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Eye of the Hurricane: a Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

Requested? Yes (a quick note, this was a requested to be paired with “I Don’t Love You” by MCR, so it’s a bit dramatic. You can read with or without music, it will make sense either way, but I feel the music may enhance emotion within the piece)

In this imagine, the reader and Draco Malfoy hit a rough patch as the war begins. Vicious fights and survival are at the center of this story, as well as love, or a lack of love for protection. Sides are chosen, winds are high, and lives are at stake. All is calm in the eye of the hurricane, but even moments of peace must pass.

Y/N - your name
~~~ - indicates the passage of time

Warnings: language, dark content (death, violent arguments, confrontation, war)

Word count: 1,610


“Why are you acting like this?” I don’t even try to wipe the tears from my cheeks.

“You know nothing, I’m not acting like anything. This is me Y/N!” Draco opens his arms wide, voice raised angrily.

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Okay 2 things 1. Peter with a sarcastic s/o with a natural bitch face & wear flannels & combat boots is legit me & I screamed when I read that hc & 2. To add onto "I only take pictures of beautiful things" Jonathan hc, I can see him blushing & (1/3)

confronting his s/o about it & he was going to make it all serious like “Why do you take all these pictures of me?” but he just blushes & whispers “You think I’m beautiful?” & they’re just like “Did you read my bio?” “Yes” “Then you just answered your own question” & he’d blush so hard & shyly ask “I’m I prettier than the sunsets you post pictures of?” & you just smile “Jonathan you are my sunshine that’s why I stopped posting pictures of sunsets & all that” & just tears up bYE

first things first i’m crying and second you’d be like “come here” and he’d just sit on your lap and rests his head on your shoulder and sniffle softly before drying a tear that rolled down his cheek and you hold him really close and say “i don’t think i even knew what beautiful was before meeting you”   


the mortal instruments and shadowhunters parallels [1/?] - Clary confronting Alec about his feelings for Jace.

      “You should talk about selfish,” she hissed, so viciously that he took a step back. “You couldn’t care less about anyone in this world, Alec Lightwood. No wonder you’ve never killed a single demon, because you’re too afraid.”
       Alec looked stunned. “Who told you that?”
       He looked as if she’d slapped him. “He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t say that.”
      “He did.” She could see how she was hurting him, and it made her glad. Someone else ought to be in pain for a change. “You can rant all you want about honor and honesty and how mundanes don’t have any of either, but if you were honest, you’d admit this tantrum is just because you’re in love with him. It doesn’t have anything to do with–”
       Alec moved, blindingly fast. A sharp crack resounded through her head. He had shoved her against the wall so hard that the back of her skull had struck the wood paneling. His face was inches from hers, eyes huge and black. “Don’t you ever,” he whispered, mouth a blanched line, “ever, say anything like that to him or I’ll kill you. I swear on the Angel, I’ll kill you.”

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, page 300

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Not the pekingese anon, but I had a similar experience with my boss and her dog :\ she invited us over for a doggy playdate since she's got a big fenced yard, and her 200+lb APBT started tryin' to genuinely mess up my bc/whippet mix. Super unsafe and horrible situation ensued where we were basically kicking her dog to stop it, I was livid when I found out that apparently she knew he was dog aggressive but "wanted to work on it" so had had us over for "practice." Never could confront her (1/2)

(2/2) over how unbelievably irresponsible it was not to tell me, since she is certainly immature enough it would affect how she treats me at work. I’ve had to grit my teeth and warn people in private ever since because she acts like these “doggy dates” with other new and clueless people are still a good idea, and acts like he’s fine. He faces real danger of euthanasia already bc of his breed at any perceived, much less genuine, threat from him, so her willful ignorance is so grating.

 In that situation, I’d probably be looking for other employment. There’s a reason I don’t trust most people with my dog.

As an aside- if her bully breed dog is 200lbs, he’s not an APBT.

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Noir@Phin: "Your leg covering.... It is torn...... Did you receive that injury from an accident?.... Or... Did perhaps receive it from a confrontation?"

Arc 1- prt.1 Torn

“…it hasn’t healed. It hurts….It still hurts.”

New Plot Questions Unlocked: Ask one to continue:

Who is “her”?
What did “she” do?
Why hasn’t your train healed?






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ive never liked someone this much and it's killing me because I know he wouldn't like me back. im so scared of rejection and he's literally my only friend so I'm scared that if I tell him he'll back away from me and I'll have nobody :(

There’s a few things here that I want to confront:
1) How do you know that he won’t like you? You’re pretty rad and I’m actually genuinely curious.

2) I too have a HUGE fear of being rejected (especially by boys who are friends and if we are honest every boy I’ve liked as been a friend so I’m not really good at this). So maybe we can get through this together. Usually I try and tell people how I feel, but sometimes I don’t think that’s … effective? I’ve gotten better about this but please understand that there isn’t a rush on you to find someone, okay? I think that’s my issue. I feel like sometimes I have to have a boyfriend when really I can just crush around and enjoy life.

3) you really like this guy, so maybe you could drop some small hints first and maybe flirt with him? If he doesn’t like you back it’s unfortunate but maybe it’ll work for the best. However if he were to treat you like crap later because of it, that’s when you should be like “no you really suck” and dropkick him into next year (don’t actually) but yeah.

You deserve to be treated well, and if you don’t feel comfortable right now with telling him then maybe you should hold off for a bit? (:

Hello every human!! This is just a PSA to say that I fear I will be postponing Mythology Mondays until tomorrow, because I have written the first draft of Pandora but I would not feel happy uploading it in its current state, and although I am editing it as we speak, my brain is not running on all barrels, and I do not think that the retelling will be presentable at any point this evening. I’d rather be a day late than upload something that I think is shittier than that time I had to clean toilets at guide camp without protective gloves, so I hope you can all forgive me this. 

Genuine apologies for this, I’d really intended on being on time this week - I started writing it early, and then today happened, and I just cannot. Please forgive me!! 

Anon asking about Dio:

It’s not that Dio’s changed significantly between Parts 1 and 3, it’s that the relationship between him and the heroes and by extension the reader is completely different.

In Phantom Blood Dio and Jonathan grew up together so there’s no mystery around Dio.  And Araki presents him in a very straightforward manner (he even shows the inner thoughts that Dio hides from other characters).

But in part 3 Dio’s revealed very slowly, Joseph and his grandson know him only through family history, legend and the occasional Polaroid.  So they and we see him as Shadow Dio.  We haven’t earned the right to know him so we see him through a veil of mystery and shadow.  We have to go through a host of trials to get to Dio, he set it up that way.

So it’s not so much that Dio’s changed remarkably, although he’s older and more experienced as a vampire, it’s that he occupies a completely different space in the narrative.  

(AND as a practical matter, Dio’s obscured because hiding out.  He’s in a defensive stance whereas in PB he’s the one advancing, conquering a town in a single night).

And when you know him from Part 1, then you spend SDC just waiting for good old awful asshole Dio to come out of the shadows in all his full glory and start breaking everything he touches.  When he does show up, he doesn’t disappoint.

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Hello lovely! Congratz on 2k followers! You deserve it. If you're taking drabble requests I have one that's a bit meaty: Lucas chooses Maya during high school. Riley is strong and survives it. Lucas realizes he's made a mistake and confronts Riley.

Word count: 1,040 words
A/N: Whoooo, this turned out to be way longer than expected. Thank you so much for being my first request! I hope you enjoy this! Requests are open still! :)

Deep breaths, deep breaths. She’s your best friend. She’s the most understanding person in the world. Most importantly, she’s Riley Matthews.

Like a mantra, Lucas muttered these words to himself. Glancing up at the open window that had been the start of many beautiful things, he couldn’t help but hope that it wouldn’t be the end of this one.

Deep breaths, deep breaths. He couldn’t remember the last time he was this nervous. When he finally reached the famed Bay Window, however, he found himself too afraid to go in. Peering in, he saw the brunette angel in her bed reading a novel. Sense and Sensibility

That gave him the strength he needed to confront her. Oh, how he felt like a certain Mr. Willoughby, but unlike the latter, he would do his best to avoid a life haunted by a lost love. One more deep breath and his right foot was in her room.


“Hey Riley, can we talk?”

Nodding slowly, she set the book down and got up, sheepishly trying to hide the different bunnies printed on her pajama bottoms. Lucas couldn’t help but smile, how could he have ever picked something else over this?

“You look fine, Riley. Don’t worry. It’s just me.”

Riley calmly nodded once more, but inside she was trying to hide all of the thoughts that screamed that it was because it was him that she was worried. What more could he possibly say? She had been so strong the past two weeks, genuinely happy that her best friend had a wonderful guy who chose to love her. She had tried her best to forget that she, too, wanted that guy.

Lucas sat down in the middle of the Bay Window and when he was about to pat the spot next to him for her to sit down, Riley chose to sit at the end - away from him. He didn’t know what stung more: the emotional or physical distance between them.


“I broke up with Maya.”

Riley’s head, which had been tilted down to avoid his gaze, suddenly shot up, “What?”

“Well, she broke up with me, too. We agree that we don’t work as a romantic pair. We don’t like each other any more than two friends that enjoy each other’s company.”

“But you love her!”

“I love you, Riley!” Shocked at his own outburst, Lucas clenched his fist, watching for her reaction. She surprised him by taking a deep sigh and staring calmly at him.

“Lucas, you chose Maya for a reason. Yes, I believe you love me, but you love her in a different way.”

Lucas nodded and suddenly Riley felt her eyes sting with the tears that refused to stay down. She’s the one who said it, so why did she feel so miserable at his confirmation?

After his nod, Lucas paused before saying anything else, wanting to come up with the right words to get her to understand what he was trying to say. But looking into her eyes, Lucas saw that she had misunderstood,

“Yes, but—”

“I told you, you know? That time we were in Texas. You’re my brother, Lucas. And I’m your sister.”

“Well, I must be a pretty terrible brother if I’m in love with someone who’s supposed to be my sister.”

Riley felt like she stopped breathing at that, mouth slightly ajar as she no longer remembered any words that she wanted to say. Lucas took her stunned silence as an opportunity to keep going, not wanting to miss his chance before she denied his feelings any further.

“Riley, I’m in love with you.”

Sputtering, Riley started shaking her head, “No, bu-but you chose Maya. We asked you to make a decision and you chose Maya. You love Maya.”

“I thought we went over this already, I love Maya, but in the same way as I love Farkle, Zay, and all of my friends back home in Texas. I’m in love with you.”

Riley felt her resolving breaking, but she wouldn’t allow herself to believe this. She needed to be strong.

“Then why, Lucas? Why? If you were so sure of your feelings for me, why would you even bother to choose Maya?”

It was his turn to be quiet.

“Lucas, I can’t just accept your feelings—”

“Maya and I have chemistry.” Riley stared, mouth still open, “Is that what you want to hear? Because if it is, it’s true. It’s undeniable. Sure, we have chemistry and there’s passion in our words. We love to tease each other and I’ll always be Ranger Rick. She’s fun to be around and we always rile each other up.”


“No, Riley, I may have all of that with Maya, but with you, it’s a different story. You are my comfort. You calm me down when I’m feeling all these emotions that I certainly do not want to be feeling. I had never been so controlled with my anger until I met you. You make me want to be a better person, Riley.”


“Whenever I want to get into fights at school, what do you think stops me? Your face pops into my mind immediately, knowing how sad you would be if I got kicked out of school again. I know you’re not afraid of me. You’re worried about my future - about my dream of becoming a veterinarian. You’re afraid of what would happen to me if I let my anger get the best of me.”

Shuffling closer to her, he was content when she didn’t move away this time. He mentally took a deep breath before he took her nearest hand, tugging a bit so that she would look him in the eyes, “You see the best in me and you always have. But Riley, you’re the best of me.”

Seeing that she wasn’t speaking, he went on, “I noticed it the first time I held hands with her. It didn’t feel natural. Even when we were awkward and pressured to date that time, it still felt nice to hold your hand.”

“Then Maya had a passionate rant about something that I honestly don’t remember. I recall staring at her speak, happy that we were getting more comfortable with each other, but not in awe. It was a happiness that you feel when you’re getting closer to a friend.”

Riley had looked away at that point, so Lucas tugged her hand once more, “Suddenly, all of my interactions with Maya led me to imagine what it would be like with you. I couldn’t kiss her that time in Texas and I couldn’t kiss her after what was supposed to be our first date as an official couple. Everything has always been about you, Riley. It’s always been you.”

“But why?” Riley croaked out, making both her and Lucas realize that she was a lot more emotional than she let on. But she didn’t stop there, “You still haven’t answered exactly why you picked her.”

“Honestly, I’m not really sure. I know you deserve more than that, but you also deserve honesty, so that’s what I’m giving you. I don’t really know why I picked her. Was it the pressure? Did the opinion of the class finally get to me? Was it her sudden niceness to me that led me to believe that I belonged with her instead? Was it the fear that you were right, that I’d lose you if we attempted a relationship that would eventually fail? Any of these are possible reasons, and they may all be reasons that just added to my confusion.”

Biting her lip, Riley tried to take her hand out of Lucas’, but he stopped her, “But do you want to know what I do know? I know that when I’m with you, there are no confusing feelings. My feelings for you are as clear as a bright, sunny day. I love you, I love who I am with you in my life, and I love being with you in general. Please believe me.”

Riley used her other hand to wipe a tear off of her cheek, nodding with a small smile, “I really want to believe you, I really do. But I’m afraid of you realizing one day that I’m not the one you’re really in love with. You might walk away.”

Lucas inwardly smiled - he had a chance now. But he needed to convince her some more. He pulled the hand that was in his firmly until he and Riley were interlocked in a hug. She returned it and suddenly, everything was alright again.

“There would be nowhere else to go. You are my home now.”

Imagine  being Jax’s daughter but never knowing since he passed before you were born, but you find out and confront your mom. (Part 1)

Originally posted by samcrogifs

WARNINGS: Language, Mentions of Death

Okay so there will be another part after this and possibly a third, so I hope you all enjoy!! It is short but there will be more soon!!

You were getting extra sheets from the closet when suddenly a box fell, photos and sheets of paper falling, making you yelp. “Who the hell is that?” You raised a brow as you knelt down, your hand picking up a photo, it was a picture of a man with blonde shoulder length hair, with Abel in his lap and Thomas in one are. He looks like the boys, you thought and you kept looking through the picks your eyes widening when you read the back ‘Abel and Daddy’ one read then another then another. You saw a another picture, a group of men wearing the same leather vests, one of the men the same man in all the pictures with Abel and Thomas.

You picked up a ring with the word 'SON’ and you put it in your pocket then put away the pictures, I’ll ask mom when she gets home from work, you thought. You bent down picking up another photo that you missed, it was the back of the leather vest and read 'Sons of Anarchy’. You raised a brow and shrugged your shoulders as you were about to put the photo back you heard your mother speak behind you, “What are you doing?” You turned and noticed her worried wide eyes, “I was getting some sheets.” You said and she snatched the photo out of your hand, “What is that anyways?”

“Nothing you need to worry about.” Your mom said, “Who’s my dad?” She looked at you shocked, “W-what?”

“I saw a whole bunch of photos with Abel and his dad and the same man was holding Thomas…is he my dad too? He was wearing that leather vest to. What does it mean?” You asked and Wendy took a deep breath, “Come on there’s some things I have to tell you first.”

“Sons of Anarchy is a motorcycle club…a dangerous one, and the man that you saw in those photos was Jackson Teller, he was the father to you and your brothers. He died because of that club.” You could see the tears in her eyes as she spoke to you, “Bad comes to those in that club Y/N trust me.”  She shook her head slowly then looked back into your eyes, “How did he die?” You asked your mom, “Motorcycle accident.” She told you and you nodded, “Did you tell him about me before he died?” You asked and her eyes looked sad, “No he didn’t know.”

You nodded, “Where is this club?” You questioned, your mother giving you a glare, “You aren’t going anywhere do you understand me.” She told you and your mouth dropped, “You just told me that my dad died because of that club I want to know why.”  Wendy stood up, “No! You aren’t going anywhere near that god forsaken club!”

You stormed to your room quickly, pulling out your phone you typed in 'Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club’ in google, “Charming, California.” You whispered as it told you that was the first club before it branched to another locations. Then typing in Charming, California into google you looked through the obituary finding a man named Jackson Nathaniel “Jax” Teller who was born in Charming, California. Proving that this is were you needed to go to get answers.

You pulled the ring out of your pocket closing your hand around it, you were going to figure out the truth one way or another. “Charming, California here I come.” You whispered, and got some sleep before the long ride.

It was three thirty in the morning when you got up and got dressed quickly but quietly, grabbing your purse making sure you have your money, thank god I cashed my check yesterday, you thought. You climbed out your window knowing if you went out the front door your mother would have heard you leave. Creeping to your car you started it quickly, patting yourself on the back for not picking a car that was a loud starter. You put your GPS on typed in were you wanted to go, driving slowly so the gravel wasn’t loud as you drove over it. Your heart was beating fast, this was the first time you were sneaking out but you needed answers, like who the hell this man really was and why was this club so dangerous.

You let out a sigh of relief when you hit the highway, the wind coming through your opened window, speeding down the highway. After two hours you heard your phone ring, but you ignored it, “I have to do this mom.” You mumbled as the ringing didn’t stop so you shut off your phone with a sigh.

Wendy paced the house nervously but you just wouldn’t pick up, “Dammit!” She cursed then took a deep breath as she went to a box under the kitchen sick pulling out a sheet of paper that was worn over the years.

“Hello?” An accented voice asked, “It’s Wendy…we have a problem.”

maybe i’ll just never change  |  Look, dude, I feel guilty all the time for my thoughts and urges, but I’m not going to talk to a therapist who’s gonna make me, y'know, deal with it and confront those issues. [listen]

1. You will never take me alive (The Paper Chase) // 2. Forever Young (The Killers) // 3. Mother & Father (Broods) // 4. Post Party Depression (Days N Daze) // 5. Rejoice (Andrew Jackson Jihad) // 6. David (Noah Gundersen) // 7. Kiss Off (Violent Femmes) // 8. Honest Man (French Girls) // 9. Jesus Christ (Brand New)