Playlist Meme

So, I’ve been tagged by @piningforthefords, @witete, and @snapback-gravity-falls to do the music playlist thing, and while I do have music, I actually haven’t updated my playlist with new songs in a while. So, bear with me — these are all gonna be songs my high school-era self was absolutely addicted to. Doesn’t mean I don’t like them anymore, but…well, I’m not as addicted as I was.

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims.

1.) Kingdom Hearts (Live) — Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra – never played the games, but LOVE the music and the story.

2.) New Divide — Linkin Park – I mostly got it because of the Transformers connection, but I do like the song. Transformers was one of my Big Obsessions when I was in high school, and while I may not like the live action movies (this song was in Revenge of the Fallen), the music is still pretty good.

3.) We Can: Theme of Team Sonic — Sonic Heroes – Here’s another one of high school-era me’s Big Ocsessions. Big enough that I’d say most of the songs I own are these, in fact. Let’s see how many Sonic songs slip into this playlist.

4.) The Touch — Stan Bush (from the Transformers G1 cartoon) — Ah, yes. 1980′s era rock. I actually find these a lot more upbeat and use these kinds of tunes to help me get moving.

5.) In Defense of Humanity — Brain Tyler (Transformers: Prime Soundtrack)

6.) The Cons Are Back — (see above)

7.) Next Day After School — (see above) – Wasn’t expecting those three to come together at once. Hm. Well, they’re all from a Transformers cartoon that was on-going when I was still in high school, so it was obvious for me that I was gonna get my hands on it.

8.) Knight of The Wind — Crush 40; Sonic the Hedgehog – And we’re back to the Sonic for a while. Crush 40 is a rock group that plays most of the songs they have in their video games. This one’s from Sonic and the Black Knight.

9.) Open Your Heart — Crush 40 – Sonic song from Sonic Adventure 2. Case in point with above.

10.) Twilight — Electric Light Orchestra/ELO (Time Album) – Aha! Here we have a song that is part of the collection that my family has on CDs and used to play often at home. After the electronics invaded, that sort of stopped, but the music sticks with me.

11.) Seven Rings in Hand — Crush 40 – Another Sonic song. Told you I had a lot of these guys.

12.) Hero — Skillet

13.) The Space Bridge — Brain Taylor – Another Transformers: Prime soundtrack number.

14.) Free — Crush 40

15.) Lead Me to the Cross — Chris and Conrad – I heard this once and I felt like it was a good song to have nearby. Yes, I happen to be Christian; what of it?

16.) Sweet Child O’ Mine — Guns N’ Roses – We played this in pep band sometimes. Thought it’d be good to have this to practice on a drumset with headphones between homework assignments.

17.) Dare — Stan Bush – Best song to listen to if I ever need a pick-me-up!

18.) Un-gratify — Crush 40

19.) Revvin’ Up — Crush 40

20.) Louie Louie — The Kingsmen (the band, not the movie!) – Another pep band song from high school!

As you can see, I need a little bit more variety in my personal playlist. I plan on fixing that.

Okay, so, victims, victims… @howtotrainyournana @happy-fazzbear-ponies2 @impishnature @gollageek @llyrica @thoroughlymodernhippie @battyblazing…and anyone else who wants to take this and mess with it!