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Some thoughts on the Maheswaran mother-daughter relationship

Connie looked so much like Dr. Maheswaran in this episode.

It’s adorable because in the canon time of the show, she’s picked up on her mother’s mannerisms in the way that a decade of living with her did not. It’s shows how much they’ve grown together as a family, and how their relationship has changed.

Considering this was how she looked in her first appearance:

There’s a marked change not only in design but also in her expressions.

And it’s been hinted at before, but in this scene, she so explicitly worries about her mother the way her mother worries about her. It’s very touching, especially because we know they started out caring about each other but not understanding one another. Because you  can love someone and never try to understand them. It leads to a lot of conflict but both parties can still come out of it feeling like they did what was “best” for the other.

Connie used to think it was better that her mother knew nothing so the latter wouldn’t worry about her. And Dr. Maheswaran wanted to be on top of everything so that Connie would have an easier life. 

What we learn from them is that to be able to love someone better, we open up to them and let them open up to us. Connie used to act as though her parents were infallible, or at the least, able to manage themselves. Over time, and in this episode, she’s shown to be worried about them because she knows they’re human beings too. They can get hurt, make mistakes, and put themselves in danger.

Knowing these things puts the other person in perspective. It makes their place in our lives mean more. And it makes it harder to take the people we love for granted.

So I would say Connie and her mother interact a lot more now. They probably talk about each other’s days. Notice how even Dr. Maheswaran talked about everything that happened to her prior to picking Connie up. She believed her daughter deserved an explanation. And that’s a far cry from the mother who would proudly bring out the “Because I said so,” and “We’re doing this because we love you,” cards in Fusion Cuisine.

Not everyone has this experience with their parents. Sometimes things just happen to drive parents and children apart. But in their case it worked out, and now they each have one more person who will always be there for them.

When Connie told her mother that Steven just came from outer space, there was no incredulous reaction. Only an, “Oh?” in an interested and calm tone. 

They’re both trying. And I’m certain they still have their share of disagreement, but it’s dealt with in a much healthier way now.

  • bachelor parties that are “prison” themed (because marriage is a prison??? get it??? GET IT???)
  • “it’s not a real relationship unless you fight once a day!!!!”
  • <proposes to girl> <marries girl> <spends rest of life complaining about being married to girl>
  • “today my wife asked me to go with her… TO THE MALL! WOMEN AMIRITE?!”
  • men who have been married to a woman for 10+ years who STILL freak at the mere mention of periods
  • that whole “men are from mars women are from venus” bullshit that happened in the 90s (which, i may add, was based off a book written by somebody who claimed to have credentials he didn’t really have and has had all his theories debunked)
  • women being expected to cook and clean for their husbands and remind them to bathe and essentially act like their mothers
  • women being expected to take their husbands’ last name but people absolutely balking at the idea of the man taking the woman’s
  • wives on tv who are portrayed as shrewish killjoys for… expecting the husband to pitch in and help with the housework once and a while
  • tv marriages where the couples seem to borderline hate each other
  • tv marriages that are based entirely on manipulation, name-calling, and nonstop fighting and most of the conflict comes from both parties refusing to just sit down and talk about it or to compromise
  • entire reality tv shows based on dysfunctional marriages where the couples goes on tv to fight it out

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: straight people are fucking weird

So I’ve already made a post on different kinds of RPG characters.  Here’s a reference for different kinds of RPG players!

Actors: Actors get really into the RP part of RPGs.  They tend to have detailed backstories, thoroughly analyzed motivations, and a unique set of mannerisms for each character they portray.  They seek out interactions with NPCs or other party members and tend to stay in character a lot.

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On the Dark Side, Actors can become Scene Stealers.  Scene Stealers are attention seekers who tend to lack patience when the spotlight isn’t on them.  They tend to talk over players and often instigate problems, often with the excuse of “What?  I’m just staying true to my character!”

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Power Gamers: These players love optimizing their characters, usually for combat.  They tend to be minmaxers and metagamers who play RPGs like something you can win just as much as a story you can experience.  Powergamers do often possess a great zeal for the tactics and mechanics of the game, and live for the moments they can face overwhelming odds and turn challenge into victory. 

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On the Dark Side, Power Gamers can turn into Munchkins. Munchkins couldn’t care less about the story, the roleplaying or the feelings of their teammates.  They want to win, and win harder then everyone else so they can get as much kills, loot, and XP as possible.  Many munchkins cross the line into cheating, by fudging rolls and trying to use exploits in the mechanics.

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Lorers and Explorers: These players are in it for the story, world building and environment.  They will challenge DMs to come up with richly detailed worlds with lots of in depth history and atmosphere. They also tend to be note takers and cartographers, keeping close track of every bit of information they believe might be valuable.  Most likely member of the group to be “writing a book”.

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This kind of attention to detail can be great, but is also shared by Rules Lawyers.  The rules lawyer has memorized the game’s handbook and will generally interject whenever they see something that contradicts it.  Rules Lawyers can be useful as references for how to handle less common situations in RPGs.  But they also tend to argue with the DMs when they disagree with their decisions, even when the DM is motivated to “break” the rules in order to make the game a better experience for the players.

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Deliberators are motivated to come up with creative or well thought out solutions to problems.  They are often fun and well intentioned, but they do sometimes drag out decisions for too long, agonizing over the pros and cons of each choice.

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On the flip side, Firestarters tend to have very little patience for deliberation and are always looking for the action.  Firestarters have a lot of enthusiasm for RPGs, but tend to cause problems or derail stories when they get bored.

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Party Moms: Thus called because they go out of their way to take care of and help their party members, Party Moms are a valuable part of any gaming team.  Whether it’s making sure there’s always snacks for everyone to enjoy, helping others level their characters or smoothing out player conflicts, Party Moms can be relied on to get it done.

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Party Gamers: Thus called because they’re there to party.  These players may be interested in the game, but they’re just as, if not more interested in hanging out with their friends and/or getting wasted.  Fun to have around, but it may not be a good idea to rely on their character in game too much.

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Bored Gamers: For whatever reason, these players just aren’t really into your game.  Maybe they’re just there for a significant other, maybe they don’t like the system.  It’s not always easy to say.  Can often be found using their personal electronic devices and not really paying attention.

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Newbies: Newbies have little experience with RPGs and sometimes lack confidence.  Their unfamiliarity with the rules is often more than balanced out by their enthusiasm and delight in discovering the joys of the game.

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n00bs, on the other hand, talk a lot of trash, but are generally less experienced and skilled then they claim to be.  These players tend to whine a lot when things don’t go their way.  

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Finally, a type the tumblr crowd should be familiar with, the Shippers.  A shipper is often in it for the role-playing, but mostly when the roleplaying leads to romance.  Table Top RPGs can be a great outlet for those thus inclined, just make sure the other player is okay with it. :)

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Please note that these are my interpretations on these types, and that it’s possible to be multiple or none of them.  What other player types have you encountered?

On Gal Gadot, the IDF, Palestinians, and Zionism

I have seen a plethora of people on tumblr, as well as other social media platforms, that have been painting Gal Gadot as a “genocide encouraging Palestinian killer”. I dismissed these posts initially, but their popularity has risen and I have decided to address some of the most popular claims that have been laid against her.

“She was in the Israeli Army. She killed people." 

 Gal Gadot served in the Israeli Defense Forces in order to complete her two year mandatory service. She was conscripted by law, it wasn’t a choice she could make, like many people might assume. In Israel, all able bodied people starting at the age of 18 are drafted into the army, although there are exceptions but I won’t be getting into the specifics. Gal Gadot was a fitness instructor, a non-combative position among many others that can vary from administrative positions, to vehicle operators to cooks. There is a high chance that she most likely did not see combat, and most definitely did not kill anyone.

 The conflict surrounding Israel and the Palestinians is a very, very complex one, and I will not be delving into that topic. What is important to remember is that we are all humans, and we arrogantly do what we believe is right. There is no "right” or “wrong” side in this conflict. Both parties have committed unspeakable acts. Likewise, when Gal stated her support for the IDF, she was just trying to show her support for the young soldiers that are plucked from their homes and spend 2-3 difficult years in service to their country. What was not on her mind when she wrote that post was what might’ve occurred between the IDF and the Palestinians, and not who was killed and who was not. Her brothers and sisters at home were on her mind. She has shown to support peace and co-existence. She wishes that her country would no longer need to have a conscription army because, she too, does not want to send her two daughters into war when they become of age.

 "She is a Zionist" 

Please look up the definition of Zionism before using it as a derogatory term. Zionism is a belief that Jews should have a place to call home. Do the Palestinians not also believe they should their own land to call theirs? Do you not believe that you should also have the same? 

 Painting Gal Gadot as a “genocide supportive Palestinian killer” is quite ridiculous. She is just an actress, a human being at that. A human being that has a right to state her opinions without being demonized for it. She did not kill anyone, does not want to kill anyone, and just wants her family and friends across the world to be safe. 

 We are entitled to our own opinions. If you want to make up reasons to hate on a successful actress, you can do that. If you want to boycott her films, no one is stopping you. But you should ask yourself, who forms these opinions for me? What kind of media do I consume? Is what they show accurate? Is what these people are saying on tumblr really true? There are many people on this platform that believe they are doing the right thing and looking for a person/organization/nation to be angsty about. Not everything you read here on tumblr or anywhere on the internet is true. You have to do your own research. Look for credible sources. I encourage you to take everything you read with a grain of salt and form your own beliefs, not what someone else does. And on the final note, be kind to each other, and be forgiving, because we intellectual human beings can be quite stupid at times. In other words, be your own Wonder Woman. Or Wonder Man. 

i have. a dilemma

I was playing a d&d 3.5 game with two rangers. We often worked as a team, doing everything we could together for double efficiency. One day, we needed to track someone through the woods. So we both rolled for track.

I rolled a 1, my ranger friend rolled a 20.

Because of this, the party was conflicted on what way we were supposed to be going. We rolled to convince the party that one way was better than the other.

I rolled a 20, my ranger friend rolled a 1.

What would have been a three day trip ended up taking over a month.D&D


Otomate Release Schedule 2015 - 170815

So I’ve been super slack. Excuse me guys :( 


  • 20th - Reine Des Fleurs
  • 27th - Juuzaengi 1+2


  • 17th - Yonohana Spring
  • 25th - Hakuoki Shinkai 


  • 22nd - KK - Wonderful School Life


  • 19th - Bad Apple Wars


(Rest easy wallet…rest easy….) 


  • Diabolik Lovers- Lunatic Parade
  • Brothers Conflict Precious baby - Port (BrilliantxPassion) 
  • etccc

Mostly titles announced at Otomate Party 2015 

Guys oh my god guys

You know Baz Luhrmann? The guy responsible for the movies Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby? If you’ve seen both, you’d probably notice the pattern he follows, which is

Enter main character who’s all hopeful and has dreams and shit > enter possible love interest who’s known to the people by something (eg. “The sparkling diamond”, the guy who throws the parties) > enter conflict/s that may pose as reputation or life threat to one, if not both, of the characters > possible love interest dies > moody and bitter main character > tells his story one day to some person via writing a story or a person he directly talks to

But then oh god guys why havent we seen this before


anonymous asked:

Hello. In my novel I have a character that's a butler and is absoulutley in love with his lady and I was wondering if there was anything in butler etiquette that would reffer to how a butler should act in a situation like that. I tried finding it on the internet but with no luck so I was wondering if you could help

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One thing that’s going to make a huge difference here is time period. If this is a more current situation it’s going to be handled differently than if this was happening farther in the past. I was able to find some resources about butlers currently as well as bits about being a butler through history.

Also where does this butler work? I’m asking so you can take into account how highly ranked the employer of this butler is. The higher the ranking the more coveted the job is and therefore the more there is to lose. This can help with conflict as far as inner conflict, scheming from outside parties, and what sort of credentials the butler has in order to have the job. It might be a deep struggle for the butler to confront their feelings if they’ve sacrificed and worked for the position for a really long time and have a lot at risk.

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Hey y’all!

So, I thought a lot about how to word this post, or whether I should make it at all, but I think it’s something I definitely need to make clear for my own health and wellbeing going forward.

I want to start off by saying that I’m absolutely humbled and totally elated by the response my stupid comics have gotten for all that I’ve only been doing them for a short time, and I honestly don’t know how to appropriately express my gratitude or my delight that you all enjoy them. I’m always happy to chat and offer up examples of my own personal struggles in the interest that they may potentially be able to help, but I want to be abundantly clear up top that all of this is new to me, too.

I’m still very early on in my transition, and I started this comic as a way to cope with the crippling depression and guilt and other handful of issues that I’ve been having as I stumble through it. I know I’ve said it a few times but I just want to reiterate that I’m not an advice blog - I’m a cartoonist who’s trying to allay some of the anxiety I’ve been drowning in for night on a decade, and that’s it.

I mention this not because I mind when people reach out to me for advice or support - I think it’s frankly amazing and humbling that y’all look at a comic panel of me hollering about not being able to get a binder on and think “yes, this is the guy to ask about my problems” - but because I want to be explicitly transparent about the fact that I don’t have all the answers. Hell, in a lot of ways, I don’t have any answers, and while I know that especially in crisis situations it’s all you can do to reach out to anyone at all, and while I will always, always do my best to respond in those situations, I do not have access to adequate resources to support you during those times.

I’m not a mental health professional and I’m only as much of an expert in trans issues as they relate specifically to me and my situation. I’m not trained to deescalate a situation, or to foster better communication between conflicting parties, or to alleviate some of the unspeakable weight that comes with being in crisis mode, and I am shit scared that I’m going to say the wrong thing and make somebody’s life worse instead of better.

This isn’t directed at any one person - I’ve gotten a lot of really incredibly difficult questions addressed to me recently and while I’ve done my absolute best to answer them honestly, the fact of the matter is that I spend probably just as many days struggling to get up and handle menial tasks as many of you do. I spend just as much time mired in self-loathing and trying to dig my way out of it. It’s just as hard for me to be confident in coming out, or in demanding the respect that I know I deserve as a living, breathing human.

I’m not some kind of trans life guru by any stretch of the imagination, and I just want to make sure that you all know that while I’m happy to talk to you or support you on days that I have the energy to carry anyone other than myself, I may not be your best avenue for advice or feedback. There are tons of excellent advice blogs here on Tumblr - trans oriented and otherwise - that you can reach out to if you’re looking for information on something specific, and I can almost certainly guarantee you that they’ll be better informed than me. There are hotlines and text options for therapy if you need to chat to someone about that.

Again, I’m not saying this because I mind, or because I have a problem with people reaching out to me. When I have the reserves to do so I’m more than happy to prop up anyone who needs it, but there will come a day when someone reaches out to me and I can’t reach back because I need both my arms to hold myself together, and that scares the shit out of me. I didn’t start this blog intending to offer any advice, which may have been slightly foolish on my part, but if we’re being honest I didn’t really think anyone would even read my dumb comics in the first place. And yet, here we are.

I wanted to get all of this out into the open because all of you deserve the best support that you can get, and I want you to know that 99% of the time, that’s not me. This isn’t false humility speaking. I’m not selling myself short, I’m making an honest assessment of the skills and experience that I have to offer you all, and those are mostly limited to soothing/supportive noises, the handful of concepts from my many stints in therapy that I can honestly claim have worked for me, and the ability to condense all of the pain and anger and fear that I’m feeling into a one-page cartoon punchline.

You are still welcome to reach out to me for whatever - I’m not going to put a moratorium on that - but if you have questions about medical aspects of transitioning, I have to recommend that you seek out a trans-oriented advice blog or another reliable resource. If you have questions about brain stuff or mental health, I will tell you right up front that I am the Wrong Person to ask about that. I have a tetchy relationship with my own emotional and mental wellbeing most days and I’m in no way qualified to be making assessments or recommendations in regards to another person’s mental or emotional wellbeing. I want to take care of you all who have had the courage to pipe up and ask for advice or for aid, and the best way that I can honestly think to do that is to offer you a sincere response and recommend that you talk to someone better equipped to help you than me. I would be doing everyone who reaches out to me an egregious disservice if I assumed myself to be or marketed myself as an authority in offering advice and support on trans and other issues.

So while I won’t be policing my inbox or anything I want to make sure you all know that most of the time I won’t have answers beyond perhaps the capacity to say, “Hey man, me too”; I may not have access to resources that could help you out significantly more than I ever could; there will be days when I can’t respond because I’ve had to expend all of my limited stores of energy on myself. It was important to me to get this out there because all of you lovely people deserve your absolute best shot at success, and if I can’t give you that it’s my obligation as a fellow human and supporter to be honest and point you in the direction of someone that can.

I hope it makes sense, and I’m sorry for the wall of text but I didn’t want to miss anything.

- Oz

Neverwinter Hills Monk

So during our latest session, we were in a fight against a group of Ettercaps. Our Druid went into Wild Shape form into a Black Bear. Our Monk had no knowledge that Druid had this ability and had not seen him shift.

So he finally sees this bear.

Monk: I roll to see if I’m frightened by this large bear. *succeeds*

DM: You are not afraid of this bear.

Monk: Okay. In my great courage of not being afraid of this bear, I charge it and double fist it!

*Our party starts laughing as the DM allows it. So our Monk rushes towards the bear, leaps into the air, lands behind our Druid, and makes a kick*

DM: … You hit.

Monk: I stunning strike him!

*At this point, we’re just losing it as our Druid makes the Con save. And fails*

DM: As you feel your Monk friend kick you, you begin to grow numb and fall off the cart.

*our Monk then begins to start cheering as he topples the “bear”. My Hexgunner is stunned by this and the Rogue is pissing himself laughing*

Moral of the story: Always tell the Int 4 Monk if you can shift.

Meaningful conflict is the soul of drama.

Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy occurs when a conflict exists that simply lacks any reason for the audience to care about how it is resolved. This is often because the setting is extremely but meaninglessly Darker and Edgier, and/or all sides are abhorrently, equally evil – or at least, far enough gone that any difference between the two is splitting hairs. As such, consumers of media affected by Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy tend to approach conflict between parties or factions with remarkable indifference; because no matter who wins, the universe will still suck. (And while it would be really nice to see them all lose, that likely isn’t going to happen.) In other words, there is nothing at stake. While there is a conflict happening, for all that the audience is concerned there might as well not be because they likely have little reason to care about who wins or loses. (And even when there are clear-cut good guys, they can be so smug, priggish, hypocritical, unpleasant, or just plain annoying that it’s hard to feel too sad if the bad guys defeat them, especially if the bad guys actually have a good reason for hating them.)

This is the emotional result of Black and Black Morality. Because the conflict between the equal evils is essentially meaningless, there is no dramatic tension. Maybe one Eldritch Abomination eats you in a slightly less painful manner than the other one, but either way, you’re still screwed. You can’t support any factions or hold on to any ideals after this effect has set in. All you can do is sit agape as the writers apparently attempt to outdo themselves at making the setting even worse and more unpleasant and more nihilistic to the point where the media is a bland miserable monotone. This trope is not just about a Crapsack World, but about Evil Versus Evil and too much cynicism producing this effect. A sure sign of audience apathy setting in is if they start rooting for the Omnicidal Maniac – the setting is so bleak that no part of it is worth saving. When total oblivion looks like your best option, something is wrong.


Please, for the love of whatever deity you want (I personally suggest the Many-Faced God), if I reblog someone to offer my response, I do it because I would like my own input to be heard instead of it being a wall of one-sided argumentation.

It is not to be perceived as ‘hey this guy is being a twat go send them death threats lol’.

It’s literally just me, replying as a person would, to an instigation that was thrown my way that I felt needed response.

Just because I have a following does not strip me of the right to defend myself from allegations that, for all intents and purposes, are completely fabricated and blown out of proportion when the reality of it all was simply me making an ‘off the top of my head’ boner joke to my friend on the internet.

In short: No witch hunting/bullying/’LOLGODIE’ing, otherwise you’re acting just as bad as the people I don’t want to hang out with.


Got a character who needs motivation? Pick a motivator from this list. Better yet, pick two or more that don’t quite line up. That’s a genuine character flaw right there. That’ll create some conflict.

Like John McClane, motivated by Love for his wife and his Duty as a cop. That added a lot of conflict to his marriage. Now he’s going for one last shot at Redemption. We haven’t even started to factor in the terrorists trying to highjack the Christmas party. Go conflict!

Reasons why Jupiter Ascending is one of my favorite movies

The cast is actually diverse.

Could it have been more diverse? Hell yeah. But let me present you with two very important minor characters: Famulus and Diomika Tsing.

Despite the fact that the constitute as background characters, they were well developed and enjoyable characters. They weren’t simply background faces - both had clear characters and were portrayed as very strong characters throughout, in very different ways. These are both women of colour with wonderful roles and characterizations. Do I want more? Yes. Though we did have a non-Western European lead in Jupiter (Mila Kunis is Ukranian, which I believe is Eastern-European), I feel like we could have had more. But this is a good step in the right direction!

The movie switches the traditional male and female relationship roles

Throughout the movie, it was Jupiter that was making the romantic advances towards Caine. Hell, this is even depicted in the movie poster:

Here we have Caine in the background, standing behind a forward-facing and determined-looking Jupiter, his eyes on her and not the camera. She is placed in front of him - her focus is ahead, focusing ahead, while his attention is on her. She carries the drive that is typically placed on a male character, while his drive seems to focus purely on Jupiter. Typically, it’s the other way around.

Further, Jupiter was the one who approached him, the one making hilarious and awkward come-ons (“I love dogs”), the one with the deliberately sexual innuendos (“Do you want to bite me?”), the one presenting the idea of a romantic or sexual relationship with Caine. And Caine got to play the conflicted party. He didn’t make advances on her - which leads to another vastly important part of this film.

Jupiter is the dominant half in her relationship with Caine.

Caine, as we can all clearly see, is not the leading force in their relationship. Everything is on Jupiter’s terms. She initiates the relationship, she determines her actions and his, and she acts as a leader. Caine, though a very strong character and individual, isn’t dominant. He’s subservient to Jupiter consistently. She calls the shots, and he follows. In this way, he’s almost her sidekick. When Caine saves her from a marriage to Titus, he doesn’t do as he pleases and shoots the Abrasax heir - he asks Jupiter to “Please let me shoot him”. When she denies him, however, he relents. Despite the fact that he wants to shoot Titus, when she tells him no, he listens.

It also helps that in almost every shot of the two of them, Caine is positioned angled behind her, clearly in a supportive role.

Jupiter takes the role of the “chosen one” as opposed to Caine

We saw this problem in movies such as the Lego Movie, Disney’s Atlantis, and many more: the male is a “chosen one” taught by the woman who is the top in her class, and yet he miraculously overpowers her in order to save the day and take his place as the Hero.

Here, we have the opposite. Jupiter is the chosen one with no fighting experience - no formal training, nothing. Caine is the trained soldier. Jupiter is an outsider with no glimmer of knowledge on how this space hierarchy works - and yet she learns, practically overnight, the nuances of this worlds laws, and successfully uses them to her advantage against Titus Abrasax. She goes from an outsider to a main player.

She goes from a person with no particle fighting experience, to a fighter. Granted, she’s going up against Balem, who isn’t exactly a fighter himself, but she kicks his ass regardless. She defeats the main villain, using her abilities, where for all intents and purposes Caine was the most well-outfitted to perform that task.

Caine was more sexualised - not Jupiter

We had an entire sequence where Caine had his shirt off for seemingly no reason other than “he forgot to put it back on”.

Meanwhile, Jupiter was always fully covered, and never once was she put into a deliberately sexual stance/display. The fewest clothes we ever see her in is when she is in the hospital gown at the beginning of the movie: and then, she is definitely not painted sexually. It would have been so easy to do this - Mila Kunis is already a highly sexualized actress - and yet they managed to avoid doing that.

Meanwhile, Caine has a very hyper-masculine gait about him - he walks and moves in a very animalistic manner, no doubt attributed to his spliced genetics - but it’s not hard for people to put together that that tends to be a real gear-greaser for gals and guys. Look at Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or even Edward Cullen and Jacob Black from the Twilight Saga. Though different, these fan-favorites are all closely linked to animalistic behavior and descriptions. Girls eat that up - and in this case it’s clear that Caine is fanservice to those girls. And meanwhile…

Jupiter saves herself more often than Caine saves her.

In the beginning, yes, Caine does have to save Jupiter. And he has to save her a few more times after that - but then the major fight comes. Does Caine jump in and handle her fight for her? No.

(above gif belongs to vyragosa)

Though Caine helps her, he doesn’t save her - not the way things generally go down. They’re both fighting, side-by-side (but not literally so). Jupiter takes on Balem. Caine takes on the role of saving her family. Jupiter is still pitted against the “big bad”, the main threat, and Caine takes on the lackeys. Jupiter saves herself every time it counts, and when she’s done defeated her biggest threat, Caine arrives to take her to safety.

Jupiter defies traditional gender stereotypes

Balem uses Jupiter’s family as a bargaining chip to get Jupiter to abdicate her throne. And Jupiter almost falls for it - she is moments away from signing away all her rights to Earth and the people on it. 

(above gif belongs to vyragosa)

Most people would expect Caine to bust in and keep her from making that decision - in fact, that’s what I was waiting for - but instead Jupiter makes that call for herself yet again. People claim that woman can’t make tough choices - that their emotions, their ‘womanly nature’ will get in the way of thinking logically. But here, given the emotional choice and the logical choice, Jupiter defies that. She pulls away. She says 'not today’.

Jupiter stands there and is ready to let not only herself, but her family - who matter to her beyond all other things - die. Because she knows that if she doesn’t, then all the people of Earth will be harvested. She knows that in the grand scheme, her family versus the billions of humans on earth, that this is the lesser sacrifice. 

Jupiter wasn’t a prize for Caine - Caine was a prize for Jupiter

This doesn’t need much explanation. In the end, Jupiter returns to her life. She has renewed love for her family, despite their less-than-stellar situation (which she can easily change, now). There is a new affection there, and she gets to have that, and then she walks out to her new boyfriend. He is her carrot on a stick - her prize for all her running around.

(above edit by gentlesleaze

All of these facts point to one very important thing: Jupiter Jones is the ultimate female power fantasy done right. Jupiter is everything we’ve been asking for in a character, done so wonderfully well with characters that are so wonderfully nuanced. Are there some faults with the plot, and the logic and the reason? Yes. And I’m sure someone else will readily pick that apart for you. But Everything else about this movie is so incredibly important - so incredibly subversive - and so well done, that it’s completely reasonable to overlook some of the logical fallacies.

TL;DR: Jupiter Jones is fucking amazing and we probably don’t deserve her.

Is it just me or does anime!Sorey seem to care less about Mikleo than the other way around?

Sure, as a shepherd he definitely has a lot on his plate that he should worry about. But the thing is, that didn’t hinder the manga nor the game from showing that they both care equally for each other. For example, in both the game and manga, Sorey practically told and insulted Mikleo to sit pretty in the kitchen because he didn’t want him to get hurt. Sure, that was a bit mean of him but the whole break up/make up scenario showed the viewers that Sorey really cares about Mikleo (albeit expressed in a suboptimal way) and Mikleo too cares a lot about Sorey. This point is driven home even more in the manga where Sorey’s reason for deciding to first armatize at that instant was because Mikleo got hurt.

On the other hand, the anime after episode 7 kinda…disappointed me somehow? First of all, I was slightly disappointed that they never had the break up/make up scenario. Sure, we ended up getting a ton of Sormik moments in that episode too, but I feel like afterwards the impact isn’t as great as it would have been had they gone through with showing that Sorey is actually concerned about Mikleo’s well-being so much that he was willing (for a short while) to go on a journey without him.

I also find it a bit unsettling how Sorey seems to take Mikleo’s concern for granted? When Sorey asked Mikleo if he was alright (during the episode when they both reached Lady Lake), Mikleo reassured him that yes, he’s doing just fine. Whereas lately in these past two episodes, we’ve seen Mikleo come to Sorey’s side countless of times, shouting his name in distress, to make sure that he’s not hurt too badly. Sorey’s response every single time is to just run off and go do ~whatever the fuck, leaving Mikleo to play catch-up/running after him, Mikleo’s calling out for his name falling to deaf ears.

Of course, situationally and considering their roles in the story, Sorey is the main character/the person that the other seraphs, including Mikleo, support. Mikleo is of a supporting role for him and as a result it does make some sense that Mikleo is more Sorey-centric than vice versa, because our shepherd has other obligations. That was why coming into this big first cour finale I was hoping that it would end with Sorey losing his resonance because then Sorey is at least being put in a situation where it can be shown to the viewers – especially the non-game/non-manga audience – how greatly it affects him that he cannot see Mikleo, his best friend, his supposedly most important person. But as we all know, that did not happen. I’m also “???” at the very het-baity Sorey & Alisha moment somewhere in the middle there that I was itching to delete my old post about how I was happy ufo didn’t put in ship tease between Sorey and Alisha in the anime.

We’ve seen so far how angry/protective Sorey could be of Alisha (e.g. Lunarre, this episode, the dragon tornado encounter, during the shepherd ceremony) whom he just met. We all know how the game and manga ended, and it’s also been mentioned multiple times throughout different forms of media that Mikleo is the most important person/being/whatever to Sorey, so I felt a bit disappointed that this was only shown very few times from his end – even shown with less intensity than how he cares about Alisha – whereas it’s been shown time and time again that everything Mikleo has done was all for Sorey.

tl;dr I was really excited when Zesty’s anime first aired but lately, and especially today after the end of the first cour, I can’t say I’m too pleased. It feels like though Alisha and Rose definitely got better characterization, the seraphs in the party got shafted as a result and to me there hasn’t been enough internal conflict either between the parties or within Sorey himself. Personally, it also gives off the vibe that there is an imbalance in which Mikleo cares way more about Sorey than the other way around. I feel a bit sad.

Well, that’s my very long two cents. I’ll be more than happy to hear your thoughts?