LEBANON. Bint Jbeil. July 31, 2006. During a 48 hours ceasefire, Lebanese civilians, mostly the elderly, are rescued by the Lebanese Red Cross. They are all starved, dehydrated and in shock by days of heavy Israeli bombing. The Lebanese Red Cross also evacuates the bodies of civilians killed in Israeli airstrikes (last picture). The minibus hit by a rocket was transporting civilians who were trying to flee the bombing of the town.

Photographs: Jerome Sessini/Magnum Photos

woohoo mod conflict


MCCC woohoo module is safe;

I have removed the spirashun separated toddler beds but I don’t think this has anything to do with the woohoo problem;

I have removed my risky woohoo mod; and

I have removed LittleMsSam GoToBed mod.

I have narrowed it down to these 2 mods and my sims can now woohoo in maxis and custom beds.

I’m sure there will be a similar conflict with other mods that affect woohoo or beds in general, but these are the only bed/woohoo related mods I have.

I hope this helps and feel free to update this list with any further mods causing a conflict.

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Magnus was so happy to see Alec and he was smiling and gave a kiss bc he was worried about his bf and I love them being so positive and soft (Alec kinda ruined the moment but that's ok lol)

Their interaction in the beginning of that scene was everything I’ve wanted from Malec since this damn show started. A casual greeting kiss, standing close to each other, with small touches and bits of contact (honestly, would it have been so hard to have them touching each other’s chest/arms like that in 2a??????). It’s those little bits of affection that make it so clear that these are men in love - though obviously getting another set of ‘I love you’s at the end helped with that too.

And even though Alec did massively ruin the moment, I absolutely loved how that conflict was handled. It was realistic, nothing was conflated or over-sensationalized for the sake of Drama, and it was resolved in an honest, healthy way. Alec was wrong, he fucked up, he realized that he fucked up, and he apologized. He didn’t try to justify himself, he didn’t say “I was wrong but I had good intentions”, and he dealt with his shit on his own. I’m still THRILLED that it wasn’t Magnus’s responsibility to explain to Alec why he was wrong, or to try and defend his own humanity and his own rights. He didn’t have to ‘teach’ Alec anything. I loved that it was a conflict about a really serious, important thing, but nothing about it was overdramatic. Alec accepted that he fucked up, and he took responsibility for it and apologized.

Everything about Malec’s interactions in that ep gave me so much hope for the rest of their story. Obviously I adore that they’re getting simple affection and they’re clearly so in love with each other, but I also love that they’ve proven multiple times now that they can argue and be wrong and deal with conflict and work through it successfully, and be just as in love with each other when it’s done. 💜💜💜

Yusaku’s attitude towards Aoi

At first:

I have to get close to this girl in order to further my goals and find information about Kusanagi’s brother


Holy shit 

I must protect her