Purchase #2: Australian Vogue

THERE WAS THREE COVERS TO CHOOSE FROM! HOW COULD I NOT BUY ONE? I am known to buy magazines simply for their brilliant covers (I once bought a Cleo because the picture was a close-up of Cameron Diaz in black and white - massively risky and different for the magazine but I think it was pretty cool). I chose the blue Vogue cover but I am consider forking out two more lots of $8.50 for the other covers. Oh Vogue, how gullible I am to your clever marketing strategy.


So I was going to spread out my TED talk postings so you weren’t overwhelmed but PLEASE WATCH THIS! It is so amazing. A neuroanatomist talking about her own stroke. It kind of makes me think about what drugs do to the hemispheres of the brain. I don’t do drugs but from what I have heard this seems to make a bit more sense. The way she describes the sides of the brain are really helpful and simple for people like me who have no concept for such things (yet).

I have 217 unread blog posts on Bloglovin’. Seriously need to get onto that but I have been so busy/lazy* over the past weekend that I haven’t even bothered to turn on my computer.

If you are up to date with your blog reading or are just bored because you have done all your work and can’t leave without suspicious until 4, then have a look at my blog and let me know what you think.

*how was I busy and lazy at the same time?

Check out this totally awesome blog that some totally awesome person made!

Okay, so that person was me and I’m not totally awesome and the blog is not totally awesome (yet). But have a look and tell me what you think! Please. I want it to be a little bit like a weekly newsletter/magazine. This week there is some cool things on there about Frightened Rabbits, Alexa Chung, backless cardigans and book Europe tours. And there is also some cute photos. Pretend to love it. Thanks :)

I’m excited about this weeks blog post. It may, or may not, include information about my recent purchases and travel confirmation, Rachel Zoe, a super cute blog from an arty girl living in Amsterdam, my favorite song, beach and book, and the phrase “loosening up for what you both want”*.
Check out last weeks blog posts at:

*I found a note on my phone saying this. I don’t know what it means or why I wrote it. All I know is that I wrote it very late on saturday night after a few too many house champagnes. Writing under the influence… What it’s all about.


Just casually watching TED Talk upon TED Talk. But seriously, this guy is a genius. One of those very simple but outrageously effective ideas that make you think: How did no one else think of that? Go have a look at the Khan Academy. I am way too excited about watching all of the biology, chemistry and cosmology videos.

If I had to give it.

1. Don’t care about what anybody thinks of you until they say it out loud. Accept that you can’t read peoples thoughts and that most people don’t give a shit about you until they actually meet you. (yes I did write that post in your ask)

I wrote a blog about advice I would give people. I think there are a few gems in there. Also an analogy about your ex as 100 cheeseburgers and your future lover as 100 strawberries haha. I like this post so read it please :)
Hello dream job

BrisbaneTimes have an open position for an Arts blogger (Fashion/Stage and Screen/Social Scene). I would adore this job but I am no where near good/confident enough and applications close today. You even get a “small writer’s fee” which is actually a GIGANTIC WRITERS FEE for people who know anything about how often writers get regular pay. But seriously, I hope whoever does get this job is actually good because it makes me crazy when I see young published writers who have no skill or style whatsoever.