond Air deduction. Sherlock asks for John when he comes out of his mind palace. “I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me.” Mycroft reminds John that Sherlock has a heart and also reassures him that Irene is dead. The intense 221b scene.

And that’s not even CLOSE to everything. Literally look beyond Irene’s nudity and actually observe what happens in the episode. ASiB is just a fucking johnlock treasure trove. And anyone who has eyes for more than naked lady can see it.

Add your own johnlock scandal moments if you’d like!

Behind the scene of la Duodecima.

* Los captains, Sergio and Marcelo, motivated the squad before by urge them to play until the death and with cojones from 0:21 at 0:42.

* At 1:17 until 1:21, Sergio face up to Dani Alves. After, there are celebrations of Cristiano and Casemiro’s goals.

* At 1:58, confrontation between Sergio and Cuadrado. Sergio invited him to go at locker room. Marcelo came to calm down Sergio and asked to Varane to keep a close watch on Sergio.

* Isco show at 2:39. Dani Alves tried to catch him but he only chased Isco’s shadow. The Bianconeri player enjoyed it whereas the stadium screamed Isco’s name.

* Asensio lived all the occasion from the bench before to go on the pitch and scored the last goal of Real Madrid seasons. He couldn’t contain tears after at 3:05.

* Sergio kissed Isco at 3:34.

* Lucas Vazquez had an argument with a steward at 3:41, because the man didn’t let Macarena, Lucas’ girlfriend pass.

Así fue la conquista de la duodecima por los jugadores del Real.

I. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 1: Meetings]


Dionysus (THE MORTAL LOVING GOD) sees across the room, through throngs of people. Music shakes the ground, thrums up his veins, makes him feel like he has a beating heart. 

And The Boy (THE BRIGHT LIGHT, IMMORTAL WITH YOUTH), with laughter in him, is drunk on more than just wine. He looks the way Dionysus hopes these nights will let him feel. 

Instantly, in the air stolen from lungs, never to be recaptured, he’s in love.

He’s also across the room so Dionysus kisses the lips of his bottle instead.

II. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 2: Rumors and Background]


Those TWO (COLD TWINS) have knife sharp eyes and wicked teeth, that pull in and gut. Make you love and treat with reproach. 

Apollo has broken many hearts with love. A singing fire song.

(Artemis, does it by never giving love out at all. Quick in kindness, they fall at her knees in hope.)

Dionysus almost loves him on that alone, the wicked insanity of it all.

Rumors, of sweet ichor in his blood, wine that runs off lips, the heartless deity.

III. ACT ONE- Set Up [scene 3: The pull]


He’s dancing on a table and the music is in him.

All the colors, so blinding before, have become swings of his hips. Neon colored lipsticks and shades of shoved off couches are flushes of cheeks. 

Dionysus: lustful and drunk.

Throws himself into the night.

“Apollo,” is in the shell of his ear. A prayer for the night. Dionysus screams with religious ecstasy.

IV. ACT TWO- Confrontation  [scene 1: In the presence of]

Soft skin forms soft lips forms soft words forms soft poems.

Dionysus revels in beauty, swallows the sights down hard, and he is that.

V.  ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 2: In the absence of]


with a white sun burning eyelids red.

Quiet rings loud, reverberating off four walls of unfamiliar rooms. Ataste in the air is sweet and untouched, morning.

And a spot of tangled dark clothes on a spotless carpet.


VI. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 3: Way Home]

(Setting, specific): Sunrise air sticks hot. Thoughts cloud together on humid winds. 

Sepia skin hands. Icarus, they say fell from those hands.

Tight muscled calves, to soft skinned thighs. Daphne, they say, ran herself to death chasing love, trying to run from the agony.

- Oh and how Dionysus (A GOD, ON HEAVENLY CLOUD) knows he would too. 

To wake in a cold room, to shuffle cold feet along air conditioned tile, to walk the sun’s path home. 

In those eyes were every sorrow he’s ever met. In the hot puffed breathes was the last sin he’ll ever breathe. In the pink flash tongue was the last bits of warmth before a winter you won’t survive.

VII. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 4: Last thoughts (the oracle) ]


Dionysus knowing he will never find the path back to that place.

Starts the dance with a golden (enough) girl, her whispers, her teeth. “A virgin.”

There’s an ethereal step to her twirls. “Won’t be for long.”

Her neck smells of incense, her body writhes with hope.

Pain, in her eyes, in futures she sees. Wine, on her lips, sacrificed blood of her innocence.

Dionysus knows her. She is mortal.


VIII. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 5: Comforts]

DIONYSUS WATCHES, dances and laugh into a listening night.

He is a god, he knows, and these are his worshipers. 

The words slur out, drunk with love and ripe with wine: 

                          “You are all I’ve ever needed.”

IX. ACT TWO- Confrontation [scene 6: First thoughts]

The night is a lost concept.

The day is a halo rising, a crown on gilded hair. 

Dionysus couldn’t tell how he got here but nector rests on his lips. Hard knuckled hands glide out word. From this angle: the god is blinded, he cannot see. “A Poem.” he is told. He is not the muse.

 At this table. In this light.

Words wash over him, warm as cascading light through the window. 

Dionysus can already feel his heart breaking.

X. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 1: audience]

She watches him. She watches everything. Her teeth, her mind,  her eyes, her nails are sharp. 

She ghosts soft silver over wood forest floors.

“My brother is a god of poison and disease.” Her teeth glimmer white.

“He is not good for you.” Her voice comes out throaty and soft. 

“You are a wild animal. And he loves to hunt.”


XI. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 2: Drink, maybe]

Nights like this:

Loud with silence. Loud with thought. Life eats him raw. And wisps of almost memory curl tight in his mind with rebuke.

He is unstable. Unstable is he.

XII. ACT THREE- Resolution [scene 3: Next time]

Dionysus sees him across the room. Gold glints off bronze, even through the dull of lost souls he burns bright.

Dionysus kisses the lips of his bottle and drinks to drown.


anonymous asked:

why snowbarry instead of westallen?

I’m only about two seasons into The Flash (approx four or five episodes from the end of Season 2), but so far, it’s more the writing of Westallen which I don’t like, as the actors have okay chemistry. But in Season 1, Barry’s crush on Iris came across as completely one-sided, with no hint of romance on Iris’ end at all. Then Barry told her how he felt, and she chose Eddie. Then there was the episode where Barry time travelled for the first time, Iris said she had feelings for him, the day restarted and she chose Eddie again. Then, towards the end of Season 1, Barry confronted Iris about her feelings for him, she admitted they were there, and then she chose Eddie again. Three times she rejected Barry for Eddie, clearly indicating that Eddie was the one she loved.

So, the show had them both move on in Season 2, and it all came across as completely platonic. Iris was moving on from Eddie, and Barry seemed to be over his crush on her, which enabled him to become utterly smitten with Patty (another pairing I really loved). There had literally been no hint of Barry’s feelings towards Iris or vice versa, it seemed like the ship was well and truly buried, until Barry went to Earth 2, and discovered he and Iris were married, and now suddenly Iris is talking about how it’s “fate” and all the signs are pointing to her and Barry being together, and it’s coming across as the only reason she wants to be with Barry is because destiny or whatever is telling her to, and quite frankly, I hate that kind of reasoning. You shouldn’t be with someone because destiny tells you to, because you’re “fated to be”, but because you genuinely fall in love with someone and choose to commit to them. I know that they get together towards the end of Season 2, but for me, it’s dragging up a ship which was dead and buried.

I also don’t like that in Season 1, Iris deliberately gets in between Barry and Linda, basically coming off like she doesn’t want Barry, but she doesn’t want Barry to want anyone else. She basically wanted to keep him in her back pocket, while dating someone else. Ew.

Now, Barry and Caitlin on the other hand, are such a sweet pairing, or at least they could be if the show gave them a chance. I just feel like they really connect on a level he doesn’t connect with Iris on. They confide in one another, she talks to him freely about Ronnie (and Caitlin is someone who is quite closed off, something she has in common with Barry, who closes off when tragedy strikes), so to see her open up so much is amazing. She and Barry understand one another, he knows how to read her, she knows how to read him. They reassure one another, prop each other up, and are so natural and easy-going around one another. They just feel like this beautiful slow-burn, leading towards a relationship which could be so strong and deep, because it has groundings in this gorgeous friendship where the two parties connect with one another so well. Plus, I feel that Barry and Caitlin have far more chemistry than Barry and Iris. But that’s just my opinion.

Sanvers 2x17 Missing Scenes/Fix-it Fics

The Yoga Class –

Maggie’s POV on running into Emily –

Alex and Maggie wait at the restaurant for Emily –

Alex confronts Emily –

Alex calls Kara after confronting Emily –

Help You Heal 1: Alex has to leave to help Kara, and Maggie has to cope with being alone (ft. James, back from the war) –

Help You Heal 2: Alex doesn’t get called away and gets to keep comforting Maggie (ft. I love you) –

Alex protects Kara on the Daxamite ship –

Maggie and Emily talk, followed by deeply emotional and healing Sanvers smut –

Winn, Get Me a Wrench (Or, Maggie and Kara are concerned about Alex’s propensity for torture and send her to Sara Lance and Oliver Queen) –

Because I Love You (Part 2)

Originally posted by kane52630

 Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Batman X Reader 

 Words: 1.064

 Requested by anon:  Can you do an imagine where the reader is a close friend of Bruce Wayne and knows he’s Batman and he slowly starts noticing things that connect her to the criminal underworld. For example, he notices bruises on her whenever she practices her martial arts, or he sees footage of a woman that matches the way she fights. Or another time she covers her face joking around and she looks exactly like the woman in the wanted posters. And once he realizes it’s her, he confronts her.

 Part 1

 “So you assume that’s me?”

 “Yes. Plus, I’ve seen you fighting and I was sure then that those moved didn’t come out from a gym. Now I know how you learned them.”

 “Bruce, I’m not…”

 “And you were using what I taught you! How could I be so stupid? You walk like her, laugh like her, toss your hair like her! I allowed my feelings to blind me!” He’s yelling and all you do is close your eyes shut, finally accepting your double life is over.

 “I’m sorry, I…”

 “I should throw you in Belle Reve.” He interrupts you, bringing tears to your eyes. “Or Arkham.”

 “Bruce, please.” You dry your eyes with the back of your hand, but there are more tears rolling down. Your world is breaking apart and you didn’t think it would break you as well. You ain’t the cold person you tried to be. All the lying is over now. “What did you want me to do? I didn’t have money to live and that was the easiest way. I know I’m a-”

 “Money? It was all about money? Then why did you keep being a criminal after you met me?” This is the wealthy man talking, just like he’d give you anything you could possibly want. But no. You never wanted his money. Yours was more than enough. And you didn’t want him to think you like him because of his pocket. Your money is stolen, but it’s yours. “Don’t tell me what I know you’ll tell me. Tell the truth.”

 “The truth is I’ve been keeping the Joker away from you.”

 “And you don’t think I can deal with him.”

 “That’s not what I said.”

 You step forward, slowly, walking around the desk until you reach Bruce. But he steps back, his eyes locked in your pictures on the desk.

 “What will you do?”

 Silence. His silence hurts you more than anything. You’d rather the yelling.

 “That friend of yours yesterday. Who was him?”

 “Joker. He came pick me up to-”

 “You brought the Clown to my doorstep!” Bruce punches the desk, making you jump and step back, hitting your head on a shelf. You quickly cover the spot with your hand, avoiding Bruce’s eyes when he checks what happened. “Are you hurt?”

 “No.” Ignoring the humidity beneath your hand, you play the cold-hearted person he thinks you are. “Shall I run away, Batman?” You mutter as your eyes get slightly blur.


 “I said I’m not-” Before you can finish you’re pushed to the huge chair, forced to sit down and forced to let him see the wound on your forehead. There’s a lot of blood on your hand. Well, it couldn’t be better. Now you’re slower. How can run faster than him now?

 “You’ll need stitches.”

 “Why? Let me bleed to death since I’m going to jail.”

 “You have two options.” He starts, kneeling before you. Is it kindness in his eyes? You couldn’t tell. “Thirty minutes ahead of me when I get the stitches done. If I get you, it’ll be Belle Reve or Arkham.”

 “Second option?”

 “You stay here. Confined. You don’t get to go back to your house to pick up your things and you don’t get to leave your room without me.”

 “Let me get this right.” You let a small laugh escape, regretting it immediately thanks to the pain in your head. “It’s prison or prison.”

 “You better start thinking.”

 The stitches ache. But you’ve been worse. The bedroom Bruce gave you is quite comfortable. You do miss your clothes, though. Your jewels. It’s supposed to be a fresh start, said Alfred, who’s the one to bring you the meals. Bruce has doubled the cameras outside the mansion since Joker will probably try to ‘rescue’ you. But it’s been five days now, so he’s more likely enjoying his life without you.

 When you’re almost falling asleep, you hear footsteps and sit up, crossing your arms. Bruce’s expression is a mystery, so you just sit there. Breathing. Waiting. Hoping he doesn’t hate you.

 “Why, (Y/N)?”

 That question again. You tried to tell part of the truth, the part that wouldn’t make him hate you, but it’s not enough.

 “Do you still have any affection for me?” Your voice is weary. All this situation made you mentally exhausted.

 “If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here.” He reaches your arms, pulling them so he can hold your hands. This gesture surprises you, but you don’t want him to let go. “Why?”

 “The appeal.” You sigh, pretty aware that you’re breaking his heart. “The money, the adrenaline, people being afraid of me. It just got me and with time I was diving deeper. Didn’t think I could get out.”

 “If you seek money, I have it. If you seek adrenaline, try being a hero instead of a villain.”

 “I thought you didn’t like the word 'hero’.” Raising your eyebrows, your whole life light up when you see his smile. “See, bat-guy, you still like me.”

 “Don’t push it.”

 “I’m not pushing it. Just saying the truth.” Punching him playfully, you get up, heading to your bathroom to take a look at the stitches. Again. You’ve been losing some time thinking about the nice scar you’ll probably have. Not a big, nasty scar, just a tiny one. “Now that you’re here and the bad blood between us is over, can I at least have dinner in the yard?”

 “Didn’t you eat?”

 “Yes. Have you?”


 “Then I’ll eat again with you.” Leaving the bathroom, you take one of the coats Bruce bought you, once he did burn your old house with all your stuff in it.

 “Alright.” He opens the door for you, and you can tell by the look in his eyes that he expects you to run away. But you won’t. The thing is: your feelings for him are bigger than you thought and his love is more important than the adrenaline you had on your criminal life.

 “Let’s go then.” You move slowly, aware of his eyes on your back. “Believe me, Bruce, if I wanted to get away, I’d already start running.”

 “How can I be certain you won’t try?”

 “Because I kinda love you, bat-guy.” After those unexpected words leave your mouth, you quicken your pace, trying not to hear any reply.

 “If I didn’t love you back you wouldn’t be here.” You hear his low voice from somewhere behind you. You keep walking, too coward to look into his eyes now.

 “C'mon, just go get the food, Bruce.” Opening the huge glass wall that leads to the yard, you take a look back, just to catch Bruce’s eyes lingering on you.

 “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.” He states and disappears through the hall, leaving you alone to think about his words.

 Does he really love you? Is there an actual heart beneath that cold surface? You hope so. More than anything in your entire life, you hope so.



Ned/Sansa in GoT: Exact Same Story

I’m usually careful about criticizing Ned online as he’s an almost sacred figure in this fandom. However, Ned and his daughter have almost the same stoyline in Game of Thrones. The biggest difference between the two is that loyalty to his old family (Robert and Jon Arryn) drive many of Ned’s action while loyalty to her future family (Joffrey and Cersei) drive many of Sansa’s.

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