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Jean and Marco's relationship has nothing to do with Eren and Armin's. Do not pit the two against each other, that's childish and stupid. Stop trying to stir ship wars.


Ok yo first of all, I’m not even trying to start any ship wars. I’ve always despised those, so I would see no point in try to start any. Second, I wasn’t even referring to ships?? More or less people who ship them I guess???

Third, I’m not trying to even pit them against one another? Like, the most popular ships hand down are Levi x Ermin and Jeanmarco. A lot of people like to claim that Jeammarco, Mikasa and Eren and finally, Levi and Petras (?) relationships are the most powerful through out the series.

I was just saying that, while Jean and Marco is a cute ship, canon wise, its little to nothing when it comes between them; romantic wise. you can’t really say that their in love just by Jean feeling emotinal when he sees Marcos body. Wouldn’t you feel sad if a friend (can’t say their close bcs they really weren’t in the series) died, without you even getting a chance to say goodbye, wouldn’t you be emotional? I mean, thats waterworks yeah, but platonic wise, not so much romantic. Even canon-anime wise, Jean was kinda a slight douche towards Marco????

With Eren and Armin, theres still not evidence of them being in love (I haven’t read much of the manga, so I can’t prove much of this either) but we see that canon-anime wise, Eren was willing to jump in a titans mouth to save Armin, risking his life to do so. Like, legit risk his life, their relationship is hella strong. TBH I see them having a much stronger one then Jean and Marco too??

And ship wise, A lot of Jeanmarco shippers are rude and tend to shove it down ppls throats. ‘But not all of them!’ Yeah probably not but 7/10 I’ve met are


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