I wrote an essay to convince my teacher to let us watch Lilo and Stitch in class.

A few weeks ago in my math class everyone was really tired. So someone suggested we watched a movie instead of doing work that day. Then I immediately said that we should watch Lilo and Stitch (because why not). For the most part everyone in class agreed with me. But my teacher wasn’t buying that I was being dead serious about wanting to watch it. So he said as a joke that if came to school the next day and had written an essay on how Lilo and Stitch relates to math he would consider letting us watch it in class. I told him that if he wanted a paper, a paper he was going to get. But he still didn’t believe me. The next day I walk into class with this paper.

It didn’t work. We still haven’t watched Lilo and Stitch. I’m still salty.

Ok so FT was the first anime I ever watched and of course I started shipping like crazy. Now we all know nalu is gonna happen…because you gotta be blind and crazy if you still deny it. But I gotta make a confession. I never shipped nalu and I will never ship it. And that is because I am loyal to my first FT ship. LoLu. I will love them forever and nothing will ever change that ^^

18. Tell us one random thing that happened with your tc and that you’ll never forget.

That one time when he was teaching me in one-on-one lesson, he was sitting in front of me, we were close by the way… he was explaining the facts from the textbook which was on the table that we shared (he used a lot of hand gestures while explaining). So I on the other hand was playing with my pencil, twisting it around using my fingers and then I ACCIDENTALLY poked his hand that was resting on the textbook. DONT BLAME ME, HE WAS TOO CLOSE >W<  LOL! oh and he didn’t seemed to feel it…idk maybe he did but yeah. 

BTS Reaction: Their crush (you) getting drunk and accidently confessing your love

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Bts reaction to their crush getting drunk and conffesing their love the the member thinking they’re talking to someone else

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“Y/N you really shouldn’t drink that much!” Jin scolded you and tried to take the drink from you. You looked at who you thought was Jimin and started to vent to him.

“I need to drink Jimin, I want to get my mind off of Jin with that other girl he was with earlier. I really like Jin and it hurts to see him with someone else. I’ve falled for Jin, I honestly have-”

“Y/N, come on you should get some sleep.” He would giggle at your drunken confession and lead you to your room so you could rest. Then in the morning he would ask you about it, and end up confessing to you as well.

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Suga would be a little drunk aswell, but not as drunk as you. You walked up to who you thought was Tae, and just started talking.

“Oh my god, have you seen Yoongi? Oh my gosh he’s so attractive, and I love how laid back he is. It honestly kind of turns me on. I really want to get to know him. He seems really cool.”

“Well you could start by realizing I’m not Taehyung.” He laughed a little. You looked up and realized it was Yoongi.

“Ohmygod” you said fastly.

“I’d like to get to know you to.” He said.

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Rap Monster:

“Y/N you should really go to bed, it’s really late. And you are extremely wasted.” Namjoon said.

“I don’t want to Yoongi, Namjoon is still here, I want to see him.” 

He furrowed his eyebrows as you said “yoongi” but he decided to play around with the situation.

“Why do you want to see him?”

“Because I really like him, he’s so nice to me and makes me feel happy when  I’m around him. I just wish he felt the same though.”

“Don’t worry, I think he like you too. Come on let’s sleep.” Namjoon said with a smile across his face.

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You were home alone, and completly drunk. Without thinking, you called you best friend-or who you thought was your best friend- and started talking about Hoseok.

“Y/F/N, you have no idea how crazy he makes me, he’s honestly the greatest person in the world. Wow, I really love him-”


“Are you sick? Your voice sounds really low?” You asked.

“Look at your contact name.” He laughed. You looked and it said Hoseok’s contact name. You froze as you heard him laugh.

“Ah you’re so cute Y/N!”

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“Jin! Hi!” You said as you facetimes “Jin”. Jimin looked at you in confusion.

“Are you ok Y/N? You looked a little, you know, drunk.” Jimin said.

“Yeah Jin, I’m fine. Is Jimin around?” You asked. Jimin finally realized you thought he was Jin, but he was curious about what you had to say about him. So Jimin continued to be “Jin”.

“No, he’s not here right now.” He smirked.

“Good, do you know how Jimin feels about me? I really like him, but I want to know he feels the same before I tell him.

“He really likes you Y/N, he never shuts up about you.” Jimin laughed. “You’re talking to Jimin by the way.”

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It was your 20th birthday, so you could now legally drink in Korea. Taehyung took you to a bar along with some of yours and his friends.  You might have went a little overboard with the drinking and got completly wasted. You were sitting alone, and someone sat next to you.

“You look like someone I know.” You said while looking at him. He look at you with a puzzled expression.

“He’s someone I really love, he knows how to make me happy, and he’s just so perfect. I wish he felt the same.” You started to talk about him. 

“What’s his name?” Taehyung asked, with a bit of jealousy.

“Kim Taehyung.”  You smiled and sipped on your drink. He smiled and laughed a little.

“You really are drunk, Y/N I am Taehyung.”

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Jungkook told you he was going to be home late from practice today, so you invited your best friend over. Little did you know, she brought achohol and you couldn’t turn down the opportunity. 

A few hours later you both were wasted, and Y/F/N was in the bathroom probably throwing up. You heard footsteps, and you automatically assumed it was Y/F/N.

“I should have never drank that! If Jungkook finds out I drank underage, he’ll never love me back!” You cried.

“You love me?” You heard Jungkook’s voice.

“Oh my gosh, Kookie forgive me!” You ran to him and hugged. He hugged you back and patted the back you your head.

“Don’t worry, I’m not mad. But I do love you back.” He smiled.

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Unless you ask, the answer will always be a No.
BTS reaction when they see their gf is self-harming

anon: we got the BTS Reaction of when they found out that their GF struggling with self harm but can we get one when they walk in a room and see them cutting themselves           

Trigger warning: mention of self harm

BTS reaction to conffesion about struggling with self-harm

Tbh I’ve never do things like cutting myself or something similiar so requests like this are somehow hard for me. I don’t want any one to be hurt because of things which I write. So please don’t take it too deeply and if someone have any contraindications let me know. I hope that people who are struggling with self-harming will find happines in their lifes and stop doing this. ;-;


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He saw your scars on your wirst 2 weeks ago but when he asked you about this you told him that you stopped huring yourself. Still he was worried and thinking about you all day. When he backed from shopping, he saw that scissors are missing. Black thoughts show up in his mind. He started to looking for you to find his love in bath looking at this scissors. He came in time before you did something to yourself. When you saw him you started to crying. Jin came to you, kissed your forehead and hug you tight. He gave you to cry in his shoulders how much you want. Single tear fall from his eyes too. He would try to convince you how special you’re and give you some self-confidence

“I love you jagi. You’re the most precious, beautiful and kind-hearted person that I know. You don’t deserve to do this to you. Next time please come to me”


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View of blood in kitchen made his heart stopped. He would find you in the corner of your room, making more cuts on your wirts. Yoongi would yell your name and come to you to take from you   knife and take you to bathroom to take care of your cuts. He wouldn’t say anything which make you even more crying, you wanted him to yell at you or make a big deal of this. The truth is that he was lost in his mind. He felt frustrated, hurt, angry, shattered in same time. The only thing that he was sure then its that he need to help you and watch you carefuly.

“If you will feel like doing this again, please at first call to me. Don’t do this again, Y/n. I’m begging you.”


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When you don’t pick up the phone and you don’t answer to his messages he started to have bad minds. He knew that you used to self-harm. Hobi rush to your apartament. When he walk into bathroom seeing you with knife, he would quickly take it from you and started to crying. JHope would hug you to comfort you and him at the same time. His tears don’t want to stop. He would stay like this with you till both of you will be more calm. After that you two will have long and full of tears conversation. Hobi would take everything deeply to his heart and still thinking that it’s his fault that he doesn’t notice how much pain  you are hiding.

“Why are you doing this to me? And to you? What did I do wrong? How can I help you? Please, say something to me! Y/n, I love you so much.”


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Problems in shool, with parents, fans, friends. It was enought for you. You wanted to de-stress. After school you took your razor and go to the bathroom with tears slowly falling from your eyes. Namjoon was in your apartment and you didn’t notice him. He take your wirst before you even get to bathroom. Pain was painted on his face. He took you to bedroom and start a serious talk with you. Tears don’t want to stop falling so he hug you, trying to wipe your eyes and comforts you. He was talking with the most soft voice ever. He wanted to know why you didn’t tell him about your problems and minds. Jonnie want you to know that you don’t have to deal with everything alone.

“I know that sometimes life is giving us a lot of pain. But around you are people who loves you and want to help you. You have me. You’re not alone, Y/n”.


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You were receiving hate messages from Jimins’ “fans”.  Jimin thought that he dump every letter before you can notice. His bad. You saw some of them and it depressed you. “Why he choose you? You’re nothing. He deserve someone better. You should die!” It was enough. In past you had a problem with self harming and now you feel like you need this. Jimin come back home earlier to make a surprise for you. But when he hear that you’re crying and letters on the table, he quickly reach to the bathroom and took razor blade from you. Fear in his eyes and the worst scenarios in his head.  He don’t want to lose you. He would assure you in this and would make steps to stop your self harmig once and forever. Jimin would also try to do everything to his fans stop hating you and sending you this hate letters.

“I can’t lose you okay? You are important. You’re mine, Y/n. We’ll go through this together. You’re strong and I know that you can stop yourself from self-harming.”


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Weirdo Tae would disappear and serious Taehyung will show. Seeing your wirst all in blood and you with a razor would make him in daze. Quickly taking razor from you, take charge of you and your new sores. You were crying the whole time. When Tae finished and turn to you, you could see how worried he is and dissapointed. He was dissapointed but in him. He didn’t notice anything and when he was all happy and bubbly, you suffered with problems. He wanted to make sure that you’ll talk to him next time and give you small talk about how you can lean on him and that he is always here for you.

“What’ll you do if you’ll see me in the same situantion? Maybe you want me to do this with you? I know that you don’t want to. So please don’t do this to yourslef anymore. I’m here for you.”


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He would feel lost. First of all like everyone would take sharp thing away from you. Second-take care of your cuts. He wanted to talk with you about this but not knowing how to begin this. Jungkookie would kiss your old scars and new cuts maybe wondering that they’ll disappear. When you felt asleep he would go to the salon and give his feelings to get out. He may be softly cry but not to much. Like sobbing.  It would be take him a while to pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Next day in your kitchen, bathroom-anywhere, won’t be anything sharp for your safety. He would try to talk with you the best how he can and comforts you.

“Why do you do this to yourself? It hurts me when I see you in pain and yesterday I felt like dying from worring about you.I love you, Y/n. Please don’t do this to yourself  anymore.”

10 things about me and Naruto's series

1°. I started to watch it in TV when I was 12 years old.

2°. Naruto’s series made me feel alive when my life was a shit in the school days.

3°. My first ship was NaruHina.

4°. I had a crush with Shikamaru.

5°. I leanrt what “yaoi, hentai, nsfw, yuri, doujinshi…” mean thanks to searching Naruto in Google.

6°. I met great people thanks to Naruto’s series.

7°. I started to read and write in FanFiction thanks to Naruto’s series.

8°. I started to work with Photoshop thanks to it too.

9°. I left Naruto’s fandom for years, but I returned when I saw ShikaTema being canon.

10°. Naruto’s series was/is very important in my life.

Maybe no one cares, but meh. ♡

The thing I love most about WoW is no matter who you are, where you come from, what you believe, you are able to come onto an equal ground and express yourself whether it be trolling in trade chat or tearing up raids all the way to pretending to be a totally different person. The only limit is our imaginations.

ASOUE in Hogwarts
  • The sorting hat wasn’t sure if it should put Violet on Gryffindor or on Ravenclaw so it whispered in her ear; ‘’which one’’ and she said ‘’i can handle anything.’’ She seemed brave to the hat because of those words so it decided that she belongs to Gryffindor. It decided almost immediately that Klaus belongs to Ravenclaw and Sunny to Hufflepuff. The Quagmires wen  to Ravenclaw too. 
  • Quiditch players asked Klaus to join the team, he actually didn’t want to, he prefered to be all day in the library but he said yes because he didnt want the boys of the team to judge him. He told Isadora what happened and she went to the Quiditch team and volunteered to play in Klaus’ place, but they told her no because ‘’she is a girl, and she could ruin the whole game’’ so Isadora just said; ‘’girls can’t only handle a lipstick- we also can handle a broomstick’’ so she grabbed one broomstick and flied to the sky really quickly doing acrobatics in the air.  The team was actually amazed, and let her join them. Isadora became a keeper and Klaus was absolutely grateful. 
  • Quigley joined Quiditch team as a Chaser but (damn!) his crush from Gryffindor, Violet Baudelaire became a Chaser too. Violet was pretty good, for sure better than Quigley who just admired her from his broomstick, and because of him they lost the first game of the year because Quigley is such a dork and let her win to only see her smile. 
  • Duncan insisted for a Weekly Hogwarts Newspaper, and he visit Dumbledoore daily to convice him to let him do a Newspaper. So after visit number 48, Dumbledoore gave his approval and Duncan made a Hogwarts Newspaper called; Weekly Wizardly.
  • But what about Sunny? Sunny was actually the best student in the class of potions. Maybe because of her talent in cooking, her grades in this class were the best in the whole school. 
  • The Baudelaires are very curious about that stranger proffesor Lemony Snicket from Ravenclaw, who teaches Theory of Magic and seems to know them. 
  • Baudelaires’ and Quagmires’ favorite proffesor is Mrs. Kit Snicket from Gryffindor. She teaches the spells and she is always funny and kind with her students. 
  • Isadora and Violet, Quigley and Klaus are on the same rooms, which means sleepovers, talking until the dawn and reading all night.
  • ‘‘N-no Klaus! You can’t like a g-girl from… Slytherin!’‘ Duncan and Quigley told him when he conffesed that he likes Fiona from Slytherin. 
  • Quigley asked Violet to go to the Yule Ball with him, and Violet said something ‘’Yes of course! I would really like to go with you!’’ but Quigley was so nervous about it so he got ill so Isadora went to the Yule Ball with Violet because they are Gryffinclaw besties and don’t give a f about what people think
  • Sunny is actually really good friend with all of the ghosts and stays awake until the morning to talk with them.
  • Count Olaf is one powerful wizard, with dark powers, commited to the black magic. None wizard had heard anything for him, for years  but everyone knows that he’s still alive somewhere, making a new plan to get into the Hogwarts..
  • Esme Squalor was a Slytherin Proffesor, one of Death Eaters (supporters of Olaf? Probably?) before she got in Azkaban, she was teaching spells and she was always a bit rude with the students… ‘’Oh gosh, i swear this wand is SO out, that i could throw it out of the window. Kiddo where did you get this broomstick from? Trash? Your cloak is a fashion scandal...’’ She escaped from Azkaban…
  • Carmelita Spats is in Slytherin too, and is actually the bully of Hogwarts. She usually bullies Klaus for his ‘’STUPID CAKESNIFFING GLASSES!!’’ but always her best friend Fiona stops her and she smiles apologetic to Klaus while Carmelita shouts ‘’I SWEAR WHY OTHER STUDENTS ARE BREATHING IN THE SAME ROOM WITH ME FIONA? I SHOULD BE ALONE IN THIS HELL HOLE! IM THE ONLY ONE WHO DESERVES TO BE A WIZARD HERE… NOT IM NOT YELLING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CORRIDOR YOU STUPID CAKESNIFFER’’
  • Violet becames a really popular girl, fixing something when it’s broken with spells she invited herself. Also making useful magic devices.
  • Klaus becames teachers’ favorite student, not teacher’s pet, but he always knows the answers and is the smart guy from Ravenclaw so all of the teachers like him.
  • Sunny likes to help the elves making the dinner, and they always teaching her new and interesting cooking recipes.
  • Violet, Duncan and Klaus have an owl, Isadora has a cat (she is a cat lady yup) and Sunny has a toad. 
  • And they are all really happy actually because they deserve to be happy in Hogwarts, thank you very much. 
A beater's bat (Fred Weasley X reader)

(A/N): Whoo! Fred! Requests are still open so feel free to message me😊

Warnings: Hinted smut at the end, just fluff and making out really, shy!bestfriend reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: The reader is bestfriends with Fred and George but has a little crush on Fred. When the Weasley twins host a singles people party will the reader make a move? Well be forced too…


You was walking with Hermione to the room of requirement; Fred and George was having a single people party. You both wasn’t going to attend until Hermione heard Ron was going and dragged you along too, “Come on (Y/N)! It will be fun! And Fred will be there!” She smiled dragging you arm along with her, for a fourth year, she was pretty strong. “Urgghh, keep your voice down!” You scowled; not wanting to be caught out of bed but also not wanting anyone to hear about your crush on Fred; your best friend. Hermione forced a dress onto you because she knows Fred would love it. Hermione rocking an outfit that you picked out for her so you two could have similar colour schemes.

You finally, safely, arrived on the seventh floor at the location of the room of requirement and the doors slowley appeared, then swung open by two handsome gentlemen who greeted the both of you. Well after shoving you inside so you wasn’t caught by Flinch or Miss Norris of course. “Hello ladies, we thought would have had to start without you!” Fred grinned, raping his arm around your shoulder like always, “Yer and we wouldn’t want to do that!” George winked at you all, soon following his brothers actions, but focusing the most on Fred who seemed to gain a flush of redness to his cheeks matching the colour of his firey hair. But you think it was just the light; Fred never blushed. And why would he? What was George implying, it was a single’s party but Fred would never look at you more than just his best friend; would he?

You giggle at the thought but forget it because you was living in a dream world, “You two do look nice tonight, anyone you have your eye on?” George grinned even more than before and winked again playfully but you knew it was in a jokey manner so you just rolled your eyes. “I know little Hermione does…” You giggle but Hermione gives you a death glare, warning not to say a word more, “Five guesses who!” Fred threw his head back in a crackle, knowing he caught you and Hermione gaving a girly chat about Ron, but Hermione threatened to hex him into next week if he even told George; Fred’s other half. “I’m not the only one wanting to snog someone’s face off tonight!” Hermione stared at you in shock as she let it slip, letting your best friends know you have a crush and that she wants to ‘snog someone’s face off’. You felt Fred’s arm tighten around you before realising what he was doing and went to mimic his brother, was that a hint of jelously in his greeny-brown eyes? No it couldn’t. “WHO?!” The twins almost screamed in your face after getting over the second of pure shock. “That’s for me to know…” they all looked alittle disapointed, “And you to find out.” You smirked making the Weasley twins grin with mischief written all over their freckle covered faces; Fred looking extra adorable.

When you and Hermione take a seat next to Harry and Ron, the Weasley twins explain you will be playing seven minutes in heven; great. Stuck in a tiny closet with someone you probaly don’t know for seven minutes forced to make out or you will have to take a shot of fire whiskey. And you know all to well that stuff is vile. Also drunk you pulls off the slight cloak of shyness and you hate being the center of attention, unlike your best friends. “Right which lucky lady will get to have first pick?” Fred shouts, signalling towards the bag full of one of each of the guys possessions that George is holding out. Every girl suddenly becomes super shy and no one approaches the bag, but Hermione is inpatient, she stands and hesitates for a second. Is she really going to go first?

But catching you off guard she grabs your arm and shuves you towards to bag before siting right back in her space beside Ron, smiling brightly at you as your friends laugh at your predicament. Taking a deep breath in your hand plunges into the bag which has a extendable charm cast apon it so all the objects can fit inside. Feeling around, no possession feels the same. You come across something long and hard, it was the shape of a really small baseball bat that muggles use to play sport, you deside to pick that one out since you was keeping everyone waiting. You wave it around so everyone can see it; it was a beaters bat from quidditch. That could be one of eight people for all you know!

Then Fred gives you a nervous looking smile as he holds out his hand for you to take, you got Fred Weasley. Fred Weasley. As in Fred Weasley, the boy you have had a crush on since second year. Fred Weasley your best friend. George and a couple of other guys wolf whisle like boys as you two enter the cramped closet, hand in hand.

Everything is dark and Fred releases your hand from his friendly grasp, the silence is nothing but awkward. You deside to be the one to make the first move after about thirty seconds of silence and deep breaths, “So… I-I don’t really drink fire whisky…” Before you say anymore a pair and smooth, warm lips crash into yours from above and two hands start to make their way to your waist. You kiss back hopefully with as much passion as you can considering the shock you’re in right now, leading to the hands on your waist. Yours perfectly intertwinded with his now messy ginger hair so you can easily pull him closer, deeping the kiss. He looses self control at your passion and soft touch so he rams you into the wall, being carful not to hurt you. You moan as he plants small kisses all over your exposed neck that turn into nibbles that are sure to leave a mark, a mark that your his, and only his. He kisses your collar bone making you moan louder that exspected; it’s your sweet spot. Without you knowing this turns him on like a switch and his grip tightens, lips locking once more, it’s filled with lust and more. His tounge outlines your lips asking for enterance, which you take no time to accept, his tounge rules your mouth and you don’t care. As he’s searching every square inch of your mouth, you hardly notice that his gentle hands have managed to snake their way up your back. Fingers rap around the zip of your dress and slowley pulling it downwards until you stop him, “Fred…” You are totally out of breath, “not now, seven… seven minutes only, remember.” He weakly smiled but takes his hands off you, “Sorry, I… I don’t know what got into me.” he inhales and nervously chuckles, “I guess I have wanted to do that for a while…” Exhale. He seems embarrassed by his conffesion but you feel happy, not just happy, exstatic. “I have too” You blurt and your cheeks feel set alight, good job it’s pitch black. “Really - you mean it?” You just kiss him, lunging forward and, carefully pushing him into the opposite wall. He kisses back before saying “Mine?” you giggle, “Always.“ 

Lips as one in the peak of your kiss, your heart was beating for 1000 men, the doors of the wardrobe swang open. "Freddie pulled!” George sqeaked like a little girl on christmas day but the two of you just blushed as you pulled apart. Fred grabbed your hand as you walked out. Before you left to sit back down with Hermione you quitely whispered in Fred’s ear, “We can finish that little thing you was starting later if you want…” he just went to same colour as his firey hair and winked at you before you went to your seat. 

Hermione giggled at you, “How was it?” she was beaming brighter than the sun. “Let’s just say can you re-zip up my dress?” She looked shocked and gave a simple we’ll-talk-later look while zipping up your dress.

yoonbum’s point of view

okay, so i decided to write a post for all of you who feel confused about why yoonbum behaves like he behaves

this post will be long but i hope it can help someone to understand yoonbum’s mental state at least. whole post is of course what i think about yoonbum’s motives and this is my opinion - you can disagree with me.


so, first of all - i want to clear one thing that should be obvious to all killing stalking readers

the “relationship” between yoonbum and sangwoo isn’t and can’t be called love. this is a very toxic and sick relationship and sure it is between two males, but it has been shown in a really psychological way and never shown in a romantic or cute way in this comic. the author NEVER idealize any of characters’ actions. you all should know this and keep it in your mind. 

so, let’s move to the main topic of this post - a yoonbum’s point of view

as all of you know, yoonbum lived with his grandparents ever since he was kid. he mentioned it in chapter 5, when he was talking with sangwoo. he then marked that he lives with his uncle now (of course before he break-into sangwoo’s house). after sangwoo’s question about yoonbum’s uncle, he told him that the reason he cut his wrist was beacuse of his uncle and because he felt lonely. yoonbum then didn’t say the thing straightly but in chapter 7 we all can see how his uncle really treats him. 

External image

and then we can see something like flashback from yoonbum’s past. 

it clearly means that yoonbum was/still is a victim of sexual abusement and the culprit is his own uncle. 

although he hasn’t told about whether his relathionship with his own grandparents was good or bad, i can be almost sure that he has never felt nor understood the meaning of real love in his whole life. because of that he doesn’t know what real love looks like but he had been searching for it desperately. you can also see a weird thoughts with flashbacks from his past when he was trying to break-into sangwoo’s house in chapter 1

as you can see, these flashbacks were from very bad moments in yoonbum’s past - his life has been filled with stressful situations like for example probably misunderstanding with one of the girls from his school or - on the last flashback - probably an attempt of hit yoonbum by his grandfather but his grandmother tries to stop him. 

(flashback from chapter 9 - he was probably bullied in his school age)

and then he met sangwoo - in the second semester of his first year of college (he also mentioned that he entered the college 4 years late, so it can be also caused by his mental state and abusive grandparents/uncle). sangwoo at once impressed yoonbum - in his point of view sangwoo was gentle, emapthic and considerate, so everyone wanted to make friend with him. and since that moment yoonbum had a crush on him. but caused by his distorted view of what love is he even didn’t want to talk to sangwoo - he was maybe not shy, but definitely scared of what will sangwoo do after yoonbum’s conffesion, again - due to his problems since childhood (and also to the whole problem with homophobia in korea). he also knew that he won’t have any chance to be with sangwoo. but before long, when yoonbum was in his army duty, he was being oppressed by his platoon’s fellows. and then, just accdientally sangwoo interrupted this whole bullying. and since that moment he was like savior in yoonbum’s eyes - it is very important to know because it has an influence in yoonbum’s further actions. after that incident yoonbum decided to admiring sangwoo from the distance even more, but he hadn’t seen him since that. he felt miserable and lonely and decided to just forget him little by little. until he accidentally spotted him on the street with some girl. after that the whole thing yoonbum considered as love for sangwoo and his admiration to him hit him really hard, and then he felt like forgetting about sangwoo is no more possible. so this is probably the moment when the whole serious stalking has begun. 

let’s move a little bit further in action - to the moment when yoonbum found a woman in sangwoo’s basement. he didn’t even once think that sangwoo could tied her up and left her in his basement - he might as well thought that sangwoo didn’t know about such a thing. then, after sangwoo hit yoonbum with baseball bat, yoonbum was scared and filled up with confused thoughts. he didn’t recognize sangwoo.

and this was probably the moment when the image of sangwoo which was created by yoonbum’s mind has split up to two different people - one of them was the sangwoo who yoonbum has known to that moment - a gentle, warm, empathic and nice person who helped yoonbum during his army duty, and the other one was the sangwoo who was uknown for yoonbum until then - a brutal, aggressive and ruthless one who looks exactly like sangwoo but isn’t a “real” sangwoo. this is why yoonbum thought of this

then, yoonbum - afraid of dying from the “uknown” sangwoo’s hands - tried to confess his feelings towards “real” sangwoo - he might thought that by this way he could bring the “real” sangwoo back. after that sangwoo touched yoonbum’s forehead in gently-looking way. he then said that he and yoonbum should go up which was something like a singal for yoonbum that the “real” sangwoo was here back again. yoonbum was really happy and relieved but he still couldn’t believe that sangwoo really forgave him. you may notice that after sangwoo’s appearing yoonbum didn’t even once thought about tied up woman who was still near them. he also like forgot about that sangwoo had hit him and want to kill him, even more - he thought that all of these was his fault and nothing was wrong with good side of sangwoo, beacuse it all was done by his bad side. 

you all know what happened next, so let’s move a little bit further again - to the moment when sangwoo was “feeding” yoonbum with porridge. sangwoo asked him how does he feel and yoonbum - probably still believing that the “real” sangwoo may come back - said “i feel good”. sangwoo was disgusted, he called yoonbum a retard and then started kissing him. yoonbum once again utterly forgot about what sangwoo has done to him to that moment and thoguht that the kiss was from “real” sangwoo and is something special. 

okay, so now i want to talk about yoonbum being imprisoned altogether. before that, i want you to get to know with some like a little summary of the book which is an authentic story of natascha kampusch - a girl who had been trapped in some guy house for more than eight years (the book is called “3,096 days”, you can google it for more information). she describes in it what these eight years look like - she was being bullied not only physically but mostly mentally. she says that after some time she got used to being physically abused and imagined that she was watching the whole situation by standing nearby this guy and her body. but she never got used to metnal abuse. natascha was really strong mentally and even when she was kidnapped by age 10 it took that guy some time to break her. then she was trapped in her own mind, she had many, like, many chances to escape, but she couldn’t. her mind was so twisted due to that guy that she couldn’t even think about escaping. it was really horrible for her, she could think only about how to not annoy her oppressor. moreover, even if she didn’t know him before kidnapping, she started to feel something like pity for him after some time. she doesn’t want him to got into trouble because of her and she tried to understand him. 

so i see yoonbum.

moreover, he has been in love even before sangwoo has trapped him, so his sympathy towards him is even more exposed and even more distorted. when the “unknown” sangwoo is with yoonbum, he just tried to not annoy him and do everything by right way so sangwoo won’t have a reason to punish him. in chapter 4 you could also see that yoonbum was thinking about escaping from “unknown” sangwoo (because he is still in love with “real” sangwoo), he was really confused and his mind started to twisting and imagining how would it be if he managed to run away. but even for this not-so-long period of time being impriosoned he couldn’t even tried to escape, he was so scared of what kind of punishment would sangwoo do to him after his obvious failure. (i love how author showed yoonbum’s disability to escape due to his physical and mental state by drawing him in a cage… for real, it was a really good way to show how yoonbum was feeling by then). it is alsow very important to notice that yoonbum was so desperate he tried to poison sangwoo and after realizing that it was impossible he probably tried to kill himself by eating poisoned food.

although yoonbum was aware that sangwoo has his two sides - good and bad, he still ignored almost everything sangwoo had done to him in his bad mood when he changed his side to good one. by then, only some kisses and nice words were enough for yoonbum to forget about sangwoo’s bad side. after incident in end of chapter 5, sangwoo had changed. yoonbum was still aware of his two sides, though, and in chapter 6 he concluded it.

it was probably the time when he still recognized two sides of sangwoo. but after some time his image of sangwoo started to blurring - since that time he didn’t know whether sangwoo had changed and he will be a nice person from then on or this is just an another switch to his good side which won’t last forever. then, more kisses and sangwoo being “gently” towards yoonbum. and after that the image was even more blured and twisted, so was yoonbum’s mind. but when sangwoo left the house in chapter 7, the really strong dose of common sense hit yoonbum and he realized that was probably his only real chance to escape. even though, he started to not recognize what is true and what is his imagination. he had hallucinations and a lot of visions what would happen if sangwoo was there. he utterly lost his sense of time. but during this whole hell, he decided to escape. then, he disobeyed sangwoo for the first time. 

it was like he finally understood that sangwoo has never been any good, even when he is in his “good” side. 

after that, sangwoo turned mad and came back home to punish yoonbum. yoonbum tried to calm sangwoo down by kissing him and proposing him another thing instead of punishment (everyone knows what he meant by “another thing”), but he was still madly frightened of sangwoo. then, it is no longer something like he want to bring “real” sangwoo back, because these sides never really existed, he realized that. after the whole “airplane” thing, yoonbum didn’t longer think that anything will work on sangwoo so he just started saying that this was too much and he remonstrated, even got a little bit angry. but after that he realized that he has no right to order sangwoo around. 

but again, when he was playing cards with that old dude, he felt like he was someone special to sangwoo, because sangwoo was helping him to “win”. even after yoonbum lost, sangwoo still was treating yoonbum like he was something “special”. yet, i don’t have a clue whether yoonbum still thinks that he is someone “special” to sangwoo or that it was just another of sangwoo’s insane actions. 

and in chapter 13 you could see that yoonbum hid in the cupboard underneath the sink. this action also have a two possible motives - one, he didn’t want to get sangwoo any more angry and he thought that even if he wouldn’t hide, sangwoo would make up a story to policeman that it all would look innocent in cop’s eyes, so it was better to hide, and the other motive - yoonbum still believed that he is someone “special” to sangwoo and he still wanted sangwoo to treat him in a “special” way. but then, at the very end of chapter 13, he slipped his hand off sangwoo’s back, which might mean that he believes none of sangwoo’s words anymore. 

in chapter 14 he had an opportunity to escape from sangwoo again. he first started panicking where sangwoo is, but then he realized that he wasn’t literally tied up to anything, so that meant he could escape. even though he could walk, he couldn’t move, so again, it is like mental cage made of scare of sangwoo or scare of he won’t be “special” to sangwoo anymore. as i said before, i still have no clue what his way of thinking is now.

okay, so i think this is almost the end of my so-fucking-long post. i tried to not make it this long, but yet i wanted to explain my point of view, because, yeah, i feel it is really important to understand why yoonbum is or was (because i have a feeling that he has changed) like that - miserable, lonely, and that he at first wasn’t paying much attention to all these bad things sangwoo had done to him until he gave him some kisses and a “good” vibe. so, to all of you who thought that the thing between sangwoo and yoonbum is “love” - no, it never was, it is not, and it will never be. i hope yoonbum finally understands that his meaning of love was utterly wrong and does not exist in a real world. 

i am also going to write a very similar post about sangwoo + his motives of murders, so stay tuned and wait for another post! 

jfc, i hope it makes any sense because english is not my native nor first language, so i have made some mistakes for sure, so sorry for that!