Why I still get paper bills

A good friend decided to go completely paperless. An admirable goal, but not one without consequence.

Part of her action plan included converting as many of her bills to electronic delivery versus paper. The system worked until she changed her email address. Two things happened. First, some of her billers did not update their records with the new email address. Secondly, she missed changing the address on two of her accounts.

As a result of this, her credit rating suffered, which is always problematic but even more so in a tight credit market and where your credit score means so much.

If you have your personal and/or business bills delivered electronically, you may want to think twice about that plan!

What is your ethics score?

Anyone who participates in, and/or follows social media knows how important a klout score is. After all, this tells you as well as the world just how influential your thoughts and information (a.k.a. postings) really are.

What I find curious is how many small businesses and entrepreneurs in general seem to ignore their ethics score. Part of influence comes from being known as a person of integrity, living up to their word, having solid morals and a good work ethic. In today’s difficult economic environment, too many people find it easy to ignore their ethics score.

Looking in the mirror, honestly, how would your employees, coworkers, family, friends and others score your ethics card? If you stumbled for an answer or you are unsure, you probably have some work to do! Even if you think that the answer would be a positive one, don’t be afraid to ask those around you, whom you trust and respect, for their opinion about your ethics.

Ethics is one of those tricky things that, if we forsake it, it is hard to regain trust among our peers, staff, and family as well as other relationships.

Please take some time to ponder this. It can only help you to grow personally and professionally!

No Work Today!

What do customers and/or clients hear today if they call your business today, or on any holiday?

If your business is closed today in observance of Memorial Day how are you communicating with your current and potential patrons? Even if you are not in a “mission critical” type of business, communicating up-to-date and timely information to those who call and email is crucial.

On your phone greeting make certain that you announce that you are closed for the holiday and when you will be responding to messages. Even though I personally loathe them, set up an email aut-responder also conveying that you are closed and when the person contacting you can expect a response. Make sure that you have a plan for someone to check, and respond to these messages immediately upon re-opening for business.

This may seem basic but always remember that as a general rule, its not a big thing that kills a business, its a hundred little things like this.