Porque las jaulas no me abrigan, sólo la cálida prisión de tus manos entre las mías, como el suave retorno cuando amanece el día porque tu sangre se mezcla con la mía. Porque aparece el sol en tus mejillas y me obliga a decir que hasta en medio de los dos no se hagan cenizas y pueda ver brillar el fuego..Quédate conmigo a la deriva, en cualquier lugar, hasta poder respirar.
—  Hasta poder respirar - Kuervos del sur

“…Bước ra cuộc sống, khi mà cái gì cũng thật mới mẻ, đến cả chính cảm xúc của mình cũng luôn mới mẻ, chúng ta hồn nhiên sai lầm, hồn nhiên va vấp, hồn nhiên gánh chịu hậu quả, hoặc hồn nhiên đổ thừa. Rồi chúng ta hồn nhiên đứng lên, hồn nhiên vượt qua. Và hồn nhiên quên đi…”

| Nick Do

Lately I see a lot of hate on Omaha Squad. Especially Nate. People think he’s a bad person, but let me tell you what I think about it. You think that Nate is “bad” or “player” and shit.

You guys know there’s a lot of different types of people. Some of them are quiet and some of them are loud. Nate is more of a quite person but when it comes to music he’s loud. He probably dont want any drama so he lives his life they way he wants to.Like when on tour menager told him to leave the tour? he just nodded because he didn’t want any problems.

I understand him.
In Like That video he was so close with this girl and first thing that some of you said was “he’s a player” but you dont know him. None of us. I can tell he’s really insecure of himself. Look- he thinks he’s bad looking. Do you remember when he put in his snapchat story pics of all the boys sayin they are cute and then he put a selfie with “ugly duck” caption?? or when he twitter “can’t wait till people will respect me for my music”.  He just want his dreams to come true nothing more. Please stop hating him because he is a great person and you don’t know him at all, just give him a chance. 

About Jack G. you think he’s “immature” and you’re tired if it. Well for me he haven’t changed since I found him (on vine) and you are just hating him because he was with Madison. aand because he said about this girl’s boobs. Well I think this is good because at least he explained himself, he said true, he didn’t lie I love that he did it this way, no matter how jealous I am. 
and isn’t it like they got that what they have because they are funny? just please stop looking for a stupid reasons. We dont need a next drama.
He’s really cute person.

as to Sam…say whatever you want but he’s not fake. 

now I am scared there will be a lot of hate on Johnson because it goes like a domino…please don’t. 

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someone made this ‘keep calm’ poster, and I can’t help but post it here.

it may sounds ridiculous to some, but I just want to share that, this is just one of the unnecesary little things in my life that somehow can make me lighten up a bit.. ya know.. like shipping these two characters :)

Nếu có một ngày dung mạo bạn biến dạng, hoặc lúc bạn trắng tay, người vẫn sẵn lòng ở bên bạn, mới là tình cảm thực sự, là điều đáng trân quý. Đàn ông sẵn sàng chi tiêu cho người họ yêu, mua những thứ tốt nhất cho cô ấy. Không phải anh ta ngu ngốc, mà đó chính là một biểu hiện của tình yêu. Và những người phụ nữ sẵn sàng hy sinh cho người đàn ông của mình thì anh càng phải biết trân trọng cô ấy.
Những con người thật tâm với bạn, nhất định bạn không được làm tổn thương. Họ rơi nước mắt bởi vì họ thật sự yêu thương bạn.
—  Trương Gia Huy (Actor)

I have been looking at this photo about 15 minutes without moving.

Admire him.

Harry is so handsome but he is not just that, he is an amazing person and he really cares about everyone and everything that happens in the world. And you can realize that with the way he looks at the person he is talking to ( right into the eyes) and when sth happens he always tweets to show he cares.

I wish I could know him personally and I wish I could have a normal conversation with him to talk about what he thinks about the world or idk, his fav album, what song he likes to listen when he feels homesick, i think it would be the best thing ever you know, to get to know him.

10 things about me and Naruto's series

1°. I started to watch it in TV when I was 12 years old.

2°. Naruto’s series made me feel alive when my life was a shit in the school days.

3°. My first ship was NaruHina.

4°. I had a crush with Shikamaru.

5°. I leanrt what “yaoi, hentai, nsfw, yuri, doujinshi…” mean thanks to searching Naruto in Google.

6°. I met great people thanks to Naruto’s series.

7°. I started to read and write in FanFiction thanks to Naruto’s series.

8°. I started to work with Photoshop thanks to it too.

9°. I left Naruto’s fandom for years, but I returned when I saw ShikaTema being canon.

10°. Naruto’s series was/is very important in my life.

Maybe no one cares, but meh. ♡

Unless you ask, the answer will always be a No.


Everyone has secrets here, just like everywhere else. I’m not yet used to the people between these walls. They wear their hidden things on their finger tips. You don’t know until they touch you, but when they do it’s as unexpected as a lightning strike and always sooner than you’d have thought. They still whisper but they don’t really care who’s nearby. Everyone has a gleaming pair of wings sewn into their back by hands of pain and sorrow and they’ve seemed to fly up above this mess that the rest of us call home. I’m not sure weather the burdens have lighten their souls, or if they simply have the strength to shine through what the rest of us cannot. I don’t know which would be more tragic: Needing horrors to create beauties or beauties being saddled with such horrors.
—  A.O.A.M || Beauties