No More Regrets - Sam x Reader

A/N: It’s pretty late when I’m posting this so I hope it isn’t total garbage! Love you all so much, always. Enjoy!

Request/Prompt/Neither/Challenge: This is for @cass-trash ‘s 1000 followers challenge! Congratulations and thank you for letting me participate! The prompt was:  “It’s five in the morning, and you want to return the book you borrowed three years ago?”

Warnings: Swearing. 

Word Count: Around 1400. 

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Three years ago, you met a man named Sam Winchester. He rolled through town on business with his brother in their Impala, staying for only a few days. You met him in the local library and shamelessly flirted for a while, Sam eventually asking you out. You went out to a cheap dinner that same night, the talking and laughter not faltering for a minute. For the first time in your life, you felt like you had met someone really special. As you were leaving the restaurant, however, that’s when things got weird. A woman had attacked you and Sam, and he had somehow known exactly how to fight her off. He took you away to the back alley of the street, making sure you were safe. Turns out, the woman had been a demon. Straight from hell, black eyes and everything. He was a ‘hunter’, he told you, and explained the existence of creatures lurking in the dark. Find your soulmate and he turns out to kill monsters for a living. Whadda ya know?

You spent the rest of that evening with Sam back in your apartment, talking into the early hours of the morning. The conversation topic was ever changing, from books, to movies, to life experiences, even preferences in pasta sauce. Hell, you even lent him a copy of ‘The Stranger Beside Me.’ You found yourself wondering how such a kind-hearted, sweet, intelligent and all around incredible guy was interested in you. You had lounged on your apartment couch for hours, staring into his eyes and feeling like the luckiest person in the world.

All that came crashing down when the next day rolled around. Sam and his brother Dean had to leave town. Your heart broke to watch him drive away, and it pained you to wish him well and send him off with a kiss. You spend the next three years alone, Sam crossing your mind constantly. Your biggest regret was not leaving town with him, and you vowed that if you ever saw him again, you’d not make the same mistake. The only thing keeping you in this town was your job, and you’d never been happy with it anyway. You couldn’t help but wonder if you wandered through his thoughts like he did yours. If not, you at least wanted the freakin book back.

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what bangtan is

seokjin: a first crush, your mother kissing you on the head before dinner, eyes welling up with tears of joy, meeting a future spouse, new school supplies, grocery stores, the sunset, freshly washed blankets and pillow cases, landing at the airport on your first vacation with friends, orange juice and toothpaste, gray sweaters, being inside when it rains, swings, going to bed earlier

yoongi: finally accomplishing that thing you’ve been trying to accomplish for months, getting an answer right during class that no one else knew, recovering from a cold, the sound of rain hitting a wooden ceiling, husky, confident laughter of a crush that makes you so nervous your hands tremble, the black keys on a piano, bonfires, small or sometimes hidden tattoos, bruised hands

hoseok: staying up all night just to wait for the sunrise, the first day of summer break, denim jackets and denim jeans, flying, the first ever flower that blooms in the window of your 2nd grade class, your crush smiling at you, butterflies fluttering against your skin, kissing your crush for the first time, red soda, crinkling eyes when someone smiles, blowing bubbles in school cartoned chocolate milk, bubble tea, cuts on knees, the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, your crush supporting you, dancing in the rain, dancing to loud music in an empty room, spending the weekend with your favorite family member, wrapping warm towels around your body after they’ve just come out of the dryer

namjoon: school field trips, helping your best friend get a passing grade on the test they thought they’d fail no matter how much the two of you studied together, when a dog sniffles in your ear, day old shoelaces, helping your prom date adjust their tie because it was a mess before, hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows, coloring books, reading on the couch under a wiry blanket

jimin: slurping spaghetti noodles as a child, when a kitten sneezes, male puppies playing together, the wind on a summer night, seeing your favorite band live for the first time, tickling your mother and her tickling you back, the person you share your first kiss with nibbling softly on your lip, soft rugs, sneaking out, strawberry milk, beauty marks, chocolate milkshakes, getting out of school early

taehyung: messy hair, tucking your shoelaces into your shoes instead of tying them, accidentally snorting while laughing, bumping into your locker with your shoulder, your favorite upbeat song, chewing bubblegum, purple flowers, carnivals, finger food, caterpillars, bumper cars, used notebooks full of poems, childhood best friend bracelets that you no longer have but remember fondly, getting your cast removed, the idea that freckles are the sun kissing your skin

jungkook: cotton, sweaty palms, homemade lemonade, pencil shavings, finally understanding the plot of a brand new movie, fast cars, tunnels at night, birthday party favor stores, candy canes, school holiday parties, ordering pizza on a friday night, three day weekends, remember the titans, popping your knuckles, spicy food, the park, the first bite of an apple

Googly Eyes

[title]: Googly Eyes

[pairing]: Peter Parker x Reader

[prompt]:  can u please write an imagine where the reader is Tony’s daughter and likes Peter Parker and he also likes you and Peter just wants to impress Tony

[warnings]: breif swearing

[a/n]: protective!tony omg kill me

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           Y/n sat slouched on the couch in the Avenger’s compound while some random movie she’d found while browsing Netflix illuminated the flat screen television in front of her.

           She heard the rattling of a key being turned in the lock of the front door and she knew that her father was home.

           She rolled her eyes. Her father and her had been arguing before he’d left about this stupid ass fight that he was in with Steve and half of the team. “It’s petty Dad. You two need to hug or some shit and get along!” she had yelled. “I will not have my daughter using that type of language in my HQ. Especially not at me!” Tony had shouted in reply. All of the other Avengers had decided it best to keep their distance from Stark and his daughter while they fought.

           The door swung open and Y/n’s eyes never left the screen. She wasn’t going to be the one to apologize.

           “Wow is this where you live?!” a higher, boyish voice met her ears rather than the deep one of her father. Y/n pushed herself from her sitting position and to her knees so that she could see who it was. A boy stood in the doorway, a wonderful smile on his face as his eyes glanced at the tall ceilings that she was so accustomed to. He looked around her age and well, he was easy on the eyes, let’s just say that.

           “Dad, who is this?” Y/n asked, not removing her eyes from the cute stranger. The boy’s attention snapped to Y/n. His eyes lingered on her as Tony walked through the door behind him, witnessing the exchange.

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Heart of the Omega

Here is PART ONE of the prompt submitted by @rayofdawnworld to @reylo-sin-anthology ! I plan on writing the next part ( because I know y'all love a little Reylo lovemaking ) and apologize for this portion being so long due to my need to always include a backstory on my prompts/submissions….. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it !


“You are to be my queen, Rey. Don’t fight this anymore. You know you can’t.”

She snarled at the memory of the Alpha when those words had tumbled from his blackened lips as he’d stood atop her only two nights ago.

She had been able to keep the lust at bay for three months now, and it had built up gradually to the point where she tossed and turned in the night hours because she could no longer think of anything but him in her small cave, her home for the nineteen years of her life.

She rolled around and growled in frustration when the memory replayed in her head, but she didn’t try to resist it anymore. Resisting thoughts or memories of him was beginning to become painful. She had begun to want, to desire, the alpha that had come into her dreams, thoughts, and memories since they met on her favorite spring in a midnight cycle only three months ago.

The Omega had been told that all werewolves lust, but she hadn’t believed it. She believed it now though, as her night cycles were beginning to become agonizing unless she was with him. All she did at night now was pine for something she knew that she shouldn’t. She was an Omega, and he the Alpha of the pack in her area. She’d told herself that she could be without him, but her resolve was quickly cracking.

She tried once more to block everything that was him out, but again, she was met with pain that was a dull ache in her temples. Her eyes snapped open when she heard his song of howls call for her through the snow-laden valley, and then the last of her resolve was broken.

She didn’t think, she just ran. Her haunches launched her into the air and then she was running at speed she only ran when she was running from something. Running from him. Thoughts of him began to to swim as she stirred the snow around her, the white blanket a cool salve for her stinging paws. She knew that if she was in human form, she would’ve smirked. The Alpha had no idea what was coming.

Rey was tired of running away. Even still, she was going to show the Alpha, or Kylo Ren, as he’d uttered to her on their first night of meeting, just how much she desired him after three months of resistance on her part. Tonight, she wasn’t taking down a measly human or daft dear. Tonight, she was taking down an Alpha in the only way females in the pack were able.

The icy wind stung her eyes as she ran with an inhuman speed to his cave, but her mind was set on her goal, now. Perhaps it was when she’d seen another female try to make a move on the Alpha only twelve hours ago that has spurred this, as it angered her more than anything had in her entire life. She’d wanted to claw the eyes out of the female, but she’d decided otherwise when the Alpha pursued her into the forest.

Only when she finally got to his cave did she realize that she’d traced his scent and sensed him to find this place- everyone in the pack had a unique scent, and only two that were to be mated could find each other through scent. The musky, earthly, coppery smell filled her nostrils as she looked at the intricate symbols and designs etched into the grandiose entrance to his abode.

The symbols evoked something that Rey couldn’t quite place, but the deep etchings with the rays of the moonlight that shone upon them contrasted beautifully. She thought about how much her life was about to change, and then she thought about the act she was about to do with him.

She had for months lusted after the Alpha. As she passed into the threshold of his home, the thought of claiming him came to her, and it….. It excited her to no end. He’d chosen her, and now she was going to choose him after months of resistance to what she knew now was inevitable.

She snapped out of her reverie when she heard his deep, low growl come from deep within the bowels of catacombs in the cave. Instead of white walls like her own cave, his was a shade between russet red and ebony. The walls had wooden torches attached to them on either side every five feet, and the gaping holes on each side went into different rooms, she knew. For anyone else, finding the Alpha in the maze would’ve been impossible, but she was Rey, and she was his chosen mate. She followed his scent into a room on the right on the end of the long hallway, and then she took a left into room full of bones and blood.

Bodies of all kinds of species littered the floor along with pearly white bones, but she paid them, nor the rotten smell, no mind as she continued through a smaller gap in the wall on the far side of the room. She took a series of long winding turns until she could no longer smell the carcasses he’d stored, and then she came to a small hallway just big enough for him to fit through. She crawled under the rock at the end of the hallway and into the room that her life would change in.

The room was not lit by sconces, but rather by moonlight itself. The space looked like it was at the bottom of a volcano with a large circular pattern incised in the ceiling to let a beam of moonlight filter through, and the walls had lively emerald vines that scaled up as if to touch the moonlight.

The floor, instead of the stone she’d been walking on throughout his cave, was grassy and soft under her paws, but through it all, her eyes only settled on the raven colored werewolf that was rolling around and growling, her name falling from his lips.

His eyes were tightly shut, but she knew that all she had to do was call to him and his eyes would burst open.


Her voice was confident and husky, and it was enough to get him to stop moving. His eyes wandered over her as his jaw dropped, but she didn’t need to see that to know he was utterly dumbfounded at her unannounced visit. A grin peeked at the edges of her lips- her mission to claim him was about to begin.

THIS BOOK TO FILM ADAPTATION NEEDS MORE ATTENTION: Based on the bestselling novel by American author Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas (2013) comes to UK DVD after a short legal battle quashed any possibility of a theatrical release.

Directed by Stephen Sommers, whose mild-horror track record has been demonstrated with films such as The Mummy (1999) and Van Helsing (2004), this lively adaptation follows rising star Anton Yelchin in the titular role as a spatula-spinning, short order chef. However, juggling utensils is not his only talent as Odd Thomas - odd by name, odd by nature - has a somewhat overcooked sixth sense. In short, he sees dead people - lots of dead people.
The cook’s clairvoyant abilities are put to good use by local police chief Wyatt Porter (Willem Dafoe), and when suspicions are raised regarding town newcomer Fungus Bob (Shuler Hensley) - the suspected key holder to the gates of hell themselves - Porter is soon hot on the case. Led by dreams and psychic intuition, Odd (Anton Yelchin) simultaneously uncovers a plot by a satanic cult who intend to kill the entire town. Along with his girlfriend, ice cream-scooper Stormy (Adonis Timlin), the pair begin their own investigation. The huge scale of the town’s imminent execution becomes increasingly apparent when Odd Thomas is haunted by visions of contorting shadowy ghouls that are only visible to himself.

Sommers wastes no time in hurling the viewer straight into the alternate universe of his protagonist. The exhilarating actions are accompanied by an extensive narrative delivered by Yelchin’s husky and confident tones. For those unfamiliar with the Koontz’s source material, the narrative provides additional information that at times feels like explanatory-overload but with a plot this complicated, narrative is a definite requirement. Sommers, who adapted the screenplay himself, is clearly passionate about his subject and packs a great deal in to the 90-minute runtime.

Yelchin has the competence and charisma to carry a film from start to finish and Odd Thomas is no different. He fulfils the role as the alternative and enigmatic action hero but thanks to a surprising plot twist, he is also able to play the role from an affecting, emotional perspective that will tug at the heartstrings of any viewer with a pulse. The film is by no means perfect but it consists of the well measured formula of fellow ‘young adult’ horror movies, such as Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983) and Monster Squad (1987) and if it finds the audience it deserves,Odd Thomas most definitely has the potential to become a cult classic.
*If you liked Pushing Daisies, you’ll probably like this

First light…. Last breath…

of an…

Extinguished Lamp (p.1)

“Met Paro?…”

With his eternal care to never touch her skin, he takes her hand by the elegant bracelet he knows so well, his low and calm voice is like a melodious note melting in the water’s fallings sound surrounding them… she raises her eyes to him timidly, blushing… this strange feeling of warmness emanating from her chest to her whole body and concentrating on her cheeks, a feeling she didn’t even know about before meeting him. He adds with a sad smile: “- How did you find my Paro?”

She smiles back wider, no she’s not jealous, she has never been, never will… she knows the limits of her so-cheap presence near this man her heart is beating for,she knows that the simple fact that he allows her this conversation is a precious providential gift …illusional gift… she chases the suffocating reality away from her thoughts and replies with a sincere tone, a calculated smile on her lips seeing his eyes fixing hers trying to read her ideas:

“- lf love be personified… Paro’s would be the being, hers the very heart’‘ 

Amused, he takes a deep breath before standing up and takes some steps toward the bed, her heart sinks to see him putting a hand on his side with a painful expression on his sweet tormented face… again, she searches the force to keep a joyful atmosphere… for him… for what the doctor said… she must distract him… keep him happy… as happy as his sad and wounded soul can be… his words fills her heart with tenderness: 
“- Forbidden though it is, l always… end up with a metaphor about eyes”

Pointing a finger behind him while sitting on the comfortable couch, he explains:
“- One Paro…

She joins him slowly with her feline steps when he points his finger toward her: 

“… and one, Chandramukhi” .Like always, her name on his lips is like a caress she’s dreaming of…

She sits on the floor next to his feet ordering her tarot cards mechanically, looks to his eyes just enjoying his gracious words:
“One, sentimental, vivacious… And you…”

He approaches her, so near that she feels his breath brushing her face when he describes her :
how delicate, how demure”

She has a small giggle and stands up trying to escape his delicious but insupportable nearness, sometimes… not to be allowed to touch him feels like burning in fire…. She returns to the low table saying on a lighter note:

“She is fickle, like a doe,
gushing like a river…”
“the liar, the butterfly, the Moon
and you…?”

Following her with his eyes, he replies with a melancholic voice:
“Poem? Ballad?
Some tears, sometimes fire”

She sits on the ground again drinking his words like an elixir not able to escape his gaze, she puts her long black silky hair behind her ear before turning her back to him, trying to put her cards in their box … shelets out her sad reflection surprising herself… 
“Everyone loves her….

Did she really say it!?… she keeps her eyes on the box, nervous… she never lets her sadness reach him…. She can’t face him when he says on a detached tone a so-simple fact… painful truth: 
“- And you, unloved by all …. “ 

He makes a pause before adding with an indulgent gaze on her:

… except me?”

For a moment she forgets to breathe, her heart even stops beating and turning to him she’s hypnotized by the silent invitation in his eyes, she doesn’t believe herself… did he say it? Is he really waiting for her, bending his head on his side with a hand held out toward her:


His deep voice escaped those luscious lips, caressing her name again… something was growing in her stomach that finds its way to her throat where it stops, air? She can’t remember how she breathed till this moment… her eyes are stinging and his marvelous face is blurred when she finds the force to stand up… walk to him and spread her arm instinctively to reach his hand… feeling his skin under hers. Taking it, she finally joins him and sits next to him not able to take her eyes off his….

Trembling, she takes his face in her two hands caressing its rough skin under her fingers, his cheeks, his temples, his lower lip… it can’t be true…

Air finding finally its way to her lungs, breaks her last borders and she starts crying taking his hand in hers again to rest her forehead on… like trying to hide herself from him

“What is this, Chandramukhi?…

His broken voice is full of tenderness and gratitude, and trying to take a severe tone of reproach, he adds holding his own tears:
l was likening you to fortitude”
“What do you turn out to be? A wax doll?

His forced smile makes her sob , she turns her head away from him not able to say a word, he adds:

“Look at you, melting away”
Will you let the candle melt away
and cast me in darkness?”

The metaphor makes her giggle but she’s submerged by her tears which makes her sob more and more… Devdas brings his free hand to her chin pressing it to force her to face him. He frowns with an indulgent smirk tilting his head, his hand erases a tear on the corner of her eye, then another on the other side but he couldn’t stop them, he shifts his gaze to her shining hazelnut iris when he sees one more heavy tear escapes her long lashes to slide to the corner of her lips where he presses his thumb again, instinctively he caresses her lips’ borders discovering their shape with a sort of fascination… when he feels the wet other corner under his finger’s tip, he leans his head to gently harvest another tear with his lips. … the intimate touch makes her heart skips a beat… her lips open under his caress while he puts a chain of light kisses on her face tasting the salty wet skin until her closed eye… she takes a deep breath not aware that she hadn’t since he touched her face… when did she stop crying?

His fingers make their way to her hair which he pulls back to free her face making it rise to his, he scans every inch of its features waiting…

Waiting… she is waiting too… her lips semi-open, her moving with the heavy rhythm of her breath, she’s unable to do anything but wait under the fire his proximity is setting in her, the delicious painful tension her body is imprisoned in, she had this dream every night for a year… she’s sure she’ll be awakened by someone, something just now he’s so close… his breath on her face, his fingers in her hair… when would this torture finish?… her heart can’t support it more, when she feels his thumb caressing her temple, she opens her eyes instinctively to see him smile…

“You’ve done so much for me… Chandramukhi…”

He whispers looking deeply in her eyes, she wants to say that she hasn’t, that she would give anything for him, that she… she opens her lips but closes them not finding appropriate words… opens them again but before any word could find its way between them, they are possessed by Devdas’ in a soft, a chaste kiss electrifying her senses, spreading sparkles all over her body while slowly, kindling her skin and burning her blood under it… he draws her to him possessively pulling firmly on her hair, he deepness his kiss, discovering, ordering, asking and begging for what? Doesn’t he know that she’s all his

She raises her hands to his hair taking some locks in her closed fists responding to his kiss feverishly, opening her lips to breathe, their tongues meet immediately, explore and melt in a sensual long dance taking their breaths away.

He breaks their contact suddenly keeping his grasp on her neck and pulling her so he can look in her eyes, she’s blushing, trying hardly to breathe, feeling her heart pounding in her throat, its beats deafening her ears… how can he be so quiet looking at her titling his head on side with a smile? Doesn’t she have any effect on him?…

“Chandramukhi…I’ve been wondering how does those luscious lips taste since you put your finger on my neck with perfume!” He sighs rubbing her upper lip with his thumb setting shivers over all her body.

Tears fills her eyes again making him frowns with a grimace, he shakes his head slowly from one side to the other kissing her again… softly, slowly gliding his fingers in her long strands. She ceases caressing his face in the need to do more, his neck, his throat to his shoulders, she’s almost holding him when he takes her wrists abruptly breaking their contact, he puts them on her knees and responds to her shocked expression shaking his head again…

She’s about to tell him how much she’s in need to touch him, but his pointed finger at her face stops her… she then remembers his repulsion against her… against what she is… and she looks down ashamed…

So that’s it!… she blames herself mentally for having been so stupid imagining that it can change! She’ll never deserve this kind of closeness… then she blames herself more, what more does she want!? He has just allowed her to be in his embrace, he even kissed her… God… he said he loves her… this must be a dream she’s not allowed to have… if she was able to make any move, she would probably shake her head to chase all those thoughts… 

He considers her, his hands on hers, for a long time then in a gracious imprevisible movement kneels at her feet his hands on her right ankle… she stands up making a step back in shock shouting, regaining her motor abilities:


Her golden payaal rings in his hand, he looks up to her before rising holding his side painfully, he looks around like searching something, then he takes some steps toward her, takes her hand driving her to the bed side near a low table where he lands the jewel gently… his voice is confident and husky when he kneels again at her feet , hypnotized she daren’t move again:

“No… Dev’… babu…” he says separating every word taking off her second anklet before rising up again to her, he holds his hand out to her face, takes her nath in his fingers saying in the same tone, his eyes imprisoning hers :

“No… charming… spellbinding… Courtesan… Chandramukhi….”

He removes the nose ring stroking on his way her cheeks with the back of his fingers, she swallows feeling herself about to faint, she can’t detach her eyes from his burning gaze, something in his posture, his gesture, his voice has changed… this man facing her, she never met before… he caresses some strands of her hair bringing them behind her ear saying:

“SirfDevdas…. Sirf… Chandramukhi…”

He pulls out her earning suddenly making her gasp, her lips parted shuddering imperceptibly, a painful expression flows over her face but she’s still unable to say anything, his hand reaches out to her other ear while he leans towards to her face saying:

“The line between pain and pleasure is so thin… Chandramukhi…”

His breath on her sorrowful ear lobe makes her pant while he’s just taking off the earning on the other side kindly, he prints a chaste kiss on it before whispering so close in her ear:

“It’s always painful… the first time… you know?” 

She can’t help but laugh loudly a hand on her mouth which makes him smile wildly looking deeper in her hazel eyes, she finally could say:

“Zamidarbabu…There is no first times in the life of a….”

“Shhhh…” He stops her a finger on her lips with a so serious expression in his eyes, her smile vanishes instantly.

“I’m talking about –love making- Chandramukhi…”

He runs his fingertipson her lips to her jaw he discovers under his caress keeping his eyes glued to hers, he reaches her neck where he snatches at her necklace breaking it… the contact on her skin makes her shiver and she doesn’t even feel him removing her heavy jewelry saying:

“Have … you… ever … made … love, Chandramukhi?”

She swallows hard not able to say a word, feeling heat on the line drawn by his thumb over her collar bone

“Tell me…”he insists in a hoarse tone, she shakes her head from one side to the other, a wide smile lightens his tormented face:

“I thought so…”

….. To Be Continued​
1000 Days Of You - Part 9

Chapter 22 - The North Star 

“I can’t believe you got a new car after Caroline yelled at your dad” Kristelle grumbled as she sat down opposite to him and Caroline to eat her breakfast. She turned to Caroline, “Feel free to talk to my mom anytime”

Caroline chuckled.

“I’m not joking” Kristelle said seriously.

“Maybe she should talk to your dad?” Stefan suggested seriously.

“Naah. . that’s . . no. . please don’t”

“Why what’s going on with your dad? You never talk about him” Caroline asked. 

“That’s cause he is hiding under a rock and ignoring my sexual orientation in the hope that I will come to my senses” Kristelle said bitterly. “Whatever that means”

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