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I hope Liam is surrounded by people who will tell him that people’s opinions about his body don’t mean shit and he’s beautiful and inside and out because when he sees shit like this he’s as a person this fucking hurts and he’s not gonna want to post pics like this and it’s gonna eat at his confidence this is like 2013 all over again all y'all can eat my entire black ass for this

New Years Resolutions.

As we approach the new year, many of you will be thinking about what you will resolve to do for the coming year.
One of the main ones will be to lose weight, drop a dress size or get down to an impossibly low goal weight.

You may want to lose weight for whatever reason, but don’t do it because you believe you’ll be happier if you’re a few pounds lighter, you need to remember that loving yourself before will ensure that you will love yourself after, so try not to use you’re weight loss resolution in order to make you happier, accept yourself and love yourself now, that way, when you do begin to lose weight, you will love your body from the get go. Not just when you’re lighter.

I encourage you all to steer clear of these passing resolutions - instead you could resolve to focus more positively on yourself, remove negative self talk from your day to day routine, go for more walks, take up a craft, pledge to not say negative things about anyone, be at peace with yourself, read more, take a class in something, be a positive body image advocate, look at life more positively, adopt a pet from a shelter.

Let’s make 2014 a year to love ourselves and to focus positively on our bodies!

There are much better New Years resolutions out there then just the weight loss ones.

My New Years resolution is to spend more time with my grandmother and to continue with encouraging others to love and accept themselves :)

Think about it :)



2013 in selfies lul

in this year i:

  • danced in five ballets (leading roles in four, and dancing on the same stage as legends like Maria Kochetkova and Tiler Peck in the other one)
  • did my first modeling job
  • got into every intensive i auditioned for (and offered trainee from joffrey)
  • traveled to salt lake city for ballet west’s summer intensive
  • got my driver’s license
  • bought my first car with my own money
  • perfected my eyebrow game
  • perfected my makeup game
  • started my first internship at a contemporary art gallery
  • started my first seasonal job and my first permanent job
  • finished (almost!) my last semester of high school
  • saw 5 of my favorite bands/artists
  • became a stronger and more confident person
  • became a stronger and more confident dancer

2013 was the first year in my adolescent life in which i came out of it better than i did going in. one minute i was a timid girl, unsure of my self and my abilities. gradually, but suddenly i feel i have become the person i’ve been wanting to be for years now. maybe not completely, but i am steady on my way to becoming the confident, creative, and successful woman i aspire to be. thanks 2013, it’s been real.