confortable place

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I'm rewatching the bughead scene at Pop's for the millionth time and I love that the song in the scene sounded like something from a 50's diner jukebox (its Pray For Lil by King Khan and the Shrines) and I was looking at the lyrics of the part they chose to emphasize in the scene and they're beautiful "you don't need nobody when I'm holding you tight, now what I need is for you to take these words and don't ask for more, Just pray for a little" and it sounds like they looped this particular part

I absolutely loved the song! It went perfectly with the late night vibe, the coziness of a small diner like Pop’s, but mostly showcased perfectly how much of an old soul Betty and Jughead are. The transition from the loud and juvenile kegger to the calmness of their mutal safe place was so beautifuly depicted by that choice of song. It brought some necessary peace and quiet to the viewer too, along with the couple on screen. And the lysics they chose to point out, as you cleverly spotted nonnie, my God, don’t they seem like they were written for Bughead? I can see them dancing to it when they are old and grey, content with how their life had turned out to be. It marked a change in their relationship, the scene along with the song bringing an aura of “forever” in their union, as they found confort in their safe place that now wasn’t just the small 24/7 diner but mostly the arms of each other.