confront capitalism

But the class consciousness of the proletariat, the truth of the process ‘as subject’ is itself far from stable and constant; it does not advance according to mechanical 'laws’. It is the consciousness of the dialectical process itself: it is likewise a dialectical concept. For the active and practical side of class consciousness, its true essence, can only become visible in its authentic form when the historical process imperiously requires it to come into force, i.e. when an acute crisis in the economy drives it into action. At other times it remains theoretical and latent, corresponding to the latent and permanent crisis of capitalism: it confronts the individual questions and conflicts of the day with its demands, but as 'mere’ consciousness, as an 'ideal sum’, in Rosa Luxemburg’s phrase.
—  Georg Lukács, History and Class Consciousness; “The Marxism of Rosa Luxemburg”, pp. 41-42

Power Plant: an abandoned power plant located at the furthest end of the Underground. Plants and vines have taken over the long-abandoned equipment. Flowey and Undyne are met here.

Emberfall: Embers dance from the ceiling, and rivers of lava cut through the bright orange grass. A cute village with an orange/black ascetic rests right before the next area. Home of the very famous “Wingdings”, a restaurant run by a man named Gaster. the best ‘wings n’ ‘rings’ in the underground. Alphys, Mettaton, and Asriel are met here.

The Crystal Line: is a very long, straight cave filled with glittering ice resembling crystals. Caves that branch off from the main pathway are considerably warmer. There’s even a snail farm in one where it’s farmer, Toriel is met. Her son likes to visit Emberfall often since it’s much warmer. Napstablook lives here as well, chasing you into the…

Outlands: an almost dead, barren landscape with howling winds. However wind turbines here generate most of the energy for the Underground. Dr. Sans  guides you safety from the super dangerous mercenary: Asgore. KING Resort lies at the end of the Outlands.

Villa: Suburbia crafted from a single chunk of seamless marble. Roadways are blocked in an attempt to funnel you to the capital. Asgore confronts you at the end of Villia.

Nyehopolis: A city trapped in an eternal state of parties and nightlife. You pass by it on the way to the King’s Castle as well as the Barrier.

Cavedin: a massive tunnel system underneath the Outlands. Originally used to pass underneath the Outlands since it was dangerous. Once Outlands became safe to travel through, Cavedin became used for experiments, held in an attempt to break or pass the barrier.. amongst other things.

the-white-wolf-of-winterfell  asked:

I'm not the original anon, Nor am i aware how this discussion came about, and i respect that you don't want any more questions about capitalism/ economic systems but, reducing it to just an economic system is a pretty misinformed view, unless you were being intentionally reductionist to prove some sort of point. Capitalism is just as much a social system due to the traits and personality types rewarded with that world view.

this is accurate thank you for your accuracy

but if you knew i didn’t want more asks about it why are you in my inbox with this? it’s not respectful and you’re NOT respecting it. saying “i respect your boundary” as you violate that boundary is not respect. Please don’t do this.

i have seen so much talk and defense and praise of popular queer culture on my facebook dash lately– specifically lady gaga and RPDR and just

it makes me so sad and frustrated to see young queers consuming mainstream popular queer culture uncritically when soooo much of it is so fucked up in so many ways

like, i fucking get it. being young is so hard. being queer is hard as fuck. being both is nearly unbearable. i know we are desperate to see ourselves and find love and community and believe we can actually be worth something.

but it cannot stop with us. we cannot leave others behind for our own self-interest. if we want things to change we have to see past our own noses.

we need to be invested in confronting and ending white supremacy.  queers who aren’t Black (not just white ones) need to be invested in confronting and ending anti-Blackness. cis queers need to be invested in confronting and ending transmisogyny. non-disabled queers need to be invested in confronting and ending ableism. queers who aren’t women need to have an investment in confront and ending misogyny. we all need to be invested in confronting and ending capitalism and imperialism and so. much. more.

we need to educate ourselves. we need to confront shit when we see it, especially when we see it in ourselves. we need to think critically about our positions and relationships to the world. we need to see our own ugly truths and change them, and never stop.

i’m also not saying it’s not ok to like these things. nearly everything is fucked up in some way. but to have an uncritical relationship with these things, or unconditionally defend them, says a lot about priorities.

i know it’s hard. i know it dampens fun. i know it ruins relationships. but if we lift ourselves up by standing on others’ necks we are going to get nowhere.

but we need eachother y'all. we can’t to do this alone. this shit fractures communities that would be so much stronger together. we all need to be more intentional about where we spend our energy.