• Sakura:*confesses to Sasuke when she's 12* *Sai says around 5 times she loves Sasuke* *Naruto says she's so in love with Sasuke around 2 times* *Random ninja talks about who is she in love with, she thinks about Sasuke* *Kakashi confirms she now loves Sasuke on a totally new level* *Kakashi says again she's so in love with him it's breaking her heart* *Sakura directly confesses to him again 7 chapters before the manga ends*
  • NS:*twists Kishimoto's interview* Sakura indeed was in love with Naruto... NarSak is such a tragic ship... :(.


“You fool, we told you this would happen, and you didn’t listen to us..”

“But maybe you’ll hear this!”


RIP in fucking pieces “hoenn confirmed”.


Les Twins confirment leur présence à Libreville le 22 Août 2015 pour la battle Street Dance Happy Holidays


Al Ray - 12 Palestinian citizens have been injured on Wednesday evening in an Israeli drone’s targeting of a motorcycle in the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya, Al Ray correspondent reported. 
Shortly later the health ministry spokesman, Dr Ashraf al-Qidra, confired that the number of the wounded rose to 12. 
The drone missile was aimed at the biker, but he survived, and other passers-by, including two children, were wounded, the correspondent said. 
Most of the wounded were taken to Kamal Adwan Hospital in the north and one to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City due to his serious injury

Honestly, Sakakura being in love with Munakata was so obvious it kinda felt like a misdirect :/

Ah well. I would have been VERY PISSED if it had turned out he was simply in love with chisa.

….now if the misdirect had been to hide that he was in love with both…..

whatever it’s still INCREDIBLY stisfying to have that Actua Confirmed Canon.