conflicting otp feels

“When he pulled the now pale skinned platinum blonde from the chemicals he felt an odd sensation… It wasn’t hatred, it wasn’t irritation. So what could it have been? When she flashed him a grin it hit him, it was much more than he had realized he could feel. It ran deeper in him than his negativity, it was more consuming than his hatred. This woman was not who she once was, she was someone else. Someone more like him, someone he could relate to. And it was all his own doing, he knew that. He’d cracked the shell of the Harleen he’d once known and unleashed something else. The woman he held in his arms now was his creation, and for this, he was proud.”

Joker X Harley Week: Day 1- Pride

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So I've been rewatching torchwood and the cyberwoman episode is so frustrating?? Because like the story-line is pretty good but the design/costume for lisa is so embarrassing? Like there's no reason for the kind of sexualisation sigh

I KNOW i really love that episode but usually spend too much of it cringing at the costume design… okay so there’s the whole “the cybermen started upgrading whole bodies and lisa was only halfway through” explanation etc but seriously, cybermen look nothing like that

also i find it hilarious that lisa is wearing makeup. i don’t think she could’ve managed to put it on by herself, so ianto must have helped? which is actually super cute and heartbreaking at the same time :(