How do you think others see you?

(( Take a moment to think about this… 

I had a conversation with some friends the other day. They were mortified by a funny picture someone had taken of them. Mortified to the point that they couldn’t look at the picture without becoming depressed.

“If that’s how I look when I’m having fun, I need to work out.” 

“I look so ugly.”

“Everyone laughs about this picture… it just makes me sad.” 

So I brought up this point. How do you look at your friends? 

Do you see an ugly picture of them and think, “Wow, they’re hideous. That’s how they look all the time.” or do you look at it and simply think that it’s hilarious, because it’s nothing more than a funny face?

Do you view your friends based on their ugly pictures… or do you look at them and see the cute selfie they took that day.

We, as humans, generally see our friends in the best possible light. Most of us look at each other with a screen that seems to filter out all of the blemishes that are, apparently, front and center.

My acne is so horrible, my hair is so thin, I’m so overweight, I’m ugly

How do you look at others?

If you see others at their most beautiful… If you look at gorgeous, filtered selfies of your friends and think “they are so beautiful”… if you think your friends genuinely look like the pictures they post, the pictures that make them feel confident…

Then doesn’t it stand to reason that they look at you the same way? Why are you any different? Why are you suddenly standing alone in this? The people you surround yourself with… the people you think are so wonderful and beautiful… they all see you the way you want to be seen.

Now let yourself see it.

Get rid of the feelings of despair, shame, and self loathing where others are concerned. Stop thinking that everyone’s judging you based on those unflattering photos. If you can look at someone’s beautiful picture and think it looks just like them… then believe people when they tell you how beautiful you look.

This is your life. Don’t waste it by stripping away your own power. ))

Some people like to call me cocky or arrogant, but I just think, ‘How dare you assume I should think less of myself.’
—  Ronda Rousey (via Smile, Sugar.)

A picture snapped of me while at the World of Faeries festival this weekend. You know, growing up I had always wanted to look different, wishing to have the cute ‘white girl’ features and just to be “pretty” in general. Then I find this picture that was just taken of me and realize that this is /exactly/ how I want to look…. And it’s of me causally having a conversation while selling my crystal pendants with a falcon on my arm, Goddess hair a'flowing.

I am to be feared. 🌙

anonymous asked:

What makes a woman confident vs full of herself?

I think it is her attitude. Confidence is self-assurance delivered in a kind way that builds up one’s self and others around you. Arrogance is egotistical behavior that usually is designed to promote one’s self over those around you.

Confident people aren’t rude - they make you want to figure out why they act they way they do. Arrogant people are rude. They make you want to slap them upside the head and tell them to get with the program.