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c9sneaksen blog newsletter #33

+ First things first, the 2nd giveaway has ended, and a winner has been selected! I want to thank everyone who participated. This giveaway was far more active than the first one last fall, and I look forward to doing the next one hopefully sometime this summer, with multiple prizes to give away!

So, without further ado, BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO :


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+ This week I posted a couple of fun things at the blog. First was the Compatibility Chart, and then the 2048 game. I don’t really have a special place in the newsletter for fun posts like this, but I wanted to reshare the links for anyone who might have missed them during the week!

Sneaksen Compatibility Chart
Sneaksen 2048

+ Wanted to remind everyone that I do take song requests for the blog playlist that changes every two weeks. If you’d like to ask for a specific song to get played, you can do so in the chat box, or request it by sending me a message.

+ We have 20 new fam members this week!

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Warm welcomes to all of you! I’m so happy to have you all here!! <3

+ 5 new gif sets this week :

- when jensen bodies me -
- the need for pizza -
- jensen’s haircut -
- maximum jensen -
- stay right here -

+ This week’s throwback :

- don’t ignore me bro -

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+ 3 new fanfics were submitted this week!

- memory lane - by stephluvvsyou
- when it rains - by tianhuo

FANFIC SPOTLIGHT : on a heartstring by tianhuo

This week, tianhuo submitted the very first part of what will be an ongoing Sneaksen AU, updated every Friday evening! If you’re looking for a different, exciting type of story with a unique plot, good length, and a lot of charm to kick off your weekend, then I highly recommend you check this one out! You can read the first part by clicking here!

+ This week was IEM, and so there were no games. The spring split will resume next weekend!

+ Cloud 9′s schedule for next week :

Saturday, March 4th :
Echo Fox vs. Cloud 9 // 2pm Central (best of 3)
Sunday, March 5th :
Cloud 9 vs. FlyQuest // 5pm Central (best of 3)

+ This is your weekly reminder, that each and every one of you are amazing, awesome, & incredible! Thank you so much for your continued show of love to me, Sneaksen, and the blog! I love you all! <3

+ That’s going to do it for this week’s newsletter! Hope you all have a great week, and I will see you next Sunday!

geminis and aquarians are both so spellbound by the magic of their minds…they are airy bubbles of knowledge, popping thought confetti on everybody in company… 

aquarius and gemini are both air signs, but gemini is ruled by mercury which guards the lower mind. jupiter the ruler of sagittarius embodies the higher mind. uranus is the ruler of aquarius and associates with mental and intuitive concepts that are beyond the dimensions of the human thought form
and yet gemini is mutable and aquarius is fixed… gemini is more concerned about following their own inquisitiveness and amusing themselves, delighting in the play of conversation and exchanging insights… teaching and learning… dispersing information and gathering just enough bullet points to ascertain understanding…their mind instantly joins ideas and fuses opposition view points..they tend to learn with ease in the education setting, typically distracted but seemingly able to absorb everything and pull random assortments of knowledge from different fragments of their mind…they think many things at once and get tangled in thoughts… gemini emanates the love of venus through language and the information they share; to gemini it is an act of love to inform…. 

aquarius is inquisitive and seeks information he can expand ideas from, he acquires knowledge through merging penetrative research with intuition and rationality… he conceives ideas far more wide ranging and innovative than gemini… the aquarian thoughts are aligned with a social conscience and intense examination… they extract the most vital, intrinsic elements of the information at hand and are unwilling to compromise beliefs without significant evidence…it is acquired to develop deep wisdom, a language to apply to their rich intuition, and disperse to the masses out of pure service. aquarius is less suited to mainstream education than gemini,.. geminis are clever.. but aquarius is maybe too intelligent for the curriculum of mainstream education, so it is not challenging or does not inflame their brilliant mind. it’s like they have the brainwaves of otherbeings galaxies away who have lived light years in the future
aquarius pour the pail of numinous wisdom knowledge while gemini talks about 

everything they have seen and learned … gemini is the adolescent messenger who sweeps people away with words and aquarius is the mother of humanity, the verbal humanitarian that distributes the liquid knowledge that replenishes a spiritually and knowledge starved mankind 


41. We are not allowed to fill all of the classrooms with balloons that explode at random intervals.

Good idea for adding confetti and water into some of them, Pete - JP

I do what I can. - PP

Although, I was finding glitter in my hair for weeks after this stunt. - RL

I thought the extra sparkle to your being really accented your glowing features. - SB


[Video] 161125 MAMAMOO “Décalcomanie” Broadcast + S’More @ Simply K-Pop || cr. To Heaven

UT Fankids Week 2017

Yo~ Yall remember that Fankids Week I’ve been talking about? There was enough support for the idea, so I guess it’s happening! *pops confetti* I’ve decided to hold the event from January 25th - January 31st, the last week of this month. Late entries will be fine, but only from February 1st - February 3rd. After that, the event will officially close. So with that said, lets get started. 

Info undercut:

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Everyday is your birthday in the fifth house. It is a cosmic Disneyland that opens just for you.

Sun in the 5th house/Leo in the 5th house
The world is a stage and the performer is gracious, radiant, and absolutely transcendent. A Queen dancing on the rays of the Sun, the whole world is watching on

Moon in the 5th house/Cancer in the 5th house
A child walks under a white Moon spotlight, exquisite and enchanting, glowing with the sovereign of an heiress

Mercury in the 5th house/Gemini or Virgo in the 5th house
The word alchemist, wings made of sun, a painter of children’s fairytales with language, a pen that pops with confetti holding books full of colour and delight

Venus in the 5th house/Libra or Taurus in the 5th house
The lover dances on a stage, blowing kisses and swaying with the sun, releasing the bubbles of pleasure, music, and indulgence and seduction

Mars in the 5th house/Aries in the 5th house
A child emerges from a box of crayons ready to draw a world into this one, a woman flickers lights from her fingers, under a blaze she bedazzles with a fire twirling display

Jupiter in the 5th house/Sagittarius in the 5th house
Laughter radiates from the crackle of morning light, today is everybody’s birthday, it’s eating a marshmellow icecream cake for breakfast

Saturn in the 5th house/Capricorn in the 5th house
A guardian appears, one who swoops in to hold and love and protect those vulnerable children, a guardian emerges to soothe his own inner child

Uranus in the 5th house/Aquarius in the 5th house
A bizarre artist walks from his home, an abandoned church in the woods, eccentric portraits and paintings hang upside down

Neptune in the 5th house/Pisces in the 5th house
A circus performer walks and floats and contorts, every movement a display of bodily art and entrancing sensuality, she creates ambient music with her thoughts

Pluto in the 5th house/Scorpio in the 5th house
Beneath a pastel sea, swirling with hypnotic music and art, a spellcaster swims with a wand, every exertion of self is a creative display of godly magnificence


  • Germany: I didn't win the war
  • Italy: I'm so... sad *popping confetti poppers*.... shocked *hanging up CONGRATS ALLIES banner*... disappointed *popping a bottle of champagne*
  • Germany: Will you stay with me Italy?
  • Italy: *Singing Stay With Me duet ver.*

Pop music’s grasp on the disintegration of the most durable confrontation known to the [20th] century is matched only by the extent to which it treats this as an occasion for celebration. In this regard, the music of neutralization joins the conservative ticker-tape parade on which falls history’s last confetti. Pop music, one might hazard, has taken Fukuyama at his word. Not that hit singles were ever much in the business of “imagining a world that is radically better than our own, or a future that is not essentially democratic and capitalist”—that’s not in their nature. Rather, pop immediately proclaims the resolute sequestering of furies public and personal, and the annealing of social fissures through simple commitment; it announces the end of the story itself. Events become mere events and escape thought, unable to figure anything without a historical ground. The music of “1989” is the inconceivability of a narrative next; it is the processless present of the image-event in which there can be no rise and fall of hegemons, no global rearrangement. Among mounting ironies, none is more barbed than that by which the great wave of emergences is structurally unable to think the new. This is Fukuyama pop.

Joshua Clover, “The Image-Event and the Blind-Spot,” 1989: Bob Dylan Didn’t Have This to Sing About,” pg.132

seventeen scenario (fluff)

seventeen on your birthday

*was inspired cause its by bday today :D*

seungkwan- seungkwan would wait till you wake up and have decorated your whole room and as soon as you would wake up he would pop confetti everywhere and shout happy birthday and stating singing really loudly and then jump all around and shower you with presents

woozi- woozi would make you breakfast in bed and he’d make sure there was a cup of seaweed soup with it, cause he’s so considered and fluffy, and he would sit in bed with you and cuddle you 24/7 for the rest of the day and he would constantly tell you how much he loved you and he would whisper sing happy birhtday to you all day

jeonghan- jeonghan would be your servant for the day and ask if you needed anything but you’d be like nah its ok until you started getting annoyed with it and you’d be like ‘why didn’t you get me a present?’ *the question he’s wanting to hear* and he’d go why didn’t you ask early and then he’d be really greasy and say ‘ME!’ and you would giggle and hug him super tight aw

dk- dk would be a little dork and show up at your work and he would get on his knee infront of everyone and say ‘y/n i love you happy birthday’ and hand you your present and he would make you unbox it there and it would be something cute like couple rings or couple shirts

joshua- joshua would take you on a surprise holiday, like he would just pack up and leave with you- you’d go to like a cute little secluded beach like away from everything and that night you’d just lie on the sand watching the stars and looking at the moon all cuddled up together to keep warm

the8- the8 would try super hard to get you everything you wanted and he’d be really outgoing and his present to you would be to go to china for you to meet his parents and he would tell you that he was serious about you and that one day he was going to marry you and you would just giggle and squeal when he told you what his plan was

jun- jun would make the day really romantic for you wand he would take you out to a restaurant and buy you a really special dinner and then when you would et home you would watch a scary movie and you would cuddle and every time a scary part came jun would tighten his grip on you ahhfnjfk

dino- cause dinos smol he would show up at your house with flowers and his christmas gift to you would be a little piece of paper that worked as coupons and they would say cute things like ‘x1 cuddle day’ or ‘ill be your slave for 5 hrs’ or ‘a phone call, whenever, wherever’

hoshi- hoshi would turn off all your alarms and stuff and make you sleep in and he would just lie next to you scanning your facial features and as soon as you woke up he would pull you out of bed to bake a cake with him and it would be really cute cause he would like put flour on your face then you would put icing on his and you would just end up as a laughing mess

wonwoo- wonwoo would leave you clues as to where to find him like a treasure hunt and the hints would be cute hints like ‘where i fell in love with you’ or ‘where we first met’ and you’d go running all over the town to find him but once you did find him he would run to you and ask you if the hunt was fun and give you your present and smother you in kisses

mingyu- mingyu would set up this really elaborate surprise party at your house and everything would be dark when you walked in then all of a sudden there’d be this huge band and it would be bright and you’d end up cry from happiness and how cute mingyu was so he would run over and engulf you in a huge hug and tell you not to cry :”)

vernon -i feel like vernon would be really cute and plan a day of things to do together like go to a market then to the aquarium and then to the movies and he would have a schedule to follow by cause he would want everything to be perfect for you birthday and at every spot it would have a new present waiting for you ehh

scoups- coups would let you plan out what you wanted to do for the day and he would do it no matter what whether it was going to another groups concert or if it was going fishing and he would take polaroids at each place so at the end of the day your present could be the scrap book you made with the photos


I felt like this song, was a sweet way of saying what every person feels when you’re in love with someone. For me, it’s almost like the honeymoon stage; Love You Like A Love Song is about that first beginning and that rush.

-Selena Gomez (behind the scenes of LYLALS)