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It's not the confirmation that bothers me because I know it's fake and blablabla but what worries me is ... Does this mean this crap is going on for a long time still or they have an expiration date set and these kind of things are not changing nor delaying that?

That is exactly what I was wondering lately. Is NT answering with soft (but very decise) blows because they just intend to endure this until a far away date that they don’t want/can’t change, confident that the perpetuated damage won’t be that meaningful in the long run or are they just letting this happen because they know the actual end is very near and everything will start coming out in the wash? I’m not sure. 

The confirmation is absolutely useless and 100% meant for the fandom. I just entered Tumblr today, but if I’m correct there were no articles about it, right? Why should they be there anyway, normal people in normal conditions don’t need to express their blatantly fake enthusiasm about non existent babies and there’s no reason for an outsider to even care.

Edit: of course I refreshed my dash and an article about it was there! But in general, the meaning still stands.