Change in Plans!!

Okay…So I know I said that I was going to a LP of Distant Worlds: Universe…Well I experienced some technical difficulties while recording, so I’ve decided to go do something completely different instead. I’m going to try my hand @ playing some Pokemon Gameboy Advance ROM Hacks. I’ll take any suggestions. Right now my 4 choices for y'all to choose from are:

  1. Pokemon Glazed
  2. Pokemon Light Platinum
  3. Pokemon CrystalDust (Basically Updated version of Crystal)
  4. Pokemon Snakewood (For the Love of Loki, this hack is really…really cringeworthy. The Stupidity in this hack would make anyone question their sanity.)

I do promise to a LP of Each one of these at some point in time. Just You guys get to vote (Leave an ask in my ask box with your vote) which one I’ll play first. You can also suggest any other game for me to play. These are just the 4 that I picked…Yes including Snakewood.

Tumblr, you make me feel sooo…unloved from the lack of asks/questions. ya’ll are bunch of quiet lads and lassies. Yes, I’m wearing glasses. My doctor said i shouldn’t wear my contacts for about a week. There was supposed to be Two videos by tomorrow evening, I will still make the Intro video. the Other one won’t be there until i can get some content together. IE: Questions to answer or such.

OKay so I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, but World of Warcraft has always been one of my utmost favorite games to play, and at this moment is giving away WoW:Warlords of Draenor Beta keys. I was super excited to hear this (Even though I should definitely be going to bed) I was super excited to enter the contest to get a beta key, but to enter the contest you need an active subscription. I’m so tormented right now. My mum’s asleep, otherwise I would have her reactivate my WoW account. I’m just gonna have to hope that I can get her to activate my subscription in the morning.

The highlights of my Stream back on Sunday