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Why I still get paper bills

A good friend decided to go completely paperless. An admirable goal, but not one without consequence.

Part of her action plan included converting as many of her bills to electronic delivery versus paper. The system worked until she changed her email address. Two things happened. First, some of her billers did not update their records with the new email address. Secondly, she missed changing the address on two of her accounts.

As a result of this, her credit rating suffered, which is always problematic but even more so in a tight credit market and where your credit score means so much.

If you have your personal and/or business bills delivered electronically, you may want to think twice about that plan!

this stuff is getting 2 the point where i’m gonna have to………..that’s right , folks……..actually talk to someone abt it…….or smthing

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I had a really bad experience before christmas (a guy basically pressured me into having sex with him while i was so drunk i could barely speak, even though i had said no multiple times) and now it's like my sex drive is just... gone. This is a little worrying to me bc I've always had a high libido. Has this guy ruined sex for me? Will I never want to have sex ever again?

What you just described is rape. Go right now and tell someone you trust that this happened to you. It is never OK to pressure someone into sex and it is illegal to do so when you do not have consent. Go right now and tell a counselor, a parent, a teacher. If you need any further help, call 1-800-656-HOPE. This is a confidential hotline where counselors are available to you. Or go to to find more information. I would love to help you but I am certainly not qualified in this situation. If you have been through a trauma, such as sexual assault, it is important to take the steps to recover and I hope that you do seek out that help. You aren’t broken. That disgusting excuse for a human who forced himself on you is broken.

My family is starting to make fun of how sensitive I am to insults. They’re the REASON I’m sensitive to insults. I got Children’s Aid involved and told them everything. “Oh, they were just angry dear, it’s natural, I’m sure that they still love you.” Yeah, no. If they cared, they would CARE if i had a suicide attempt. I have had MANY and it feels like they only care so they won’t become known as “those parents who let their kid kill themselves.” They have me cutting contact with my friends, especially those who’ve stopped my suicide attempts. Thanks to them, I’m near constantly in a depressed state. My blog has more stuff on the matter, tagged as “p9tentially triggering c9ntent”. I’m in Canada, so things that work in the USA might not work here.

I apologize for the wall of text
TL;DR I need help getting away from an abusive family. I don’t feel safe in my own house. If you can, please help

PS: My mother has had me break confidentiality with therapists and counselors. I don’t know what the punishment for that is but I know confidentiality is a serious thing.