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I’ve been getting a lot of messages from you guys for my fan mailing address and wishlist for the holidays and bday (Jan 2nd) so it’s easier if I do a blanket post here. Remember, I do send out thank you cards/postcards when anyone sends something, including fan art!

Amazon list:

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Ivy Doomkitty
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#ivydoomkitty #model #pinup #pinupgirl #curvy #curvygirl #curves #latina #confident #cospositive #thickness #thickgirls #lingerie #boudoir

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the zodiac signs as positive emotions
  • Aries: Confidence
  • Taurus: Peacefulness
  • Gemini: Enthusiasm
  • Cancer: Security
  • Leo: Happiness
  • Virgo: Kindness
  • Libra: Loved/Loving
  • Scorpio: Passion
  • Sagittarius: Curiosity
  • Capricorn: Determination
  • Aquarius: Bravery
  • Pisces: Optimism

   Hi there! Have you ever heard of the expression “ men sana in corpore sano ” ( a healthy mind in a healthy body ) ? When you study isn’t it better to study when you feel good? While studying you can’t neglect your body ( you can’t no matter what you’re doing haha ) ❕ So here are some habits that maybe can help you to feel better in your body or to have a better lifestyle!

- tip number 1 : drink 1/2L of water/day! More than 60% of the body is water so you need to get hydrated ; for this each 10/20min during the study break drink water 💦

- tip number 2 : please eat less junkfood ( I know it’s hard haha I like food like all of you ) I don’t say to stop it but just eat less. It won’t hurt you & I guarantee you that you will feel better hehe c:

- tip number 3 : eat more fruits and vegetables!  some people don’t like fruits but try to eat some ( try all the vegetables you can? the more colorful they are the more benefit you get) , there are at least some fruits/vegetables you like? They’re beneficial for your body since it’s full of vitamins , but don’t eat too much of fruits either haha there are some fruits with a lot of sugar If there are some vegetables you dislike you can mixed it with other things? There are plenty of recipes on Internet! ;)

- tip number 3 : do some stretching or yoga or sport! I don’t know a lot of things about it but I feel really good after that! ✨ My body and my mind feel relaxed , all the anxiety i have accumulated walked away with the sport. Don’t sit all day , dance , walk , go out a little! :)

- tip number 4 : clean your room at least 1x/week! A room can become really messy in less than a week so you must clean not only for your room but also for you. Personally I feel more organized , it’s like a new start for the next week so I get more motivated! ( + i plan my things to do for the next day )

- tip number 5 : During study session eat small healthy snack! Your brain need a lot of other things + sugar ( eat fruits? a little chocolate bar? ) I personally like to eat a small bowl of nuts ( peanuts , hazel nuts , etc … they contain a lot of antioxidant & omega 3! But don’t eat too much + it’s really caloric )

- tip number 6 : During your study session don’t forget to do breaks! I read that the brain was more effective with breaks every 20min! Your brain+ eyes need a break & you too haha. Drink some water , walk a little , do stretching , look at the sky & breath some fresh air!🌬

• tip number 7 : Everybody say it but once again you need more SLEEP! Sleep is essential for your body , the hours of sleeping gone can’t be repared by sleeping 13 hours the next day/weekend. So even if you can’t sleep 10 hours why don’t you try 6/7/8 hours , do it step by step ( I know that school can be very stressful sometimes ) ? Instead of sleep at 1am & wake up at 9/11am why don’t you try to sleep at 11pm & wake up at 7/8 am? When you sleep earlier it’s easier to get up earlier + I feel so good the morning , not tired at all !( The best you can do is to not watch tv/laptop/phone one hour before bed but I will say nothing because I can’t do it lol  but i need to try )

- tip number 8 : laugh more , it’s good for the health! ( + try to do some recycling or help as much people as you can ) Go out with the people you like , tell them that you love them , draw more , save a little of your time to do what you like or enjoy or try to find out your passion!

- tip number 9 : “Be ambitious for what you don’t have and great full for what you already have.”

- tip number 10 : “ Don’t compare yourself who is at chapter one to someone who is at chapter 20 “ Love yourself!! The more important is to like yourself then you can be confident , everyone may not be perfect but just a reminder that maybe you don’t like some part of you but your family or friends like them! They made who you are! To me a beautiful person  is just someone who is healthy and happy c:

Thanks for reading - jojo aka @kiimbapnotes

I just got the NEW #ivydoomkitty 3D figure from @cokreeate and it looks awesome! It’s #boudoir #bison! For a sneak peek as well as the 2017 calendar, head over to the online store at

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