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Why I hate going outside

Me : starts walking to shop. Plays anime song/episode/etc as I am walking. Violently imagines what it would be like to be part of that world. Starts doing gestures as if I’m in an episode. Mouth or actually speak to anime characters in my head. Loving every moment.

 Everyone else : what the hell is wrong with you 


 Me : goes back to pretending that I would rather be in the place I am but really wanna be back in my own privacy so I can continue my fun

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Mommy Wearing Daddy's Shirt
  • NSFW-ISH. Based on @kukumomoart's kinky fanart of Genos wearing only the Sensei shirt. >;D
  • -------------------------------
  • -For doing another note-taking session while he was in the shower, Saitama makes Genos go through a punishment sort of game in dressing up in something Puri Puri Prisoner had picked out for him from the store.-
  • Genos: ...S...Sensei...Do I really have to...?///// [-holds the package up nervously-]
  • Saitama: Come on now, a deals a deal. You promised me that if you started doing note-taking again while I showered that you would wear one of Puri's presents~[-smirks as he looks all flustered.-]
  • Genos: ...O..Okay.../////....
  • Saitama: [-grins-] Remember~ Nothing 'but' the shirt. And sit in 'exactly' the same position as that girl in that poster on our futon.
  • Genos: ///////...R...Right.
  • -Waits patiently for him in the kitchen, feeling quite giddy at how he'll look once he's done.-
  • Genos: ...S..Sensei. I'm done.
  • -Eagerly saunters out from behind the divider to look and see.-
  • Genos: ...Uhm...D-Does this look right...? [-He asked curiously-]
  • Saitama: ....;; [-Quickly turns away feeling really weirded-out-] (W-W-W-WHAT THE HELL IS MY FACE DOING ON THAT SHIRT?! What the heck was Puri THINKING getting that as the shirt-kink?...I..I mean it definitely looks sexy on Genos...B-But it's my face that's on there. It's totally weird as hell!! Like I'm staring at myself!!)
  • Genos: ...[-wonders why his teacher is so flustered as he looks down at the shirt.-].../////...C...Could I wear this more often, Sensei? [-smiles and blushes, feeling all happy with this situation.-]
  • Saitama: NOPE! NO! OUT OF THE QUESTION![-Quickly waves to him without looking-] Turn it inside out and backwards this instant Genos, or we're not doing it tonight. ///////
there needs to be a scumbag!ninjago meme like

“Gives you shippy feels over evil guy’s brother/evil guy’s ex-wife. REFORMS EVIL GUY.”

“Writes stable, realistic, cute relationship for two seasons. DID SOMEBODY ORDER A LOVE TRIANGLE?”

“Adorable precious babbu is aged up to young adult. CONFLICTED FANGIRLS EVERYWHERE.”

“Eh, this show is alright I guess. TICK TOCK.”

“Who is the green ninja? LOL NONE OF THEM SUCKERS.”

“Surprises you with Green Ninja revelation. HE HAD A GREEN FIVE ON HIS SHIRT THE WHOLE TIME.”

“Oh, you finally got every ninja’s toy? COSTUME UPGRADES!”

“Character’s elderly father is still alive! TIME SKIP.”

“Spends a season unlocking the full potential of cool elemental weapons. BREAKS THEM.”

“Season 3 is only 8 episodes long, so it’s super tightly written! GOOD LUCK WITH THE HIATUSES.”

“Finally! Somebody who understands the weird guy! DIES.”

“Actually, she’s not dead. BUT YOU WON’T KNOW THAT FOR 3 MONTHS.”

“Awesome graphic novel series. PIXAL ISN’T IN IT.”

“One hour specials. EVERY 4 MONTHS.”


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