ending christian homophobia is a lot more complicated than citing a few bible verses. it’s an ideology based on conformity, authoritarianism, and rejection of material goods and pleasures. throw that in with our system of gender and patriarchy, and of course you’re gonna end up with a lot of people who hate gay people (and a lot of gay people who hate themselves). it’s far more productive imo to encourage people to question those fundamentals than to find verses about god’s love or whatever. christianity is as much a cultural phenomenon as a scriptural one.

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Hi there, could I please request Pregnant!Derek tag update? It's actually so hard to find fics where Derek is the one who's pregnant! Thanks so much!

i am a master of ao3

Why conform to social norms? by Nellie_Bonnified (3/? | 4,514 | G)

In Beacon Hills everyone knew, supernatural or not, that the Hales were and still are a very respectable rich family of alphas, which is quite rare that every single child of theirs was born an alpha. This in turn is both a blessing and a curse to them, because with power comes attention, with all attention on them comes expectations that need to be met and with expectations comes either failure or success. 

The Doctor Will See You Now by Gonardo (1/1 | 2,485 | PG13)

With Derek’s former doctor retiring, he sets out to find a new one. Laura gives him a name: Doctor Stilinski. What’s the worse that could happen… funny you would ask… 

and this series

The Stilinski-Hales by Vyxyn

Sitting Next To You

Summary: Crossing paths with the Winchesters isn’t always fun and romance. 
Pairing: None
Word Count: 785
Warnings: Mild harm with a knife, demon possession. 
Challenge: Break the Zone Challenge #1! Prompt was, “Literally everything about this is illegal!”. Fic also had to be less than 1000 words. Enjoy!

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should anyone ever try and shame you for your looks, remind them that lions are proud about their manes; they probably have longer hair than you and they’re still the kings of the jungle.
and should anyone ever try and shame you for your looks by comparing you to a girl, remind them that the lioness one of Africa’s most respected and feared predators.
—  then follow in her lead by taking a bite out of their face for daring to suggest that not conforming to societal gender roles or being feminine is something to be ashamed of ✨🦁 (this ones for you boys, especially trans and nonbinary boys!)
(cc, 2017)

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why i'm single: basically boys in my country seem to prefer girls who are to their standard of "pretty" and as i don't wear makeup, dress girly, do my hair etc daily cause i can't be fucked with any of that shit tbh like i'd rather dress comfortably for college than in something i'm not gonna be comfortable in & i'd never change for a boy anyway *insert middle finger emoji* plus 9/10 of the boys aren't up to my standard either (cough exo cough) so *shrugs*

I’m happy to hear that you refuse to conform to what seems to be ‘their definition of pretty’, so good for you! You do you, girl! 

Besides, being in a relationship should be because you truly like each other, not simply because someone is ‘hot’ or ‘pretty’ anyways. If they want you to change, they can just fuck right off :) always be yourself! <3

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Hi Sam! I'm in a relationship, with a man I love dearly. He's sensitive and caring, accepts and adores me as I am. But something in me that keeps me from choosing him wholeheartedly. We're connected in many levels but there's this aspect of understanding, that I feel he doesn't gets me. Not as deep or natural as I wish he would. It makes me frustrated and remote at times. Tho, just the thought of being without him is devastating for me.I'm in great confusion and would appreciate your help.

The first key to a successful relationship and one lost on many young people is acceptance. You cannot change this man. He is not yours to change. You have no right to even try. Other people are not on this planet to please you or to conform to your idea of who they should be. Stay and accept him or leave. Those are your choices.

y’all beauty standards are so fickle and impermanent

Helen of Troy, whose beauty launched a thousand ships, would have been chubby and had a big black unibrow, because those features were considered the height of beauty in Ancient Greece

Venus (just the goddess of beauty and love nbd) in the Renaissance version would have been overweight, and in the Roman version would have had a hooked nose, because those features were extremely desirable at those times

who gives a shit if you conform to fickle modern standards, 100% of history considers you ideal anyway

We’re starting a new artistic movement.

it’s called ‘fink’.

Fink, in definition, means to tattle, or as a noun, is an unpleasant person.

Fink, in our definition, is a movement that exists to dismantle the elitism found in most all underground music scenes, the consumerism that comes in mainstream music scenes, and the general hostile environment that surrounds spaces that are supposed to be for non-conformers. 

Fink has no style, be it fashion or music. It’s more a philosophy. Be entirely, unapologetically yourself, as long as it hurts absolutely nobody. Be empathetic, be open to discussion, be open to listening. There is no racism in fink. There is no sexism in fink. There is no transphobia in fink. There is no hate in fink. Only open arms.

Fink for yourself.

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@ anon matt's not an adult lmao?? he's wearing a cadet uniform in katie's flashbacks and picture he's the same age as lance and keith and hunk.

uhhh this is from awhile ago and i forgot to answer it and i dont really know how to other than saying that thats a valid point, but theres still no conformation on it so you can believe whatever you want, i guess??

The ordinary moralist feels that he is not free to be anything but moral; in other words, he feels compelled to be moral—for a variety of reasons. It may be that he fears the wrath of God or the pangs of conscience; it may be that he has an egoistic sense of duty, thinking that his own and other people’s natures ought to conform with the dictates of his reason. But he is slavishly moral, and he fights his “lower nature” because he is either too afraid or too proud to do anything else. As to those whose acceptance [of the whole of life] is partial, they do not feel free to fight their lower nature; they think that they ought to accept it because anything else would be escaping from life. The result is that they make a compulsive discipline out of psychological relaxation and so “exchange King Stork for King Log.” But to accept totally is to be free to be moral, and he who follows a moral law in freedom does not suffer the consequences of repression in the same way as the slavish moralist.
—  Alan Watts, The Meaning of Happiness
how to look like a nonbinary person

1. be nonbinary

2. wear what you like

congratulations! you now look nonbinary, because you are nonbinary! heres a lady bug to brighten up your day 🐞

How to Feel more Feminine (for closeted Trans Girls)

· Part your hair
· Paint your nails with a clear coat of nail polish
· wear “Manly” Jewelery like a shark tooth necklace or a cross necklace (if you’re Religious) or a dog tag, or a mood ring
· wear panties under your Boxers or pants
· wear a cupless sports bra under your shirt
· wear slightly tinted chapstick
· wear eyeshadow that is a shade close to your skin tone
· paint your toenails & keep them hidden from unsupportive people under your socks