It’s Day 17 my babes!! Selfie September!!

Today is a hectic, chaotic work day for me but I feel so so good!

I decided last night I was gonna “dress up” today and put in some effort to feel my best! And damn did it work!!

Little by little I feel that sense of confidence I prayed for when I was in high school and college! The difference then was I believed so strongly if I changed completely then I’ll be happier! Turns out you just have to start loving who you are now, making healthier choices (both mind and body) and forgiving yourself!

I am so glad to be where I am now and looking forward to more progress as I continue my journey to self love and worth! 🌟

Hope you all will join me for the ride!! 😊


How to Accept Yourself

1. Focus on your positive qualities. It’s true that we can all improve in some ways – but start by finding your good qualities – and recognise that these are a major part of who you are.

2. Be aware of, and fight against, your negative self-talk. Negative self talk can quickly snowball and become an angry tirade against yourself – so you become your own worst critic and your own worst enemy. Instead, choose to respect yourself, to love, affirm and believe in yourself.

3. Don’t dwell on things you know you cannot change. We all have imperfections, weaknesses and flaws. They’re really not that crucial, and they’re not that big a deal. Try to keep them in perspective – and change what you CAN change.

4. Make your own decisions – don’t always look to others, and think that they know better … But choose to trust yourself.

5. Always try to do your best – as that’s all that is required. You’re a normal human being who’ll sometimes get it wrong. When you do, just forgive youself, then get up and move on.

what i learned from the first week of college

1.) you’re in charge of when you do your work, so dude jus do it asap. get ahead if you can & get a planner that you actually use

—–> also schedule how much work you can do specifically and when! like “read 2 chapters of book after breakfast, take notes on section 4 after class, start research for essay after dinner) and schedule your free time/ when you’ll hang out with friends

2.) when you feel yourself not concentrating anymore, your work isnt going to be beneficial. go eat or take a shower! talk to someone! then get back to it when you can focus. don’t waste your time

3.) eat to fuel (u know pizza or ramen for every meal isnt rly doin much for u) , sleep (because you need to), move around, take the stairs

4.) everyone wants friends (mostly everyone anyways) so literally make small talk with anyone! participate in welcome week events, talk to your floormates, and introduce yourself to your RA (and your professors) <3

5.) get off ur phone during the day (unless ur calling your mom. then carry on luv ur mom) social media wastes ur time tbh like if you need a break, go for a walk or watch a movie or play frisbee or hang out w your roommate etc. but literally get off social media, you’re not getting much from it